The effect of the urgent March is that the 100,000-strong army consumes 2 points of mental energy per hour, and Huang Pusong can supplement 2 points of mental energy per hour by relying on the tactic of too clear concentration. The mental energy consumption and recovery are just the same, so that the soldiers can keep up with it.

Emperor Pu Song’s pro-commander pursued Zhou Wu with 100,000 troops, while Zhu Xi and Dong Zhuo pursued Qu Shuai, the fleeing Yellow Scarf Army, with 200,000 troops.
Lingyun Huang Pu Song Zuo Zhonglang is another student of Huang Pu Song. Naturally, Huang Pu Song stayed with Huang Pu Song all the way. This time, Huang Pu Song brought hundreds of troops, but after these wars, Zhao Feng’s military forces left 5,000 to wait until the end of the war to have a chance to add.
Lingyun personally felt the gap between Huang Pusong and himself all the way.
Lingyun is now a one-week counselor. The strength of an urgent March can increase the speed of the army by 5%. In the army, it will hardly feel any change.
However, Huang Pusong increased the marching speed of the army by 100%, although it was still not as fast as cavalry, but it was also very fast on the road.
If the cavalry is a motorcycle speed, the normal marching speed of the infantry is like that of ordinary people running, so the effect of Huang Pusong’s urgent marching is blessed. The army is like pedaling a bicycle.
One hundred thousand troops led by Huang Pusong have been marching towards the mountain country in a day and a night, and they have already traveled for hundreds of miles.
Urgent marching makes soldiers March at a high speed, but it will not increase the fatigue of soldiers. How much fatigue will soldiers have when marching normally is the same in urgent marching.
Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for soldiers to run at their highest speed for a day and a night.
Generally, when soldiers rush, they always give full play to their strength by about 70%.
In Huang Pusong, all the soldiers are running, and the speed of soldiers is 30% higher than normal. In Huang Pusong, the marching speed of this 100,000-strong army is almost 160% higher than that of ordinary troops.
One hundred thousand soldiers can have such a performance. In addition to exerting the effect of urgent marching, Huang Pusong also exerted a slow recovery on one hundred thousand soldiers.
Slow recovery-even soldiers can replenish their physical strength at high speed, not all of them are consumed.
In addition to slow recovery and urgent marching, Huang Pusong has been maintaining the third strategist skill all day and night-physical gain can temporarily increase soldiers’ physical fitness, and the higher their physical fitness, the longer their endurance.
Because of the release of the skills of these three military strategists, 100,000 troops rushed a hundred miles a day and a night, which was less than 50 miles away from Zhongshan State.
A day and a night’s journey can only be completed by ordinary troops in four days.
Although there are still several skills that can be put on the army marching road to improve the marching speed.
But Huang Pusong’s strength can also be to keep these three skills in the hundreds of thousands of troops.
Even after such a day and a night, Huang Pusong felt a little exhausted.
A total of 1000 points of spirit can be recovered every hour even if it is too clear. After one day and one night, Huang Pusong’s spirit is less than 100 points left.
The consumption of urgent marching is as high as 200 points per hour, and the two skills of slow recovery and physical gain together consume almost 50 points of spirit per hour.
If it is to release the effect of urgent marching, Huang Pu will definitely not feel tired, but after adding these two skills, Huang Pu Song is also a little overwhelmed.
The army stopped to rest and cook when it was less than 50 miles away from Zhongshan State.
Although Huang Pusong can still move forward after stopping the skills of three military divisions, he will certainly be more tired. If he encounters the ambush of the Yellow Scarf Army, the result will be disastrous.
One day and one night, there is no trace of the Yellow Scarf Army. Huang Pusong is very glad that he brought 100,000 troops. If the marching speed of 200,000 to 300,000 troops is slowed down, it will definitely make Zhou Wu escape and wait until the Han army withdraws and then come back to stir up trouble.
The day before the Yellow Scarf Army came to Zhongshan from Changshan County, it was better than the Han Army.
Now that Huang Pusong has marched for hundreds of miles a day and one night, he knows that the marching speed led by the Yellow Scarf Army in Zhou Wu is also very fast, and it is also less than 400 miles a day and one night.
Huang Pusong doesn’t believe that Zhou Wu can do his own thing and March a hundred miles a day and a night with more than 100,000 yellow turban insurrectionary troops.
Therefore, Huang Pusong is still confident to chase Zhou Wu before he escapes.
Chapter 75 Door Jin Suozhen
After an hour of cooking, the army resumed its journey. This time, Huang Pusong maintained the effect of an urgent March and also increased the speed of the army by 30%
In an hour, Huang Pusong’s spirit has now recovered to more than 300 points.
Ling Yunfeng dances. Several people are not very tired even if they March for a day and a night because they are riding horses.
It took less than two hours to increase the army by 30 percent, with a speed of less than 50 miles and a hundred thousand troops.
After the army came to Zhongshan, Huang Pusong asked Sun Yat-sen about the Yellow Scarf Army and learned that the Yellow Scarf Army had left northwest this morning. After that, Huang Pusong sent a team to catch up with himself and most of the military forces to take a break in Zhongshan.
In the past 1,500 miles to the northwest of Sun Yat-sen State, the Great Wall was built by the Qin Dynasty, and the city was vast and sparsely populated. Although it was still the territory of the Han Dynasty, the control of these places was very weak.
If the Yellow Scarf Army crosses the Great Wall, it will be like a fish entering the sea. Even if the Han army wants to catch up, it is difficult to find the trace of the Yellow Scarf Army on the vast grassland. Even if it takes a year, it may not be possible to meet the Yellow Scarf Army.
Have a rest in Zhongshan country for an afternoon. Emperor Pusong left for the northwest with his army before dark.
At noon, Huang Pusong’s spirit has returned to the highest speed again.