If one day I can play football in front of thousands of people on this turf like Nan Ge, how happy it will be! I am excited to think about it! ! But when will this day come? Looking at the game, the train started in my head, which is not only him, but also the wish of all the youth team teammates around him. For these youth team members, the purpose of their hard training is to get into the first team, then play football in the eyes of tens of thousands of people, and finally tens of thousands of people pay attention to the stars.

Duan Tianhe and his teammates were just about to die when the situation on the court suddenly changed. At this time, the game was already in the sixteenth minute.
"Kaka || Lezzo struggled to dive! !” Moro exclaimed in the commentary box for a second. He gasped with Neapolitan fans and then looked incredulous. "Oh! ! ! Emperor! ! ! This is not what we want to see. How did this happen? "
Moro said this not because Kaka’s shot just now broke the goal of Naples, but because goalkeeper Lezzo, who had just struggled to save the life, was injured! ! !
Although Kaka’s shot angle was sharp just now, but his reaction was very quick, Lezzo still pulled the ball out of the baseline with his fingertips when the ball was about to fly into the goal, but this time it was a world-class save, and the result was that Lezzo hit the right column head and bled profusely.
When the referee De Santis saw this, he decisively stopped the game and directed the stretcher to enter the stadium. The game had to be interrupted because of the goalkeeper’s injury.
five minutes later
There is definitely no way to stick to the game.
How could it be so unfortunate to see the team doctor call himself a substitution gesture? Lezzo was injured early and late, but he was injured in such a key game near the end of the season! And passive substitution so early will definitely disrupt the strategic deployment of the whole game.
Rhea was depressed and worried about the injured Lezzo.
"Deni is not ready to warm up." Rhea waved his hand and the second goalkeeper Biagio changed to Lezzo.
Biagio didn’t expect to be able to show off in this game. He was unprepared. He hastily took off his coat and almost rushed to the sidelines to wait for the referee to allow him to enter.
Looking at Biagio’s panic and expression, Rhea can’t help but worry that if the game is so flustered, how can he stop Milan’s powerful offensive? Once again, I looked at Biagiorea, who was already in front of the door, and suddenly felt that the game became uncertain. It was not that he didn’t believe his brother’s actual performance in training was no worse than that of Lezzo. However, when he was calm and calm, Biagio was obviously a little insufficient compared with Lezzo, a 37-year-old goalkeeper. Moreover, he played four or five times a season in such a tense and suffocating game. It is hard to say whether Biagio can withstand this huge pressure.
In Rhea’s eyes, he was worried about his teammates, but he was encouraging. Biagio ushered in the first test of this game. Just now Lezzo pushed Kaka’s shot out of the baseline, and now it is an AC Milan corner kick.
"Deni calm down, don’t be too nervous, just like guarding the goal in training. Believe in yourself, you can do better in Biegner." The nearest big Cannavaro encouraged Biagio while commanding his defense teammates to pay attention to their opponents’ positions.
"Well, I will be the captain." Biagio nodded to the big Cannavaro for a second. Young Biagio no longer saw tension and confusion in his eyes, but he was determined and confident.
Biagio, whether you can become famous in World War I or continue to sit on the bench depends on the performance of this game. Come on! ! ! Biagio secretly cheered himself up, then quietly bent down and stared at Ronaldinho’s foot about to kick.
"Ronaldinho corner kick! ! ! The ball whirled strongly around the already crowded restricted area. At this time, the front door of Naples is also the place with the highest population density on the earth. This angle is of high quality, and anyone who touches it may score a goal. Who will grab this point? Oh! ! Biagio, attack! ! Biagio has attacked! ! ! He picked up the ball beautifully in the middle of the game and acted as if he didn’t tremble at all! ! ! Nice goal. Good job, young Biagio! ! ! We have reason to believe that the future goal of Naples will be guarded by this Italian young man who has just turned 22. "
Rhea breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Biagio’s steady attack and saved the ball. Deni, if you can stand the test in such a tense and important game, then you will be the pillar of Napoli’s defense in the next ten years. Can you? Can you turn a cocoon into a butterfly to protect the "butterfly" of Naples goal? It’s a blessing in disguise that non-Fobiagio may become a qualified goalkeeper of the first-class team after this game. ! !
While Rhea was still happy in Biagio’s steady performance, Biagio had quickly thrown the ball and launched a counterattack. His hand threw the ball to the side just right. Marjorie caught the ball and looked up at the position of his teammates in front. He saw that Qinan was not far in front of him. He did not hesitate to kick the ball to Qinan’s foot with one foot.
Gu Long said that there are two ways to draw a sword, such as starting with a knife and falling, Ximen Chuixue with four petals in one flower, or a pig killer with a clumsy head and a thousand knives and a cave. It is said in the Jianghu that Ximen Chuixue draws a sword faster than his opponent’s reaction nerve. He has achieved the unity of man and sword, and his sword drawing is an art.
Marjorie gave Qinan the ball or Qinan touched the ball in the first real attack in the game, so this is the first time Qinan pulled out his sword in the game. Although it can’t be said that it is as artistic as Ximen Chuixue’s sword drawing, it is definitely more elegant than the butcher’s! ! ! !
But after he pulled out the knife, could he do it like Ximen Chuixue, but his opponent had collapsed? ? ? ? ? ?
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and seventeen
It’s the game of playing the front waist. Qinan has always been in the front waist. He needs to be ready to attack at any time. In certain situations, he doesn’t have to come back to take part in the defense, such as the corner kick just now. What he needs to do is to stand like a sharp saber in the key position of AC Milan and then stab the fatal knife at the right time. Qinan is indeed the most feared one among all Napoli players. In this case, Qinan’s presence can also keep AC Milan from getting carried away. Now it’s not good for AC Milan to wake up from time to time. !
When Marjorie directly tackles the ball, Qinan leads the ball to the front with his left foot and then knocks it with his right foot. Not much to say, that’s acceleration! ! !
Not far behind Qinan, Ronaldinho just turned around in front of the restricted area in Naples and knew that he couldn’t chase Monica much. There were only a few two or three defenders in front. If the other side rushed in like this, the consequences would be unimaginable. Now he can’t come without a foul! Even if it’s a red card, it’s hard to imagine the consequences if Domenica is rushed up like this. There have been several bloody lessons in Serie A this season, which has proved this assumption. Even with this fame, Kaka told himself with trepidation that if I was a defender, my first reaction would be to put him down where he took the ball, even if I got a yellow card for it.
For the first time, Ronaldinho chose to return to the defense quickly. He hoped that the delayed central defenders Maldini and Starr could stop Domenica so that his teammates and others who had not come back could quickly return to their positions.
As Ronaldinho hoped, Milan captain central defender Paolo Maldini chose a foul in Qinan. He also heard Kaka’s words. Although he didn’t play against Domenica many times, he also saw Domenica’s horrible acceleration on the bench in a game.
Maldini pushed his hands on Qinan’s shoulder, and Qinan’s figure staggered to the ground, which was a clear foul! ! !
However, De Santis, the duty referee, insisted on the principle of offensive advantage and did not blow the whistle immediately. He waited for Qinan to fall before blowing, but Qinan insisted on not falling, although his steps were chaotic! He continued to move forward with his hands on the ground in turn. At this time, he practiced cuju hard since he was a child, and his body flexibility played its due role.
After five meters, he returned to normal, which made Maldini stunned. For nearly 20 years in Serie A, he had never seen a player who was pushed by himself without falling off his mouth. This shocking feeling directly led him to forget to continue to chase and defend.
Watching Qina go away along the middle road.
In front of Qinan, Lavezzi and Dennis formed a real offensive trident with him, and the two of them moved away to contain Milan, Milan’s other two defenders Stada and Zambrotta.
At this time, Starr and Zambrotta are neither retreating nor retreating.
However, Starr reacted in front of Zambrotta. The Milan man, known as "the strongest defender in Europe", decisively abandoned Dennis and jumped on Monica, who he thought was a greater threat! ! !
When Starr dived in front of him, Qi Nan took his left foot to the left and his left shoulder sank to make a breakthrough to the left. However, this step he took to the left was false. Actually, when his center of gravity moved to the left, his right foot shook his toes and picked the football to the right. Then his left foot moved to the right very quickly. It was very realistic and suitable for false movement! ! ! ! But Starr is Starr, and he was not deceived by this false move of Qinan. When Qinan broke through to the right, Starr’s figure had already stood in the path where he broke through, and Qinan had to keep breaking through.
I have to say that Starr is called "the best defender in Europe" for a certain reason. His body is as strong as steel and he is very skillful in defense. Instead of breaking Qinan’s foot ball, he chose to stick close to Qinan and keep his hands small, which doesn’t constitute a foul and can play a certain harassment. Even Qinan can’t help but admit that this man with a tough face like a sculpture does have one hand in defense and he can’t break through comfortably.
In the face of Starr’s strong defense, Qina didn’t choose to recklessly, and he didn’t want to recklessly because he had seen Dennis in the corner of his eyes.
People have been waiting for a defensive position for a long time. If he attacked Hiroshima around him, he could have a cigarette and watched a movie, and then come back to consider whether to shoot or which direction to shoot.
After several consecutive shakes, Qinan finally shook the ball, of course, and then gave it to Dennis. After the Argentine caught the ball in the restricted area, he faked a beautiful shot and then crossed the fallen abbiati.
The door is closed! ! ! ! !
Dennis chased the ball in two steps and swept it into the five-meter door in front of him very easily! Seeing that the football hit the net violently, Dennis turned around and spread his hands like a glider to celebrate. He ran to the nearest Naples bleachers and roared like a beast that had already thrown its prey to the ground, while Naples fans roared even crazily in response to him. In an instant, Sao Paulo Stadium became the original forest of the Luo Ji period.
"Dennis ! Dennis scored! ! ! Maybe he will be the winner in Naples and give him the key. It is suspected that Domonica is the fifteenth goal of Dennis’s season league and the 23rd assist of Domonica’s season league. Although there are still five rounds of the season to end, there is no doubt that the winner of the Serie A assist king will be our Domonica. Last season, he, Dennis and Lavezzi formed a trident and broke the opponent’s goal again and again, and this time it was AC Milan’s turn to experience this terrible three musketeers. "
However, Ancelotti AC Milan did not panic. In fact, a big-name cloud has won several honors and experienced several setbacks, and it is impossible for a giant team to panic after losing only one goal.
On the contrary, losing the goal makes them more active and bloodthirsty, just like an injured tiger facing a hunter who injured them.
When Zambrotta galloped in the left corridor of Naples, when jankulovski turned the right side of Naples into a racecourse, when he was as old as Paolo Maldini and could shoot vigorously in the front court of Naples, when Kaka Ronaldinho danced their samba steps in the half of Naples as always, you can imagine what happened to Naples after scoring first. The Milan people attacked the defense of Naples like stormy waves, and it was like yesterday’s yellow flowers.
Finally, Milan made unremitting efforts to gain results in the 49th minute of the half-time. Forty-nine minutes of the half-time were suspended for five minutes due to Lezzo’s injury, and the half-time stoppage was as long as one minute.