Chu Fei closed the magic circle. Just now, he got the information sent by the Association of Job Changers. As Chu Fei expected, the demons of hell were creating demons in the defensive canyon of Long Ta. More precisely, they were liberated from the shackles of the law. Although these demons died and disappeared, they were resurrected, but they had an unbound intelligent body. Their strength also increased a lot.

Hum, you idiots always wake up, and now you’re so nervous when you don’t take it seriously! In fact, Long Ta’s construction and hell have long been known by Mu Chufei, but there is a former higher demon around him who has the title of Marquis of Hell. Although Maru Cosias is now out of hell, he knows all about some movements.
Hell is trying to unlock the seal. The first step is to get ordinary monsters out of the shackles of the law. Although this will weaken the hell in the human world, if you can get a lot of experience, you can naturally further study the method. According to Maru Cosias’s conjecture, first the ordinary monsters are released and then the war is immediately.
Well, let’s figure it out. It should have been speculated six months ago. Now it seems as expected as he speculated, but it’s not a war yet. In the face of those monsters who suddenly gain intelligence and increase their strength, the loss of job-changers’ association has increased, and the job-changers’ association is also afraid that the number of monsters will eventually be too large, which will lead to the danger of Harrogas being hit by people trying to break through Long Ta for the second time. This time, a considerable number of high-end forces in the job-changers’ association have failed.
Long Ta can help a frost dragon to exert its strength by 150%. What’s more, Long Ta has the theory of sending troops. Whether it’s the forces of hell or the dragon, it can always support the paradise to get the boat out of trouble and support it effectively. In the end, the strategy of pulling out the Long Ta failed this time. Now the dragon should know that the frost dragon is dead, but it’s heaven or hell at most. If you don’t show up, you should not have anything.
The plan of hell should be to first untie most monsters and let them attack Harrogas, the stronghold of human beings, to attract all human forces, and then to find a way to release those super-hidden monsters and devil-level demons. For example, Andariel and Duriel should be the three demons of hell next. This plan looks simple, but it should be a long time span. For example, it is difficult enough for these ordinary little monsters to get them out of the bondage of laws, otherwise hell will not ask the dragons to build Long Ta to defend there.
"What’s the matter? Is there any trouble? " The two-headed magic wolf paced out of the void. Recently, it tried to communicate and practice with the frost dragon in terms of energy. After all, Maru Cosias is also a higher demon with double cultivation of ice and fire. After all, the magic wolf growled and played in the two special opposing attributes of ice and fire to exert the greatest damage. This is very welcome to Chu Fei. Although the two-headed magic wolf got some inspiration from the frost dragon, the frost dragon benefited a lot. The ability to master the elements of this world has further improved.
"The association of job-changers is not going to let me go on like this. It gave me three months to rest and then I will be inspected. After all, there are not many holy wings among job-changers and many of them have died recently." Chu flew back and replied, "This time, the association of job-changers is completely afraid of hell. It is always necessary to dispatch job-changers with strong action ability to clear up the hell as much as possible. The specific actions will not be known until I return to Harrogas."
"It’s interesting that this time it’s really fun. The dragons didn’t participate in the first two times. This time it can be said that it’s a real three-world war." Malu Cosias was silent for a long time and suddenly sighed.
That’s right, this time it’s really the Three Realms War, and Chu Fei’s heart is also heavy. He stayed from the frozen plateau for about three months and then came to the Crystal Channel. It’s been five months, and the level has risen from 52 to 60 unconsciously. Although this speed is amazing, Chu Fei is still not satisfied. After 50, every level is a great progress, and the strength is steadily rising, but it takes at least 70 to be sure to save himself in this chaotic war of the Three Realms.
Squeeze another body double, and strive for another three-level promotion in the remaining three months, and then collect the experience value. In addition to the frost dragon, body double doesn’t have to let them rise. After leaving here, it is necessary to transfer the dragon soul curse in the spiritual world to body double. If only we could ambush a dragon with this dragon soul curse.
Get up and curse the dragon soul. In Chufei’s spirit, Chufei will operate the spirit to suppress this curse. I didn’t expect to pay much attention to the operation of the spirit at ordinary times, but later I found that the spirit turned far more handy and the growth rate increased a little. This is the so-called pressure and motivation, right
Chu Fei’s progress is remarkable. At the same time, Maru Cosias and the demon Elizabeth have made great progress. Although they are not as obvious as themselves, the foundation of these two demons is very strong, and their strength is not growing fast. However, they are still higher than themselves in the realm. He feels less about himself and has to reach level 70 before he can raise his strength to a realm.
"What are you talking about? I have found the way to the glaciers, and then we can understand the more powerful monsters, but it is not a crystal channel. Compared with just now, I found nine twilight souls. Once I enter their ambush, I will immediately form a network of nine flashes. If you don’t have my support, I’m afraid you will be supported by the law. "Elizabeth describes the monsters in the glaciers.
Chu Fei knows how many powerful monsters there are in the glacier path without the explanation of the magic spirit, such as the undead strongest monster with a sword mummy, There are a lot of ice-scarers and Styx banshees and twilight souls. These monsters are generally more than 30% stronger than the monsters in the crystal channel, but this is also the case. When there are three months left, Chu Fei decided to maximize his experience. The experience value of these monsters is 50% or 60% more than that of the surface. These benefits are enough to make him see danger, and the frost dragon has just risen to a higher level. Now, the physical and freezing attacks have increased a lot, and even if the two-headed magic wolves help the dead, the frozen gas effect can cause enough damage. There is nothing to be afraid of.
"There are still three months before we return to Harrogas. In these three months, both of you will help me. With your experience, the upgrade speed will be three points faster than the reward. I will share my tips on projection with you. What do you think?" Chu Feisi took an examination for a while and decided to set his own conditions. If the two-headed magic wolf Maru Cosias and the magic spirit Elizabeth change jobs, the physical help will not only speed up the killing of monsters, but also reduce the danger and reduce the experience value. Since they are allowed to contribute, it is natural to pay enough to project the special ability of this ancient sweeping three realms hybrid. Chu Fei should study it enough.
"Ha ha, should I thank the world for its turmoil? I didn’t expect you to be willing to exchange projection skills. No problem. From the sky, I will let you see what the most powerful physical fighting capacity in the world is. Even if the twilight soul attacks monsters remotely, it’s a piece of cake." Marquis Maru Cosias of Hell is retelling to the magic spirit next to it. Suddenly, I heard that Chu flew out of the condition and couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
Projection is not very difficult for the once higher demon, and the trouble is to balance the spirit and soul. It seems that it is not very troublesome, but he knows that if he ponders it for decades, with Chufei’s guidance, he can easily master it, which is very effective for strength recovery.
"The know-how of projection seems that you are really in a hurry, but it is a good thing for me. I will try my best to help you upgrade in the past three months. But even though I have learned the know-how of projection, I am not strong enough now. If I can absorb some dragon souls or Lord demon souls like that, I won’t learn good things but I can’t transport them." Elizabeth, the demon spirit, said slowly with her eyes rolling.
"Well, if we have a chance to go out in three months, we’ll try to get those guys, whether they are angels, demons or dragons. I’m really fed up with eating this fucking world." Chufei secretly gnashed his teeth.
"Ha ha Chu Fei, you finally came in vain. How can we make rapid progress without devouring enough weight? We should have self-protection power before the three fiends get rid of themselves." The magic spirit ha ha laughed. She had long wanted to confuse Chu Fei, but he was too cautious before. Now the situation has finally stimulated this guy. The three of them actually belong to almost all special individuals who are free from the original class. If there is no strength, they will be crushed first.
The fourth volume Chapter 40 Gold skull transformation
All around, the ice-inlaid shield at the bottom of the bones floated around Chufei. He reached out and knocked and listened, making a muffled sound and smiling. This new skill was named Ice Bone Shield.
Chu Fei, the frost dragon, made up his mind to train this thug well, and he absorbed sapphire, and the double-headed demon wolf of the Marquis of Hell practiced with it in a linked way. In this glacier path, Chu Fei even acted as a miner. When Elizabeth, the demon spirit, detected the blue crystal Chu Fei, she tried to dig it out and then gave the frost dragon real experience. Chu Fei also gave up the experience gained by the frost dragon in killing monsters.
This kind of training method soon paid off. The Frost Dragon realized the ability of freezing armor similar to that of the mage at level 40, and then every night, Chu Fei had to have spiritual contact with it to guide it to further improve this skill. When the Frost Dragon successfully rose to level 42, he finally completed this skill, and Chu Fei was excited to name the Frost Bone Shield.
Chu Fei’s frost dragon is the world of Warcraft frost dragon and the ultimate arm of the undead. In this world, it is a frost dragon, not a frost dragon composed of keel and dead frozen air. This is really awkward, but it does not prevent this skill from being excellent.
The ability of the ice bone shield is very strong. First, the blessing state of the ice bone shield can be increased by 3% when the skill is displayed; The second point is the physical damage absorption effect. After all, the frost dragon is the undead white bone, and the ability of these white bones to absorb melee damage is limited to 3 points. The third is the reflection ability. In the face of long-range attack, the appearance of the ice bone shield has a certain chance of crystallization. At this time, the current probability of reflection damage is 15%, while when it cannot be launched, it is to block and launch ice bombs to fight back against long-range monsters.
This ice bone shield combines the advantages of white bone armor, ice armor and ice armor, which is a very excellent skill. Unfortunately, this skill can not be increased with the high level, which means that life skills need to evolve continuously to improve the skill effect, but it is already very good. With this skill, the Frost Dragon is stronger and can also bless this skill to fight behind others. Chu Fei intends to let the Frost Dragon bless this to the mutant skeletons, which can greatly improve their defense ability.
"It’s a tough guy. I have to admit that you have cultivated these little guys with the ability to surprise the devil. It’s not that there have been no bone dragons before this world, but at most, they have some curse skills to fight. * It’s just a physical attack. I didn’t expect you to have such a strong element. The cold force makes the keel have stronger physical damage. This is even if I didn’t expect it to evolve. This is a skeleton dragon. It’s really terrible. "At this time, Maru Cosias has been helping the frost dragon to practice in Chufei’s persecution. To be precise, this skill has also contributed to his success. However, he does not call the frost dragon but the frost dragon. He always thinks that Chufei is vanity.
Hum, hum, haha, where do you know that this is the most powerful undead ultimate unit in another world? Even Arthas needs to call it devoutly. Chufei’s condescension in his heart should actually be called Frost Bone Dragon according to this world view. After all, it is only seven meters long now, and the world’s powerful dragon has a huge body of 40 meters, and the strongest can change even more dramatically.
"Forget the Frost Bone Dragon, just Frost Bone Dragon. It is also said that it is not a dragon. It has been out for eleven months, and one month is a year. The supplies are almost exhausted. My necromancer’s equipment is almost exhausted, and it is time to return." Chufei looked to the side, and the image of a very sloppy man emerged in the crystal crystal.
The equipment needs to be repaired, the clothes need to be changed, and this beard looks very powerful, but it feels uncomfortable. This beard should also be shaved off. Since the dragon blood bath, this height has suddenly shot up by more than ten centimeters, and it looks more and more slender. It is better to gain some weight next.
"By the way, Xiao Jin, you come here." Chufei suddenly noticed the body lying behind him in front of the mirror organizer’s clothes. This is an elite hell banshee and fortunately this guy is still a mutant monster. If it is an elite leader, it is nothing.
The variation of the little skeleton gold has also gone through three times. Its power is not obvious. It is a very simple increase effect. It can extract a part of the strength of the original boarding monster body and give it to the newly occupied monster. Now the variation of the little skeleton gold is a variation monster that Sakaram sings and can make the lightning and hydra sea snakes. But after all, it is a monster of Kurast or not comparable to this hell banshee.
Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the variation of the skull gold, which makes the hell banshee’s body uncomfortable. Chufei directly stretched out his hand and pulled out the golden skull from the singer of Sakaram. Then Sakaram sang the corpse and immediately fell to the ground and took out a sword to cut the hell banshee’s land. Now the variation of the skull gold can easily control the new body.

Hum, it’s impossible to find out! Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately took out a random scroll.

"No, he wants to run away at random!"
But it’s too late. Lin Tianxiao has made a random delivery scroll and disappeared in front of everyone.
Back to the small tower room, Lin Tianxiao found that the blood volume of the dark Woma leader had actually recovered to one billion, which was simply too powerful.
500 million incredibly, 500 million blood volume is another hurdle. How can we avoid the attack by attacking the root method?
In the same way, the blood volume of the dark Woma leader once again dropped to 500 million. Lin Tianxie immediately put away the five *oss and the ghost dragon small four, and his body kept avoiding the rapid attack of the thunder ball, staring at the dark Woma leader intensely, but the thunder ball was too fast. He escaped five and was bombarded by the thunder ball and returned to the resurrection corridor again!
How can we kill this dark Woma leader? Is this dark Woma leader setting traps to trap and kill players?
No, it’s a trap to kill players, but there must be a way to kill the dark woma leader!
Lin Tianxie kept thinking about the battle with the dark Woma leader, and suddenly he had a flash of light and thought of a fact!
The lightning ball was absorbed by the wall of the house!
Yes, that’s it!
Lin Tianxiao was so happy that he finally thought of a solution to this matter. Yes, this is indeed a trap for killing players and also a seal for the dark Woma leader. Because its walls can absorb the attacks of the dark Woma leader, the dark Woma leader can escape from this room!
Once again resurrected, Lin Tianxiao rushed into the small tower again, but after he came in, he didn’t attack, but hid aside and let the five *oss and the ghost dragon brother fight.
Draw out the dragon sword. Lin Tianxiao came to the wall, where there was a protruding stone pillar. Lin Tianxiao immediately split the stone pillar, cut out the dragon sword and tried it just right to put his body inside.
Show a satisfied smile. Lin Tianxiao killed the soul with the dragon sword, and split Lin Tianxiao’s melee. Soon, he killed the blood of the dark Woma leader to 500 million.
Lin Tianxiao immediately withdrew the five *oss and ghost dragon younger brother, and prepared the stone bucket toward the head before taking it out, and immediately put himself in the whole set.
Counting thunder balls and shooting Lin Tianxie, I feel that I am wearing my own stone bucket and pouring into it. There is a powerful force that makes a drumming sound!
Finally, the sound disappeared. Lin Tianxie faded from the stone bucket and looked up at the dark Woma hierarch. Finally, he was no longer furious and gasped. The original set was always flashing in its hands, and Lei Guang disappeared
"Good is now!"
Lin Tian evil growl a immediately summoned the five *oss and ghost dragon small four killed again four hundred and thirty-two billion one hundred million …
After ten minutes of evil, Lin Tianxie and the seven of them killed the blood volume of the dark Woma leader to less than 90 million! What kind of equipment will Lin Tianxiao give the old man after killing him?
However, things went wrong. He unexpectedly saw the dark Woma leader suddenly yelling, "Lei Yun came to the world!"
There was a black Lei Yun in the narrow room immediately, and a huge flash was walking in Lei Yun, and it was about to split up.
Lin Tianxiae held up the dragon sword at this time and also shouted, "Call the dragon Carl!"
Suddenly, a huge six-pointed star appeared at the top of the cave, and the dragon Carl fell to the ground in an instant. Lin Tianxiao shouted, "Kill the dark Woma leader!"
The dragon Carl shot at the same time, and the huge lightning of the thundercloud also fell. He split Lin Tianxie’s head and instantly Lin Tianxie took back the five *oss, but left the ghost dragon small four to follow the stone bucket towards the already smaller ghost dragon small four to take the mouth and also said a word in the ghost dragon small four ear!
Lin Tianxie raised his speed to the extreme, constantly avoiding the thunder attack. Although he wanted to live, it backfired. Finally, after more than ten seconds, Lin Tianxie was split into a pool of coke by a thick thunder!
In an instant, the evil spirits returned to the resurrection corridor, and on the other side of the battlefield, the outcome was beyond his control.
Carl, the dragon in the small tower, roared with a thunder attack and slammed it into the narrow room, which restricted him from turning around. Carl, the dragon, smashed the dark Woma leader with two fists and took away the 50 million blood of the dark Woma leader, so he was hidden behind him by the dark Woma leader.
Ray kept chopping at the dragon Carl, although he was a member, but he also hurt the dragon Carl, and he kept grinning, and he felt the pain in his bone marrow, even if he was a member.
"Hum, you are still a little young to kill me!" The leader of Dark Woma roared that it was obvious that this battle ended with his victory again.
Where do you know that his voice just fell and a thick tail snapped the dark Woma leader and flew to the wall and fell to the ground?
3.92 million
A huge amount of damage floated out of the head of the dark Woma leader. As soon as the dark Woma leader spit out one mouthful blood, he heard the dark Woma leader laugh!
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, finally is not my victory? Even if you are a dragon clan, let me win! "
Dark Woma leader just landed, and the dragon Carl’s body disappeared, but at this moment, a figure quickly rushed to the front of Dark Woma leader …
Chapter 16 Tianshi robe beautiful memories (in)
Two hours later, Lin Tianxiao came out from the resurrection point and just came out, he clicked on the random scroll and quickly rushed to the small tower and crashed into it.
The room was particularly messy, and there was nothing on the ground. The leader of Woma also disappeared, even the ghost dragon Xiaosi disappeared.
"How can this happen? Is Xiao Si also dead!"
"Xiaosi helped me collect the explosive equipment of the Dark Woma leader!"
This is the last sentence that Lin Tianxiao said when he put the stone bucket on the ghost dragon small four to shrink down. His imagination is very beautiful, because the ghost dragon small four can travel freely. After his death, the ghost dragon small four can still stay outside. When the leader of Dark Woma dies, he can help him collect it. In that case, he died six or seven times in vain.

Fortunately, Yang Guo soon returned to normal.

Yang Guo has always been a die-hard person. He believes that he will never give up no matter what, just as he believes that Guo Fu is the one in his heart. Even if Guo Fu throws cold water on him, he will still not give up.
After a short period of depression, the plan will continue. It is necessary to change the law. It depends on Wan Yanping’s cooperation. Yang Guo suddenly thought of a new strategy/
Generally speaking, Wan Yanping is similar to Guo Fu in that they are all very stubborn. Since she is determined to help Yang Guo, she will let him do everything according to Yang Guo’s arrangement.
Guo Fu went to the rice road alone and met Yeluqi. He casually asked him if he wanted to go together, but Yeluqi chose Guo Fu after dinner.
If there is an opportunity for you to stay with the right person, you should seize it anyway, right?
Guo Fu is naturally happy to have someone to accompany him, forgetting the strange feeling that just flashed in his heart, and Yeluqi is also happy to watch him.
Yeluqi people are very thoughtful and considerate, and they are like a spring breeze. They are obedient to her and pampered. This is how Guo Fu feels about him
In fact, Guo Fu has always wanted such a husband.
If such a person really appeared in front of her, how could she not be moved?
Maybe at the moment, the girl’s heart is budding.
Yeluzi is very sensitive to the fact that Guo Fu seems to be closer to him, which is a good thing for him. He looks more handsome with a smile.
However, the smile stopped abruptly when they went out.
Because Yan Yanping came to me and said that there were some important things to talk to Yeluqi, Guo Fu never doubted that he believed that people were worse. There was no problem with Yan Yanping’s reason.
Guo Fu smiled and asked Yeluqi to deal with his affairs, while he turned to the Wu brothers and played with Yelvyan.
Yeluqi Yan Yanping’s so-called important thing is that they hate each other in their former country, but they never expected to wait until it turned out to be a girl’s confession.
Yang Guo is always so eloquent that he reawakened Wan Yanping’s mind and told her not to leave a trace of regret in her life.
If you say something, you won’t feel regret for life.
Because of Yang Guo’s pleading and her own unwillingness, she really didn’t want to regret it for life, so she chose to tell Yeluzi what she wanted.
Yeluqi still has a good impression on Yan Yanping, otherwise he wouldn’t have paid much attention to her. However, all this affection stems from his pity and sympathy for her, not from the love between men and women.
Yeluzi is still very clear about this.
Sure enough, Wan Yanping was rejected, but she didn’t feel lost, but felt a worry.
On this side, Ye Lvqi’s problem of Yan Hong Ping was solved, and on the other side, Guo Fu successfully found Ye Lvyan. To be precise, it seems that Ye Lvyan has something to look for her.
Chapter 45 Chapter 45
Yeluqi knows that Guo Fu misunderstood, but it is not easy to clarify this matter. After all, it also involves Yan Yanping. He can pretend to be casual about it during Guo Fu’s conversation.
Moreover, Yan Hong Ping’s meaning is also very clear. She is about to leave Xiangyang, so Yeluqi knows fairly well. It’s time to tell Guo Fu.
"Miss Guo Yan Hong came to say goodbye to me a few days ago, saying that she was leaving Xiangyang. I was also wondering whether it was time to leave my sister who was running around in Dasong but never found a suitable place to stay.
In fact, I also think Xiangyang is a good place, and the people here are very good. "
Yeluqi didn’t finish his words, but he said that Yan Yanping, the scorer, was leaving, but they were not the same person, which meant that their roots were not what Guo Fu thought.
He also said that he wanted to stay in Xiangyang. Although Guo Fu didn’t recognize her as a nice person in his words, it didn’t affect her desire to let him stay.
"Yelv eldest brother, since you think it’s good here, you can stay with Yaner! It’s good to have us here to take care of everyone, isn’t it? "
The same enthusiasm to retain such words Guo Fu also said to Wan Yanping, but listening to Yeluqi’s ears is to be elated, because he thinks that the person he left behind is his heart.
This side of things is not due to Yeluqi’s reaction. It was Yang Guo who was cheating in the dark. He asked Yelvyan to explain to Guo Fu that he had made an own goal.
Yelvyan originally heard Yang Guo say where she knew the truth, so it’s easy to find Guo Fu and explain it clearly.
"Sister Fu, I’m sorry, I put my foot in my mouth. You don’t want to tell others that Sister Ping has nothing, and she is leaving soon.
It was the first time I heard Brother Yang say this. I was so happy that I didn’t come to ask my brother clearly, so I came to tell you. Don’t be angry! "
Guo Fu is not a narrow-minded. How can she blame Ye Luyan? It was after such a time that Guo Fu found out that she didn’t seem to care so much about Yeluzi
But even so, this does not prevent Guo Fu from going to Yang Guo to find out about it.
Yang Guo knew it would come out, but he didn’t expect it to be so soon and Guo Fu would come to ask him so soon.
"Brother Yang Yan Hong Girl Brother Yelu has nothing to do. How can you talk to Yan Er like that?"
In fact, Guo Fu didn’t blame Yang Guo, which means that she remembered Ye Luyan’s saying that she was afraid of breaking two people’s names, so she came to wake Yang Guo up specially, hoping that he wouldn’t be so excited and would say the hexagrams.
Of course, Guo Fu is not the kind of person who meddles, but because some people are involved in this incident, she will come to tell Yang Guo specially.
Who knows that Guo Fu didn’t say it’s a good thing that she said that Yang Guo felt that she had been stabbed in the lung tube.
In Yang Guo’s view, Guo Fu’s point is Yeluzi to question him.
How long have they only known each other? She’ll be fine. Did he question him?
"Oh, there is no smoke without fire, Fu Mei. When I said it, Ye Luyan believed it without even asking. That’s what she thought." Yang Guo sneered. "That’s nothing?"
Guo Fu really didn’t think of this. It seems that Yang Guo has a point.
"Even so, people don’t admit that you are not good at talking nonsense!"
Yang Guo got said, "Fu Mei, you’re worried, aren’t you?"
Guo Fu seems to have been poked in the secret heart and immediately retorted, "I’m not in a hurry. Besides, Brother Yelv, what if I read it?"
I never thought that Guo Fu would admit that Yang Guo felt that he was so angry at the moment.
Yang Guo’s tone is not good. "What if you look at it? You can’t marry him anyway!"
Guo Fu was annoyed and curious, "Why can’t I marry?"
"If you marry him, who will marry me?"
Yang Guo looked at Guo Fu’s delicate and charming as a rose and Yan Xin blurted out immediately.
Guo Fu didn’t react for a moment and repeated, "Who will marry you?"
"Naturally, you are going to marry me!" Yang Guo immediately then says
Guo Fu stare big eyes looking at Yang Guo red cheeks ashamed and annoyed also stretched out his hand and pushed the Yang Guo "Yang Guo who want to marry you! Dad said before that I wouldn’t care if you didn’t promise me! "
The words sound just fell and Guo Fu stamped his foot and people ran away and disappeared, leaving Yang Guo where he was, full of Guo Fu just talking.
In fact, at first glance, this is really like what Yang Guo heard when he was thrown cold water several times, but it seems that it is not the same thing when he ponders it again.
Clever as Yang Guo, his brain won’t turn around when he meets Guo Fu, but he just won’t give up on her!
Guo Fu said that he was just looking for Yang Guo to talk casually. Who ever wanted to talk about marriage in such a hurry? Besides, Yang Guo is really not thick-skinned. He can say that.
However, Guo Fu’s cheeks are burning and his heart is pounding. He is both proud and happy, and there are still many people at a loss.

"Leave him to me. Did he take a nap?" Zhang Ting looked at Princess Hong and asked.

Princess Hong shook her head. "No, this child has been clamoring for you to stay up all the time."
"I just want to sleep for a while. Let me take him to sleep together." Zhang Ting said and yawned again.
She was really sleepy after staying up so long last night, and even after sleeping for an afternoon, she still doesn’t feel enough.
Princess Hong nodded her head when she saw the horse. Please look at Zhang Ting. "Please jump in that line."
Princess Hong put her arms in the arms of her daughter-in-law, who was crying and crying.
Speaking of it, it also made Princess Hong a little angry. This smelly little girl was a very poor picture when she was in her arms just now.
When she put him in Zhang Ting’s mother’s arms, Sun Ma stopped crying. A pair of fat little hands clung to Zhang Ting’s neck.
"This stinky person really hurts him in vain at ordinary times." Princess Hong looked at the sun in distress situation and preached.
Zhang Ting heard she chuckled.
Because she knew that Princess Hong was just saying this.
Off the princess hong Zhang Ting turned to hold the door tightly around her neck and jumped into the room where she slept.
"Well, don’t hold your mother all the time. I’m strangled by you." Zhang Ting gently tugged at the two chubby hands.
As a result, when her hands just touched these two little hands, they grasped her neck more tightly.
See oneself is going to be this son to le can’t pant Zhang Ting ok!!!
"Mother won’t grab your hand and be obedient." Zhang Ting held him and walked to the bed.
Mother and son lay in bed together, jumping and blinking, staring at their mother lying in bed with him with round eyes.
Stared at it for a long time
The little guy made sure that his mother wouldn’t leave him again, and those two chubby hands that grabbed Zhang Ting’s neck slowly loosened.
Chapter 724 Wake up!
As soon as he relaxed, Zhang Ting touched himself, and he just grabbed Bosong with a sigh of relief.
"Niang" will now shout some simple words. If you really want to talk, the little love can’t say it.
Tiaotiao changed his hands and grabbed Zhang Ting’s skirt.
The sound of "Niang" appeared in Zhang Ting’s ear again.
Although it is a short word, it is the most beautiful sound in Zhang Ting’s heart as a mother.
"Niang is good!" Zhang Ting gently coaxed with a little jump.
She knew in her heart that she didn’t show up for a long time, which must have made her feel a little scared.
Thinking of the little guy’s dependence on himself, Zhang Ting bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead. Looking at him, he replied, "Mom is jumping here. Mom won’t leave us here because jumping is mom’s favorite."
I don’t know if the little guy understood her words or what.
It wasn’t long before the little guy called her a few more words of Niang and finally stopped.
After a while
Zhang Ting looked down and saw the little guy sleeping quietly while holding her skirts with a small hand.
"What a cute guy! How can he be so cute? He’s so cute that his mother can’t love him." Zhang Ting bowed his head and kissed the little guy on the forehead.
Smelling the smell of the little guy’s body milk, Zhang Ting gently held them together and continued to sleep.
The mother and son slept until noon (15: 17 in Beijing)
When the mother and son got up, they grinded in the bed for a while before leaving the room.
Princess Hong in the hall is discussing with Prince Hong about going back to Beijing soon.
The couple suddenly heard the outside, and their grandson giggled happily.
"Master, did you hear that it was our family jumping and laughing? The child cried for a long time today and now he finally smiled." Speaking of his baby Princess Sun Hong, she was all smiles.
Even though not long ago, she was unhappy because her baby grandson didn’t want her grandmother, now she hears this little guy laughing innocently and Princess Hong has forgotten all about the past.
Hong Wang Ye’s face is also a happy face.
"I heard it, too. It’s really our family jumping. This little guy seems to be coming to our side."
As soon as Lord Hong’s words fell, his wife, who was just sitting next to him, strode out.
After one leng, Lord Hong’s face showed remorse. Why didn’t he go out to meet their grandson before him?
Zhang Tinggang walked outside the courtyard and saw Princess Hong running out of the hall.
Stop. Zhang Ting said hello to Princess Hong, who came over.
Hong princess a face of don’t care about the hand "well"
Then when people looked at Xiao Tiao’s face, they looked like they were smiling. "Grandma Tiao came to hug you. Come here, grandma."
When Lord Hong came out, he saw his grandson. Finally, he let his wife hug him first.
At ordinary times fine eyes flashed a trace of disappointment.
"Dad" Zhang Ting saw Wang Hong coming slowly and greeted him with a smile.
Prince Hong gently "well" walked up to Princess Hong and Sun Xiaotiao, and first stretched out his hand and grabbed Xiaotiao’s little hand.
Then I looked at Zhang Ting and said, "Xiaoting, I was just discussing with your mother about going to Beijing after Xiaoren came back. Xiaoren should have told you about this."
Zhang Ting gently nodded at him. "Well," xianggong "told me about this matter." Xianggong "said that dad wanted to take Tiaotiao back to Beijing and add Tiaotiao’s name to the Hongjiazong Temple."
Lord Hong nodded. "That’s right. I just discussed with your mother when to start?"
Zhang Tingchao smiled at them. "You two have to decide this matter. My" xianggong "and I listen to my father and mother."
Prince Hong and Princess Hong heard Zhang Ting’s answer, and their faces crossed with a satisfied expression.
Although they are willing to discuss this matter with their daughter-in-law, they still don’t want their daughter-in-law to interfere too much.
Princess Hong asked Zhang Ting that it was better to take Sun Wang with her when she woke up. "The little court heard that Qing Xia said that the Jia family sent a carriage last night, was it that Mrs. Jia was going to have a baby?"
Zhang Ting said, "Yeah, my sister-in-law suddenly launched it last night. Because of the situation and I was a little urgent, michel platini sent someone to pick me up."
"Are you all right?" Princess Hong looked at Zhang Ting with a face of worry and asked.
She has grandchildren now, and she certainly hopes that all the children will come to this world safely.
"I was born. Although the situation was a little urgent, I finally gave birth to the baby safely and gave birth to a big fat baby."
"Great! You’re not happy to have a big fat baby, michel platini!" Princess Hong asked with a smile.
Zhang Ting wanted to see the old man Jia holding the baby and not letting it go. He couldn’t help but smile and gently nodded at Princess Hong. "Isn’t it? I’m so happy that michel platini took the child out and he grabbed it and still refused to let it go?"
Hao said things here.
At this time, Jia Jia has been in the delivery room since he entered the delivery room.
Nearly almost a day later, Liu, who had been sleeping, finally woke up.
"Did you feel uncomfortable when you woke up?" Jia Lin knew that she had been staring at Liu’s face when her eyelids moved.

"Talk, of course." Zhang Haonai looked at this ya and blocked his idea of pretending to be B. But then again, Zhang Hao is also looking forward to Chen Yi’s explanation of some theoretical knowledge today.

Now, sk is like a hungry man in the desert. Theoretical knowledge seems to be that sweet spring water can moisten sk when it is dry.
The two sides simply hit it off, feeling that this match should not be too good.
Chen Yi paused to get down to business and said, "Well, let’s talk about our physical computing ability. Playing sports is actually five humans playing five roles in front of the brain. People who play roles are human."
"It is very important for human practical competition to issue scientific and technological capabilities for human players themselves."
"Because the competitive game is that the human brain controls the exercise and then exercises the role to fight."
Erhong couldn’t help interrupting "What do you mean by that?"
"What do you mean? When we play competitive games, it is very important that our brains are lucky. As I said before, there is no difference between the gold players and the top professional players. We seem to have a big difference."
"The first thing is to prepare for the reaction. Everyone has been through it. Many of them have played S, so they must have heard the old saying that no matter how fast the marksmanship is, it is faster than the preview."
Hearing this sentence, Gao Chengfeng seemed to feel something, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes. At the beginning, he dreamed of playing professional S, but in the end he failed, and S was lonely very quickly.
"In those days, there was a wonderful killing video in which the fox relied on a wave of soldiers’ residual blood to kill crocodiles. At the beginning, the explanation was so rubbish that I forgot who it was, but he actually said that it was quick to respond. I was really drunk."
Zhang Hao knew the story, but he didn’t puncture Chen Yi. Let him continue to tell it.
"In fact, this player has always remembered two things from the moment he chose the fox. The first is that everyone knows his passive level without looking at it."
"The second is that it is easy to know all the nearby units, numbers, positions and States that can be sucked by yourself at all times and then do this anti-killing action."
"Oh" Zhang Hao slightly one leng seems to be upgraded this time, and it seems to be higher and looks very high-end.
So the five sk people listened quietly, and they found that they liked listening to Chen Yi’s stories more and more.
"In League of Legends, it’s more important to deal with the details. Take Anne as an example of a hero who looks very simple."
"Golden Section Annie, they called the bear back when rq lit it."
"Or maybe it’s right-clicking the opponent and then fighting the conflict, which makes the bear hit less. I always feel that it takes a very high skill to get to the person."
"And the real Annie is such a set of R-dizzy R-control bears hitting aa, then go right ahead, wq lights A, and pull the screen behind the enemy at this time."
"R controls the bear to walk behind the enemy for a while. When the enemy wakes up, he returns to Anne’s body, just as Anne A takes the second right to go forward, and walks according to Anne’s ordinary attack D table."
"The final result is that the bear took more pictures of Anne A, and the bear burned the injury for more than a few seconds. The enemy died because one more yellow stick could not drop it."
"You see, even Annie can explode so many other so-called heroes."
I heard Chen Yi’s words, Zhang Haoyu, because he remembered one thing, yes, it was the scene at Caida Zhang Hao Jess vs Tang Qinling Anne.
Almost exactly as Chen Yi said, it is simply the first perspective of Tang Qinling.
Chen Yi’s analysis of Anne is so thorough and the mode of operation is exactly the same as that of Tang Qinling. Zhang Hao is also drunk. I don’t know if Tang Qinling is widely known or if they all belong to a plane guy.
But it is undeniable that Chen Yi said that it is very reasonable. Annie needs so many details and needs to complete it in an instant. After all, the opportunity is fleeting.
It can be seen that the details of League of Legends are indeed very important, and Chen Yi is not teaching them. If you play Annie, you can just give an example, so much is just the tip of the iceberg.
"Then let me ask you, what is the biggest difference between gold and diamonds when playing?"
"Fuck ability" is the first to say.
"rhythm control" Cai Liangyan said.
"It should be a grasp of the situation," Zhang Hao said uncertainly.
Chen Yi smiled. "I have emphasized many times that the ability to exercise is the same, but there is a big gap between energy consumption and brain transport."
"And when we achieve the same exercise, we eat too much and even don’t have time to look at the small map, right? And diamond exercises not only look at the small map at any time, but also can easily think about how to plot against the enemy."
"The king and the top king, the master can complete the harassment at the same time in a radical single hero while replenishing troops on the line. At the same time, he can not only plot against the enemy, but also be able to observe the double residual blood on the opposite road, and push the line to prepare for returning to the city and then plan a double kill around the eye position."
"It’s not difficult to think about it, but in practice, you will find that even if you have ten Einstein brains, you may be able to look at the small map without thinking about it, and it will be a piece of waste paper."
"This" erhong is a little speechless, but it sounds like a very powerful feeling. At the same time, Chen Yi’s mouth that once the line is aligned, he doesn’t look at the small map is a true portrayal of him.
"So how do they achieve it? Is the brain powerful?" Erhong asked curiously.
Chen Yi shook his head. "It’s not that it’s difficult for us to change the brain hardware, but we can change the thinking software relatively well."
"For example, those who spend two rounds of diamonds, they all let their bodies record conditioned reflex by limiting exercise. Your gold and silver recruitment is the basic work, but it is only conditioned reflex for them."
"So you may not even see the small map when you realize the exercise, but for them, the exercise doesn’t need to think much."
"And those who are the first in the five countries are even stronger in their professional teams, so that even psychological warfare on the line is a conditioned reflex."
"However, there are similar tricks in it, just like Annie’s detailed introduction, and the other party can use up the whole brain to realize just doing exercises and looking at the small map."
"And even if a person is mentally retarded, he can realize Zhuge Liang’s general stratagem by reading this strategy and spending 112 yuan after the meeting. This is called the gap between science and technology, that is, the cheat."
"What you said is very reasonable, and we are right." The sk style expresses the worship of Chen Yi.
It is this ya that refreshes its position in their hearts once again. Every time I tell such a tall theory, sk wonders where this ya came from. She doesn’t look like an ordinary person.
If you don’t understand, I’m afraid you have returned to senior analysts from abroad. It’s professional and domineering
But the fact that Chen Yi is made in China has no traces of transformation, which makes everyone feel unscientific.
"Fortunately, don’t worship me too much. In fact, the meaning of data division and team analyst is to help you improve your grades as much as possible. That’s all."
"Actually, I’m doing this to help you turn basic exercises into conditioned reflex, just like everyone can actually regard recruiting as conditioned reflex now, but those who have just contacted the league players are very powerful, right? This is the gap."
"Imagine that they are in a hurry to make up for the soldiers. Where else can they consider dealing with you?"
"It’s like now, once you are on the lpl level team, you will be in a hurry and make a basic response, but you will have no energy to care about higher-level things."
Hearing Chen Yi’s words, Zhang Hao and others are completely stunned. This is true and a true portrayal.
When the Tauren team met a strong team, it was like this. There was no extra energy to think about how to deal with the enemy. There was no other ability except basic reaction.
When "Chen Yi was mixed up with you", Sa sk thought about Chen Yi’s thigh, which was a hug.
Is it a little professional?
Chapter 333 Male commentary small mind
It’s another week in the blink of an eye. At this moment, sk is in the fourth place. Theoretically, it is possible to compete for the championship seat, and now sk is playing more and more professionally.
If you have to change your shape, it’s only a matter of time. sk progress is visible.
Chen Yi’s new knowledge made Shi Sa sk feel the theoretical importance and let them know that this is actually not a game.
"hit a crystal"
With a victory, Zhang Hao and Cai Liangyan took off their headphones and looked at the screen comfortably. They were very satisfied.
Zhang Hao had to sigh with emotion, "There are still reliable people who can be divided in double rows together."
"Ah, in fact, it’s just bad luck. If you hit your position more, you’ll go and climb quickly. It’s not a problem to be in gold all the time." Cai Liangyan and Zhang Hao said.

There is a faint fragility in the arrogant tone, which makes Gu Yixin instantly soften into water.

She’s not going anywhere. Let her go, and she won’t leave.
Mo Anyan glanced at the two of them shaking hands and said nothing, just sitting and then talking.
"I’m going to keep the Mohist old house."
Mo Anyan waved to Mo Jun to listen to him at night.
"I’m a Mohist elder without my master. I should be guarding this place."
"What you need to do now is to hold the Mohs enterprise. This is a battle and you must win."
Mo Anyan looked at Mo Jun at night and his eyes were burning.
Mo Jun nodded solemnly at night "won’t let you down"
"But brother-in-law, do you really want to stay here?"
Mo Jun is a little worried about his brother-in-law. He has known it since he was a child.
Like freedom and restraint, don’t want to be bound by Mohist family business. With his brother’s inheritance, he is more liberated and will do what he likes.
When Mo Jun’s father passed away, the master knew that Mo Anyan’s mind was back in the rivers and lakes until Mo Jun’s night, and he could slowly support Mo’s enterprise.
Such a person let him keep the heavy old-fashioned Mohist house, Mojun, not worried, but felt that his brother-in-law had sacrificed too much.
Mo Anyan slightly raised her mouth. "Why don’t you believe me?"
"Of course not"
"That’s enough."
Mo Anyan also didn’t explain much that "someone has to sit in the Mohist house. Now it’s my turn, and it’s your turn to hold the Mohist century-old foundation."
Mo Anyan looked up. There is a sense of vicissitudes in the old house of Mohism. The master has been here for a generation, and now it’s his turn.
Since Mo Anyan has decided that Mo Jun has no other opinions.
Mo Anyan went back to the place where he had been living to pack his things.
"An Yan, can I take all these with me?"
Mei Yan ran is sorting things out in her room. There are her belongings and clothes in the suitcase.
There are still two suitcases on the ground that are full.
Mo Anyan walked in and looked into Mei Yanran. Mei Yanran straightened up and smiled weakly. "What’s the matter?"
"I have something to tell you."
Behind the door, Tsing Yi retreated gently, and she didn’t need or want to listen to the conversation between them.
Outside the door, Tsing Yi’s back leans against the wall, keeping alert to the surrounding situation.
Where is her duty?
Mei Yan ran in the room and was about to smile. One of her favorite silk pajamas had been pulled out of shape by her.
"What are you going to say?"
Mo Anyan looked at her for a while and slowly walked to one side before opening her mouth.
"You are twenty-three this year, aren’t you?"

"Well, I’ll contact you then." Smoke said and left.

After seeing the smoke leaving, Feng looked at the shimmering city and said, "I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy recently. Have you come to me for help?"
After hearing this, the shimmering city shook its head and smiled, "Not yet."
"Well, what can I do for you?" Maple nods.
"Well, my tutor asked me to get some fish oil shops. I have to go fishing, but I heard from my tutor that the fishing place is dangerous, so I came to ask Brother Yan for you." The shimmering city replied.
"Fishing? Do you have a fishing rod? " Feng asked.
"Not yet. I went to the store to see the fishing rod. It’s quite expensive. I didn’t buy it, but I’m rich now," said Twilight City happily.
"Well, let’s buy a fishing rod road first. You tell me where to go fishing." Feng nods.
But before he walked out of a few steps, the system suddenly rang.
"Someone is looking for you outside the game cabin."
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Surprise
After listening to the instructions, Feng said to the shimmering city, "Wait a minute. Someone is looking for me outside the game."
"Good" shimmer city nods
With that, Feng chose the line.
After opening her eyes, Feng saw that it was Ye Yulan and other outsiders in the game cabin. After the hatch was hit, Feng asked, "What’s the matter?"
"If you don’t pick up the words for a long time, you will come directly." Ye Yulan said after sitting on the bed, shaking his legs.
"After the game, you didn’t go out to surf for a few days? It’s not your character, "said Feng, sitting up.
"What’s the wave? Come back and play the game quickly, okay? My character has been established. Is it very literary that the ID is a melody?"
"Well, it sounds good. I’ll add your friends later. Wait … did you choose to be a big shot in that respect?" Feng asked.
"The mage! I have long wanted to experience the feeling of rubbing a fireball by myself, "said Ye Yulan excitedly.
"You really know how to choose … I forgot to wake you up before. If you choose a mage, you don’t want to see me for half a month." Maple laughed.
"ah! ? What? " Ye Yulan inexplicable way
So Feng gave Ye Yulan a lecture on the status quo of being a man. Ye Yulan pursed her lips after listening to it. "Well, I’ll study slowly alone. You must be better than you when I come out."
Feng laughed after hearing this. "I believe it. Although I think I should treat you to a meal now, congratulations on winning the championship, there is still a friend waiting for me in the game. I will replenish you after this meal."
"Ok, then I’m going to eat in Langman." Ye Yulan smiled and said.
"Hey eat big ah you …"
Langman is regarded as the most advanced western-style restaurant in Fiona Fang, the decoration and dishes are first-class, but the same price is also first-class!
"Yes" leaves orchid a serious nods.
"Okay, post tendril post tendril deal" maple nods.
"Hey, you agreed? Shouldn’t you have said that you would take me there after you sold your 100 Jin of meat? " Ye Yulan was very surprised and said
"It’s a rare luxury. My wallet is still affected. Don’t say you’re just talking casually at the moment. That’s it. Lang Man, I’m advanced in the game. I’ll add your friends later." Maple then lay back and re-entered the game cabin.
See the game cabin door after Ye Yulan smiled a "ah ~ this time it’s really quite sincere" and left the maple room with cheerful little steps.
After reconnecting, Feng found that the shimmering city was practicing shaking the bottle again and said, "You are really hardworking."
After hearing this, the shimmering city smiled and said, "Because it’s fun."
"Fun …? Your hobbies are really unique. Let’s go to the store, "said Feng.
"Well" shimmering city nodded and put the bottle back in the backpack.
Lu Feng learned that the place where the shimmering city is going to go fishing is called Moonlight Lake, which is not far from Mitte City, but I don’t know what the so-called danger is.
When I got to the store, Feng went to the counter and looked at the price of fishing rods. It’s only 5 silver each. It’s really not expensive, but it’s because Feng didn’t make any money before the shimmering city that she thought 5 silver was too expensive.
After watching it for half a day, Feng thought that if she went fishing with the shimmering city, she couldn’t just sit around, so she decided to buy one.
In addition to ordinary fishing rods, there are of course high-grade fishing rods in the shop, among which a blue bamboo fishing rod has aroused Feng’s interest.
Wote bamboo pole (fishing gear)
Excellent quality
Special effects The chance of catching rare fish is 5% higher.
Note: This bamboo pole smells wonderful.
Although I don’t know what rare fish are like, the concept that rarity equals good things is definitely unchanging.
After looking at other fishing rods and merchants for a while, Feng suddenly finished this store. When he first came here, he felt that the best merchants in the counter were also excellent, but they didn’t even shine.
"Alas, I blame myself for being too young and knowledgeable to treat this place as a treasure house." Maple said with a little sigh.
In the end, Feng finally chose this Walter bamboo pole, and its price was 1 gold. Although Feng thought it was dark, he bought it. After all, what can he equip to get this kind of life props by doing and fighting monsters? He really doesn’t know what other ways to get it at present.
Then the twilight city persuaded Feng to buy this fishing rod, an essential prop, which didn’t save money.
Just as the two men were preparing to leave with fishing rods, a pair of big hands suddenly patted Feng Shoulder and looked back and saw a familiar face.
"President Tim?" Maple surprised and asked
It was the right time to give him a "flash" photo of others, which surprised Feng.
"I saw you from afar. Why didn’t you let me know before you came to buy something? I can give you a discount." Tim laughed
Discount …? Huh? It’s been a long time, so this black shop is you! ?
I was surprised again, and suddenly I felt a little puzzled. He really never linked the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce with this store. He also said that the Chamber of Commerce is just as small as the Silver Sword Chamber of Commerce. I mean, it’s too hard for a big official like you to personally escort the goods.
Looking at Feng Bi, Sam smiled and said, "What are you here to buy?"

Xia looked in the direction of the gentleman and saw that he was covered in injuries. He nodded and said, "Then hurry up" and then turned to chase after the light thoughts.

Although Dannian is not in the ranking list, he doesn’t know what kung fu he has practiced, and his whereabouts are strange and his direction is uncertain. How can it be that the three heads are all too big to act well? Where can they still be seen when summer chases them?
The map of Huashan Mountain is very large, which almost restores the whole mountain and summer. She has been looking for it. This time, her good luck seems to have failed. After a long time, she didn’t meet anyone. She found blood in one place, searched for it for a while, and found traces of fighting and more blood in another place.
"Damn, who is that?" Xia clenched his fist and gritted his teeth to keep looking.
Summer is calling uncle. How could he be so angry that he was in a bad mood? Suddenly, these uninvited guests made him feel worse. A good pk turned into a chase, and he always let him want to swear.
They all don’t know that the first pool of blood that Xia saw belongs to the little Chinese family. Unfortunately, he was found by Dannian and cut his throat with a flying knife before he could react.
The difference between the afterlife online and other games is that if a master’s hands and feet are trapped and motionless, even a player who has just reached level 6 can kill him by attacking the key parts. The equipment such as goggles and neck rings in the afterlife supermarket has been selling well.
A chef in charge of a small family in China has long been overweight and too lazy to wear any neck protectors, so he was taken away by a knife that I don’t know how many levels of ignorance.
"Huh?" Light read frowned after killing Huaxia little take charge.
"What’s the matter …" His arms were pale and wheatgrass asked weakly. The flying knife almost hit her heart. She didn’t die for the time being, but she lost a lot of blood and kept feeding her blood medicine.
"Familiar" theory
When you hit it, you immediately left the scene, and you didn’t see the true appearance of the Chinese family. When you kill an inch of wood in the same way, you see a white light, which is a map sign that the player was killed.
"Teacher Yu …" Green grass wheatgrass weakly called a.
Light read suddenly a frozen staring at the bosom beauty but still expression "who are you? How do you know? "
Green grass wheatgrass smiled. "Teacher Yu, this is a game, not a reality. Please let me go quickly and don’t save me … you will affect your play."
Read silence for two seconds, and suddenly make moves to push the flying knife in the chest with the grass and wheatgrass all the time.
"eh!" Green grass wheatgrass pain hum a "teacher you …"
Say that finish the Imai Philippines appearance and then disappear into a white light.
"So it’s you". It’s faster to turn around in your arms and rush to the top of Huashan Mountain than before.
When Xia was still searching in the mountains, I thought about how Uncle Frost and Snow in Wu Gou could meet at the top of the mountain. How could Grandpa change into a silencer after encountering the enemy just now? Three people killed each other at the top of the mountain, but Xia was still in a hurry.
"Which school are you from?" Sudden thoughts come out.
Wu Gou frost and snow noodles don’t change color. How could the uncle say impatiently, "pk, pk, what do you check?" !”
"Are you classmates with those two boys just now?" I miss flying knives as dense as meteors, but I still have the spare capacity to talk to them.
How could the uncle’s eyes stare angrily and say, "Did you kill them?"
The face is silent. "pk is a pk casualty. If you are classmates, I advise you to commit suicide and quit unloading the game."
"Are you crazy?" Uncle how could a burst of shooting "we play games you what matter? Is your home? "
Do you want the school to inform your family to ban the internet in the final exam of the horse?
"You are the education bureau tube so wide? !”
How can the big ye contain the frost and snow in Wu Gou, and successfully approach the light mind? The two men cooperated tacitly to see that the wounds on the body were getting more and more pale. I didn’t expect him to sneer at a black pocket from his pocket and throw it out at the two men.
Black smoke billowed from Wu Gou frost and snow and how could it come out in front of the big ye? It quickly condensed into a tall monster. The monster roared, and the remaining black smoke in the pocket was condensed into a group of bats and attacked the two.
The light thought is that the figure flashes and I don’t know which tree to hide in for healing.
"The devil summons the bag!" How could the big ye exclaimed
"Devil’s Call Bag" has a small chance of falling from boss, which will randomly summon one or two kinds of demons. It is also the first time to see someone endow this bat with blood-sucking skills. His hp will soon reach the bottom, and the monster hatred is locked in his melee body. How can Wu Gou Frost and Snow shout, "I’ll take care of it here!"
Uncle, how could you unceremoniously turn the spear around and shoot at the surrounding trees? Suddenly, a shadow flashed and a raptor swooped down from the sky at him.
"There is no end!" How could the uncle shoot with his gun? Suddenly, when his chest ached, he bowed his head and saw a swinging small flying knife stuck in his heart.
At the same time, the direction of the raptor changed, and the beast bat converging attack overturned the frost and snow in Wu Gou. hp instantly cleared the white light almost at the same time and was sent out.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Destiny opponent
The biggest difference between the map of "Huashan Peak" and other pk venues is that players will not enter the waiting area after being killed, but will go directly to the club lounge.
Another point is that the death of team pk field will not "show its true colors", but "Huashan Peak" will kill Bicao Fangfei because it is different.
It’s really a despicable means to see each other by killing people, but it’s not a psychological burden to think about it, because he received her private conversation voice as early as Beegrass Fangfei begged him not to kill her.
After the maintenance of the afterlife online, the tone of "private chat" will not be heard by the third person, and I can see the mouth, but I don’t know that the green grass and wheatgrass are still very short.
Green grass wheatgrass said, "Do Jianghu people call Chu Shuai Teacher Chu?"
Green grass wheatgrass is very clever or despicable. She didn’t tell the party that "Jianghu people call her Chu Shuai", but told Dannian that because she was only six or seven, Jianghu people called her Chu Shuai root careless.
Later, the green grass wheatgrass accurately called out the name and occupation of Dannian, but it still didn’t introduce itself. Therefore, the mystery made Dannian feel disgusted, and I saw the green grass wheatgrass.
I can refresh the list of school flowers in the middle school affiliated to Dashun University as soon as I enter the school. Imai Fei can be said that everyone knows everything, and the original speculation about Huaxia’s small family and inch wood has also been narrowed to Class 5, Grade 1.
Actually, he wanted to keep her and ask more questions.
Miss Imai Feikou’s "Teacher Yu" Dashun High School Instructor is famous for his "cold feelings". Yu Wenxi deliberately suppressed his level and didn’t show up in the master list, but a flying knife made him superb and hit the nail on the head.
When the uncle was killed by him, there was a clear look in his eyes, but when he saw the frost and snow in Wu Gou again, he was really taken aback and frowned.
Just then, the branches behind him were "flapping". Before he came back, he felt a pain behind him. He saw something different in his left chest and looked down at it as a cold steel needle.
He doesn’t feel much about his "death" because his clothes are black and his blood flows away.
He stared at Tong Shi and remembered the name "Summer Xia Xia Rose". The other party didn’t seem to have much curiosity. When he saw him dead, he didn’t come to see him. He really wanted to turn back but he couldn’t.
Xia rushed to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible after hearing the monster roar. When approaching the top of the mountain, she saw two white lights but didn’t know who was killed. When she approached the battlefield carefully, she saw the man in black in the tree-Dannian.
Summer quietly touched the past and didn’t know what kind of skill was a big needle pointing at the back of the weak mind. At this moment, she suddenly found that there was an extra circle and a red dot behind the weak mind, just like a sniper rifle scope.
Summer mind moves, tries to move the red dot to the faint heart, hits the energy, and gently pushes the right hand …
The silver light flashed, and the needle of the "angel of the afterlife" flew out like a bullet and instantly penetrated the heart of Dannian.
If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn’t believe that I still had a crossbow in my big syringe. When the white light disappeared, a one-minute countdown suddenly appeared in the center of my summer vision, saying that if I found the box lost in the world thousands of years ago before that, I would get unexpected gains.
Xia didn’t know that her good luck didn’t fail. Everyone was out, so she picked up a leak by mistake.
Since there is a leak to pick up, Xia will not be polite. She will take a closer look at the box, which is in a tree in the opposite forest, but if she wants to get it, she will definitely enter the monster’s hatred range.
Although Dannian was killed by Xia, he summoned the devil, but he didn’t disappear. Xia saw that there was a small part of the blood strip of the behemoth, but it was almost full, and several bats flew around them.
Xia feels that she can’t defeat two demons by herself, and she can find a way to rely on her speed. Fortunately, this box needs to be taken outside the game, so Xia doesn’t worry about being attacked on the way.
She silently glanced at the countdown in the field of vision and glanced at the opposite box and suddenly saw something familiar.
Is that-mushrooms?
By the way, fucking beast!

Although Xiahou Ren is a fairy realm, but with the help of the Golden Body Shengpeng and the Thunderstorm God Ape, Xiong Kun can’t say that he disdains Xiahou Ren for the first world war, but he will definitely beat me if he is an enemy. The most important thing is that if you want to learn from me, I will learn from you. It is precisely because of this idea that Xiong Kun doesn’t want to make a move.

But who is Xiahou Ren who regards heaven and earth etiquette!
You don’t fight, do you? Then I won’t leave or settle in, and I’ll be a guest in the air, disgusting you …
In the end, Xiong Fu had to agree to learn from each other.
Xiahou Ren didn’t let the golden body Shengpeng but sent the thunderstorm god ape, which is exactly what Xiong Fu meant, because after all, when Xiong Fu came to Xiahou Ren, he exerted the strength of the thunderstorm god ape department, and he was a bear who tore the sky with colored glaze, but he was not so afraid of thunder.
All the monsters left behind in Liajīngshan Yaomeng’s compound have witnessed this fight for no reason, but the fighting process is really quite j and ng.
At this time, Xiahou Ren’s master thunderstorm ape has been able to exert nearly 90% strength of thunderstorm ape!
The bear was defeated!
In front of so many monster beasts, Xiahou Ren was still very polite, and invited the bear to the golden body, Shengpeng, saying that there was medicine to give each other.
The bear stung him until he vomited blood, but there was no medicine, but there was something that made him very angry.
After Xiong Fu became a human being, he was rough and strong, dressed in light armor and thick chest hair. Xiahou Ren didn’t even give a gift. He pointed directly at the golden lion. "This is a member of the roaring mountain lion. More than half an hour ago, it broke into Huayan Mountain City without authorization and killed many people in our Zhengxian Society."
"Have the matter? !” Xiong Fei finally knows why Xiahou Ren came to see him. With a round eye, he will tear the golden lion alive.
"Before we came, we just wiped out the roaring mountain lion clan." Xiahou Ren added.
"hmm? !” Xiong Fu zheng heavy eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle up and stare at Xiahou Ren.
Xiahou Ren shall be afraid of being defeated and laugh. "It’s just learning from the demon race forward. The bear leader doesn’t have to do this to me."
Bear stings are really extinct, especially when they think about it. Is it too late or stupid to find another game now? Is it necessary for a demon family that has been destroyed to stand out?
"So all right! It’s not a pity that the race is so uncontrolled! " Xiong Guo not the kui a lean quickly way
"The main purpose of my coming here is to tell Xiong’s elder one thing," Xiahou Ren said.
"I’m a supernumerary of Zhengxian Club. I can quit Zhengxian Club at any time. Those rules and regulations of Zhengxian Club can’t restrain me. Just because they won’t hand over to the demon family doesn’t mean that I won’t really push me into a hurry. I’ll just quit Zhengxian Club and make a good fuss in this world."
"Is this meaning?"
"People don’t talk darkly, the Immortal Society, although the demon leagues have been established for months without mutual aggression, has never seriously restrained their hands. Although the famous monster beasts of the demon leagues have never attacked human towns, those minions have been killed in waves. I don’t believe that Xiong’s predecessors will know what the demon leagues are probably secretly doing such a thing."
"My dear Xiahou must have misunderstood …" Se Xiong Fu’s face changed lanes.
Xiahou Ren smiled and raised my hand to stop Xiong Fu from going on. "I don’t care whether it’s misunderstanding or not. I want to tell Xiong Leader that if Liangshan Yaomeng’s sphere of influence and human towns are attacked by monster beasts in three days, I will come to the door again, but I will no longer be a member of the Zhengxian Society. I will represent myself! And when the time comes, I won’t compete with Xiong’s predecessors and I won’t leave my hand. "
"You cheat me demon race? ! !” Xiong Guo momentum surge nu way
Xiahou Ren doesn’t care, "I don’t care if others are elder Xiong and the leader of Liangshan Demon League. I’ll also find elder Xiong then."
This is naked blackmail!
Three days later, if the human town in Liangshan Yaomeng area is attacked, Xiahou Renfu will find Xiong Chi without looking!
If Xiahou Ren can let the Golden Body, Shengpeng and Thunderstorm Apes sneak attack at the same time, who can stop it?
The golden body and the holy Peng were completely silent, and all of them came to bear stings.
Probably no one would have thought that this bear leader, who seems to be having a fierce ideological struggle, had already made a decision, that is, listening to Xiahou Ren.
This is because it has long lost its courage in the first two battles!
The first time it was almost killed and escaped after being seriously injured; The second time he was slightly injured, but it was because he ran away from the chicken …
It is no longer a former bear sting.
What is the strength of one person in front of the general trend of the day?
At that time, it didn’t take part in the Armageddon, but it is said that the guy named Xiao asked a wine demon tactic to directly lead to the death of 70 top fairy kings in their demon race!
In this era, it is most important to keep alive! Maybe you can break through the realm of soaring in your lifetime!
Those damn little bastards like Xiao Shan Zhan Shi are fucking messing with him and holding him back!
It’s the noble demon family. How can the king of the demon family be led by the nose because of those little bastards?
Moments later, the golden body Shengpeng left Liangshan Yaomeng with all the people.
After sending all the people back to Huayan Mountain City, Xiahou Ren turned out to be leaving with the golden lion and did not even bring Xiao Wen.
Xiao asked to see the golden body and Shengpeng go away, and also vaguely guessed what Xiahou Ren would do next.
Gao Tian Jin Shen Sheng Peng is spreading his wings and flying. Xiahou Ren is sitting on his knees beside the Golden Lion. He calmly said, "Then I will take you to a demon league to visit and let you see with your own eyes how the top leaders of those demon families who have high hopes for you react. If they have already put up resistance, how can you fight for a guy who is not qualified to lick your toes?"
Xiahou Ren said that and actually did it. It’s a bit like a mental derangement …
But that’s that he’s different from everyone else in the sky
For a month, Xiahou Ren traveled all over the southern part of Tianlan demon world with the golden lion. Everywhere he went, what happened was similar.
Every time, he pointed to the Golden Lion and told the "predecessors" that it was one of the roaring mountain lions. It rushed into Huayan Mountain City without authorization and killed dozens of us. I just put them out.
Golden lion saw with his own eyes and heard that the top leaders of the major demon leagues were threatening to compromise in Xiahou Ren. They were really afraid that Xiahou Ren, a loner, was fearless in …
And every time it goes to a demon league, it will be pointed at once. The revenge of the typical golden lion has long since vanished.
It’s even out of despair …
It wants to die quickly, don’t put up with this torture, but I don’t know what the Xiahou Ren can do, but it can’t even commit suicide …
And then it lost its natural heart …
It became a monster without heart and a soulless body.
I don’t know how many days passed before Shengpeng finally stopped. Xiahou Ren fell to the ground with the golden lion.
"such as?" For many years, Xiahou Ren spoke to the Golden Lion for the first time.

It was already half past twelve when I got home after lunch.

The three of them muddled along like this as usual.
"The Lindbergh brothers are the three of them?" Bear looked into the unit building Tianyu three people asked.
"Brother Lin Baige, Bear, said it was two men and one woman, and all three of them were men," explained Ding Nai.
"Two of them are the guys who cheated me that day! At noon, the woman usually eats at home at this time. They should all be in the room. Even if there is one more person, our side will not be afraid of them, "Lindbergh said with a cigarette.
"Then go!" Bear said, moving his hands and making a crisp sound.
Lindbergh is to flick the cigarette at hand, and the cigarette butt falls to the ground and splashes the stars and Mars, which eventually fades away.
Tinker bell nodded his head and stepped out first.
second floor[British English]; third floor[American English]
"Bang bang ~" Three gentle knocking at the door
Two whew then sitting in Tianyu room watching Tianyu receiving heard knocking at the door and went out.
"Who is it?" Two whew came to the door and said
"The property management company has come to check a pipeline," cried the outside.
Because there is no cat’s eye in this door, I want to know the situation outside the door by answering
Two whew also didn’t want to anything else immediately open the door.
"Check what pipes?" Two whew opened the door and asked
Bear smiled with malicious intent and replied, "Check your remaining life pipeline."
With that, Bear pushed the door open, and his bones were not strong. He saw that he wanted to push the door, but he stumbled.
"You? !” Two whew just said two words when he was horrified to see a figure jump out of behind the two men and run towards two whew belly is a big foot.
Erxiu felt like a squashed balloon, and she wanted to release the contents. Her stomach churned at noon and the food rushed to her throat before it was digested.
"poof!" Spit it out in one mouthful
Tianyu and ruoyun heard two wheezes shouting outside and rushed out at the same time.
"Lindbergh? !” Tianyu looked at lindbergh that some thin face lost call way
"We … meet again. You won’t forget what I said when you sent me to the police station that day, will you?" Lindbergh looked at the moment lying prone vomiting more than two whew sneer at a way
Then Tianyu glanced at Erxiu and cried, "Erxiu, are you all right?"
"Still’ two whew’? Really think of yourself as a’ break’? " Say that finish lindbergh and a feet chuai to two wheeze shoulder kick him to the ground directly.
"Grass mud horse!" Tianyu jumped at once.
At this moment, Bear and Dingdang have entered the house and sealed the door. Seeing Tianyu’s one-meter head, they rushed towards their side, and Bear went away like a tease.
Tianyu saw that the bear was kind but didn’t flinch. He raised his fist and hit the bear in the chest.
Bear sneered at Tianyu’s fist with his left hand, and his right hand also picked up a fist and returned it to Tianyu’s chest.
Tianyu’s heart trembled sideways to avoid being caught by the bear’s right hand and suddenly being dragged forward by the bear. Tianyu’s whole body fell forward, and the bear’s right hand grabbed Tianyu’s collar and his hands actually picked up a meter of Tianyu.
"Hey!" As soon as it hits the ground
Tianyu got a standard over-the-shoulder fall from the bear …
Fortunately, my head didn’t hurt my brain with my back behind my back, but my bones were falling apart, and my back ached and my head buzzed.
"fuck!" Two whew suddenly got up and shouted a.
After the whole house looked at two whew, even Tianyu wandered around with a head and looked sideways.
Then I heard Erxiu shout, "Break out, my little universe!"
Chapter 1 Despair
"Two whew, I’ll leave it to you to defend the earth!" A man wearing a spiritual body with the word "Wu" written on it said so.
Erxiu nodded and looked at the three people in front and shouted, "Artificial man 14, 15 and 16 die!"
"…" Sweat hung from their foreheads and the room was as silent as death.
"I went to … no two whew fantasy again at this time? This seems to be in "Dragon Ball". Although I haven’t seen much animation, the villain in the class still vaguely remembers it at that time. "Lying on the ground, Tianyu was immediately stunned by the sudden symptoms of Erxiu."
"Snow ~" Bear heard Erxiu shouting so he turned to look over and couldn’t help laughing.
At this moment, Ding Dong stared at Erxiu’s grim expression and laughed and said, "Children have watched too many cartoons."
Lindbergh is smiled and shook his head and took a step forward to give two whew a blood lesson.
At this moment, two wheezes, hands and wrists, hands touching each other, like holding chrysanthemums, leap out and call out, "Ha Miha Miha ~"
Tianyu looked at Erxiu, and at this moment, there was a kind of unspeakable field, as if he was really quiet, but his hair was pricked and his hair was blown up. I don’t know what mode it was …
Two whew, his eyebrows are cold, his eyes seem to be on the other side of the world, and he seems to be shaking in front of the gas storage, but now he is as cool as a cucumber.
"It won’t … two whew possessed by terrifying? Since I can be reborn and my life has to be guaranteed by the underworld, is it possible for the underworld to come out and give me a hand? " Tianyu earnestly hopes to say
Just when everyone had different expressions, Erxiu suddenly came out at the door of the room and had a binge drinking.
"Slingshot man is here!" If the cloud cried, he raised his hand, raised his toy slingshot, and took out alpine hard candy from his pocket to draw the bow.
Tianyu at this time there is an extreme impulse to hit his head on the ground. "What’s the matter with me? Two whews have secondary symptoms, so if the cloud is crazy, why do you follow two whews?" Now I’m not filming, but I really met a robber! "
If Yungang had just finished, he fired a "stone" and flew towards Jingle.
"Dong ~" hit the forehead.
Jingle against the bell head eyes staring at if cloud left hand rubbed his forehead from time to time.
Although that toy slingshot can’t hurt people, it can still cause some pain to each other.