"Son, why are you here?" At first glance, Queen Ling’s spirit suddenly improved, and then she waved her hand and said, "Go away!"

Mammy Luo hurriedly had the medicine bowl and the floor cleaned, and then everyone returned. She personally ordered tea and then stood at the door.
"There’s something I want to talk to my mother." South Wen Rui sat down on the other side of arhat bed.
"What is it?" Queen Ling sat up straight.
"I deployed something before, but it failed." South Wen Rui took the teacup and took a sip of tea, then looked at Queen Ling. "Not surprisingly, the little uncle did it."
He pondered for a long time and sent someone to stare at those brothers early in the morning, which is unlikely. After all, those influential roots can’t compare with themselves.
For example, although the boss is long, he is ordinary, and her mother princess was just a dowry girl around her mother. There is no help at all, so he has the heart and the strength
Although Mei Guifei is dead, Mei’s family’s influence in three counties is not underestimated. However, he has always kept a low profile and has not moved in recent years. When his father sent his post, he also volunteered to go to the Ministry of Industry, which is the most powerless department in the six departments. The possibility of dispute is not great.
In old Laojiu, it is even more impossible. In the frontier all the year round, my father almost forgot this man. Laojiu is his own follower and he is not worried about what he says.
Then there is the seventh uncle, which is the most likely. What’s worse, the father’s throne was still obtained from him. Then it is normal for him to be unwilling.
In pretending to be sick … that’s just to live. If he had been a good father, he wouldn’t have lived to this day.
"South escape minister? He sabotaged your deployment? How is it possible? " Queen Ling was surprised. "Are you sure?"
"Not sure yet" South Wen Rui raised his eyebrows slightly. "He was going to die before, but he didn’t die after so many years." He sighed. "What do you think this is?"
"What what?" Ling queen frown "deadly bai" that guy is really deadly vomiting blood several times to look at all not a line, the result can be rescued is really a miracle.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Father ChiRuanBuChiYing
South Wen Rui shook his head. "Mother, I think everyone has been fooled by him over the years." Just the mother’s brain might not be able to keep up if it weren’t for her own mother.
"You mean he has been pretending to be ill?" Ling queen could not help but exclaim a.
"Mother, you are smaller," South Wen Rui growled. "Is this a guess that you want the whole palace to hear?"
Queen Ling quickly shut up, but her reprimand made her feel even worse, and then she lowered her eyelids. "He loves me as much as he doesn’t."
As soon as you listen, South Wen Rui knew that her mother was unhappy and couldn’t help laughing. "Mother, I was a little worried just now. Don’t blame me."
Queen Ling looks up at her son and has some grievances.
"Mother, my mother and I are sharing weal and woe, and there is a town, a country and a government, so don’t care about those small details, okay?" South Wen Rui also looked at Queen Ling. "Only when I am emperor can you keep your wealth and prosperity and keep the town government? Are you white?"
"Stop talking about the truth and tell me what you want me to do for you?" Queen Ling waved her hand. Of course, she wanted her son to be emperor. Then she could be queen mother.
"You sound out the queen mother and see if that South Escape Minister is faking it." South Wen Rui lowered her voice slightly.
"The queen mother can know?" Ling queen frown "she …"
"Why don’t you go and find out?" South Wen Rui interrupted Queen Ling’s words, "And father, if you have it, see his reaction."
"I …" Empress Ling wanted to say that he couldn’t see the emperor for several times, but after all, he didn’t say it and nodded "good" depressed.
"Mother," South Wen Rui didn’t leave immediately. "You are already the queen and will be the queen mother."
"What are you trying to say?"
"I want to say that those women are concubines. You are the right wife. You have to show the majesty of the right wife." South Wen Rui ordered a table. "How did you get the phoenix seal from so many women in the past?"
"I …"
"Father, the man is soft and hard, you should learn to coax." South Wen Rui felt tired.
"Didn’t you just say let me majesty? Now let me coax him? "
"The queen mother coaxed the man into not conflicting with the majesty of the queen." South Wen Rui felt tired. If it wasn’t his mother, he wanted to slap her to death. "It wasn’t you in those days, but after you let my father insist on marrying you, my father became king. You once let my father stay in your palace for half a month. It’s only been 20 years, and you forgot?"
"I …" Ling Queen’s face suddenly became red. Can it be the same then as it is now? At that time, she was still young, but now she has been high for more than 20 years, and still let her do that …
"Mother is just a son." South Wen Rui’s tone softened again
"Know" ling queen finally nodded "I’ll … think of some way to"
"Thank you, Mother." South Wen Rui got up and shouted at Queen Ling for a fuels.
"Well, let’s mother don’t need to say this." Empress Ling waved her hand. "I’ll let people write to you when I have the news."
"I excused myself there." South Wen Rui left Fengming Palace.
And ling queen hesitated for a while after her son left, and then called Mammy Luo in. "Mammy Luo, you go to a hospital to find a doctor who cures Zhu too much and say …"
"Empress it one thousand …"
"Go, he knows what to do, just in case."

After all-

Jiang Zhuoning is actually trying to be soft-hearted.
When she first entered the school, she knew that he was a little interested in her, but she was accidentally injured several times in front of him
His male chauvinism was that it was extremely easy to pity the weak, and the ghost husband was too tough.
Jiang Jiang sometimes thinks that maybe Jiang Zhuoning is not calm. cool thin girls always admire him, but few people can haunt him like Meng Jia Wu.
If it were someone else, it might not be an opportunity to tie up and fight.
When he feels pity, he will cherish and maintain his girlfriend. There is no big problem and he should be with him forever.
Section 579
He is naturally a man with a sense of responsibility.
However, it is far less calm and safe to treat feelings than to treat other things. In fact, he is a little bit hot and cold outside. It is extremely suitable to think about marrying Tong Tong carefully.
You know-
Tong Tong loves him so much that he can easily impress him first.
Jiang Jiang knows Jiang Zhuoning quite well.
I don’t know whether it’s good or bad for Demi and Joey to come here at this juncture.
She also felt tired when her mind turned around. She simply talked nonsense for a while and urged Joey and others to go to rest first.
The living room quieted down.
She also took a nap against the sofa for a while and then woke up in a trance, just when she felt that someone had taken a thin blanket to cover it for her.
"You AE?"
Jiang Jiang one leng hurriedly sat up "you come back? Where’s my dad? "
"Your mother called to talk." Song Ming smiled and sat on the edge with a gentle voice. "When I came in, I saw how sleepy you were and didn’t go to sleep. The weather forecast says it’s not good to catch a cold with snow. "
His eyebrows and eyes are warm and moist, and his voice is as soft as the spring breeze in March.
Jiang Jiang also smiled, "I just sent some classmates to rest. I’m sleepy when I think about things here."
"It’s hard to have a baby." Song Ming’s eyes rested on the fruit bowl not far away. It was still warm and gentle. "What are you thinking? But are you nervous about getting married? "
"Well," Jiang Jiang hesitated a little and asked him, "What kind of girl does you like?"
“?” Song Ming accidentally glanced at her.
Jiang Shao smiled, "I’ll just ask."
"…" Song Ming looked at her with a very Bao Dao tone. "What’s the problem? Why are you beating around the bush?"
"I think you are such a gentle and courteous person." Jiang Jiang first boasted that he was a little embarrassed to see him looking at himself in distress situation. "I want to ask, um, some people say that in love, people should complement each other and others say that they should be like-minded first. Do you think a well-behaved and clean man would prefer hot girls or reserved girls?"
"This question" Song Ming’s heart "Everyone is different, but I can’t answer it"
"What if you?" Jiang Jiang asked
Song Ming slightly wanted to think, "If it’s hot, it depends on how hot it is. After all, men have a bottom line, but there are some things that they won’t endure if they say implicitly …"
Song Mingfeng smiled lightly. "Love should be a little bit less if it is not interesting."
"… all right"
Jiang Jiang didn’t know what to say at the moment. Come on, wear a woman’s match to counterattack.
Song Ming looked at her eyebrows tight cu she met something slightly wanted to think and added, "what? Is there a rival in love before you get married? I don’t know if it’s you or you? "
She asked euphemistically, but Song Ming was not stupid. How could she not guess that she meant something?
Seeing his eyebrows smiling, Jiang Jiang was a little annoyed and sat up straight and bit his lip. "I didn’t say me."
Song Ming smile does not refute.
Jiang Jiang saw that he knew exactly what he was doing, but he felt so tired.
Suddenly think of Yan Shaoqing and feel ashamed.
You can’t blame Song Minglian for coming to her. Who let Yan Shaoqing happen to be the kind of person with clean rules?
Among them, she is really not implicit. Yan Shaoqing restrained her purity, that is, she took the initiative to dedicate herself. Later, in that kind of thing, she was mostly pestering him.
Others just don’t know.
Most people will think she is clever and smooth when she is touched by her looks.
She thought about it and went to Song Ming again, or she bent over and took an orange and sent it to her.
Jiang Jiang just woke up and talked for a while, but he felt thirsty and didn’t pay attention. Naturally, he took it and handed it to his mouth for a few minutes to wait for her to realize that she had eaten more than half of an orange.
"Ahem …"
A mouthful of sugar juice choked her throat, and she immediately blushed and coughed.
Song Ming quickly got up and took a glass of water for her to see. She rushed to drink water and endured a smile. "Eating an orange can choke. Is this a common saying that baby brain has been in three years?"
Jiang Jiang bowed his head guiltily.
Where did she choke because she ate oranges? She was just served by this man.

The doctor kept his head down and didn’t speak when he asked Royi if he wanted the child.

Mom and dad are happy, but he is not happy.
He doesn’t know anything.
Come on, he and his father will rob his mother. If there is another one, it will be even less when his mother is with him. If his father doesn’t like him, will he like this more?
This child will definitely have to keep his family’s career, and most of them will be lighter in the future.
There is another reason why Ling has always wanted to make up for the regret of not accompanying Royi to produce, while Royi wanted to make up for the regret of not watching Yi grow up.
Ling has been very excited to hug Royi when she came out of the hospital for fear that she could not hide her love and spoil her eyes when she touched her brow.
"Ling, why don’t you sleep by yourself tonight?" Royi said lightly
Ling was suddenly dissatisfied with "no, I promise not to touch you, I will do it"
Royi pinched him. "I’m not happy to see your son. I want to talk to him."
Yi frown want to turn back Royi pulled him a "you don’t understand his mind".
"How old a boy is?" Royi knew that he had no patience with children.
Kissed him. "I’ll talk to him first after I go back to dinner."
This problem must be solved quickly, or it will become a bad feeling if the heart is hidden for a long time. Royi will owe a debt to justice when she comes, and she will not allow this to happen.
"Go back to your room and sleep when you’re finished. He’ll kick you if he doesn’t sleep honestly."
"Well, I know." Royi laughed and let Royi loose. He has been holding the handcart.
Dinner is in Kowloon Bay.
Just after dinner, I went to write business words. I haven’t been less. I sat next to Royi and looked at the building. Then I saw her "how old she is and didn’t spoil him."
Royi pinched him. "That’s my son’s business."
Afraid of radiation falling on her belly, I didn’t look lazy and fell my head on her leg to feel around. "Wife, do you think this one will be a daughter?"
Don’t be a bitch again.
Royi laughed. "Do you like your daughter?"
"Whether you want to have a baby or not is probably too frequent recently, and the measures are not top."
"It’s not easy for you to know it frequently."
"It’s just that I’ve been recuperating for a few months," Ling Yi said seriously.
Royi snow a smile to his cheek already don’t want to say anything
"I just want to have another girl who should be a daughter anyway, just like you. Watching her grow up seems to see how interesting your growth process is."
So he can get to know her wife’s department.
Royi quiet for a while looked down at him and said, "I heard that I was not in those three years, and you often took him to the antique markets around the world because you wanted to know me?
Ling didn’t expect this topic to be turned over, and then she arched her head in her arms and said sullenly, "Yes, I always remember you saying that we are two kinds of people and that I don’t know what you are. I wonder if you will come back to the antique market and look at those people and things when I really know you. I just wonder what it was like for you to have been buried in antiques. What do you like about them and want to experience your world?"
There is another reason why he still fantasizes about meeting her and letting him see righteousness, and then he is proud to say, Royi, is this my son and you?
Unfortunately, I haven’t met it once.
"Ling, thank you"
Royi grabbed him and thanked him for appearing in her life, for giving her a home, and for raising her so well by himself.
Ling’s long silence is holding Royi’s hand tighter and tighter.
Everything he has done today is worth it.
Yi stayed in a daze after finishing his studies in Lou. After a while, he sent a message to Lu Xiaohang.
"Do you want a brother or sister?"
Lu Xiaohang came back soon. "Xiaoyi, you finally took the initiative to talk to me" was followed by an aggrieved expression.
Righteousness sullenly typed "Answer my question" quickly.
Lu Xiaohang: "Of course I don’t want to. If I have a younger brother and sister, I will rob my toys and eat them. I have to let him go, but …"
"But what?" Righteous frown
Lu Xiaohang: "My mother said that when we have brothers and sisters, we can blame them when we make mistakes, and when we grow up, we can make a table of mahjong."
Yi du lip words
Lu Xiaohang is an idiot. Ask him nothing.
Knock, knock
"Mom?" Righteousness looked up and found his mother leaning against the door and smiling at him.
It seems that I have been in a good mood all the time.
Royi came in and took a small toy from behind, which she bought yesterday and never came to him.
It’s a little bee.
Just blink eyes Royi touch him "baby unhappy today?"
Righteousness blushed and shook his head "no"
"Will you tell the story of Little Bee today?" Royi bent down to coax him to say

While walking, Yi Qingbian said, "Tiangong police is a family, especially the criminal police who often go out and run around. Since there is a criminal police team, of course, they are looking for our criminal police."

Go into the criminal police team and find captain Li on duty to say what he came for.
When Captain Li heard that he was looking for Chen You San immediately, he asked, "What’s wrong with this Chen Yousan?"
Yi Qing replied, "That’s not mainly because he has business dealings with our Song Hongjun. Now that Song Hongjun has been killed, we need to find this Chen Yousan to know something."
Captain Li said, "This Chen Yousan nicknamed Big Mouth Three is a three-day thief who doesn’t break the house and has a big mouth. He dares to say that cowhide can blow the sky or how to call it Big Mouth Three."
Xiao Wei asked, "I heard that he is wandering in the street?"
The captain disdained to answer, "He is not a bad boy at best, but he is good at bluffing and scaring a foreigner. This guy is a troublemaker. He is either blackmailing this or blackmailing the station every three days."
But I haven’t seen anyone these days. I say, since you’re looking for him, you’re probably hiding again. "
Yi Qing said, "To tell you the truth, we didn’t know anything about Chen Yousan. We just wanted to ask him about Song Hongjun. There’s another situation I want to tell you. One is that a corpse with bones was found in our place, and the source of the corpse has not been found yet.
As far as we know, this Chen Yousan has been to Pengcheng a few days ago, but we can’t confirm whether this body is Chen Yousan’s. He also wants to find his family and take a blood sample to identify one. "
Captain Li said in surprise, "Mouth three is dead?"
"I can’t confirm this, but it is possible that even if it is not him, we should have something with him. We want to investigate this Chen Yousan in detail."
Captain Li thought for a moment and said, "Then I’ll call our investigator Chen Peng. He is familiar with Dazui San, and he is the one who handled the protection extortion case."
Then he picked up the words and said, "Let Chen Peng come to my office."
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Chapter 336, Night Detective Crown Nightclub
In a short time, a very capable young man appeared in front of everyone. Captain Li introduced this as Chen Peng.
Captain Li said, "These are policemen from North China who are looking for Dazui San. I know you are familiar with Dazui San. Please introduce yourself."
Chen Peng took one look at Yi Qing and Xiao Wei, two people smiled and said, "This big mouth is Yunbai, a rotten boy is a street thug. In Yunbai at ordinary times, he often bullies a foreign businessman to collect some protection and deal with him at both ends for three days. Don’t make a big mistake. I don’t think he has the guts to say anything big."
Yi Qing wants to ask the question more directly "where are the Chen You three? Where do you usually live? "
Chen Peng replied, "Big mouth, three parents are living in the shed area over there in Twist Land, but this Chen Yousan doesn’t live there. Come to think of it, go back and have a look."
Others have a suite in the family courtyard of the Education Commission in the street, and they don’t know whether to rent or buy it. "
Yi Qing then asked, "Do you know who has been seeing more people in Sanhe, Chen You recently? Is there anything unusual? "
Chen Peng replied, "Recently, I heard that he was close to a foreigner named Song who made decorative materials. It is estimated that he wants to get somebody else’s money again."
By the way, this foreigner named Song seems to be Zhongbei. "
Yi Qing nodded and said, "You’re right. His name is Song Hongjun. He’s from Pengcheng, North China. Who else is Chen Yousan familiar with besides Song Hongjun?"
Chen Peng replied, "Chen Yousan has a horse, whose name is Ali. I really don’t know if it’s a lady who sits on the stage. Who knows if the name is true or not?"
Yi Qingyi listened to the spirit and asked, "Can we find this Ali now?"
"This Ali is sitting in Yunbai Crown nightclub, but now she can’t be found at this point. Generally, they go to that class late. Who knows where the cat sleeps during the day? If you want to find her, I’ll take you there after seven o’clock in the evening."
"That’s good," Yi Qing stood up and said, "Officer Chen, I’ll trouble you. I’ll come to the office to find you at seven o’clock in the evening, so I’ll give you a hard trip."
Chen Peng replied, "If Interpol is a family, we should help you. Maybe when will we meet you in the north of China? We should be polite and look after each other all day."
When the appointment was made, Yi Qing and Xiao Wei had a temporary leisure time with the criminal police, and they turned around in Yunbai County to appreciate the local conditions and customs of this southern town.
At seven o’clock in the evening, Yi Qing and two people arrived at Interpol’s Fourth Squadron on time, and Chen Peng has been waiting for them here.
Meet three people immediately rushed to the "crown nightclub" located in the river.
At the door, Chen Peng said, "Many people here know me. It’s not convenient for me to go in if I want to find someone."
Xiao Wei puzzled and asked, "What do you know about this Ali?"
Chen Peng laughed. "There are a lot of powder addicts in this place. I don’t necessarily know them, but many of them know me. I guess I’ll hide almost as soon as I get in. You can’t ask anything and no one can find them."
Yi Qing answered, "Just do as Officer Chen said. We’ll go in and find Ali. Once we find Xiaoxiao, you’ll come out and call Officer Chen. Do you think this is good?"

Clouds and floating dust have a surprised color flash and stare at Shen Ce’s face for a long time, always withdrawing his eyes and sighing.

Fu turned his eyes to Hong Qin and laughed. "Dean Hong, this white boy is your super seminary student?"
"Well, chasing the moon is the seventeenth year of this freshman." Hongqin’s face is full of pride and pride. He is a disciple who has a fancy for someone. The apprentice’s eyes are really good. It seems that the old man has forgotten that he is heartbroken and depressed.
People smell speech is another surprise. Are there too many geniuses these days?
Shen Ce and Chasing the Moon are both talented in their seventeen years, and they are both top masters of the Emperor’s Spirit Division. Look at themselves again, and suddenly the square laments that people are more popular than people!
At that time, the square was silent, watching the two young geniuses secretly compete and guessing who was better!
Shen Ce is dancing in red, like the flowers on the other side of the Forget River are gorgeous and unpredictable.
Qin’s flame and white clothes are better than snow, and it is as noble and holy as Levin in the clouds.
They seem to be one evil, one right and one god and one magic, and they are so unattainable.
Suddenly, Shen Ce’s face turned pale, and he took a step back to stabilize himself. He looked up at the opposite Qin flame, narrow and narrow peach blossom eyes, and it was cold, and all his clothes passed by.
Everyone calls the young genius amazing. The dark temple has lost?
Then listen to "click" a crunchy see qin flame face mask broke into two and a half off to show shulang jade surface.
Full and white forehead, such as far away, blue mountains, eyebrows and eyes, exquisite facial features, like a fairy painting, elegant and noble, and like the end of the blue sea, Ran Ran rises and the moon rises
Shen Ce’s publicity of evil and charm of beauty is a noble, holy and beautiful thing, which is amazing but dare not profane.
The lip smile is elegant and charming, but there is a trace of indifference and alienation in that charming smile, which is close at hand but seems to be far away
Everyone was amazed and forgot to despise him. As he said, he was so handsome and beautiful. No wonder his mother gave him a mask. Even men will be moved when they see it, let alone women.
Sure enough, some girls present were all blushing and obsequious after seeing the true appearance of Qin Flame.
63 Chapter 63 Formal (7)
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It is normal for all the girls here to have a good dream in their hearts.
Although Roth was amazed by the appearance of Qin flame, he didn’t show his love as other girls did. He took a light look at Qin flame and looked back and fell on the red shadow beside him.
Beautiful bright eyes gradually show lingering affection.
"Ha ha ….. two people are quite old and powerful. This contest is a tie." Yunfu Dust laughed.
All this just came to my mind. The contest really didn’t tell the winner. Although Shen Ce took a step backwards and seemed to lose, the Qin flame mask was destroyed by him, which was not a loss.
So it’s a draw.
"Let’s call it a day, you two. I’m afraid you won’t be able to go to this alchemy meeting again." Yunfu Dust saw the atmosphere dignified and broke the deadlock again.
"I’m sorry for the delay in the pursuit of the moon at the alchemy conference, but I hope the owner of Yunta and everyone will not take it amiss." Qin Flame said that he was courteous and courteous.
Everyone’s affection for Qin flame suddenly rose, and his talent was extraordinary, and his strength was profound. He was also an alchemist, but he didn’t see that he was half proud or did not despise others, but he was warm and friendly
HongQin looked at qin flame looks dissatisfied muttered "uber! It’s no wonder that my stupid apprentice is fascinated. "
Long Qingyue’s eyes lit up and saw XuanYuanRe snow’s eyes touching and looking at Qin flame. The eyes were full of determination. Long Qingyue suddenly felt uncomfortable in her heart. How dare ya covet her man?
Lip angle gently sip raise a beautiful little smile Long Qingyue walked beside Qin Flame holding his arm and looked sad and distressed. "What should I do if I send you a mask after chasing the moon?"
Qin Flame lowered her eyes and looked at her face. She still looked noble and holy, but she didn’t have the indifference and alienation, but she was gentle and spoiled. She stretched out her hand and took hold of her waist. "It’s okay. Just make another one and send me."
When everyone heard the news, they looked at Long Qingyue with horror. What mask did he send?
Isn’t he a man? But Qin Flame said that the mask was from his mother …
At that time, everyone was in a mess in the wind …
XuanYuanRe snow eyes a dark look to Long Qingyue eyes have a trace of disgust flashed like dragonfly water soon disappear.
Others don’t know that Long Qingyue is a woman, but she knows that Xuanyuan Re Xue hates her teeth at the moment. This evil point is to deliberately provoke her!
"Chasing the Moon heard that this Jade Emperor is a pair of dragon and phoenix double swords. If you win it, will you give me the phoenix sword?" Iron if snow eyes such as colchicine smile affectionately looking at qin flame face hanging elegant charming little smile.
The white skirt is dancing like a beautiful thing in the nine days.
As the name implies, the dragon and phoenix double swords are a pair of spiritual swords. Men and women who get the dragon and phoenix double swords are naturally referred to as a pair of Xuanyuan Rexue. At this time, these words are naturally telling Qin Flame that she likes him.
If a clever person can understand it.
When people hear XuanYuanRe snow, they are all amazed, envious, amazed and jealous. All kinds of expressions are wonderful together.
Amazing nature is Xuanyuan Rexue’s courage to directly confess to Qin Flame in front of so many people. Although the words have been very tactfully, this bold act still shocked many people.
64 Chapter 64 Formal ()
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Envy nature is that those teenagers envy Qin flame and they will get the favor of Xuanyuan talented girls as soon as they come.
Jealous nature is that those girls hate to grind their teeth and wring their sleeves and hate to be beaten by XuanYuanRe snow!
Qin Huoyan didn’t answer as if he didn’t hear it. He looked at Long Qingyue and asked, "Do you want the evil dragon and phoenix swords?"
Long Qingyue’s lovely eyes blinked. "This is the world’s double Jade Emperor. Of course I want it. It’s a pity that I can’t get it with my Dan technique."

Xiao Qinglong hid in the corner of the corridor and gnashed his teeth and roared, "Brother Hua, you go first and I’ll take someone to rob him. Don’t worry, even if I die, I’ll get someone back for you!"

"Let’s go, team leader, let them go." The little white tiger pulled Kehua and ran hard.
"People must get it back!" Kehua shouted at Xiaoqing Dragon.
They lead to the cockpit corridor scattered small tsing lung relieved with small sports wide and ran in the opposite direction.
At the same time, Lao Zhan found the corridor and was deliberately abandoned by Xiao Qinglong and others.
"No.1 target got it, but No.3 target didn’t see it." Lao Zhan reported at Fu Zhen.
The accident happened again when everyone finished the preliminary preparations and evacuated some people first.
Hai Wang, the chicken thief, didn’t come to Kehua after the gunshot because he knew that it was the most dangerous for the enemy to come to Kehua, but the whole ship was so big that he had nowhere to run, so he hid in a room in the cabin corridor.
And then he suddenly saw his heart very hate small tsing lung a flash from the outside.
There was smoke around and the scene was chaotic. An evil idea flashed through Hai Wang’s mind
For Hai Wang, the nature of military intelligence is to gamble on his future with his life, but now he is playing with his life, but his future is blocked
What should we do? !
Hai Wang looked gloomy and glanced outward.
Area 4
Cocoa sat in the office frowning at Jiang Xiaolong and asked, "I just have one question."
"What’s the problem?"
"You said that Feng Ji’s battlefield in the ninth district was tantamount to taking over the Helu Corps, so the two sides will now be as solid as they seem?" Cocoa slowly got up. "It was only when Zhou Zou was free that he accepted the control of the first EU area, but it is also very important that he is not the direct control force of the first EU area."
Jiang Xiaolong blinked. "What do you mean?"
"… I’ll think about it." Coco walked to the window with her shoulders, and looked at the night with big eyes and didn’t know what to think about.
Gu Yan, the old triangle, asked Meng Xi, "Do you have any ideas after you go?"
"I don’t know the Red Scarf Army, but Feng Ji He Chong is an old face." Meng Xi loosened his neckline and replied, "I have a little idea, but it’s not perfect yet."
Chapter DiEr629 Mr. Wang calculation
fishing boat
Xiaoqing Long Xiaozhao Guang and other three people are preparing to take advantage of the chaos to find a place to hide through the smoke and wait for Fu Zhen to evacuate them, but they didn’t notice that Hai Wang was hiding in the cabin and stared at them.
Deck deck
Zhao Baobao was carried by three military personnel to the edge of the hull and tied with ropes.
"Where’s Rogge Rogge!"
Although Zhao Baobao hasn’t been beaten less these days, the whole person looks very miserable, but he hasn’t forgotten that he is cheap at the moment, and his big brother is passive in tying the rope and asking Fu Zhen and others.
"He’s all right, you go first!" The military personnel waved the rope directly to the floor after he was in prison.
"Whoosh …!"
The rope was locked and lowered, and the booster snapped up. Zhao Baobao went directly from the ship. He was a literati. I saw this scene. When I saw the rough sea, there was opaque black water everywhere, and I almost scared myself. "Get me a life jacket …!"
No one paid any attention to Zhao Baobao. A military personnel pressed him on the surfboard and shouted, "Hold my leg and don’t pull my belt. Calm down! !”
Fu Zhen has moved to the deck with six people, and then Lao Zhan and others have already retired after their success.
When the two sides met, Fu Zhen asked in a low voice, "Did you find the No.3 target?"
"no!" Lao Zhan immediately shook his head. "The face is too messy. I didn’t see that person. We can’t come. We have to go!"
"If you don’t catch Little Qinglong behind No.3, they may be in danger!" Fu Zhen sweated on his forehead and waved his hand directly at everyone. "You go first and I’ll find a circle!"
"Don’t be a jerk!" Old Zhan Di shouted, "We can’t meet each other’s support helicopters. This is the sea. Once it is held back, no one can leave!"
"I know, you take Rogge first!" Fu Zhen stamped his eyes and urged, "Hurry up!"
Old Zhan ao can’t beat this mental illness to urge his own people to "withdraw!"
They were ordered to take the lead in protecting Rogge and ran to the stern.
Fu Zhen and others bent down with guns to move in the direction of the cockpit again.
"All the retreating personnel should pay attention to the target No.1 and No.3 along the way. If you find a horse, report it!" Fu Zhen kept shouting after entering the cabin from the deck.
Half a minute passed in a blink of an eye, but Fu Zhen still couldn’t find the target No.3. It seemed that the other side couldn’t finish the ship, and at this time, his reconnaissance helicopter had urged him to evacuate Fu Zhen and his people three times in a row because the other side’s support was coming.
Fu Zhen hesitated, bent down to hold the headset and said, "The rear cover team should leave first!"
Xiao Qinglong, clutching his arm, had moved out of the smoke, while Guang asked him, "Are you all right?"

Ma Yun summoned his generals to move the water after six armies, with a total of 70,000 people, including 20,000 water troops led by Lin Renzhao, taking Ezhou 6 Road directly, and Ma Yun led by Cao Yun, the second army, Qian Qing Division, Zhu Yuan, the fourth army, Shen Tu, and Ding Sijin, the first army, Cao Bin Division, and the Guards Zhou Xingfeng Division, with a total of 40,000 people. The flag of Chu Army refers to Jiangnan in the east and is once again caught in a war.

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Chapter 9 indictment
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In early February of Ganyou’s second year, Ma Yun was polished by Xu Zhongya, Fan Zhi and others for a long time in Changsha. The imperial edict officially turned against Li Tang and severely criticized Li Tang’s four major crimes.
First, the translation of "Stupid Erhuaidian dares to call himself a fake name according to one party who stole from a big country" means that you, stupid Huainan, dare to resist the fact that one party stole from the imperial court. This is a typical fact that pot calling the kettle black Li Jing became emperor, but you, Ma Yun, are not much better. I am long live, aren’t you still chitose? It’s two thousand years less than me. Besides, you haven’t seen an acre of land in Chu. How do you listen to the Central Plains court?
The second "Tang (later Tang), In the Jin Dynasty, the sea around the world was not peaceful, but it was not peaceful, and it was recruited to help the wicked and the wicked. According to Anlu, he rebelled against the river, and his master and disciples came to help him. This means that a while ago, it was said that you were idle and looking for trouble from the court. The enemies of the court were all your friends in Li Tang. Who do you want to help when the court was eaten by dogs? When the Jin Dynasty was over, Anzhou (Anlu) made an order to the great emperor Shi Jingtang not to point to the people of Anzhou who did not want to go elsewhere after work. "You are a brick After Shi Jingtang repeatedly reprimanded Kim Lee Li, the little girl turned against Li Tang, and Li Bian, who was in power at that time, also sent someone to meet the result. Jin Jun and * * had a big fight in Anzhou, which belonged to Lai Li Tang, but he wanted to help, but he had the heart, no soldiers, no money and no money.
Third, "Forcing Fujian and Vietnam to draw the Khitan into the border and luring them into the border" is an accusation that Li Tang attacked Fujian, wuyue and Lingnan to draw the Khitan into the border. These are all facts. "Luring the Khitan into the border" means that more than ten years ago, the Khitan sent messengers to Jinling to greet Li Bian, and just after he left the Li Tang border, Li Bian sent someone to kill him. It was also rumored that Shi Jingtang was dissatisfied with the Khitans and deliberately engaged in Khitan and the Jin Dynasty gradually became nervous. This means that last year’s big money led to an increase in the quotation.
As soon as this imperial edict was issued, Chu himself was step by step, and there was no reflection.
Bianjing Liu Chengyou Wang Zhang, Shi Hongzhao, Guo Wei and others have nothing to reflect. First, the three-way rebellion has been fought until now, except that Jingchong Wang was killed by Guo Rong. The other two roads are still alive. It is reasonable to say that the strength of the Han army is not enough to fight for a year, but it is Guo Wei’s strategy. Now that Liu Zhiyuan has hung up Liu Chengyou, Guo Wei wants to establish more prestige in the army. His heart may not be like replacing it. But this year, after all, the more military forces in his hands, the more secure they are. If Li Shouzhen doesn’t die for a day, the military forces will be in his hands, and he can be gracious. Wei bought people’s hearts, so the battle in the river turned into a war for food. See who eats the food first and who can’t consume it first. Obviously, Li Shouzhen is alone in a city because of his weakness. His food will be reduced and will never increase, and he is trapped in Chang’ an Zhao Siwan, which is even worse than Li Shouzhen. His food has been reduced, and it has long been impossible for him to see the bottom. But this man is an unrestrained man. Without food, he still dares to feast on military generals and soldiers. What is the treat? People in Chang’ an city! This Zhao Siwan likes cannibalism very much. He invented that "cannibalism has two major advantages: one is longevity; Second, you can become very courageous.
And Li Tang knew that it was already mid-February when he got this imperial edict. Ma Yun, together with the Sixth Army and the Water Army, was madly attacking Ezhou, Ezhou and Wuchang, and Zang Xun sent fast horses to Jinling for help.
Li Jing saw this crusade against imperial edicts, and the literati couldn’t help cursing. The first two of these four major charges have nothing to do with you. Liu Chengyou in Bianjing City doesn’t care what big-tailed wolves you ran after; In the third article, I sent someone to fight Fujian and Lingnan, but you didn’t fight? You have occupied Lingnan and Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, and our Datang has been busy for a long time, not to mention eating meat and not even drinking soup! How dare you talk about me! The last thing has come to this, but it is really clear or shirking responsibility. Song Qiqiu and others agree that the main distance of this skyrocketing price is that these guys in Chu have converged copper coins in advance and then made counterfeit coins. Where did they make counterfeit coins? Song Qiqiu saved them.
After being annoyed for a while, Li Jing finally asked, "Who is willing to send troops to fight against Chu?"
When he ascended the throne, he glanced at Chen Jue with a bitter face. He was not willing to send troops. What? More than a year ago, Cha Wenhui attacked Yingzhou with ten thousand troops, and as a result, the army was wiped out. This Chu State is not easy to provoke. Besides, now * * is not a year ago * * compared with the loss of 10,000 in Huaibei and 10,000 in Yingzhou, plus the loss of 40,000 military forces in Fujian, all of which have lost 20,000 yuan. Now, there are no more soldiers in the imperial army. It is difficult to take these eggs, which have just been recruited for less than a year, to fight against opponents.
"I have a candidate," said Song Qiqiu Shen.
"Oh, Song Aiqing, hurry up," Li Jing urged Chen Jiao’s face suddenly turned white, for fear that Song Qiqiu recommended himself.
"I recommend Li Jin, the town naval commander, to go out!" Song Qiqiu, after all, is an old minister. He still has an objective understanding of the people in the imperial court. In times of crisis, he can’t play with Chen Jue. Even if he can fight, he is much worse than Kim Lee Li. This Kim Lee Li is a veteran. He was a Tuyuhun who followed Tang Zong in the war. Later, due to some misunderstandings, he was forced to take refuge in Li Tang, who has been taking our time in Runzhou.
"I seconded" Chen Jue hurriedly jumped out and said.
Although all the ministers said so, according to Li Jingtong, there was a marshal and a prison army, so the glorious title of the prison army fell to Chen Juetou. Chen Juenai was able to transfer troops from China while waiting for Kim Lee’s arrival. Unfortunately, it was Kim Lee’s death after two days. The old general was already dying, and he just hung up after receiving Li Jingsheng’s decree.
Li Jingnai was able to order his younger brother, Marshal Li Jingsui, to lead 100,000 troops from Hongzhou to Ezhou for rescue, and another general, Zhou Zuo, led 30,000 water troops across the river to come to the rescue. At the beginning of March, Li Jingsui led 100,000 troops to Yongxing County, 12o miles southeast of Ezhou. At this time, Ezhou had fallen, and Zhu Yuan, Shen Tu Congjian, Cao Bin, Qian Qing and others also arrived in Xing.
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Chapter 99 Disrupted plan
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Why didn’t the Chu army choose to send troops from Ganzhou instead of from Yuezhou to attack Ezhou?
The main reason is that Ma Yun’s strategic policy is to lure Li * *’ s main force to a decisive battle and completely defeat them, so that they will be fortified everywhere, thus greatly delaying the progress of the Chu army? ? ?
The explosion of the Chu-Tang War had a profound impact on the whole day. If Chu wins the first world war, the whole south of the Yangtze River will soon be unified. Although Chu is now a vassal of the Great Han Dynasty, it is uncertain whether it will be willing to be in front of the vassal. Even if it is still willing to be a vassal, the threat of a unified south to the Central Plains will be much stronger than it is now, and the pattern of confrontation between the north and the south will be formed.
The Great Han Dynasty in the Central Plains hasn’t made a statement yet. That’s because there is something wrong with its own department. Li Shouzhen rebelled. They never used it to unify the trend of Jiangnan when Chu appeared. It’s hard to say that Guo Wei and others will not continue to compare food with Li Shouzhen.
Therefore, there is only one way for Chu to go, that is, to make the whole war situation prosperous in the ear. To achieve this goal, there is only one way, that is, to attract Li Tang’s main force together. Of course, to contain the Great Han Dynasty in the Central Plains, Liu Yi, the envoy of Chu, has embarked on the road of going to Qidan to persuade Qidan South Central Plains to threaten the northern part of the Han Dynasty.
Ma Yun, the decoy site, is now in Ezhou (now Wuhan), an important town on the western line of Li Tang. It guards the Yangtze River moat with Jiangzhou behind it. Since ancient times, Li Tang has been a battleground for the prevention of Ezhou. If Ezhou loses its Chu army, it can easily cross the river and attack Huainan, the most prosperous place in Li Tang. This is what Li Tang can’t stand. Once the Chu army surrounds Ezhou, it can surround it and let Li Tang troops come to rescue and eat them one by one.
According to this strategic assumption, Ma Yun personally led Zhou Xingfeng Division and Qian Qing Division to send troops from Changsha to Yuezhou to attack Ezhou from the downtown. Zhu Yuan, the second army commander, led Shentu Congjian Division and Cao Bin Division to attack Ezhou from Anzhou on the downtown. Lin Renzhao, the commander of the first water army, led the water army from Yuezhou to Shunjiang and attacked Ezhou.
When the army first arrived in Ezhou City, Zang Xun, our time commander in Wuchang, was scared to death and quickly sent someone to fly a chapter to ask for help. However, although the Li Tang government was very wary of Chu, quite a few people, including Song Qiqiu and Chen Jue, recognized that Chu would have to wait a few days to send troops, but their judgment was based on one thing: the soldiers in Chu had been fighting for years in recent years, and the soldiers were exhausted; Second, the fertile land and population of Chu are at a disadvantage compared with Li Tang, and it has been fighting in the national treasury for years. This war is not only about more people, but also about the comprehensive strength of the two countries. Chu does not have so much money and food to fight; The third Chu army has always been a good soldier. Lingnan New Plus has regained the territory of Jiaozhou. The second and fifth armies of Chu army have to focus on the control place and there is not much spare capacity to go out.
These three points are not unreasonable. Unfortunately, Ma Yun, a traveler, can’t remember the specific historical events clearly, but he knows the general trend of history quite well. After the establishment of the Great Han Dynasty in a few days, Guo Wei, Guo Rong and post-Zhao Kuangyin are not easy to deal with. If you occupy the present acre of land in Chu, you will lose doubt. It is not only Ma Yun who knows his hand, but Zhao Pu also sees this.
In September last year, Ma Yun called a senior official to discuss the matter of the Eastern Expedition. Some people once objected that we should pay more attention to treating the people too frequently. It was not too late to go to Li Tang in two or three years. At that time, Zhao Pu strongly opposed this view from the aspects of people’s hearts and national strength. But there was a saying that really touched Ma Yun, "If we lose the opportunity, the army will rely on this Jingnan and Lingnan to confront the Central Plains occasionally, but once it fails, like us, ministers may still have a way out, and the king controls more than 9o States."
Ma Yunmeng wakes up that his territory is too big, even if he surrenders, he will certainly be unpopular, like Nanping Wang. However, after the surrender of the three-state territory, the court will certainly not be too worried, but he has controlled nearly 1oo state by himself. What good is it to know that the whole day is only 4oo states, which account for a full quarter of himself? This is to surrender and there is no way to surrender.
So Ma Yun stood firm. He didn’t mobilize the Second Army and the Fifth Army, which fought a big war last year. Instead, Ma took 40,000 troops from the rest of the three armed forces after more than two years’ rest. Plus the Dongting Lake Water Army surrounded Ezhou.
Originally, it was a siege, but after more than half a month, I saw that Li Tang’s main force was in Li Jingsui, the king of Qi. Chen Jue, the Tang Dynasty envoy, led a mighty army across Hongzhou (Nanchang) and arrived in Ezhou in three or four days. Zang Xun, the supreme governor of Ezhou Wuchang, actually surrendered. This Ezhou was due to Shuicheng and traffic. As soon as the news of Zang Xun’s surrender was broadcast, Li Jingsui stopped the army in Xing, which was a special place. The south side of Xingcheng is rich in water and the east of the Yangtze River flows into the Yangtze River. The source of the rich water river is the steep terrain of Mubu Mountain. Li Jingsui sent his teeth to Tian Heng. Our own army stationed in Xingcheng will deploy troops along the Fushui River, which is not wide, but the water is extremely fast and the water is very strong. If there is no pontoon bridge to cross the river barefoot, it will definitely not work.
In this way, the 100,000 troops have taken this 50-odd-mile rich river to attack Xingcheng. This Xingcheng is very small, but the walls are very tall. Although many people are small, it is difficult to attack their own troops. No matter how many people are small, it is not necessary to attack the rich river. This pontoon bridge is not easy to build and there is no big ship. The navy of the Jiuqu Yangtze River is unfamiliar with the river, and it is not helpful to measure it for a while.
Chujun had to stop in Xingcheng.
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Chapter 1 Yangtze River Water Potential Map
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Chapter 1oo Yangtze River Water Potential Map

People who thought he was ruthless just now feel sorry for him.

It’s pathetic to be forced not to kill anyone.
Alas, I’m too young and demanding
Du Guye was unmoved. "It’s hypocritical to pretend to be soft-hearted and dizzy when people are killed."
This made a few entourage listen to not to go, even your royal middleman is not so bully.
Guan Yun took a deep breath and was indignant and angered. "Is it too much for you to say that when Jin Wangshi people fainted?"
Duguye smiled and stepped on Chen Lian’s shoulder with a heavy rolling and a broken bone.
Chen Lian couldn’t fit it any more, and let out a piercing scream "Ah"
He finally woke up screaming and crying, but he was guilty of pretending to be unconscious.
It’s a shame that Guan Yun is angry, ashamed and annoyed.
Du Guye cut his face on the spot and didn’t show any mercy. "Officials and generals are old and confused, and they have spent a lot of time not seeing things clearly. It’s time to retire and let young people do more."
The deep meaning in this sentence makes Guan Yun feel angry and push back. "Don’t do everything. Leaving a line for convenience is giving convenience."
Duguye narrowed his eyes dangerously. "I saw the butler’s deeds in my eyes and angered me."
Although he didn’t say it directly, Guan Yun still broke out in a cold sweat.
"You misunderstood that I was out of public interest, not people."
He lost momentum to compensate for the smiling face and lost the volume just now.
Du Guye impolitely asked, "Do you think I am stupid?"
"…" Guan Yun was speechless. He was not stupid, but very clever.
Duguye looked down on the official family, especially the official yunzhu, who was a psycho and never cared about them.
However, the government has always felt very good about itself and regarded itself as the future royalty.
"Five years ago, I thought you were not clever, but I didn’t expect that five years later, instead of improving, you were even more stupid. I was a little worried about the Six Emperors."
This is so mean that it is not for a younger generation to say it, but Guan Yungen did not dare to put on his elders and changed his face on the spot. "What do you mean?"
Duguye knows that the capital is not peaceful and the storm of seizing office has swept the whole imperial civil and military officials in succession.
The most powerful thing is that half of the officials of the Six Emperors have surrendered to him.
Of course, no matter how severe the six emperors are, they will reach into his hand.
Although the Six Emperors are the most likely to inherit the throne, Du Guye doesn’t think much of him.
"One day he will be dragged down by the government."
What should Guan Yun do if he wants to scold him? "Jin Wangshi, don’t go too far."
A figure came from the outside and looked nervous. "It’s not good for the Lord."
With such a clamor, everyone’s faces showed schadenfreude.
Du Guye frowned. "What happened?"
It is urgent to report that "the queen mother is seriously ill and calls you back to Beijing to see you for the last time."
Like a thunder, everyone was stunned and dumbfounded.
Is it the queen mother?
DuGuYe heart sank face is not very good-looking "what did you say? Say it again. "
He’s got a big momentum, cold and terrible.
It is a slightly bowed head and dare not look him in the eye.
"Are you sure?" Du Guye couldn’t believe it and couldn’t accept it.
The queen mother has always been kind to him and loves him like a life. He also regards the queen mother as his grandmother as his own family.
No matt how annoyed or angry he is, he can’t hide his heart.
Du Guye went out directly without saying anything, "The horse is ready to go back to Beijing."
Guan Yun’s eyes narrowed, and no one can be lucky that the capital situation is about to rise again.
Ten days later, Cining Palace.
Duguye travel-stained broke into Cining Palace, tired, and hula slag looked very embarrassed.
But all the imperial secretaries showed relief when they saw him, and immediately surrounded him and went in.
The queen mother’s eyes were closed and motionless, and her face was as white as a sheet.
Duguye silently looked at his hair turning white at the bedside, frowning even when he fell asleep. The Queen Mother had a sour nose.
She is old and full of white hair, which has always been well maintained. She has a lot of wrinkles and wrinkles around her eyes.
I used to be a charming man in my thirties, but now I look twenty years older, like an ordinary old man.
He suddenly realized clearly that his family would grow old if he didn’t pay attention.

"It’s not difficult to teach you on weekends," Yan Shaoqing replied quickly.

Jiang Jiang sent a smiley face symbol.
"Naina" ChuYuYing knocked at the door with milk.
"Well," Jiang Jiang put the phone aside and pressed the mouse to return to the brain homepage. He got up and smiled and took the milk and put it on the table.
"Who are you texting?" Chuyuying obviously noticed that she had moved softly to ask questions.
"Just one classmate"
"Boys and girls?" Chuyuying looked at her inquiringly "it’s so late"
"It’s not nine o’clock yet." When Jiang Jiang looked at his eyes and brain.
"Also," ChuYuYing pull a chair to sit in the past and hesitated a little. She looked at her solemnly and said, "Mom has something to ask you."
"You say" Jiang Jiang nodded.
"Have you ever had a boyfriend before?"
"You ask this?" Jiang Jiang rubbed a "no" with his hands crossed
"Really not?" Chuyuying a little don’t believe it
"Well, no" Jiang Jiang certainly nodded.
"Even if there is, it’s nothing." Chuyuying’s eyes drifted to the side and smiled. "Your mother can understand these things when your horse is twenty years old. It doesn’t mean anything …"
She seems a little embarrassed. "Now these children are more free when they make friends. Is mom worried that you have been cheated by others and I don’t know if you have?"
Jiang Jiang leng yi "do you want to ask me if I have slept with anyone?"
Chuyuying looked at her and said nothing.
"No," Jiang Jiang turned away from her tone slowly. "You don’t worry that I’m not a three-year-old and I don’t have a boyfriend."
"That’s good" ChuYuYing breath a sigh of relief.
"is there anything else?"
"It’s nothing," ChuYuYing got up and said, "Mom just asked casually, and I hope you and Shao Qing will have less conflicts in the future. Don’t mind drinking milk and going to bed early."
"I know" Jiang Jiang nodded and watched her go out.
Chapter 32 Intention to frame up
The night in the garden is as cool as water.
Jiang Qing walked briskly all the way into the living room with an undisguised smile on her face after the phone call.
Jiang Yu and ChuYuYing and others all went back to the bedroom.
Zhangqian is cleaning.
"Small Qian" Jiang Qing quickly called a past with a smile.
"Big Miss" zhangqian put the rag aside respectfully.
"Twenty thousand dollars" Jiang Qing directly took out a bank card and stuffed it into her hand. "The password is one to six, so thank you for your hard work."
"Thank you, Miss Big" zhangqian bowed his head and put the bank card in his pocket.
"But there is one more thing to trouble you." Jiang Qing looked around and leaned over to whisper in her ear.
"This?" Zhangqian looked at her "no" in surprise.
"Why not?" Jiang Qing frowned slightly. "It’s easy for you to testify. Can I still lose your benefits?"
"But this?" Zhangqian Trail "Miss Er will be rejected by Mr. and Mrs."
Thinking of what I saw during this period, zhangqian felt that the two young ladies, Jiang Jiang, had been wronged too much. She had already helped Jiang Qing, so how could she frame her without conscience?
"How come?" Jiang Qing smiled inadvertently. "After all, she is a parent who kissed her daughter and got angry. It’s not that serious."
"It’s not that serious. Why do you have to do this …"
"Nothing" zhangqian looked up at her. "I won’t refuse if Miss Da can help you, but it’s really no good. What if something happens? Madam, you know how angry you are when the time comes. "
Jiang Qing looked at her with a cold hum
Didn’t she think ChuYuYing was angry?
Otherwise, why politely ask a servant for help!
"Why don’t you find someone else? I’m really …" zhangqian sipped her lips and said that her voice was so small that she could hardly hear her.
"Find someone else?" Jiang Qing funnily took two steps to press the bass. "How can you find someone else when you clean several bedrooms? If you find someone else, the first suspect is you. Of course, you have to testify that you can get away and get money. "
"But I …"
"Oh, what’s the good news?" Jiang Qing waved her arm. "How about giving you ten thousand dollars in the past? You just touch your lips and say two words. "
"Well," zhangqian bowed her head slowly in her eyes. "Well, just this once, I really can’t help you again."
"Just this once, it’s really good." Jiang Qing touched her hair and whispered again. When she nodded and agreed, she turned around and went upstairs with a smile.
Jiang Jiang stayed at home for four days

You want to be beautiful!

Wu Yuyan eyebrows a pick will JiYan but see liu’s stubborn face to swallow the words back again.
She has seen people like Liu clearly.
The security guard at the bottom of the body is extremely inferior and has extremely high self-esteem.
He’s an idiot who value fame more than life.
I’m afraid he really won’t go back if he doesn’t apologize.
Wu swift dark scold a good pressure anger toward Liu grind way
"Ok, I promise you!"
Chapter 1 You are not nobler than them
Back to the company Wu Yuyan black face toward Hu Dong ordered.
"Go and get the security guards together!"
Hu Dong fart Dian fart quickly put the security guards in the hall.
The security guards didn’t know anything, but they all looked strange after seeing Liu and Zhang Xiaohui.
Aren’t these two people removed? Why are they back?
Wu Yuyan face heavy as water came to the front of the guards frown way
"Former Liu and Zhang Xiaohui made some mistakes and I removed them."
"But I’m so kind-hearted that I don’t want them to beg?"
"So let them come back to work again today."
"Well, let’s let this thing go!"
Wu Yuyan said disgust waved.
"Wait a minute!"
Liu a listen to quickly looked at Wu Yuyan angrily in the previous step way
"You didn’t say that when Minister Wu came."
"I need you to apologize!"
Wu swift’s face became more ugly than angry way
"Don’t go too far!"
At this moment, a lazy sound suddenly started.
"Liu, you can go if you are not satisfied."
They looked around and saw a young man leaning against the door frame of the captain’s office with his hands in his pockets.
Looking towards this side is a full face of ponder.
Who else can it be if it’s not Ling Tian?
Liu saw Ling as a happy heart and then nodded heavily.
"Okay, I’m leaving!"
Say that finish Liu turned and walked out.
Wu Yuyan was frightened.
"Wait a minute. Don’t go."
Liu stopped cold hum a way
"Why should I stay if you don’t apologize?"
Wu Yuyan was about to get angry, but she shivered at the sight of Ling Tian’s playful face.
Quickly bowed their heads and eyes hatred a flash and irate way
"I just apologize!"
Say that finish Wu Swift turned and looked at the guards took a deep breath and said
"I’m here to apologize to Liu"
"I’m sorry, I was wrong!"
The guards were dumbfounded and couldn’t believe it.
Master Zhang, who has always been arrogant and extinct, apologized to a security guard in Daliu in public?
Oh, my god. You’re not dreaming, are you?
Liu’s body trembled and tears filled his eyes, holding his fist tightly to prevent tears from flowing.
"And you have to apologize to me!" Zhang Xiaohui aside nasty said.
Wu Swift suddenly became short of breath and was about to get angry only to find that Ling Tianbing looked up with cold eyes.