Dong Fengling’s happy look gradually gained some meaning.

Of course, the actual performance is still the second time. Dong Yong’s inspiration interest is what to express behind these performances. Hehe, nine out of ten are for people who want to see it. Who said that ancient women never let go? Isn’t this straightforward?
The imperial concubine is just the opposite. This kind of thing has been experienced too much. She knows what everyone is good at. Chapter 44 is just like this.
And many times, the performance has always been the same, and it won’t change anything.
I don’t think there’s anything to see if I look at nature a few times.
After drinking a mouthful of tea, Guifei chuckled, "Do you really think it looks good?"
Dong Yuling picked his eyebrows. "Don’t you think that all your daughters and daughters are quite exquisite?"
Dong Yuling gestured with his forehead that a Chinese painting actually winked at a distant male guest from time to time. Is it really attentive?
The imperial concubine looked at it for a while and finally knew what Dong Yuling meant. She could not help laughing, "You are the most exquisite one."
So a look at the imperial concubine really feels interesting, especially some intentionality, and you can see more after seeing it.
For example, whose family is interested in combining with whose family is a bit tricky, and so on.
At that time, the imperial concubine didn’t feel that she was more interested in chatting.
Any imperial concubine who thinks that Queen Shu will naturally be unhappy becomes interested when she sees Jade Imperial concubine and Dong Wei whispering. She suddenly gets listless and gets up to watch the performances in the field, so she wants to stop and stop being an eyesore.
However, on so many occasions, the queen dare not call someone to come. It is because she inexplicably let people go, and she really embarrassed herself and suffered several complaints for no reason.
When I tried to hang hatred on Dong Yuling, the queen tried to reduce her hatred value by other means. Naturally, she asked people to invite her, and the effect was really good.
At the moment, everyone cares about the performance, including the elders, and they don’t want their daughters to give up a performance opportunity. Naturally, they don’t remember the sudden call of the queen. If they can get the ideal son-in-law, they will thank the queen for arranging it.
The imperial concubine and Dong Yuling naturally saw this, but we can’t stop the male guests from coming!
It is said that the queen still has a lot of means, that is, she often digs holes for herself before filling them, and I don’t know why she can play so happily alone.
"Sister Guifei and Shi Fei are very interested. What do you think of the performance of many daughters?" The queen endured and endured, but in the end she didn’t hold back her cynicism, but she had to be dignified.
Dong Yuling looked at the queen’s head and said something to this woman.
She called the imperial concubine three times, which is just the kind of jade imperial concubine, which simply shows her identity and makes me fair.
Then there is the imperial concubine, and naturally she is also dissatisfied and wants to dig a hole.
Now there’s another sentence: imperial concubine, sister, hehe, did you bring relatives and friends? How does this mood change?
Or the imperial concubine is the most calm. No matter how the queen’s address changes, she ignores it and takes it too seriously. That’s bitter for herself.
"Nature is good or Empress has a good eye. Knowing that everyone has a good talent, you should show it to everyone and see if it can’t be buried." The imperial concubine smiled and took the Queen into the ditch with an excuse.
Although the queen ordered the imperial concubine, it can be said that she came to the imperial concubine to answer the phone quickly, but she woke up again and pricked up her ears. Who is messing with everyone today?
Dong Fengling sniggered. This queen has been fighting and losing many times, and the Vietnam War has become more and more brave!
Even if she doesn’t care, why does she always poke it out and get caught?
Dong Fengling and Yu Guifei are all looking at it with enthusiasm. Where do you pay attention to the queen? Who will stab her if she doesn’t talk? It happened that I always jumped out to brush my feelings.
The queen’s face is stiff. Dong Fengling is more interested in watching her secretly grind her teeth. I guess I can’t wait to pull her out and behead her!
This queen is really worthy of the fact that some representatives of Secondary Two are not small!
"Where is it that every daughter’s family has grown up to be big? It’s not surprising that some talents are big. What about the princess? Palace is quite curious. I don’t know what surprises Shi Fei has made Qin Ruwang look so differently? " The queen’s spearhead was directed at Dong Yuling, which also attracted many people’s attention.
To be honest, they also want to know what is worthy of special attention in this world besides medical skills.
Smell speech Dong Fengling smiled from the bottom of my heart and waited for her? Is this the queen’s purpose today?
"Empress absurdly praised Lingxin where what talent? I don’t know in the world. Why don’t you ask the Empress for Lingxin? It’s better to understand the spirit. "Dong Yuling is not afraid of losing face. Anyway, her status as a peasant woman has been said to be no further.
Now if she broke any talent, wouldn’t she hit everyone in the face?
For the time being, Dong Yuling doesn’t want to pull the hatred situation like that. This is the queen’s proposal, so she must not do what the queen wants. Otherwise, will this time be over twice?
However, the second half of the sentence is wonderful. Others want to laugh but dare not. The queen’s face changes and looks very good.
Everyone never thought that Dong Fengling would say so, so calm, so … it’s not tangible.
It’s not somebody else’s topic to say that Dong Yong Ling is shameless, and they say that they are calm and don’t even have the slightest emotion, which makes them vomit? If you talk too much, it’s like they’re too ashamed to peep into the privacy of the world.
I want to say that being a princess is not reserved at all, but people have not said anything about answering the queen’s question seriously, okay?
Besides, aren’t these all recognized by everyone? That’s what it’s like to recognize her as a peasant girl …

Tian Yang’s fame is not necessarily the highest, but it must be a prominent player. If you want this list, you must get the common recognition of Tian NPC. That is to say, the list can only be made after the evaluation of the Great God. Of course, the highest player can also be listed, but the previous one must reach the "Xuanzihao", and there must be no one on the list in the early stage.

This list of Chitan Dan’s names is so dazzling and enviable.
The "class list" has a high status and the fastest player list. Chi Tandan is now a rich man but still has no ranking. The highest status in this list is "Tianmensheng"; This is the identity of Confucianism, which is divided into schoolchildren, students, tribute students, Tianmensheng, officials, cabinet elders and royal families with different surnames.
The gate valve is a general name for the noble family, the rich family, the royal family with different surnames, the gate, the gang and so on. The highest goal of agriculture is to be a noble worker, the highest goal is a gang, and the highest goal of business is to be a rich family. Because there are other categories in agriculture, industry and commerce, such as ranks, the ultimate goal is to put the doorway in the doorway, and the ultimate goal is to be a Buddhist monk.
Players who have won the chivalrous title in the list of good and evil can list their means of doing things, killing players at random, looting NPC property, etc., and are listed as chivalrous heroes, weeding out the strong and helping the weak. At this time, no player on the list has won the chivalrous title.
The number of forces participating in the campaign list determines the ranking of the list.
The more times you kill the wild monster BOSS and the first deputy BOSS, the higher the ranking; Because the deputy BOSS is a fixed place, this is not disputed, but the wild monster BOSS is not fixed. After they wander around and are killed, this wild monster BOSS will not appear in the cruising list, also known as the guerrilla killing list.
Chitantan once killed BOSS of Liuying Lake for the first time, but there was no list or announcement. At that time, he was still wondering whether Shen Mi people later appeared and laughed at him, saying that if the list was announced, wouldn’t it tell the staff of the game company that you had a secret? It’s thoughtless that Chitantan was full of cold sweat after listening!
The ranking standard of influential players in the list of influential young Xia is revised. Here, influential players do not refer to influential players, but include some foreign players who enter this influential territory. For example, Chitantan belongs to Luzhou power. If Chitantan is highly cultivated in the later Zhou Dynasty, his name will appear in the list of "Young Xia of Power".
This list of powerful young Xia allows powerful players to know which tough foreign players have entered and take precautions. Now Chi Tandan has just been promoted to "C", but he can’t find his name on the front page, and he is not worried that someone will find him trouble.
From the beginning of the game, the "Tianbuwu" competition was held, and the last week of each month was the minimum time for the finalists to need a "T" repair; As the game hasn’t reached the last week, there is no one on this list. Naturally, Tandan has also signed up to participate in the finals. The opponent of this competition is random. If the player is free, he will show up and ask if he will enter the competition.
If you agree, you will be sent to the ring to fight your opponent; There are no rules in the competition to take medicine and replenish blood, and all kinds of props can be played as they want. If there are some tricks, players will play for a long time because both sides have blood-replenishing props, but Chitantan has been instructed by Shen Mi, and some of them have learned that the other side will not even have a chance to replenish blood in a short time.
The list is refreshed from time to time, and every Sunday, the top 1 in each list receives various lottery prizes; At the same time, there will be some game activities to invite the top 1 players in each list to participate, but some lists are empty or few people, and they all fail after the activities are held.
As the name suggests, the challenge competition is to watch this kind of competition in a platform where everyone is fighting; However, the number of players signing up for the competition is too large, and the previous knockout rounds were held in the ring; Chitan Dan is the last round of the Tianbuwu Challenge. There are three rounds in total. I don’t have time to sign up for the first round so that I can be a spectator.
Every round of the ring match is uncertain because there are players who are free or not, and the number of rounds played by the players is different; However, only players who hit the same round will play the game, regardless of the regional map. Players can participate in the group match after three rounds, followed by Wan Qiang, Qianqiang, Baiqiang, semi-finals and finals.
With the light flashing, Chitantan appeared in the first dozens of rounds of the ring, and there was no difference between one thing and another; Because the opponent didn’t appear, Chitan Dan was restricted from acting, and the whole person was stupid in the same place. This setting is to prevent the first player from laying some malicious tricks in the ring and let the later players suffer big losses.
Opponents appear
The battle began.
The opponent’s grief and indignation inexplicably withdrew from the ring, and Chi Tandan talked about withdrawing from the ring; Chi Tandan, who trained in Shen Mi, has now learned a variety of combat skills, which allows him to beat those players who don’t know the skills for the time being in a very short time.
I remember that I was beaten by the strong players in the late Jin Dynasty outside the Liuying Lake, and I wanted to go to the latter Jin Dynasty to find revenge, but Shen Mi told him that it was abusive to fight with his current skill mastery and lack of resources. Chitan Dan felt that there was something going on after listening to it, and the secret people didn’t say that they wouldn’t tell him, but that they could tell Chitan something when it was not time to wait for a while.
Some of Chitantan’s "timing" is not white, such as calculating Shen Mi’s repeated remarks that it was not the right time and refused to answer many questions, which made Chitantan feel sad at last.
When I quit the ring, I jumped out of a slot machine to show that Chitantan has successfully completed three rounds of challenges, and now I can draw lots for the "group competition". Nowadays, the number of registered players of this game is over 10 million, and the number of online players is over one million. There must be millions of Chitantan who have achieved the "B" course. The math is not so good. How many players will there be after the final three rounds?
However, the game is divided into seven groups: "Heaven, Earth, Mystery, A, B, C and D". It is not clear for the time being how many players in each group can enter the Wan Qiang tournament. Then there are 1 in the top 1000, 1 in the top 100, 6 in the semi-finals and 3 in the finals.
When the slot machine brushes Chitan Dan "stops", he is assigned to the "Day Group", which is a kind-hearted grin. Then I heard a rush of footsteps. Because of the war, too many enemies were everywhere, and I was most afraid of the impact of a large number of troops. At the first time, I evaded to the side of the road to find a way out.
The official road is located in the "Tongcheng" of the post-Zhou Dynasty. Tongcheng is an agricultural city. When it comes to agricultural cities, it needs a city attribute. It is a city with attributes, namely, there is usually no characteristic city, commerce and agriculture. This is a city with characteristics, and the city has great development potential in agriculture, commerce, politics and culture. The fortress is full of men, which is a good place to recruit.
Most of the natural farmers in the agricultural city ran from Chitantan’s left hand, and all the players’ hoes, poles, dustpans, buckets and other things rushed past Chitantan. Chitan Dan was curious and took out a broom from his belt and followed the team.
After running for about ten minutes, I continued running from the official road to the east. At this time, there was a big pond in the east. At this time, a group of thousands of players were blocking the ditch of the pond. Chi Tandan followed the group of players, and there were also thousands of people. Before running in front, the players shouted, "Damn, block our ditch and want us to collect particles?"
"The trough agreed that the two sides should be together. Why did you block the canal of our city?" The player shouted when the canal was blocked.
"If you don’t have too much water, we will block it."
"Say a ball and hit him."
So the two sides scuffled together, and some players fell into the pond and some players fell into the mud pile, and the scene was extremely chaotic; Chitan Dan was at a loss with a broom, and suddenly a brick flew towards him. He shouted, throw away the broom, take out the "weeding pole", sweep away the thrown brick, and then rushed to the place where people were carrying the pole to continue squatting at the theatre.
There is no competition for water sources, caravans and resources; When Chi Tandan was in Chuzhou, Luzhou, he also led villagers in Chijia village to compete with nearby villages for water and fields. Because every village has a player born, the battle base in every village is between two players. If one player loses, the other wins.
When more than 2,000 players were beaten to death, more players joined the fray. About 20 minutes later, the troops from both cities dispatched to separate the two players. Then several officials began to yell at each other, and the two players followed behind their respective city officials, and the scene of the two armies was quite funny.
Every player is a valuable asset of the city, because the player is the main force in the battle. Without the player, the city will be at a disadvantage when it is attacked, just like the human brain. Therefore, the castellans are extremely protective of players who are loyal to them, and they will be injured by other cities. The castellans will send troops to safeguard the interests of city players at any time.
It is precisely because the city owners always maintain that the loyalty of players to the city will be higher and higher, and the interests of both sides will be tied together to form a virtuous circle of the whole game; The two castellans of Tongcheng Zhicheng obviously belong to the same camp, otherwise the army will not maintain order but directly join the war circle.
Officials from both sides were wrangling when a plum blossom dart suddenly flew from Tongcheng, knowing that the city official was not a martial man and was directly hit in the throat by the plum blossom dart. The official couldn’t believe it and fell to the ground with his neck covered. As a wartime official, his ability to cope with emergencies is very strong. Before the official fell to the ground, officials from both sides quickly ran to their own camps.
"Your plum blossom dart makes it really smooth. Hey, hey, are you addicted to war peddlers in Sao years?" Shen Mi’s voice reappeared after a few hours.
Chi Tandan didn’t answer. He threw the plum blossom dart at the soldiers of both sides, and then he was not allowed to return to Tongcheng immediately. After he ran into the city, he went to the government office and entered the words "water source, war". Soon there was a war.
"Dirty trade in war, the great war peddler and bloody villain Chi Tandan once again found the opportunity of war. He took advantage of the chaos to kill the officials of Zhicheng and provoked the anger of both sides’ armies to successfully detonate the feud between the two sides in Hehuatang Reservoir. But this is a conflict, not a war. The great war peddler and bloody villain Chi Tandan decided to make a deal with the late Zhou Lord Guo Wei, and this nasty deal will go down in history. "
"Before the conflict, seven Tongcheng officials were assassinated successfully, and then they went to the Black Bear Forest to meet Guo Wei. They sent troops to Tongcheng when Tongcheng troops were exhausted. Note that Guo Wei has sent 20,000 players and 10,000 troops to participate in this campaign."

"Don’t worry, where are you waiting for me?" Han Chen smiled and said

"Are Han Li, Han Chen and Han Feng ready?" Han Xiao day looked at only three people in the field and said
"Ready" three people together replied.
"Good after the judges decided that the order of the three of you in the three competitions was freely combined by you." Han Xiaotian said slowly and sat back to his position and quietly waited for the three people to decide.
"Uncle, I have a question to ask Han Chenke?" At this time, Han Feng suddenly said
"Ask" Han Xiaotian smiled and nodded.
Seeing Han Xiaotian nodding, Han Feng turned to look at Han Chen and said softly, "Cousin Han Chen, can you tell me if you can beat Han Li?"
Hearing Han Feng’s question, Han Chen was slightly stunned and immediately seemed to think of something and asked, "Han Fang cousin him?"
"Well, he was badly injured and needed to be nursed back for a long time to recover." Nodded slightly, Han Feng’s thin face flashed with a ferocious look and then looked at that face and grinned at Han Li.
Hearing Han Feng’s words, Han Chen was very angry in his heart. This is all a family. Han Li actually put a hand on Han Fang. He can’t bear to slowly suppress his feelings. Han Chen looked at Han Feng and said, "Don’t worry, I will beat him and give him some lessons."
"That’s good." Han Feng smiled after hearing Han Chen’s answer, then turned around and looked at Han Xiaotian and said, "Uncle, I give up." After that, they ignored Han Xiaotian’s reaction, which was that the high platform slowly left.
Looking at Han Fengyuan’s figure Han Chen said softly, "Don’t worry, I will give this brain a good beating by the door."
Han Xiaotian was also made a little uncomfortable by this sudden appearance, and then he quickly sorted out the mess and said, "Since Han Feng abandoned the words, it is now the third place for Han Li to win against Han Chen."
Han Li laughed coldly. Although he didn’t know that the Korean summit was suddenly abandoned, it was a good thing for him, and it wouldn’t be a waste of energy. Moreover, it was also an achievement for him to beat Han Chen with such high-profile eyes, and he also wanted Ziling to know that he was stronger than Han Chen.
See Han Li that biting appearance judge XiZiLing eyes also flashed with a cold light.
"If you dare to hand Han Chen’s brother, I don’t care who you are, I will kill you." Whispered Ziling, quietly waiting for this last showdown.
"Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Han Chen licked his lips and then appeared in a flash. Chapter 37 Crazy World War I.
See Han Li that forced don’t stay like Han Chen face is flashing with a ponder sneer at immediately is tiptoe gently jump is appeared in front of Han Li.
"Han Chen, you are still throwing in the towel. Although I still don’t know what method you have used, the strength of one year has risen to practice, but you and I still don’t like it." coldly looking at Han Chen, Han Li said leisurely.
"You talk nonsense so much" Han Chen touched the nose before looking at Han Li carefree said.
"Love your breath and look down on me. I won’t tear your mouth later." Han Li smiled coldly and immediately swelled up.
"Afraid of you, idiot," Han Chen said coldly, and then his whole body gathered instantly, but although he said this verbally, Han Li had to be careful in the face of this nine-fold peak of practice, or he would suffer a lot if he was not careful.
"Since you don’t give up, I’ll teach you a little lesson." Han Li smiled coldly and suddenly rushed away at Han Chen.
In the face of Han Li Han Chen, who rushed to himself, slowly frowned. This world war I can let go.
Bang …
Han Li’s body flashing is accompanied by Han Chen and his fist.
Han Chen yuan gas constantly gathering hands and then is severely Han Li this punch bump together.
Two people to bomb the earth and fierce strength let Han Chen stuffy hum a then suddenly falls back.
"Competitive" steady Han Chen coldly looking at the nearby Han Li, although this guy is usually very arrogant, his strength is really not underestimated. The nine-fold peak strength is not a cover
See a little bit of a small loss Han Chen Han Xiao Tian mood is also quite nervous, this Han Li strength is quite strong, although not Han Lin and purple spirit, but it is the first among the rest of the family.
"If you can’t do it, just throw in the towel. This Han Li is no better than others." Han Xiao murmured in heavenly heart.
Bang …
Han Li rushed towards Han Chen again and then suddenly kicked a sharp arc at Han Chen’s waist.
Han Chen is also quite familiar with this foot. This is Han Li’s mastery of a kind of advanced Wushu called whirlwind kick, which is very powerful.
"Youlong palm" in the heart a drink Han Chen is to quickly cast out Wushu in an attempt to resist Han Li’s violent blow, but it backfired. Han Li’s foot was too earth. Although Han Chen resisted the blow, the fierce horizontal strength was directly to his arm, and a sour and numb feeling filled his arms instantly.
With a gentle growl, Han Chen tiptoes lightly touched the ground and moved back with the strength handed from Han Lishen, which didn’t hurt him.
"Han Chen, it seems that you don’t play lip service, but I despise you." Han Li saw that his earth blow did not cause any substantial damage to the black boy in front of him, but he was also slightly surprised, but he was also called the so-called blow just now. He moved seven points of strength.
"Noisy" Han Chen lifted a sneer at the corner of his mouth and then smiled and lived in the abdomen. Suddenly, he poured his energy towards his legs and then he rushed towards Han Lichong.
Push, push, push …
Toe ground gently, and then the ground keeps making a dull noise.
"It’s that trick again" laughed coldly. Han Li also knew that Han Chen was going to cast out the converging martial arts again, but he was also ready to jump gently and stopped at another place.
"Hum" Han Chen cold hum at the sight of his idea was found tiptoe slowly ground is coldly looking at Han Li.
"It seems that your head has not been squeezed by the door." Han Chen smiled and said.
When this statement came out, Han Li’s face turned green instantly, but it seemed that he had thought of something and then sneered, "I’ll put your head on my foot later."
"That depends on whether you have that thing." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes.
"You … die" Korea facade dew malicious color immediately rushed toward Han Chen again sharp palm wind mixed with light cyan vitality suddenly rushed forward.

There is a faint fragility in the arrogant tone, which makes Gu Yixin instantly soften into water.

She’s not going anywhere. Let her go, and she won’t leave.
Mo Anyan glanced at the two of them shaking hands and said nothing, just sitting and then talking.
"I’m going to keep the Mohist old house."
Mo Anyan waved to Mo Jun to listen to him at night.
"I’m a Mohist elder without my master. I should be guarding this place."
"What you need to do now is to hold the Mohs enterprise. This is a battle and you must win."
Mo Anyan looked at Mo Jun at night and his eyes were burning.
Mo Jun nodded solemnly at night "won’t let you down"
"But brother-in-law, do you really want to stay here?"
Mo Jun is a little worried about his brother-in-law. He has known it since he was a child.
Like freedom and restraint, don’t want to be bound by Mohist family business. With his brother’s inheritance, he is more liberated and will do what he likes.
When Mo Jun’s father passed away, the master knew that Mo Anyan’s mind was back in the rivers and lakes until Mo Jun’s night, and he could slowly support Mo’s enterprise.
Such a person let him keep the heavy old-fashioned Mohist house, Mojun, not worried, but felt that his brother-in-law had sacrificed too much.
Mo Anyan slightly raised her mouth. "Why don’t you believe me?"
"Of course not"
"That’s enough."
Mo Anyan also didn’t explain much that "someone has to sit in the Mohist house. Now it’s my turn, and it’s your turn to hold the Mohist century-old foundation."
Mo Anyan looked up. There is a sense of vicissitudes in the old house of Mohism. The master has been here for a generation, and now it’s his turn.
Since Mo Anyan has decided that Mo Jun has no other opinions.
Mo Anyan went back to the place where he had been living to pack his things.
"An Yan, can I take all these with me?"
Mei Yan ran is sorting things out in her room. There are her belongings and clothes in the suitcase.
There are still two suitcases on the ground that are full.
Mo Anyan walked in and looked into Mei Yanran. Mei Yanran straightened up and smiled weakly. "What’s the matter?"
"I have something to tell you."
Behind the door, Tsing Yi retreated gently, and she didn’t need or want to listen to the conversation between them.
Outside the door, Tsing Yi’s back leans against the wall, keeping alert to the surrounding situation.
Where is her duty?
Mei Yan ran in the room and was about to smile. One of her favorite silk pajamas had been pulled out of shape by her.
"What are you going to say?"
Mo Anyan looked at her for a while and slowly walked to one side before opening her mouth.
"You are twenty-three this year, aren’t you?"

Li Cheng left, and the reporters looked at each other in the same place. This group of "crown kings" who have been walking across the country have run into a wall here. You know, in China, people who want to be interviewed by them can line up for several blocks, but they can’t line up without "meaning"

Especially a player like Wang He who wants him to do an exclusive interview can really squeeze his head. Has he been so angry?
"This small this small … sooner or later will pay with the price! ! !”
Chapter 14 intensified
Things are getting worse in China, Sung Jae Lee. Actually, it’s not just that the media is speculating on Jiang Xinghan and retaliating.
After the San Antonio Spurs game in Indiana Pacers, this situation seems to have become a bit out of control.
At the moment, Junasz is receiving a middle-aged man with a huge beer belly in his office.
"Why can’t Chairman Zhang Li play for the national team?" Junasz looked depressed and felt very humbled that the head coach of the national team could not freely choose the players he wanted.
The middle-aged man called Chairman Zhang looked at his shirt with a beer belly and worried about his shirt button. Without thinking, he said in a commanding tone, "This man has brought us no value and his arrogant personality is not suitable for the national team."
"Some geniuses have weird personalities, but that’s why they can be called geniuses. Besides, Li hasn’t heard of any discord in their dressing room in Indiana." Junasz felt a little sweaty after listening to the translation.
"He and Deng Liwei is not a contradiction? We absolutely can’t accept this. The player should know that his contract was determined to be handed over to the nba instead of our General Administration of Sports. At that time, we decided not to recruit him into the national team when we discussed it. "
"He is such a good player …" Junasz still wants to make a final struggle. Since he paid attention to Li Cheng, Li Cheng’s performance has been getting better and better. He has become more and more fond of this player, but … now there is no way to call him up to the national team. This really makes Junasz have something to say, and it is deeply felt.
Junasz himself didn’t say anything. He sat in his chair and shook his head and sighed, "Chairman Zhang, I will inform you first that I won’t renew the contract after the contract is fulfilled."
Chairman Zhang’s face became very gloomy. "Are you sure?"
Junasz’s eyes flashed a hint of disdain, which seemed to say, "What’s the matter with your face?" But he didn’t say it. He said "OK" in a more polite tone.
"all right! Then I hope we can have a good time in the coming period. "
"Happy together"
Disgust eyes stare at that middle-aged man with a slight resemblance to Jiang Xinghan left his office, and Junasz bowed his head to sort out the papers at hand as if nothing had happened.
After a long time, Junasz seems to have made some decision. He picked up the words and broadcast a call out "Lee? I’m Junasz. You should know who I am. I’m really sorry to call you at this time, but please forgive me for not saying something. "
Li Cheng naturally knew that it was Junasz who called himself. He replied, "Nothing, just say what you want!"
"You are a very good player, but I have some troubles here. I hope you can choose to enter the national team if you have an organic conversation," Junasz almost pleaded.
"No problem, I will. I can fight for my country."
The call soon ended. Li Cheng looked outside and fell asleep in the dark night.
After returning from San Antonio, the Pacers have a day off. After a day off, they will go to Cleveland to challenge the Cavaliers.
Li Cheng got up at 9 o’clock, although he had a rest today.
Granger went out last night, and I don’t know when he will come back. Now his door is still closed, so Li Cheng ignored Granger and ate something at will, and then went to the training hall for training.
The situation in Sung Jae Lee is really getting more and more difficult. His performance in front of the media was edited and revised, and he appeared in front of Chinese fans, who thought they had never seen such a shameless person as Li Cheng.
On the other hand, the famous reporter of Star Planning Society severely criticized Li Chengxing and wrote in his article that "Li Cheng threatened’ I will never join the low-level China men’s basketball national team, which is not worthy of my effectiveness’".
In later articles, he also pointed out that the reason behind Li Cheng’s refusal to play for the national team may be that he is seeking to join the American national team.
Wang He sent such an excellent assist here, and Jiang Xinghan turned it into a score there.
This article was widely publicized by Jiang Xinghan gunmen on the Internet.
"This force also want to join the American national team? Can he make the American national team? "
"I’ll tell you a joke-‘Li Cheng!’ "
There are all kinds of words such as treason that have been covered in Li Chengtou. It is notorious that all kinds of characters tacitly agree or deliberately agree with Sung Jae Lee.
Of course, such things will be known to American fans, but they have not expressed any opinions on such things. They just look at it with joy.
Yao made a serious phone call when China madly discredited Li Cheng.
"Manager Xu, didn’t I ask you to clarify Li Cheng at a press conference as soon as possible?"
Manager Xu is the general manager of Yao’s agent group-Yao Team. When he received Yao’s words, he knew what it was. He replied naively, "Yao! It’s not that I don’t want to clarify Li Cheng, but that President Zhang called me and asked me not to express my views on Li Cheng on your behalf. It’s really difficult for us! "
"This … how to disturb him?" Yao was so surprised.
"I don’t know about that, but I think we’d better keep silent about it!" A businessman naturally wants to maximize his own interests.
"…" Yao has a thousand words and finally turned into a sigh.
Hang up the manager Xu, Yao still dialed Li Cheng’s words.
"Li Cheng, are you … ok now!"
"Nothing, I’m fine", but his voice really doesn’t sound very good.
"Someone must be aiming at you in this matter. You’d better stop stirring up recently," Yao said worriedly
Li Cheng’s cold voice entered Yao’s ear through the telephone receiver. "I know this shit in the end, so don’t worry about it."
"alas!" Yao knows that Li Cheng’s character Li Cheng must have to tackle it head on, and he no longer advises him, "Be careful with it yourself!"
Chapter 15 Miracles
A group of reporters are gathering at the gate of the Pacers Training Hall. There will be a temporary press conference here today.
Li Cheng asked Miller to help organize this conference. He was not in the direction of Cheren in China, and he can’t tolerate it in the United States, which will make those people even more rampant. It’s hard for Li Cheng to tolerate his personality before. Now let him tolerate it? He can’t do it.
Just like on the court, Li Cheng never knew what retreat meant. Even if there was a high mountain in front of him, it would set him off extremely small, but he would not hesitate to hit it again and again until it hit through.
Li Cheng was like this when he faced the little emperor in Cleveland. He knew the gap between himself and LeBron, but he still hesitated to score against LeBron and finally he won.

The plant force gathered in his hand as big as a basketball, and he swallowed it in one gulp, slowly wrapping these plant reiki in the abdomen, and then extracting the true element from the compressed qi in the abdomen and mixing it with the plant reiki.

Take out the wood while flying fast, and then drop the blood from your eyebrows on the wood to make it contain your own qi and blood breath. At the abdomen, the plant aura and your own true aura are gathered and transported to the wood. Slowly, the wood has changed a little bit, and it has gradually formed a human form. Is it a closer look or is the wood somewhat similar?
This is called sensory illusion!
That is to say, after an object has temperament, it will make people have sensory illusions.
Haikui took out a piece of his old clothes from the bag and put it in his hand. He threw the wooden parcel at the surface and clicked it with a loud noise. It was like the beginning of time. This piece of wood plunged into the planet.
Haikui’s figure flashed towards the star and moved on.
Behind him, there is a little bit less prick. It seems that some of them chased the wood and went to Haikui to quickly cross the planet’s atmosphere and come to the star. In the same way, they took out a piece of wood again. After mixing the essence of blood between the eyebrows and the true qi, they put on their clothes and threw them at the distance of the star and then galloped in the opposite direction!
All the way, he threw himself into his life by taking the wooden head. When Haikui felt a little collapsed, the acupuncture sensation behind him was almost gone, but Haikui didn’t think he could escape this robbery. It was only a matter of time before the pursuers found that those were all wood.
But this method can delay the pace of the people behind, even if he is omnipotent, every second slower than Haikui, it will be a few minutes after dozens of times, and a few hours after hundreds of times, which will be enough for Haikui to escape from a million miles!
Haikui has been crazy about absorbing the stars to supplement his body during his flight. After infancy, monks can absorb them to supplement the consumption of the truth. Some spells can absorb more, such as absorbing the power solution!
A few days later, Haikui stopped grafting. After all, his qi and blood were limited. Although he stepped into the column of cultivating immortals, he was also a flesh and blood, and he had to take a rest and wait for his qi and blood to recover.
Qi and blood can be restored, but the flight can’t stop. Haikui is still flying wildly towards the unknown star. He doesn’t know how much aura he has absorbed. Before the change, it was like the size of a fist, but now it has become a walnut, and the size has shrunk several times!
However, the size of this walnut has changed, and there are seven colors on the surface.
When the true qi gathers in the abdomen to a certain extent, it will form an elixir. Then it must be a golden elixir, but Haikui Tidan has actually changed.
What seven colors? Gold, green, blue, red, yellow, black and white represent the seven colors of yin and yang in Jin Mu!
Have five elements of strength and yin and yang force Dan! If the five elements are normal, they can be integrated into the body with little help. Hai Kui can’t figure out what’s going on. Is it because he made Zhou Lin teach himself three true fairy strategies to integrate and innovate himself, and then compressed the truth a little bit?
I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse!
The gloomy old man of Tianxingbao has reached the extreme. In the past few days, the curse has sometimes gone this way and that way, and finally he found a lot of wood with that little smell, which made him angry. At this time, he has lost his direction and he can believe in the curse, otherwise I am afraid that even the small side will not be touched.
He has chased out a long way, chased out his familiar star domain, and I’m afraid he will enter a strange star domain in a few days, which he doesn’t want to see.
There are too many unknown stars in the vast universe and too many dangers.
Finally, three days later, facing the strange smell in front of him, the old man slowed down. These days, he didn’t even see the small shadow, but he found a lot of wood with his breath. It’s too cunning for him to catch him directly!
Moreover, the little guy is not walking in one direction, but drilling everywhere. Although he is distressed by his brother, he hasn’t been stupid enough to put himself into the vast fairy path. He has just left the starting point, and more than half of them haven’t walked and slowly stopped. If the little guy is still alive and meets me, he will be killed. If he is lucky enough to get into the danger zone and be swallowed up, it will be regarded as God has eyes!
The old man thought of floating in the stars here for a long time and then turned and flew back to stop chasing Haikui!
Chapter 214 Alien planet
Haikui has been flying in a strange star field, and many black holes have strong attraction like sci-fi movies. Many meteorites are sucked into it, but the black holes don’t always absorb for a while after it appears, and then disappear. Haikui suddenly has a feeling that it seems that people control to absorb a certain amount of energy and then close, and when they lack energy, it will absorb again.
Haikui doesn’t know what makes him feel this way, but when he travels in this star, he suddenly feels this way according to his own understanding.
I don’t know which great avatar created this way!
In order to test his idea, he flew to a place close to the black hole and felt a strong pulling force. From the black hole, the pulling force not only absorbed meteorites scattered in the stars, but also the real elements of Haikui body were ready to float to the black hole.
Haikui hurriedly stepped back and bypassed the black hole. He was very surprised.
Moreover, he found an interesting situation. These black holes appear in the lifeless land. If they appear near the planet, they will quickly disappear again, which makes Haikui believe that this is a black hole with a great avatar!
After this discovery, Haikui felt fresher than before, but he didn’t stay in one place to study too much, fearing that people behind him would chase him and fly straight ahead.
A few days later, I couldn’t feel the sense of crisis at all, but Haikui found a problem and lost himself in this star. Go back? Joke, now he can’t even tell the difference between east, west, north and south!
Now he looks at all the stars around and feels the same. He doesn’t know which direction he is flying from after he turns around!
Although the depressed language has escaped from self-recognition, it will be fatal, but this situation is not much better now, is it a stranger!
Haikui slowly flew forward, feeling strange around him. He had been afraid to meet the yogi before searching carefully, but now he wants to meet the yogi. He wants to find out if there is a way back!
It’s no wonder that everyone who travels far away is homesick, and he really wants to go back to his familiar place now.
Now I feel like I’m alone in another world
God suddenly felt a real wave on a planet, and Haikui quickly turned around and went to that planet!
When he was about to approach the planet, a powerful force quickly came towards him. Haikui stopped to explore the gods and was blocked by a very hostile force.
Haikui knew that a yogi was coming.
Sure enough, after a while, the planet flew out and three people didn’t arrive yet. "You came to our planet as a person!" "
Haikui can understand what this is all about. Is the earth language already in the whole Xingpu?
Haikui stood there for a moment and didn’t answer. The three men quickly approached Haikui and stopped at Haikui dozens of feet away. They were three years old and almost as long as the earth. The three men were dressed in gray robes, white robes and black robes. They looked 70 years younger, but their eyes were bright and their bodies were not weaker than those of Yuan’s infancy.
"Are you human?" Among them, the old man in gray robe continued
"Oh, my name is Haikui, and I just want to ask the way when I get lost in this star." Haikui hurriedly replied that these three people are not weaker than themselves, but they are even better. Haikui guessed that three people might not be lower than themselves, and he didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.
"Lost in the stars. Are you kidding?" The black-robed old man looked at Haikui with a gloomy face and deeply doubted that anyone who could ride on the stars would not be weak, and they didn’t act rashly!
"You are not welcome on our planet from here!" The old man in white robe said coldly
Haikui is more depressed than asking for a way. Is there such a big guard? Even asking for a way with a sweeping aunt before you can answer yourself well. Are people on this planet like this?
"Don’t get me wrong, I want to know which direction the earth is!" Haikui hurriedly waved his hand to make a koo gesture!
"Hum, who knows if you cheated to travel in this star and buy a map? Will you get lost?" The old man in white robe said with a cold hum
"The map is this star map? I really didn’t know there was such a thing! " Haikui scratched his head and said
The three men looked at each other and didn’t want to be difficult. Haiquin almost drove away this kind of foreign yogi, even though they didn’t want to fight and get into trouble.
"This map is not valuable. We’ll give you a copy and leave quickly." Then the old man in white robe waved and threw a brown thing.
Haikui took it as a roll of animal skin. He took a look at it and painted a map of the stars.
Hai Kui probes into the divine knowledge and immediately shows his present position in the divine knowledge, but if he goes to find his own planet, he doesn’t know, "Three seniors, I want to ask, if I find my planet?"
"If you drop a drop of blood into this map, it will automatically show the planet where you were born," said the white-robed old man, urging him at the same time. "All right, I’ll give you the map. You should go quickly. Let’s just believe you once. Every monk needs to explore outside the star."
"Thanks a lot." Haikui hurriedly retreated to the three men with a gift of fuels. Although the attitude of the three men was not very good when they first arrived, they finally gave him a map, which greatly helped him and he didn’t want them to misunderstand and then retreated.
Sure enough, there are good people and bad people everywhere, and there are also monks who kill people without saying anything.
Haikui bit his fingertip and dropped a drop of blood after quitting a hundred miles away. On the map, there was a red halo in one place, which was only two feet away from where he is now.
But don’t underestimate this two-foot distance. It is two feet away from the map, but in reality, Haikui has been flying for many days. He can’t remember exactly how many days.
After the gods explored the map, Haikui found a nearby planet with special marks, which made him pay attention, and all the planets in this map had special marks.
After a careful look at it, Haikui inferred from him that these planets must have an alliance, but this planet runs through the whole map and can form a straight line slightly. It won’t be a contact planet among the stars, will it?
He saw a marked planet not far from where he is now, and a marked planet near the earth.
Anyway, he won’t be back to earth for a while. He wants to know what these marked planets are doing and fly directly to the marked planet!
After a while, he was not far from the marked planet, and Haikui found that other monks in this star also flew into this planet!

"Residual magic type" in the heart thundered a Han Chen figure suddenly jumped into the hands of the royal magic silver gun grip is mixed with a kind of crazy fierce LeiLi suddenly stabbed at the desire.

Bang …
Your gun and axe collided and tinkled with energy ripples, which also made them suddenly retreat.
"This is the royal magic seven type? Sure enough, it’s very severe. "Quickly stabilize yourself and look at the black boy Mushan’s eyebrows, but it is slowly stretching for a moment.
"But you obviously haven’t practiced at home yet, otherwise there won’t be such a little power." Smile, Mu Shan’s mouth is a sneer, and the axe in his hand explodes suddenly, but a virtual shadow of it is thrown at Han Chen again.
"Phantom chop" is a light drink from Mushankou, and soon it rings with a buzz. It is also the last illusory axe that appeared from the axe body, and it is also opposing to form a surprising fluctuation. From that axe, the illusory axe is roaring out and suddenly chopping away at Han Chen.
Feel the dangerous smell of unreal axe Han Chen’s face hasn’t changed, but suddenly a strange feeling rises in his heart. The royal magic silver gun disappears in his hands.
"Shout" to see that some terrible energy axe to his crazy split to Han Chen is drink a burst of energy fluctuations between the eyebrows quickly spread to soon small inflammation illusory shape is also a milli sign.
"Four-ring hunting life division is very good, but I can’t resist it." Looking at Xiaoyan’s appearance, Mushan was surprised at first, but then some scoffed. It didn’t seem to put Xiaoyan in the eye, and the speed of the illusory axe didn’t slow down.
"Purple deep and remote shenhuo" saw Mushan’s somewhat underestimating appearance. Han Chen also sneered at a burst of purple flame when it was running wildly. It was also abrupt that it appeared from his fingertips and immediately turned into a one-foot flame energy ball in his hand.
In the hands of purple flame energy ball condensed successfully Han Chen’s face also emerged with a malicious color. When the purple flame energy ball was thrown in the hands, the direction was impressively small inflammation there.
Purple flame energy ball to sell immediately is a purple flame mans wrapped small inflammation unreal shape.
"Roar" low beast roared out a small inflammation and wrapped it in a purple flame. Thick and scary soul coercion rose slowly, and then waves of soul fluctuations burst out from the mouth of the small inflammation beast, which was slammed into the illusory axe.
Booming …
The illusory axe soul fluctuates violently and collides together, and soon an energy explodes. At last, it turns into thick visible energy waves and spreads continuously.
The spread of energy waves is also suspected that the waves have reached the onlookers around them. At this time, after they came into contact with this sudden energy ripple, they all turned pale. What’s more, they couldn’t stand the impact of this energy, but they passed out with a mouthful of blood.
"Competitive power" felt the energy’s aftermath, and his face was also shocked. He didn’t expect Han Chen to be able to confront this Mushan without any substantial damage.
"This this how is it possible that this small can fight against the government and has not been hurt? Is this a small evil? " See the tower that two staggered and moving figure seven sea master face is also filled with a strange look.
"I underestimated you. I didn’t expect your strange moves to emerge in endlessly. Now I’m really reluctant to kill you. How about you take refuge in our Mufu and forget our grievances from now on?" Before looking at the black boy MuShan eyes dew thoughtfully look in the heart is shocked than it is no wonder that this small can kill crazy uncle even himself almost beaten before this small.
"Dream" shrugged his shoulders. His eyes swept over the wrapped purple flame, and the inflammation was immediately moved to the Mushan. He shrugged his shoulders and seemed not to catch a cold for the former.
"Then you can go to hell." When Han Chen heard this, his face was completely gloomy, but the corners of his mouth were a sneer, and the black gold tomahawk in his hand was suddenly disappeared.
"Huh?" See mushan this weird performance Han Chen is also some scratching their heads, but at this time his heart is abrupt rise up a little uneasy feeling.
"Bad Han Chen brothers are in danger. This Mushan is not good at making black gold tomahawk. His worst is melee combat. Now this guy has given up his weapon. It seems that he is not going to play." Seeing Mushan’s move, his iron double-edged face is also completely gloomy. Looking at it without trace, he is also a little anxious in his heart.
"In that case, let’s have a hand-to-hand combat." Han Chen slowly breathed a sigh of relief. No matter if he kept fighting the precious weapon, Han Chen would really be a little overwhelmed
"Small ten strokes, I will kill you. Remember that you are not dead in my hands. You are dead in your own hands." Smiled indifferently, Mushan was calm at this time, looking at Han Chen’s face like a worm.
"Then you give it a try." Han Chen smiled coldly and his mind moved slightly, and inflammation also flashed on his shoulder.
Ps recommended brother didn’t eat meat big "ghost handsome pagoda Chapter one hundred and fifty-four All is fair in war.
"Small now let me kill you this so-called genius in the cradle. Ten strokes don’t kill you. I’ve been doing this Mufu mansion for so many years in vain." The corners of my mouth flashed with a gloomy Mushan light drink, and the whole body was instantly bulging and exploding, and the energy fluctuations kept spreading.
Seeing that Mushan is so strong, Han Chen’s face is also a bit weird. When he suddenly drinks his whole body, his toes explode and the ground is like a shell.
Slim figure turned into a black arc Han Chen’s figure instantly appeared in front of Mushan, and his right fist suddenly leaned out of the earth and smashed a boulder. The gas strength mixed with the harsh sonic boom was the appearance of Mushan’s chest.
"The moves are ok, but the strength is a little poor." Seeing Han Chen’s offensive Mushan face is also a bit ridiculous. When the right palm is like a flash, it is to resist the blow of Han Chen.