"Well, don’t live there …"

Postscript cold front, after all, is obsessed with martial arts Taoist Fu Junyu’s influence, which was quickly suppressed by him. The action was simply to say goodbye to the East and then turn around and leave it to the East as a floating figure.
"I hope you are all right …"
All I can do is to go this far and continue to help, but if I go too far, I can’t help it.
Make the east turn and sink into the dense forest.
Rush all the way
Let Donglai figure if there are monsters in the forest, dead branches, broken leaves, vines and so on, he will touch his clothes when he sees it, but somehow he is stopped by a mysterious force as if his body has a protective circle invisible to the naked eye.
This state is simply a "forest mark"
However, such a strange sight suddenly stopped, and then Donglai turned against the wind, and this time it came lighter and more like a ghost without substance
"It’s strange that here is very close to Jingling, which is in the radiation range of dominating the villa. How can there be such a tragic killing and there are many dead horses …"
Attracted by the smell of blood, Donglai finally came to his destination, but the horse was shocked by the tragic scene in front of him.
Dead bodies everywhere, blood everywhere, fertile soil stained with blood, residual heat still burning in the camp, not telling that this bloody battle has just ended.
And these are not enough to surprise Donglai. To his surprise, there are nearly 100 healthy horses killed in this large-scale camp. You know, the world is better. The value of war horses is higher than that of a set of advanced equipment of regular troops, and it is still impossible to meet things. It is definitely a huge conflict to die so much, otherwise it is impossible to exaggerate to such an extent.
"People who can have so many excellent war horses are definitely not ordinary people, but this time the enemy came suddenly and didn’t kill them at all. They were caught off guard, and the layout of this camp was dark, and it was easy to defend and difficult to attack. It can be seen that the owner of the camp was an expert in walking all the year round, but most of them were caused by ghosts when encountering such a situation …"
Just a few look around to the east and guess about killing this time.
"However, the raiders haven’t succeeded in exporting there, where many valuables have been discarded and many people have died. There is a big chaotic horseshoe print behind the elite. It seems that the enemy’s most important prey has successfully escaped and they are still chasing …"
Looking around again, Donglai got a further answer.
"Being able to dominate the jurisdiction of the villa is so overbearing. In addition to the Jianghuai army and the four major bandits, there are Tiele people in the plot. But now Tiele people are after me. I have no time to come here for an ambush; And jianghuai army also Li Tong army, imperial army pestering free time distracted that the rest is the four bandits that means they ambush people is likely to be their most wanted pegasus ranch … "
With the expansion of thoughts, Donglai gradually surfaced things.
It was only after Donglai tested those bodies that it was confirmed that most of the bodies here were from Pegasus Ranch, which means that Donglai’s inference base was correct.
"However, the greedy and cruel temperament of the four major kou should not be an ambush here. It should be that Shi Biao cooperates with the plot to directly swallow the whole Pegasus ranch … but it is also possible that my appearance has changed the layout of Shi Biao and Shen Luoyan, which will lead to this change …"
However, some things can not be inferred by some superficial phenomena, which makes the East infer more and more confused, and finally makes the East decide the simplest way to solve it.
Seeing is believing.
The thought of making the East Horse show its posture and fly in the direction of their escape.
In just half an hour, Kung Fu ordered the East to see a group of bandits with only 20 individuals, but there were actually more than 30 BMW horses around them, so that every BMW went out for the treasure. I don’t want to have more than 30 horses here. It’s an exaggeration not to say that it must have been a flying horse ranch.
Although there are only about twenty of them that are quite different from the expected ones, it is more than enough for the East to see that they are all strong, with amazing eyes and knowing that they are all masters, so everything makes sense. Thirty masters with good martial arts and a raid to destroy an elite team of 100 people are more than enough, not to mention the flying horse ranch with low quality.
At this time, a tall and thin guy with a bad ghost appearance cursed "Damn flying horse ranch, this opportunity also made Liu Zongdao run back and didn’t know how to make a job with his eldest brother …"
"Liu Zongdao I white …"
As soon as Donglai heard that the bad ghost gave birth to the name "Liu Zongdao", he connected the clues together and all the ideas were connected.
A juryman flattery way "Sir Zhong, you also don’t worry too much about this time Liu Zongdao lost such a big one than buying and selling back, and you will definitely be punished. If this Liu Zongdao can’t compete with that guy, then the Pegasus ranch will fall into our hands sooner or later."
Although Liu Zongdao’s martial arts is not high and his wisdom is not outstanding, his performance in the original work is remarkable. He is the most powerful contender for the NPC deacon. If Liu Zongdao loses here today, then the high-level ghost named Tao Shusheng will naturally fall into the hands of Shi Biao and the four bandits.
This plan is simple and effective, and it was written by Shen Luoyan, a femme fatale.
Make Donglai look at this lip and leave a pair of words with a dust brush on his back. The bad ghost also guessed that he was the second "scorched earth" among the four major bandits, but this hair dryness was not "short-tempered". On the contrary, he was the most calm one among the four major bandits, or Cao Yinglong, the "Ghost Cry God", would not give him such an important matter to deal with.
It’s a pity that I was hit by Dong Lai today.
Mao Gannai glanced at the distance and sighed, "If you don’t kill Liu Zongdao today, you will definitely be scolded by the boss. If you don’t have these BMWs to make some compensation, I’m afraid we are all embarrassed to go back and forget it. Let’s go back first. Anyway, we will be at the Pegasus Ranch in half a month … Hum!"
Speaking of which, a yearning and greedy look appeared in the dry eyes.
The juryman with a full face is obviously trying to continue to suck up. "I heard that the owner of Pegasus Ranch has a letter of sinking fish and falling geese, and Mr. Li will be happy when the time comes …"
Hair dry also don’t talk, ready to drive the horse to go.
However, the hair dryness soon stopped, and then the weapons were offered. At the same time, his elite horse thieves pulled out their weapons together to protect the hair dryness.
So well-trained is definitely not comparable to ordinary horse thieves.
It’s easy for Donglai to look at this group of bloody thieves with their hands full. It’s not like killing people at all, but those horse thieves, including Mao Zao, have fallen into the valley one by one.
One second ago, there was a light road in front of me, but only in the blink of an eye, a person suddenly emerged from this light road. Can such a change make people accept it for a while? It is commendable that they can have such a contingency attitude.
Hair dryness takes a look at entranced and takes a deep breath.
He doesn’t know a saying that makes the East come here crazy, but he can never forget that there is a man who carries an ancient Chinese sword all day and bears it. No one can force him to sacrifice his sword, even two masters, Du Fuwei in the sleeve and Mrs. Dong Ying in the sleeve method, can’t join hands.
This man’s gesture is exactly the same.
Mao Zao took a deep breath and asked in the most respectful tone as far as possible, "Dare to ask if the pavilion is the’ negative sword man’ who made the east come?"
"The little master ordered the East to come!"
It’s strange for Donglai, and I don’t know when I got such a nickname, but this title of "Little Master" is very appetizing for him, so I nodded and replied, "Yes, it is the person who made Donglai come here today. Is Master Mao borrowing something?"