After being untied by Ye Yu, everyone was saved, panting and staring at Ye Yu with some fear.

After seeing Gabriel and Azazeru arrive, they all realized that men are not enemies, but this does not prevent them from being afraid of Ye Yu.
"Hum! Who knows what tricks you’ve played? Lord Gabriel, it’s been a long time! "
When Fox suddenly saw Gabriel’s figure, he suddenly cried with joy and looked like he knew someone.
"Ha ha, long time no see. Xiao Jiuzhong was still coquetry in your mother’s arms."
"Boo-hoo … Lord Gabriel, my mother was taken away and this bad guy bullied me!"
After seeing Gabriel, Jiuzhong immediately cried and jumped into his arms.
"Don’t worry, Xiao Jiuzhong, we will help you find your mother." Gabriel, a girl crying in her arms, said this, and the expression on the face of the blazing angel’s adult also seemed dignified
"Will it be a disaster group?" Ye Yu picked his eyebrows and said a name.
"It seems that it may be them." Gabriel nodded.
"By the way, what is the identity of this bad guy?"
Looking at Ye Yu and Gabriel very well, the small nine-fold sample is not asked by some curiosity
"He’s the strongest soldier in the history of the underworld. Oh, don’t worry. With this guy here, you can save your mother quickly," Gabriel said comfortingly
"What is a soldier!" Fox left the pie mouth and obviously looked down on Ye Royal, but Gabriel smiled and didn’t care.
"I didn’t do anything to you, did I? I became a bad guy for no reason. Be reasonable."
"Hum, bad guys are bad guys!" Fox said coyly, hiding in Gabriel’s arms and turning away.
"Well, this is not a place to talk. Selafoul is here in hell. Let’s discuss it together."
Azazeru said so, and they nodded their heads and set off together in Gabriel’s lead to a completely different place from the outside world.
Like the street combination in the Jiang Dynasty, ancient houses were built side by side, and strange creatures emerged from doors, windows and passages.
"I didn’t expect to set up a memorial arch in an unpopular place in the Golden Pavilion Temple, and then I turned into another world."
Ye Yu wowed and looked around. All the little monsters were curious to see him because of the human and animal harm. But no one dared to lean over because of the fiery angel Gabriel and the degenerate angel governor Azazeru around him.
It’s a little dark here, and it’s not the same as the outside world, because it’s the birthplace of monsters after all
"Welcome Gabriel’s adult … and Azazeru’s adult." A girl who looks very mature is greeted by a fox demon.
"Lord Leviathan is already waiting for you inside."
So, led by the fox demon, he first passed through the place where houses were built side by side and entered the forest with a small river between them. From this place, he continued to deepen and a huge red archway appeared.
There is a super mansion in front of it, which gives people an ancient and majestic feeling. Wearing it in front of the archway and Seraful are already there!
"Oh, you’re finally here. Oh, I’m so anxious. Ye Yu, did you bully Xiao Jiuzhong?"
Seraph joked in a lovely tone.
"Only … I’m not bullied. I’m a little devil like Lord Fox Fairy, and I can easily control him!"
Be Serra fuer hit home nine heavy immediately blushed up some excuse in a flurry.
"I wish Xiao Jiuzhong was all right. At first, after knowing that even the little princess had been taken away by strange people, the monsters were in turmoil for a long time."
What did I do? I didn’t do anything well!
While Ye Yu upset turned supercilious look.
Walked into the house a line of people sitting in the hall to Ye Yu also find out what happened.
The nine-tailed fox, who is in charge of this monster in Kyoto, left the house a few days ago to talk with the emissary sent by Indra of Sumi Mountain.
However, Miss Sakamoto didn’t feel something strange at the meeting place with the Indra Angel. When the monster launched the investigation, it protected the crow-dog who was accompanied by Miss Sakamoto and seemed to be in a dying state.
On his deathbed, the crow dog told the monsters that Miss Sakamoto had been attacked by someone and was kidnapped.
So the monsters made a thorough search for suspicious people in Kyoto, fearing that mother Jiuzhong would call indiscriminately when she saw Ye Yu, a stranger.
"I said that this time, I asked the three families to help save my mother."
Sit position nine heavy took out the little princess should have momentum so said
"Alas, this kind of thing is easy to happen when all forces want to join hands. Odin came to Loki that time? This time bear the enemy role is a disaster group guys? "
Azazeru pie pie said at Ye Yu once, but this guy directly solved Loki and Fenrir Wolf together.
"There’s nothing surprising about the disaster group. After all, it’s already our old rival. I just don’t know what their purpose is in kidnapping the Kyoto monster commander."
Ye Yu some casually say so immediately let all the people present lost in thought.
Chapter 35 Finding the Target
"This one is …"
While Azazeru Gabriel and Seraph were thinking about Ye Yu’s words, another person spoke at the round table.
Sitting on both sides of Jiuchong are the fox who just led the way and an old man with a long nose who is a yogi.
This old man is the elder of the dog, and he has been in contact with Kyubi no Youko since ancient times. In this Kyoto, he also belongs to the venerable.
At the moment, the three people sitting here represent the angel of heaven, the devil of hell and the degenerate angel, which makes the old man wonder what kind of identity Ye Yu is talking with.
"Him? His name is Ye Yu. He is a freak. You can regard him as a representative."
Azazeru unconcerned smiled to say so and Gabriel and Seraph nodded slightly in agreement. Suddenly, it was to make someone’s face move in the place.
This representative is not as simple as an ordinary representative, but a representative of three families!
"The governor temple devil temple blazing angel temple and the leaf master can think of some way to save the sitting princess? No matter how hard we talk, we are willing to do it. "
The dog elder than sincere said so.
After saying this, I also took out a painting for everyone to see, with a beautiful blonde in witch dress!
"This is Princess Sakamoto."
"Not the kui is a small nine heavy mother? It’s really a rare beauty." Ye Yu narrowed her eyes and gently praised the vigilant eyes of the fox
"It’s certain that those guys who took Princess Sakamoto are still in Kyoto," Azazeru said.
"Oh, yes?" Ye Yu asked Azazeru replied.
"There is no chaos in the whole area of Kyoto. The nine-tailed fox keeps a balance by collecting all kinds of gases flowing in this land. This is a large-scale position in Kyoto. If the nine-tailed fox leaves this land or is killed, Kyoto will change, and even the omen will not happen. That is to say, Princess Sakamoto is still alive and it is very likely that those people will still be kidnapped here."
"To what extent have the members of the Seraph demon investigated?"
"Let them make a detailed investigation, and let members who know Kyoto better act."
Azazeru asked Seraph, and Seraph answered them one by one, but it seems that the other party is hiding very well and has not found any clues until now.
"Maybe … I know where General Sakamoto is."
When Azazeru and Seraph were talking, Ye Yu suddenly looked up and spoke slowly.

"I think everyone wants to try to hit pleasure in a game. Do you want to play an auxiliary profession and watch others play hard or do it yourself? Besides … Uncle really speaks out that everyone plays games. Of course, they want to be handsome and beautiful. The professional looks like a middle-aged man, and they are not liked. "Tianyu expressed his views.

"Ahem" Sitting in front of Tianyu, Dragon Butler suddenly coughed two times to indicate that he was an uncle …
If Yunyang smiled like a light, "I didn’t think about uncle’s appearance when I first chose a career."
"Yeah, but few people, few people, few advantages and few weapons are cheap, which is not like swordsmen and gunmen. Their weapons are better and they can’t even buy game coins, which is expensive to death." Erxiu said.
"Yes, there are only unpopular occupations and popular occupations. Although the occupations are similar, the essence is still related to the player’s own level." Tianyu went on to say
"There is no garbage occupation. Are there garbage players?" Two whew copied a network language replied.
Tianyu nodded and said, "Every profession has its own loyal players. Even if some professions will be strengthened into bug occupations in the future, some professions may be weakened into waterway occupations, but those professional players who can persist in loving themselves deserve our respect and will not give up."
"Silly bear, you know, it seems that many seem to be more than two wheezes." If Yun listens to Tianyu, he laughs.
"Silly bear, he played Korea, but he didn’t play now." Two whew answered for Tianyu.
"ah? This game and Korea ….. "If cloud surprised.
"Well, there’s still a day …" At this time, it’s not clear whether there is beauty in Tianyu, but there is definitely beauty in the future, and I heard that it happened later because the workshop in China is too strong.
"It turns out that dnf has such a big influence." If Yunyuan dnf is playing in China, I didn’t expect it to be abroad.
"Well, it’s just an agent. The update bases are all introduced from Korea … Business opportunities in the game are foreseeable," Tianyu answered seriously.
If the cloud nodded again.
Dragonfly all the way is to occasionally take a look at the corners of the mouth of the young master driving. "Young master laughs more than before. I don’t know if those two little guys can change the fate of the young master after getting home and driving."
After about 5 minutes, the black car drove into the villa area and stopped in front of a magnificent mansion.
"Master ~ Young Master is back!" A middle-aged woman looked at the iron gate and several people came from the car in a hurry to open the iron gate and then ran to the house and shouted
Chapter 19 Children play house
"Liuyi is still so careless …" If the words sound like a cloud, listening to the woman shouting in the room, shallow laughs.
Later, another person parked the black car in the garage, and the dragonfly took Ruoyun and three people walked towards the mansion.
Tianyu and Erxiu looked around at the lawn and were surprised that it was winter and there were green grass, and they didn’t know which kind of grass they were.
Two big solid wooden doors have been quietly opened on the ladder.
The glittering crystal chandelier in the room hangs upside down on the first floor ceiling like a multilayer cake. Looking into the room, a marble table comes into view, and there are several big sofas at the table. In the middle of the sofa, a middle-aged man is sitting.
The middle-aged man is wearing a black tank top sweater with a cigar in his right hand at the moment, and inside it is a warm coat with a white shirt, so what brand Tianyu can’t see clearly without glasses.
He is sitting there quietly, with a chubby face and round eyes. He looks a little old, but it makes people feel radiant. At the moment, wait for a while is staring at them.
"Dad, I’m back," Ruoyun said with his head down.
Master Yan took a puff at the cigar and spat out a sigh, but the cigar ash was a little long, but he didn’t move. He took another puff and spit it out gently, making his surroundings filled with tobacco smell.
I heard that Ruoyun said such a sentence and put the cigarette butt in a crystal ashtray next to a delicate wooden matchbox. He slowly looked up and said, "Aaron took the young master floor first."
"Dad, I know I’m wrong." If the cloud looks at the words, the master implores.
Master said stared his one eye and glanced at nearby Liuyi Liuyi almost shuddered and immediately walked to Ruoyun to hold the trail. "Young, let’s take a shower first and change clothes. You see that your clothes are so dirty."
Liuyi grew up looking at Ruoyun and her sex was strong-willed. What she said was also "presumptuous".
If the cloud is used to it, then I see Liuyi winking at myself and my father is not a good face. This time, I am in some trouble.
Tianyu and Erxiu saw this scene and knew that Dad was educating his son, but they didn’t reprimand him. Are they going to be under house arrest?
Master Yan glanced at Dragon Butler again and frowned when he saw that his arm was injured, but said nothing.
Dragonfly see master looked at his side immediately turned to look at if the cloud to see him a face of stubborn also gave him a wink.
If Yunnai knew that there would be no good fruit to eat if she were deadlocked here again, she turned to Tianyu and Erxiu and said, "I’ll come to you after taking a shower first."
Say that finish if the cloud is low head standing on the spiral ladder ran to the second floor.
Dragon housekeeper came to master Yan and bowed their heads and whispered a few words behind him, then looked at the two teenagers who had just entered the door with master Yan.
Master Yan pointed to the mobile phone on the table, and Dragon Butler knowingly picked up three mobile phones, two of which were Tianyu and Erxiu Yu Ruoyun. He gave it to Liuyi Liuyi, who took it to block Master Yan’s eyes with dragonfly flying and nodded slightly at the moment before running quickly to the floor to catch up with Yan Ruoyun ().
"You have things over there," said the master, pointing to one side of the sofa and the two main cabinets were cold and said.
Tianyu and Erxiu just took the dragonfly and handed it to the mobile phone, but they didn’t react. How could their mobile phone be in their hands? When they heard the master say so, they expected to go.
"I grass! This is the kidnapper’s nest? " Tianyu saw two main computer cases in front of a big vase, and a little further on the sofa, he found three bound men with white cloth in their mouths, and beside them were several thugs in black and gloves.
Because this pile of people stayed in the room without saying anything and in the corner of this big room, Tianyu and Erxiu didn’t dare to look around, but for the location of the two of them, it was really not easy to find something there.
"That a few people look familiar ….." Tianyu wondered.
Yu Erxiu’s eyes are nearsighted for 500 degrees, and his eyes are blurred until all around are golden.
"Take your things to leave," said the master without saying superfluous words, so coldly.
Tianyu and two whew heart in a surprised tianyu thought "it’s marching orders? How do you say that your children’s best friends come to his house to play, even if they don’t entertain them with fruit food, they won’t have to be thrown out before they are seated? Besides, if I’m not a cloud enemy or benefactor in a sense … How can this middle-aged man let me leave with Erxiu without saying anything? "
"That … Ruoyun’s dad, we are good friends of Ruoyun. Just now Ruoyun also said that he would come to see us." Tianyu straightened up and tried to control his tone and said with a smile.
"If cloud his dad …" Said master mouth again this call jokingly looked at Li Tianyu.

Hum, it’s impossible to find out! Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately took out a random scroll.

"No, he wants to run away at random!"
But it’s too late. Lin Tianxiao has made a random delivery scroll and disappeared in front of everyone.
Back to the small tower room, Lin Tianxiao found that the blood volume of the dark Woma leader had actually recovered to one billion, which was simply too powerful.
500 million incredibly, 500 million blood volume is another hurdle. How can we avoid the attack by attacking the root method?
In the same way, the blood volume of the dark Woma leader once again dropped to 500 million. Lin Tianxie immediately put away the five *oss and the ghost dragon small four, and his body kept avoiding the rapid attack of the thunder ball, staring at the dark Woma leader intensely, but the thunder ball was too fast. He escaped five and was bombarded by the thunder ball and returned to the resurrection corridor again!
How can we kill this dark Woma leader? Is this dark Woma leader setting traps to trap and kill players?
No, it’s a trap to kill players, but there must be a way to kill the dark woma leader!
Lin Tianxie kept thinking about the battle with the dark Woma leader, and suddenly he had a flash of light and thought of a fact!
The lightning ball was absorbed by the wall of the house!
Yes, that’s it!
Lin Tianxiao was so happy that he finally thought of a solution to this matter. Yes, this is indeed a trap for killing players and also a seal for the dark Woma leader. Because its walls can absorb the attacks of the dark Woma leader, the dark Woma leader can escape from this room!
Once again resurrected, Lin Tianxiao rushed into the small tower again, but after he came in, he didn’t attack, but hid aside and let the five *oss and the ghost dragon brother fight.
Draw out the dragon sword. Lin Tianxiao came to the wall, where there was a protruding stone pillar. Lin Tianxiao immediately split the stone pillar, cut out the dragon sword and tried it just right to put his body inside.
Show a satisfied smile. Lin Tianxiao killed the soul with the dragon sword, and split Lin Tianxiao’s melee. Soon, he killed the blood of the dark Woma leader to 500 million.
Lin Tianxiao immediately withdrew the five *oss and ghost dragon younger brother, and prepared the stone bucket toward the head before taking it out, and immediately put himself in the whole set.
Counting thunder balls and shooting Lin Tianxie, I feel that I am wearing my own stone bucket and pouring into it. There is a powerful force that makes a drumming sound!
Finally, the sound disappeared. Lin Tianxie faded from the stone bucket and looked up at the dark Woma hierarch. Finally, he was no longer furious and gasped. The original set was always flashing in its hands, and Lei Guang disappeared
"Good is now!"
Lin Tian evil growl a immediately summoned the five *oss and ghost dragon small four killed again four hundred and thirty-two billion one hundred million …
After ten minutes of evil, Lin Tianxie and the seven of them killed the blood volume of the dark Woma leader to less than 90 million! What kind of equipment will Lin Tianxiao give the old man after killing him?
However, things went wrong. He unexpectedly saw the dark Woma leader suddenly yelling, "Lei Yun came to the world!"
There was a black Lei Yun in the narrow room immediately, and a huge flash was walking in Lei Yun, and it was about to split up.
Lin Tianxiae held up the dragon sword at this time and also shouted, "Call the dragon Carl!"
Suddenly, a huge six-pointed star appeared at the top of the cave, and the dragon Carl fell to the ground in an instant. Lin Tianxiao shouted, "Kill the dark Woma leader!"
The dragon Carl shot at the same time, and the huge lightning of the thundercloud also fell. He split Lin Tianxie’s head and instantly Lin Tianxie took back the five *oss, but left the ghost dragon small four to follow the stone bucket towards the already smaller ghost dragon small four to take the mouth and also said a word in the ghost dragon small four ear!
Lin Tianxie raised his speed to the extreme, constantly avoiding the thunder attack. Although he wanted to live, it backfired. Finally, after more than ten seconds, Lin Tianxie was split into a pool of coke by a thick thunder!
In an instant, the evil spirits returned to the resurrection corridor, and on the other side of the battlefield, the outcome was beyond his control.
Carl, the dragon in the small tower, roared with a thunder attack and slammed it into the narrow room, which restricted him from turning around. Carl, the dragon, smashed the dark Woma leader with two fists and took away the 50 million blood of the dark Woma leader, so he was hidden behind him by the dark Woma leader.
Ray kept chopping at the dragon Carl, although he was a member, but he also hurt the dragon Carl, and he kept grinning, and he felt the pain in his bone marrow, even if he was a member.
"Hum, you are still a little young to kill me!" The leader of Dark Woma roared that it was obvious that this battle ended with his victory again.
Where do you know that his voice just fell and a thick tail snapped the dark Woma leader and flew to the wall and fell to the ground?
3.92 million
A huge amount of damage floated out of the head of the dark Woma leader. As soon as the dark Woma leader spit out one mouthful blood, he heard the dark Woma leader laugh!
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, finally is not my victory? Even if you are a dragon clan, let me win! "
Dark Woma leader just landed, and the dragon Carl’s body disappeared, but at this moment, a figure quickly rushed to the front of Dark Woma leader …
Chapter 16 Tianshi robe beautiful memories (in)
Two hours later, Lin Tianxiao came out from the resurrection point and just came out, he clicked on the random scroll and quickly rushed to the small tower and crashed into it.
The room was particularly messy, and there was nothing on the ground. The leader of Woma also disappeared, even the ghost dragon Xiaosi disappeared.
"How can this happen? Is Xiao Si also dead!"
"Xiaosi helped me collect the explosive equipment of the Dark Woma leader!"
This is the last sentence that Lin Tianxiao said when he put the stone bucket on the ghost dragon small four to shrink down. His imagination is very beautiful, because the ghost dragon small four can travel freely. After his death, the ghost dragon small four can still stay outside. When the leader of Dark Woma dies, he can help him collect it. In that case, he died six or seven times in vain.

(End of volume)

The first dance academy
Chapter I Preface
Chapter I Preface
Looking up at the sky outside the window, I sighed for a long time. Although it was beautiful outside, it was so far away for me who had never been out of this big house.
"Leaning on the snow, you are thinking about things again."
When I look back, it’s my sister, Oriental Yiping. My sister is a super beauty. Her face is melon, her arms are slim, her waist is slim, and her sexy lips sound more beautiful than a symphony trio. The only drawback may be that she has a younger brother like me. If I hadn’t dragged her down, she wouldn’t have stayed in this’ Japan’ city. My sister’s career should be extended to the world.
"Look at you again. How many articles have I told you not to think about things? Don’t frown thicker than a thousand layers of cake!"
"Sister, I want to go out and see."
"No, don’t you know that you can’t touch the outside air when you are sick?"
"But I’ve been in this room since I was fifteen years old. I really don’t know what I can do. What happened to me? I …"
"Okay, okay, then I’ll find something you can make, okay?"
In a short time, my sister brought a silver helmet in.
"Although my parents don’t agree, will it hurt to see your bitter gourd face?"
My sister told me how to use this helmet step by step, and finally said to me, "This is a three-dimensional game of world scenery’ Wonderland’ which has just been launched for more than three months. I heard that there are many beautiful pictures and touching love stories in it, but don’t be addicted. I’ll come back to see you in three days. If you have anything, just call the housekeeper, okay?"
When my sister left, I put on my helmet and entered the game.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me myself. I didn’t remember anything before I was fifteen, but I’ve been living in this room since I was fifteen, and my feet can’t move. I can usually walk in a wheelchair this year. I’m twenty-two years old. Six months later, I’m going to enter the twenty-third year of my life. I can watch astronomy, geography, history, biology, military affairs, politics, genetics, manufacturing industry, mechanical technology, etc. When I talk, I have seen computers, but I don’t have any knowledge because of my
After entering the game, I felt that my soul seemed to be separated from my body. Soon I was in front of a strange white place with a beautiful girl, but now I feel not as beautiful as my sister.
A sweet voice came from the girl’s mouth. "Hello, welcome to fairyland. Please choose the name in your game!" "
So this is a brain NPC. Change the name? When I think that I can’t do many things at ordinary times, a name’ elegant’ pops up in my heart.
"Are you sure you want to change the name’ Elegant’?"
"Welcome to all the quality points and professional skills points. Please enter the game and watch it. Which city do you want to play in Wonderland?"
"How many cities are there?"
"Wonderland temporarily put Luen-Midgard Kingdom has
* * * * City-Prondra
Isrud i.
Mountain Capital-payon
Port capital-Alberta
Magic City-Ji Fen
The Border Capital-Dream Rock
Bell Tower-Elpalan
Fantasy City-Gingerbread City
Tianjin city
Which city do you choose to enter the game? "

The dark shock wave was easily dissolved by the holy light of Tiancongyun, but the shock wave still had a strong impact. At this time, the stars and the sky slammed into the pirate ship.

"How are you? Stars! " The dragon soul asked on the deck and kicked a pirate Xuanyuan Excalibur who wanted to stab him from behind and stabbed the pirate in the chest.
"It’s okay." Wu Tianyin, the star, is a little sullen. Twist a head and see that the shock wave of the kid didn’t end. It’s a good opportunity for this attack. Xuanyuan Excalibur waved a frost wyrm towards the little girl’s ghost.
Frost wyrm’s instantaneous explosion made the little girl’s ghost hit hard before she dodged, and the little girl’s ghost was frozen for a short time, but it was enough for the star Wu Tian to sprint forward quickly, and then the body suddenly leaned forward and turned into a huge circle, hitting the little girl’s ghost at a very fast speed.
"The magic wheel star burst! 」
The stars and the sky are spinning rapidly, and the body and the sky are just right. It hits the little girl’s ghost body, and the speed of rotation becomes more and more out of control. The little girl’s ghost blood volume is flying down.
At this time, the Muppet Bear, who had been at war with the Blood Winged Dragon for a long time, saw that his master had been so strongly impacted. How could he sit back and watch the horse lose his sight and the Blood Winged Dragon rushed to the stars and the sky?
"Bear cake boxing! 」
The huge bear fist rushed from the side to the star Wu Tianxing Chen Wutian, which was still spinning rapidly. It was never expected that a Cheng Yaojin would be killed halfway, and this amazing blood-winged dragon with such high attack power in Cheng Yaojin looked at the star Wu Tian, and the situation was not good. First, a beautiful dragon tail slammed the Muppet bear to the ground, and then the ultimate treatment released the star Wu Tian, and the blood volume rose rapidly.
The flying dragon with blood wings can solve the problem of looking back, and the Muppet Bear can fight again. Although the Muppet Bear succeeded in saving the savior, it has been completely taken over by the flying dragon with blood wings.
The little girl ghost obviously doesn’t want her pet to lose like this. Suddenly, a huge doll-catching machine appeared behind her. The little girl ghost was very skilled in fuck. Although Wu Tian didn’t know what she wanted to do, she still had to stop her body from rushing to the little girl ghost, but she bumped into an invisible retaining wall.
"Big brother, you are so impatient. I really want to have fun with you." The little girl’s ghost voice suddenly came from the top of the head of the star Wu Tian. The star Wu Tian was dumbfounded and looked around in astonishment. I didn’t know where I was. There were dozens of plush dolls much bigger than the star Wu Tian in the glass cover. A shiny steel claw on the top of the head of the star Wu Tian was hovering, and the little girl’s ghost was manipulating and looking for the right doll.
"Big brother, you’d better not be caught by me. If I catch you, I’ll throw you into the shredder." The little girl’s ghost voice trembled above the head of the star Wu Tian, and the star Wu Tian could see that there was a square hole in the distance and a buzz. From the inside, it seems that the shredder is really there.
Star Wu Tian secretly swallowed saliva and carefully looked at the head steel claw’s every move for fear of catching himself. But the first time the steel claw fell, it didn’t seem to be aimed at the star Wu Tian, but a big white rabbit steel claw trembled and raised the white rabbit to the half head. The ghost of the little girl sighed, "Alas, it’s a pity that I didn’t catch the big brother, but it’s just my favorite fighting rabbit. Now go and help the bear fight!"
As soon as the little girl’s ghost made the stars fly, she saw a huge white rabbit jumping and rushing to the blood-winged dragon, and it was a beautiful spin kick that hit the head of the blood-winged dragon
"Shame!" Stars Wu Tian looked at the blood wing dragon embarrassment sample secretly scold a way.
"Big brother, do you still care about others?" The little girl’s ghost sounded in her head, and the stars, Wu Tianma, and the huge steel claws had changed their goals and rushed towards him.
It’s a shame that the star Wu Tian was caught like a doll for the first time. Seeing that the star Wu Tian has been forced into a dead corner by the steel claw, the star Wu Tian struggled to wave the sky and cut it into the steel claw. The two collided with each other, and generate sparked violently. The star Wu Tian took advantage of the steel claw to pause for a short time, and a hunched body quickly passed through the steel claw to intercept it.
The steel claw trembled again and grabbed a monkey-like doll. Then the star Wu Tian saw a huge monkey rushing to the blood-winged dragon outside the glass cover, and then the steel claw had stretched out again towards himself.
The dragon soul still can’t successfully master how to firmly establish the trick on the deck. He can swing around the deck by his own body and can’t find a support point.
In an instant, the dragon soul found that the star Wu Tian had disappeared into his sight alive. The dragon soul was sure to tell himself that the star Wu Tian was still in his sight one second ago until he heard the ghost words of the little girl.
At this moment, Rose-Purple suddenly shouted at the Dragon Soul, "Watch your back". Dragon Soul sharingan looked back. The pirate captain took out a musket from his waist and the muzzle was aimed at the dragon soul.
The dragon soul is in trouble, the rose-purple is still tied to the mast, and the sky has turned into a doll, and now it is still facing danger at any time in the doll catching machine. Crysal is still on the roller coaster. Can she successfully survive this robbery? How childlike and powerful the little girl ghost is, please continue to pay attention.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Knight Road or King Dark Bone Dragon Knight ()
"then what is our reward?" Coke with ice is still not at ease. Their reward is indeed. I’m looking forward to this reward when I’m done. Can you be at ease when I know it?
"If you defeat me, you will get" The dark-boned dragon knight’s black eye socket glows with a burning light, and the knight spear keeps pointing at them "Forget it, I’d better end your little wish. If I kill you, it is estimated that you will not die. It’s a blessing to resurrect in the same place without a priest after death!"
Everyone was shocked. I didn’t expect this guy to be willing to give up such a good reward. This ups and downs are worthwhile, but it is necessary to kill him to get it. This makes everyone more eager to fight.
"Are you Brother Chun?" Coke with ice suddenly brought a look full of worship on his face. It was only when Christians saw Jesus that he appeared. "Brother Xinchun was resurrected in the same place after his death. Are you Brother Chunge? No wonder you are such a man. "Say that finish with coke and ice, and suddenly a few heavy objects hit the ground."
"Brother Chun, your head!" Dark bone dragon knight’s eye socket lit a spark of anger, and the knight spear was ready to stab at coke with ice.
Although coke with ice was foolishly added, I never let my guard down. The knight spear stabbed me and took no time to release a frost toward the dark bone dragon knight.
How can a little frost limit the dark bone dragon knight, but it is enough to give the battle to the spokesman of death and the immortal sword forever, and to attack the dark bone dragon knight from both sides. The love affair helped several people to bless and jump back with coke and ice, and put their skills far away.
"Do you know the chivalrous spirit? How do you fight more and less? " Dark bone dragon knight shouted some uncomfortable, but the attack in his hand didn’t slow down a little. The knight spear was like a dragon coming out of a hole, so he pushed the spokesman of death into a corner. At this time, the immortal sword was always ignored. He released a sword tactic against the dark bone dragon knight
"Hum, you didn’t say that you attacked the ice first. Is this a chivalrous way?" The spokesman of death saw that the dark bone dragon knight was delayed by the immortal sword forever, and a horse launched the legs of Fengshen-catching the wind and catching the shadows turned into a sinister wind, and Hood escaped the attack of the knight spear.
However, at this moment, the immortal sword was in trouble. Although the sword tactic saved the spokesman of death, I didn’t expect the bone dragon to go. I turned my target to him. The bone dragon opened his mouth and released a black awn to attack the immortal sword forever.
Fairy sword is always killed, but I never thought that a bone frame could still send out shock waves and it was so powerful that I was shot up high.
Suddenly, a black shadow appeared on the right side of the Dark Bone Dragon Knight. Although no one was seen yet, a huge sickle was even unveiled.
"In order to gain strength, you even gave up your lifelong belief in chivalry," said the spokesman of death coldly. A cold light flashed across the blade of the sickle of death
"Death ten ghost chop! 」
On both sides of the sickle of death, two wings suddenly jumped out of the sky and screamed at the dark bone dragon knight. In the past, when encountering such a terrorist attack, almost all bosses would give in, but the dark bone dragon knight did not give in or make a statement, and everything was still in a strange atmosphere. The dark bone dragon knight has been motionless. "Is he going to take this move?" The spokesman of death took a mouthful of air conditioning, and no one dared to take the ten-style move of death with such confidence. This guy is killing himself.
"Don’t you want to see my chivalry? So that you can see how the knight treats you! " Suddenly in the dark bone dragon knight’s right hand, a piece of black crystal shield condensed, and the death spokesman ghost beheaded unexpectedly and abruptly hit the black crystal shield.
"Black Crystal Knight Shield can block all attacks." Dark Bone Dragon Knight is not proud and said that the spokesman of death looked at the cruel injury and was particularly dazzling.
"Now that you have appreciated my chivalry, it’s time for me to experience your chivalry!" Dark bone dragon knight seems to just remember that he still has such a chivalry to declare war on everyone, saying that his body bone dragon is also aware of his master’s fighting spirit and sends out a loud dragon song.
"Then let’s end the warm-up exercise and officially fight!" The dark bone dragon knight turned out to be a muscle, but the spokesman of death has even released the ten forms of death
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! 」
"Fairy Fengyun vitality! 」
Forever Fairy Sword instantly launched a busy place. Twelve Forever Fairy Sword tightly surrounded the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, trying to block his sight by sea tactics, and then everyone concentrated on dealing with his body bone dragon first.
Twelve busy people have a tacit understanding to tightly surround the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, and they have achieved the perfect fit. Although the Dark Bone Dragon Knight is trying to get rid of these hateful body double, these body double have received instructions to cover him. How can he be so easily dumped by him?
At this time, everyone can finally concentrate on dealing with his mount, the bone keel dragon, which is extremely fast. Although he is carrying a tall dark bone dragon knight Dahl, he does not hide his speed advantage at all. Many times, people can attack the ghosting image.
"Can you find out the law of his actions?" Coke with ice suddenly flashed to Cheng Lian’s side and said to her seriously that Cheng Lian nodded. "Although I can feel it clearly, I can’t keep up with it."
At this time, a dragon’s breath rushed towards the two men, and the ice wall was erected in front of the two men with coke and ice. The dragon’s breath attack persisted in the ice wall for one second and the ice wall melted away.
"Then I’ll slow him down as much as possible. It’s up to you whether I can seal him off or not." Coke with ice said this sentence and quickly rushed to Bone Dragon.
"Ice thorns! 」
This time, the ice thorns, coke and ice were deliberately adjusted to a wide range, and it was also a struggle for the bone dragon to avoid it. When the ghost of the bone dragon appeared out of the range smoothly, the bone dragon had successfully avoided the coke and ice attack, but I didn’t think that coke and ice actually appeared behind it.
"Frozen thousands of miles! 」
It’s not surprising that the Bone Dragon was caught in an accident at such a close distance, but it’s unexpected that the freezing thousands of miles actually slowed him down and didn’t seal its body like it did, but it’s enough time for tilting love to tie the Bone Dragon and its dark bone dragon knight firmly to the aperture.
And body double, the immortal sword forever, has successfully completed such a good opportunity, so let’s give it to everyone to launch mass destruction skills.
"So you want to limit me?" Dark bone dragon knight’s voice is full of ridicule. Although his body is now firmly tied in the aperture, he can’t move. "Hey, hey, although this is not in line with the dignity of chivalry, it is king that I can actually win after death!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty Knight Road or King Dark Bone Dragon Knight ()
Suddenly a burst of armor fell to the ground and brutally told everyone that Daryl, the Dark Bone Dragon Knight, had managed to escape in a strange way, and then a powerful force came behind him. Everyone’s back was heavily hurt. He never gave himself a blessing to protect himself, and his blood volume fell directly by more than half.
The horses looked back, but there was no trace of the dark dragon knight. At this time, even the original was still wrapped around the inclined aperture, and now the bone dragon disappeared. The people entered a blank state.
"In order to win by hook or by crook, this is called kingly chivalry. If it weren’t for the damn chivalry, I wouldn’t have died." Dark bone dragon knight sounds have appeared behind the crowd. Just now, the armor has miraculously returned to his body, and the bone dragon has become more ferocious in his body.
"After listening to what you told me, I have now firmly established a belief that if I want to win, then what else is the so-called success or failure? Before the rules, I was so stupid and silly to follow the chivalry. Now there is no spiritual limit of chivalry. I want you to have a good time." Dark-boned dragon knight’s eyes are like flames, and now everyone has swallowed their mouths secretly. This guy has become quite difficult. Now he has become desperate.

Finally, Yan became frivolous. "Let’s all sit down!" When she said this, everyone was stunned. "Uncle Zhong arranged for everyone to sit down!"

"Yes!" Cai Zhong’s first two steps: "Everyone has heard the big lady give you a seat!" The main manager stopped talking, and the servants all found their places and sat behind them independently.
"You are all like the Shenyang family grew up in Shenyang! Although the master and servant have different surnames, I believe that you, like the Shen family, have regarded Shenfu as your own home for many years. There have been changes in Shenfu and changes in your home. I still feel that you should not hide it! " Everyone reacted differently to Yan’s frivolous remarks, but there was the same question: What happened to Shen Fu?
"You heard what I said just now! Before we left the house, we didn’t go sightseeing, but we were arrested for offending the king Mu. "Yan frivolous tone calmly shocked people, but because of Shen Fu’s strict family rules, we didn’t dare to answer the words."
Fortunately, the emperor was worried about the flood in Jiangbei, so he allowed Shenyang to donate some property to increase the disaster, and Shenyang just escaped. Yan frivolous said calmly.
But when people smell it, they still can’t help but draw a breath and donate the property of the Ministry. What’s the difference between that and property? If it weren’t for the strict family rules of Shenfu, I’m afraid everyone would have been whispering to each other by now. Although everyone has panic doubts, they are still sitting still.
"In a few days, Taidian will bring people to liquidate Shenyang’s property! At that time, Shenyang will become another appearance. "Yan frivolous said vaguely and finally someone couldn’t help it.
"Miss Da will also be taken away by then?" The question is silent. Wen Qing, a servant around him, looks honest in his early twenties. They have been serving Wen Qing for three generations, and most of them are working hard for generations.
At Wen Qing, Yan frivolous didn’t answer, "Shenyang has treated you well for many years, and I believe that everyone has some savings that should be enough for you to make a living." I’m afraid that people who go out from Shenyang are well-off outside because of their annual net income of 100 taels of silver.
Everyone is stunned. Does this big lady mean to drive them away? !
"Big miss! They are all born and signed the indenture to Shenyang. "Cai Zhong leaned down and wrote a novel in her ear.
Yan frivolous raise my hand, which she has learned from the family precepts, which is exactly what she wants to rectify. No one is born to be a slave, so it is a serious violation of the pedestrian! They also have generations of Yan family loyalty, but before that, they were willing to rely on a paper contract to keep people, not all of them sincerely.
"How much silver does Uncle Zhong need to redeem the deed of sale?" Yan frivolous asked if you have something, you will lose it. If you want to redeem the deed of sale, you have to pay something.
"This ….." Uncle Zhong hesitated Shenyang over the years, and it was not without resignation. Most of the students gave up "one thousand two hundred pieces of silver according to the rules of their ancestors" because the price of the deed of sale was too high.
One thousand two hundred is equivalent to Shen Jiabai working for ten years. It can’t be said that it is unreasonable. If it is not determined, people will not insist on paying this money. "Has anyone ever redeemed it?" If there is a precedent, it can be changed. If there is a precedent, then she can’t just break the rules based on fairness.
All eyes looked at Cai Zhong Cai Zhong hesitated and nodded.
Yan frivolous surprised "is it a person?"
Cai Zhong swallowed, "Miss Hui is a little girl."
Yan frivolous silence must have another story in this story. "In that case, the young lady can’t break the rules. Now the future of the Shenyang family is uncertain. If someone asks to leave, they can redeem the deed of sale at half price. For many years, the Shenyang family has tried their best. Shen Menglu’s ability is limited. Do you think that Menglu is unfair to you?"
Cai Zhong wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. "Little people thank you, Miss Da. I feel that there is nothing wrong with Miss Da doing this." He can consider his mood and he is already very satisfied. Besides, it was his daughter who insisted on leaving that year, and the 1,200 yuan was also paid willingly.
"Father, do you think Meng Lu’s decision is appropriate?" Silence was suddenly leng yan frivolous question.
Father? This is the first time that she woke up and told his father to be silent. She was a little surprised. "Of course, you are a big miss. You decide your father … My father feels very good." This silence has never cared about these things. There is no concept at all.
"Father agrees with the dream, which is reassuring." Yan frivolous smiled and let the silent mouth consolidate her prestige in front of the dignitaries. "So everyone will think about it and discuss with their families separately after it is dispersed. If someone wants to redeem the indenture, they can register and redeem it at that time."
Everyone, look at me. I don’t think you know what to do.
"If Miss Da redeems the deed of sale, can she still stay in Shenfu?" This question is to serve Xie Wanzhen and Liu’s mother.
Yan frivolous gave her a look and Wen Qing a look. "After the redemption of the indenture, you are free men. You can go wherever you want. Even if Shen Fu changes hands, you want to stay here, which will not hinder the new owner from still needing someone to serve you." Everyone was silent.
"But what questions do you want to ask?" See everyone didn’t respond Yan frivolous gave a "there is no doubt that all dispersed! Let’s serve the Lord and rest! " Yan frivolous knows that everyone thinks when they need it, and the event comes suddenly and shocked, except that people even digest when they need it.
It’s too hard for the Shen family to have a grievance against Yan frivolous! Less than a day after they returned home, they were forced to face the cruel reality by this big lady before they came to feel safe at home. Can’t they just pretend to forget about the property for a while?
Everyone recognized the Lord and was ready to go back, but it was difficult to serve Liu Ruyun’s servant girl.
"What about Aunt Liu, Miss Big?" Cai Zhong carefully asked about this willow Ruyun and sat down to look pale.
"Didn’t I say that before?" Yan frivolous without mercy.
"Big miss, forgive me!" Liu Ruyun couldn’t help crying when she saw that Yan was frivolous and had not changed her mind. "Sir, look at my body serving you for so many years. Look at Gonger’s help!"
Silent face be reluctant, he now dare not provoke the eldest daughter, Shenyang, whose fate is in her hands.
"Aunt Liu is wrong, please give her a chance!" Mouth intercession is whether Shen Gongqing is his own mother. He can’t watch her end up in such a miserable situation.
"Gonger, you are going to join the army in a few days. Do you remember?" Yan frivolous facial expression
"Listen, remember! Kyoko will behave well when he knows that there is a mistake and punishes it! Please have mercy on Gonger and let Aunt Liu stay in Shenfu! " Shen Gongqing knelt down in front of Yan’s frivolous eyes.
Yan frivolous touched his head "It’s hard for you to be filial". Is it true that a 12-year-old child can improve his attitude towards Shen Gongqing? Yan frivolous is still satisfied. "I can forgive Aunt Liu once for seeing Gonger’s face, but you can’t recognize Aunt Liu when you return from the army. Do you have any opinions?"
Shen Gongqing was stunned. "Big sister means that there will be no mother after Gonger?" Although my mouth is called aunt, my heart is my mother after all.

Li Yunyue should be "yes"

Mrs. Yang’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally endured the slight change. She didn’t say anything, but it was absolutely bad to stare at Li Yunyue.
Old lady Yang coldly stared at Li Yunyue with a hum. "Did Li Shijin persecute Mandarin in yangfu last night? Say it in front of Emperor Li Shi! "
Li Yunyue gave her a look and said, "I taught him a lesson last night!"
"Did you hear that, Emperor?" Mrs. Yang interrupted Li Yunyue before she could finish. "He personally admitted that he was guilty!"
"Mrs. Yang" even Fang Qing, who had been a saw-toothed gourd for a long time, finally endured the light way. "Since the emperor called Xu Er to the merits, he will naturally ask a white question himself! Mrs. Yang can’t even wait for this? So aggressive, is this to force the emperor? In that case, why do you come to the emperor? The old lady is the master herself! "
You!’ Yang Lao-tai’s popularity was so overwhelming that he said, "Right and wrong? Li Yunyue has personally admitted what the rights and wrongs are! Empress points are partial! Emperor, you have to make decisions for the old lady! Huang Wenhua is wronged! "
"That’s enough!" Even Fang Qing and complete drink coldly, "this is the dry Qing Palace, not yangfu! In front of you is the emperor and queen of Zhou Dynasty! What does the old lady want to do again and again? How? Yang Jia wants to hold the emperor and the palace! Why don’t you let your Yang family sit in the golden palace? "
Mrs. Yang’s face turned white and her consciousness was timid. Mrs. Yang’s heart beat like a drum, and her feet were almost soft and weak.
Seeing that Emperor Guangyuan’s face was calm and silent, he didn’t say a word. The old lady Yang was angry, anxious, surprised, angry and sad, and felt greatly wronged. If his daughter was still here, he would not dare to treat his elder wife so piteously …
Mrs. Yang’s heart is getting more and more indignant, and her chest is stuffy. She can’t help but urge to continue to make a scene. She is not completely confused. Seeing that Emperor Guangyuan doesn’t help herself, she dare not expect too much.
Even Fang Qing added, "partial? Xu’s coming to the harem can be partial to him? It is partial to say that it is partial to the old people! It’s not the old lady who acts in the palace. She can accuse the palace of not caring about the old lady this time! "
Yang Lao-tai is so popular that his eyes are black and his breathing is coarse.
Guangyuan emperor gently cough a gentle smile "good good! Speaking of which, we are all relatives. It would be nice to talk about everything! Er, grandma Qing-er’s temperament, honest and frank, is a little straight-talking, but she doesn’t mean any harm. Grandma, sit down! "
At this, Mrs. Yang suddenly shook again. She couldn’t help looking up at Lian Fangqing and wanted to say a few words. She didn’t want to just stare at Lian Fangqing’s unscrupulous eyes. A fiercely in her heart did not dare to say thank you to Emperor Guangyuan again. The daughter-in-law helped her to sit down again.
Emperor Guangyuan still looked sullen and unhappy, even Fang Qing actually wanted her to say something soft to coax the old man. After all, this is the mother princess!
Can see her face immediately decisively dismissed the read 169 chapter 169 storm 19.
Forget it! Just say it yourself! Grandmother is a little confused when she is old, so it’s better for Qing-er to block her, or she might get into more trouble one day …
"Xu son what’s going on? Tell me about it! " Emperor Guangyuan asked Li Yunyue with a dark sigh.
"Is the emperor" Li Yunyue hand slightly bent down to salute should have a thing 1512 brother said.
Emperor Guangyuan’s face was extremely difficult to watch when he heard the fire in his heart! That bastard even dared to play tricks on the little princess who stayed in the county palace!
Leave the county king couple palm beads Weining Hou Shi fiancee queen prospective nephew wife!
On which identity to carry out alone is not easy for anyone to sliver! Besides, she has three identities in one.
Really deserved it!
Even Fang Qing was angry and stared coldly. Her face changed greatly. Mrs. Yang’s mother-in-law sneered slightly.
Even if they are willing to make peace by now, she won’t!
"This, this is impossible! Although Wenhua is fooling around, it’s just a brother’s temper. Which aristocratic children in Beijing don’t come here like this? When you grow up, you will naturally understand! If we say that fighting cocks, walking horses and drinking with people are all there, how could he possibly provoke the little princess of Liujun Wangfu! No way! "
Mrs. Yang always denied Li Yunyue but didn’t speak.
Even Fang sweeping "Mrs Yang asked Yang Wenhua? Is it possible? I’m afraid it’s not Mrs. Yang’s call! If such a thing is not true, how dare Xu Yu tell such a big lie? Is it strange to drink, fight, be used to daring and do other things? Hum, Li Jia’s prospective daughter-in-law dares to punish Xu Er slightly. It’s really cheap for him! "
"It must be a misunderstanding!" Mrs. Yang was shocked to see that her son had been tortured into that miserable state. Where did she and her mother-in-law feel so indignant that they asked him?
Besides, his soul is almost scared to death. Where can he say it?
The two people went into the palace in anger and cried for the emperor to be the master. Where did you expect that there was something hidden behind this?
"Huang Wenhua will never dare to do this!" Mrs. Yang was busy. "By the way, the minister and wife remembered that they had conflicts with each other a while ago. Maybe Wenhua happened to meet the little princess of Liujun Wangfu in the street and made a disagreement, so Li Shi deliberately made things serious!"
"yes! It must be so! " Old lady Yang looked cold and said, "Li Shi therefore decided that the little princess was bullied by Wenhua and used such vicious means to punish Wenhua!"
Lian Fangqing said, "It’s easy to check this matter. It’s the easiest way to confront Wenhua face to face. He may not have the courage to lie!"
Guangyuan emperor nodded is killing me to go to yangfu to purport the old lady Yang hurried way "no! Huang Wenhua’s child was scared out of his mind and launched a high fever. Where is the door now! "
"So I ordered a thorough investigation" Guangyuan emperor light way "after grandma please go back first! I’ll send someone to inform you when I have the fruit! "
Mrs. Yang froze.
She entered the palace today, full of resentment and complaints. If she is willing to get what she wants, that’s all?
She didn’t believe Li Yunyue’s words at all, but decided that her daughter-in-law’s words were the truth.
Take 10,000 steps back and say that even if your grandson really molested the little princess, what about that? Little princess, isn’t that thrilling and nothing happened?
But what about his grandson? But it was so badly rectified by Li Yunyue!
The thought of Sun hanging from that tall tree all night, the white face when he was rescued early, the deep and shallow tie marks in wait for a while’s straight eyes and the red, swollen and purple bruises on his ankles made her heart ache.
That’s cruel! That surname Li Xiao is really cruel!
So thinking of Mrs. Yang’s tears rolled down again with a mournful smile and looked up. "Huang Wenhua, the child, even if he really did something wrong, shouldn’t suffer like that!" Emperor! Didn’t you see that kid looks like he’s half dead now? He hasn’t said a word since he was rescued. His eyes didn’t move and he was hurt all over! Emperor, that’s the old woman’s grandson. The old woman doesn’t want him to ask for justice and make her feel good! "
Mrs. Yang also took out two sad old wives who were crying silently.
Guangyuan emperor listened to the heart and felt a little uncomfortable. He glanced at Lian Fangqing with a slight slant head.
Even Fang Qing’s face is still frosty, and the more she looks at this woman, the more she hates it. Just now she said it, and now it’s happening again! You’re addicted to selling old people, aren’t you?
No matter how credible her words are, even if it is true, Yang Wenhua deserves it! You deserve it!
Is it because the small princess narrowly escaped his Yang Wenhua crime that it never happened?
Her grandson is human, but other people’s daughters are not human?
If the little princess is really hurt by that thing that is worse than a dog, it will be a lifetime thing! I don’t know what will happen if she is so sexual! Where’s Xu ‘er? What will happen?
Two little pains. Will the parents feel better? Is her aunt, these relatives will feel better?
Since he has the intention to harm others, he is not qualified to plead guilty and pretend to be koo!
There are also some people like him. First, a soft pustule was hung all night before it became this dead appearance. Would someone else suffer at most from this?
Hum, you said that my Xu’s son was ruthless, and I also said that your grandson missed!
Still saying "ask for justice?" Ha! What is justice? Is Yang Jiacai fair to her?
Even Fang Qing said to Emperor Guangyuan, "It is better for the emperor to send a physician yangfu first to see what the situation is like!"! If you can say that you can cry, you might as well take people into the palace and say it clearly in person, which will save you trouble later! "
"What does the queen mean?" Old lady Yang sniffed and said, "Does the queen suspect that the old lady is lying?"
Even Fang Qing shallow a smile "Mrs Yang misunderstood! Perhaps the old lady’s heart is wrong, and her consciousness is serious! Besides, maybe it’s much better now. Let the doctor too much go to see if everyone is at ease! "
Emperor Guangyuan also urged, "Grandmother’s theory is like an eye. Getting better early is the most important thing. I’ll order people to cure too much! His grandmother is also at ease when he is well! "
Just then, I got the news and hurried to Yang’m outside to inquire for it.
Guangyuan emperor look a loose big jiu is white, it is good that he came 163 Chapter 163 storm.

Moreover, every word Ding Minjun questioned Ji Xiaofu was like a knife stabbing Yin Liting again and again. If he ever had any expectations, he would be disappointed now. He seemed to have never known Ji Xiaofu thoroughly.

When you hear Yin Liting, Ji Xiaofu is nothing. Ding Minjun has been remembering her engagement to Yin Liting. She is trying to kill her!
Ji Xiaofu is a little flustered. If such a thing goes out, Emei and Jijia will lose all their faces. "Brother Liu, listen to me …"
Yin Liting is not a fool, no matter how soft his heart is. He wants to find the truth and doesn’t want to hear Ji Xiaofu continue to lie to him. "Is sister Ji true?"
Ding Minjun is still here. What if Ji Xiaofu can say no? Even if she denies it, Ding Minjun will expose her again, and there will be no face at all.
Ji Xiaofu with Ding Minjun gherardini eyes bite a tooth to admit that "is but …"
Ji Xiaofu admitted it, and Yin Liting didn’t want to listen to her explanation anymore.
If Ji Xiaofu’s unmarried students are really forced to hide this, they will also compromise with Ding Minjun.
Chapter 31 Chapter 31
Yin Liting didn’t expect that he would meet the girl in black again soon, but also when the girl was surrounded by people. I don’t know if the girl was unlucky. Why is this the case every time?
Yin Liting remembered chivalry first in his heart, and naturally he wanted to help, but he suddenly remembered that the girl in black had ridiculed and refused him at that time, paused with a swordsman, and then said, "Does the girl need to help again?"
Even if Yin Liting had a guess in his heart, he could face the girl with a cold "no", and his eyes, like a cold star, stared his one eye, which really made people slightly nai.
Okay, if he doesn’t help, then he’s gone
Yin Liting is soft and rejected, so naturally he won’t pester him again. What’s worse, he has only been able to smile at others for so many years, but it’s a pity that Ji Xiaofu is his fiancee, otherwise he won’t be in the mood.
Wood Wanqing saw Yin Liting again, and this fellow was malicious. He secretly followed her and wanted to have a hero to save the United States. Naturally, he didn’t give a good face, but who ever thought that this fellow actually watched her being surrounded and planned to leave? This really made people hold their breath.
As a result, the girl with a strong head was cruel again.
On this side, Yin Liting wanted to go, but he couldn’t. Why did he just say, "Do you want help?" That group of people recognized him as Mu Wanqing’s partner, which still allowed him to go?
After nai repelled the enemy, Yin Liting received Mu Wanqing’s cold eyes again. Although he couldn’t see the girl’s black veil, it was so fierce that he had better avoid some girls.
It was the good nature of Yin Liuxia who recognized the cowardice and immediately explained one or two things seriously: "I didn’t do it without authorization, but I was forced to forgive the girl."
After all, can you not fight back when people try to kill you? Girl, I really didn’t mean to help you.
After explaining that Yin Liuxia has left with his horse, can’t he afford to hide?
Mu Wanqing didn’t expect that she would meet such a wonderful work, but she didn’t give Yin Liting a cold look. Yin Liting also wanted to run. Because Yin Liting was not good at words, he wouldn’t get along with his girl, and he was afraid that his blushing and shyness would be seen, which really affected him. The seven chivalrous men of Wudang had brought trouble to other disciples, so it was not good to run.
Mu Wanqing is not a good girl, and her temper is not good. Naturally, she asked people to stay and let people stay. Why? She hasn’t decided yet, but if she is angry with her, she can’t let him leave easily.
Yin Liting stepped back and asked, "Is there anything else for the girl?"
At that time, he stole a glance at Mu Wanqing, with a sword in his hand and blood on his face. He remembered that she had just made a cruel move and suddenly felt uneasy.
"Who let you help me? I told you not to mind your own business, and I will kill you again. "
Hey, I’ve seen an unreasonable girl, but I’ve never seen such a rude and unreasonable girl. These guys have also helped out the problem. If ordinary people listen to it, which one can’t get angry, she will play 300 rounds.
However, Yin Liting has a good temper and is too soft. He is not angry with a girl. Fortunately, he thinks so. Who doesn’t have a quirk? Besides, he doesn’t really want to help her.
So Yin Liting explained to Mu Wanqing, "Girl, don’t worry, I remember that this time it was also the feeling be nasty. That group of people started work with me. I naturally can’t wait for the girl to die, so I walked first."
The words sound just fell and Yin Liting rode away without delay, which is also called Mu Wanqing’s secret surprise.
Mu Wanqing grew up in a valley with her master since childhood. The master told her that there was no good man in the world who told her not to trust others. Her master was a violent man, and Mu Wanqing was naturally not much better. She listened to her master most and didn’t have a good face for any man.
If it weren’t for Yin Liting’s being obedient and lovable, she might have made her sword dead at the moment. Mu Wanqing looked at Yin Liting’s departure direction, took her sword and left.
After riding all the way in Yin Liting, I still have some fears. This girl is really fierce, and she is more arrogant and unreasonable than he can’t speak. It is no wonder that she saw someone besieging her twice. Yin Liting made up his mind to meet this girl again and avoid it.
It’s a pity that the world can’t be satisfactory. In a few days, Yin Liting met another girl.
This time, Yin Liting learned his lesson and walked around the house honestly. The girl said that if he helped again, he would kill him and not get into trouble. It was better to avoid it.
Who would have thought that Yin Liting really got into trouble by avoiding Mu Wanqing?
Mu Wanqing is good at fighting ordinary Wulin people, but he can still run!
It’s a pity that you often walk by the river without wetting your shoes.
Mu Wanqing’s hand was biting, and she didn’t talk to the door. It’s hard to listen. It’s going to be petty. Who can help her? Besides, although she is good at martial arts, she is not a first-class martial arts expert, or she has a lot of opponents.
Mu Wanqing was badly injured and finally broke through. Those people were still chasing after him. It was really difficult. At this end of the road, Mu Wanqing met Yin Liting again.
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
That’s what happened to Yin Liting, but he didn’t know that Mu Wanqing was different from other women.