Sometimes when he is alone, he will wonder if he is dreaming.

Later, Changsheng was pulled to the front line and became a head coach. He has been in the shadow of Golka, and he has seen that human feelings are warm and cold, and people’s hearts are sinister. He knows that this is not only an opportunity for teachers, but also an adventure full of risks.
Team C makes people like Golka smoke. He believes that in the locker room of the first team, it is even more complicated than team C.
However, he has an almost superstitious belief in his coach, believing that no matter how bad the situation in the first team locker room is, his mentor can handle it.
Hertha’s away game against Osasuna. He watched the game in front of the camera.
When he saw Hertha’s starting lineup, he was keenly aware that the boss had a problem-he had no one to turn to.
Many former main players were put on the bench by him, obviously because of the struggle of the Ministry
Although Sai Passareira is only ten years old, being laughed at and despised for a long time has long made him have a deep understanding of human nature through patience.
He is not that kind of silly and naive boy.
However, he and Carlos, the two bosses, did not let him down. In such an unfavorable situation, they still succeeded in getting three points by a substitution.
Although the process was thrilling, it finally won.
This deepened his confidence in the boss-the boss can win in such a difficult situation, so what can be hard to hold him?
The teammates in the dressing room are talking about who will be the lucky one to get into the first team.
Plug, Passareira is not heart.
I took a good first step thinking that my best friend and boss have achieved success.
Plug, Passareira can not but smile.
At this time, the locker room door was pushed by coach angulo.
When I saw the coach coming to the locker room, the discussion disappeared. Everyone turned their heads and looked at the coach curiously. Why did he appear here? The coach rarely came to the locker room.
Angulo at the door after scanning the locker room at Passareira hook "plug it out! Your boss is looking for you! "
When I heard this, my teammates around me looked enviously at Sai Passareira.
Everyone knows what the term "boss" means. When angulo says this, he says that Changsheng is outside the locker room and he wants to find Sai Passareira. Isn’t that knee-deep?
Plug is going to the first team!
Chapter 26 I can do it
Sai Passareira is not stupid before winning with a smile. He also knows what the boss suddenly calls himself. He didn’t expect the boss to let himself report to the first team so soon.
Carlos Campo feels quite normal to go to the first team. In the past two years, Carlos has been the main force of the C team. He has accumulated enough experience and outstanding strength in the youth team competition. Everyone knows that it is a matter of time before he enters the B team, and it is not a delusion to go to the first team.
But what about yourself? Although he has won a lot of honors and titles in the past six months, he knows very well that his experience is far less than Carlos’ and his ability is still lacking. He thought it was a good result that he could successfully enter the B team and then gradually hone himself and make progress in the B team competition.
He didn’t even dare to think about it.
But now this reality is in front of him!
Changsheng looked at the young man who was a little stronger than before, and his eyes were full of praise.
He just glanced at the golden pupil and found that Sai Passareira had been training him very hard this week. The data did not show signs of slipping with his departure and the withdrawal of the plug-in skill.
You know, Passareira can make such rapid progress and always win the famous skill "Genius is tempered in this way", and he found that this skill is to follow his own people and play it where his own people are. Even if he made it for Ambassador Sai Passareira, when he went to the first team, if Passareira didn’t follow him, this skill would automatically be separated from Parela and Passareira, and he would have to rely on his own efforts.
Now, judging from the result of this attribute, Passareira still works very hard after his absence, just like he is.
What he was worried about did not happen, which made him very satisfied.
This child is a real plastic talent!
Although Carlos Campo’s current strength is stronger than that of Cesar Passareira, although he can’t see the player’s current ability and potential, he can be sure that Cesar Passareira’s achievements will be higher than Carlos Campo’s in the future. This can be seen from the training attitude that Carlos Campo is not lazy in training, while Cesar Passareira is "desperate". The crazy training posture makes Seguro and angulo both worry that they will practice themselves badly.