Singing and dancing, frowning at the same time, this dress is not for this kind of person.

"It’s time for the big lady to get ready to meet the Taidian".
"well! Go! " Yan frivolous stood up and left without nostalgia.
The young accountant showed disappointment, and the older accountant reached out and gave him an explosion. Can Miss Shen be a Chinese cabbage like them in Xiang Xiao?
When it is close to noon, the fragrance building used to prepare for lunch, and it is busy at the moment.
Everyone in Shenyang has gathered at the gatehouse at this time, and everyone is nervous and ready. Different firms are in charge, but they are all looking forward to the leader of Taidian.
Yan frivolous late.
"I have seen the big lady!"
"I have seen big sister!"
They saw a pink Yan frivolous all is one leng Yan frivolous since back to the Shenfu has always been a simple outfit, a little thin powder as it is today, it’s amazing to dress up like this.
Seeing everyone’s reaction, singing and dancing proudly smiled. I think Taidian will also fold their big lady. If Shenyang can get Taidian to bless that big lady, it won’t be so hard!
"hmm!" Yan frivolous gently replied, "Have you seen the temple carriage?"
"There is no big lady yet!" Cai Zhong leaned down and answered.
Waiting is a worrying thing, and a sense of expectation rises inexplicably in Yan frivolous heart.
Just after noon, the concierge reported that a carriage was coming 100 meters away when the dust was flying.
Coming! Yan frivolous heart a fiercely heart beating fast.
Cai Zhong ordered people to hit the gate of Shenfu, and a line of people filed out, and there were sequences on both sides to get ready for it.
Silence and Yan frivolous team at the front.
Silent at the moment, the palms are sweaty, and the property is finally here. I have to wake up these days.
Horseshoe gallops from far to near, and a carriage slowly stops in front of Shenfu!
A little eunuch came from the front carriage and screamed "Taidian is here!"
"Welcome to Taidian!" A line of people bowed their heads and knelt down!
A pair of golden dragon boots appeared in front of Yan frivolous, and Zhu Yinqi personally helped Yan frivolous "stand up!"
The four eyes are opposite, and both of them are stunned for a moment. The difference is that Zhu Yinqi’s eyes are amazing. She seems to be more beautiful after seeing her for a few days. She is a little thinner, while Yan’s frivolous eyes are surprised. Zhu Yinqi’s body is clean and she doesn’t smell marijuana!
They will see each firm’s steward facing the north when they interact with each other. It seems that this great grandfather and Miss Shenyang are very rich.
Yan frivolous first came to her senses. She gently earned Zhu Yinqi’s hand a little gift "Xie Taidian!"
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes flashed and he didn’t say much. Then he glanced at them and knelt down and said, "Stand up!"
"Thank you, Taidian!" They thanked him and got up.
"The grass people in Taidian have ordered people to prepare a luncheon. Why don’t you ask Taidian to move to the fragrant floor first?" Silent carefully before asking for instructions.
Tai Dian personally helped Yan’s frivolous behavior. He saw it in his eyes, but this time he learned his lesson and stopped thinking about clinging to it. It was hard to get it back, and he didn’t want to lose it again.
Zhu Yinqi glanced at the accompanying father-in-law and said, "Taidian starts driving!"
Gao Sheng hurried to lead the way, silence and Yan frivolous accompanied too much about others and followed too closely.
When we entered the gate of Shenfu, there was a page carrying a big sedan chair on the splash bridge to meet us.
"TaiDian sedan chair, please!" Silence lifted the car curtain in person.
Zhu Yinqi stopped and frowned. Although Mo Li had sent someone to spy on Shen Fu, he learned that Shen Fu occupied a large area and that it still had a sedan chair, which made Zhu Yinqi slightly unhappy. No emperor would be happy to see such a rich and extravagant family in an ordinary family.
"This ….." Silence hesitated. "The Great Hall is some distance from here to the fragrance building."
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes are slightly cold, "Gong said that he wants to walk."
Yan frivolous feel this dialogue deja vu, she just entered Shenfu that day, and so on. She can probably understand Zhu Yinqi’s mood. "Father, let the bearers return!" Taidian please! "
In a word, Yan frivolous Zhu Yinqi was satisfied with others and was dumbfounded. When he walked from the gate of Shenfu to the fragrance building, he got less tea! What can I do to let them be pampered, gentlemen and ladies? But Tai Dian doesn’t even take a sedan chair. Who dares to ask for a step out?
Several stewards of the firm secretly complained about what they did to welcome Taidian so actively, which is a good thing that they didn’t show up in front of Taidian at the end, not to mention that it would take half a day to walk.
A line of people walked along the mall in a mighty way, looking like a long dragon from a distance, and there were many people brought by Grandpa alone.
Zhu Yinqi’s expression was cold and silent all the way, and his heart was seven uneasy.
Yan frivolous occasionally take a look at Zhu Yinqi’s cold side face. At this moment, Zhu Yinqi is completely different from Zhu Yinqi she has seen before. In the impression of Yan frivolous, Zhu Yinqi is gentle and polite. At this moment, Zhu Yinqi’s expression is completely different.
A group of people walked slowly and leisurely for about a wick of incense before they arrived at the fragrance building Taidian. A group of people were greeted on the third floor, and others arranged the first floor and the second floor respectively.
When I arrived at the star-picking hall on the third floor of the fragrance building, Yan was frivolous and ready to give in and stay silent. At this time, Zhu Yinqi finally said, "Miss Shen, stay and let everyone else go!"

Wind dance turned to look at the past when Zhang Xue also saw the wind dance.

"Good sister" Zhang Xue’s eyes wandered and he took the initiative to dance with the wind and shouted.
Zhang Xue clearly knows that she dances far better than NO FENG フウカ in Lingyun’s eyes.
And before meeting the bride, she danced on the right side of Lingyun and on the left, which shows that Lingyun wants to dance big.
After all, this is an era of respecting the left and respecting the right, and the wind dances on the left side of Lingyun. Although I didn’t say it at that time, I saw that everyone knew their status.
You need Lingyun to help Zhang Xue. She can’t let Zhang Xue compete for her position in Lingyun’s heart. She is willing to let the wind dance rank ahead of her.
Zhang Xue doesn’t know the true age of Fengwu. It seems that they are about the same age. This elder sister is very true.
The main reason is that the relationship between the two people was very good before, and they almost became girlfriends, and they almost might be bound to Jin Lan.
Moreover, Zhang Xue doesn’t have the concept of monogamy in his mind, so he doesn’t have the shame of recognizing himself as a mistress.
But two women and horses are going to sleep with the same man, which makes Zhang Xue feel very strange.
Zhang Xuexin is also not ready for this.
In other Zhang Xue’s mind, I don’t think it’s a problem. Getting used to polygamy is much better than wind dancing.
Zhang Xueji, who has a unified woman’s thinking and thinks that her husband is a day, will not object to Lingyun’s things. Lingyun is whatever he says.
In Zhang Xue’s view, she must be in the same room as Feng Wu. Lingyun arranged for her to accept it.
After that "elder sister" shouted out, Zhang Xue felt no embarrassment.
When I heard Zhang Xue calling her sister’s head, there was still some confusion. Zhang Xue replied, "Good sister."
Fengwu feels a little unnatural, but she doesn’t answer as if she hates Zhang Xue, and she doesn’t know what to say except this sister Fengwu.
Zhang Xue seemed to see the wind dance and said, "Lingyun … What happened to my husband?"
At this time, Zhang Xue also finished lifting his skull, which is no longer in the corner.
Two girls as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade got up and walked beside Lingyun.
Actually, Zhang Xue knew Lingyun was drunk without asking.
It’s alcohol when Lingyun comes into the room. She asked yes. It’s too embarrassing to change the subject and dance in the wind.
Together, the two girls put their hands on the table and Lingyun helped them back in the chair.
Looking at Lingyun and closing her eyes, both girls know that Lingyun must be unable to wake up tonight.
The original wind dance also hoped that Lingyun would get drunk and not wake up, but now the wind dance hopes that Lingyun will be awake.
It’s weird and embarrassing to have her and Zhang Xue in the room. Before talking, I had a lot to say to Zhang Xue. Now I can’t say a word to Zhang Xue, and I don’t know what I should say.
Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I remembered knocking at the door outside. Zhang Xue’s personal servant Tweety shouted at the door, "Miss, I brought ginger soup to my children."
It is Xu Fu and others who let people wake up the wine and ginger soup after leaving the horse. How can they watch Lingyun get drunk and not wake up?
Outside the door, except to send ginger Tang Cuier, Chui Fu Zhang Tong and others are all smiling one by one.
In particular, Zhang Tong has quietly told Xu Fu several people to wait for Lingyun.
Yu Chui Fu Li Hai several people are reserved is nodded without his own ideas.
When the door opened, Zhang Tongyin disappeared, and several people hid at the door without letting Zhang Xue see it.
Zhang Xue took the ginger soup from Tweety and the door opened again.
With ginger soup Zhang Xue spoon bite by bite to lingyun.
Because Lingyun was asleep, he drank slowly and flowed out while feeding into his mouth.
A bowl of ginger soup took less than half an hour for Lingyun Department to drink.
Zhang Xue took a few mouthfuls and a few mouthfuls for a change of wind and dance.
There is such a thing to do, even if I don’t know what to talk about with Zhang Xue, I feel much better than before.
Chapter 196 Can’t put it on.
After being filled with a bowl of ginger soup, Lingyun finally opened his eyes.
With his eyes open, Lingyun felt very dizzy, and then two beautiful faces appeared in front of him.
It’s fuzzy. Lingyun still feels beautiful.
"It’s strange how the wind dance has become two heads." Lingyun thought that he wanted to stretch out his hand and touch it to see which face was real, but he felt a pain in his head and fell asleep when he lifted his hand to half Lingyun.
This time, I really pretended that the blurred face finally became clear before Lingyun lifted his hand. Lingyun saw the two faces in front of him, one was dancing in the wind and the other was Zhang Xue.
Lingyun heart dark scold chui fook is not already told him how to send yourself to the wind dance room Zhang Xue also appeared here.
Lingyun didn’t tell others that Feng Wu and Zhang Xue were not in the same room.
Whether Huang Pusong or other people in the state animal husbandry house are arranged according to one room.
Moreover, Lingyun also marries two women at the same time. Many people think that Lingyun likes to sleep with three people.
Men think that the maids in Lingyun’s romantic mansion always blush here and feel that Lingyun is not serious.
According to their ideas and learning from predecessors’ practices, they all arrange a room.

For Ziyan, the whole process is simple, just like listening to other people’s stories. There is no danger at all. In fact, she can be famous in the underworld and have great fighting ability with her.

Finally, it is impossible for Qing Ji to dig out any wind and waves. This charming woman with pink Se skin is really ferocious now. Her face is full of blood, and then she feels beautiful. In fact, she has accepted her fate, but she is still struggling to resist because she doesn’t know what else to do except resist.
Looking at the purple Yan face calmly attacked her again and again at a certain moment, she finally gave birth to some regrets.
Before and after the purple Yan fought side by side, she was very purple Yan. How could those people be purple Yan opponents? Throw everything away, don’t talk about combat power and wisdom in combat. It’s simply outrageous! She has always felt that being the enemy of Ziyan is actually a very sad thing, because everyone looks so weak in front of Ziyan’s strength.
But since then, I have become the enemy of Ziyan? This time in the face of purple Yan is no longer someone else but herself …
Before, she felt sad for her opponent, and now it’s her turn. Who came to feel sad for her?
Sad? !
No! Since the moment when she decided to betray Purple Yan after careful consideration, she never thought about sadness.
At that time, she thought that herself, Louis and Xiong were not much weaker than Zi Yan, and it was a piece of cake to kill Zi Yan. After killing Zi Yan, she could get many, many reading opportunities, such as the status of a volume of Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Work … The most important thing was that she sat on the biggest mountain after bringing down Zi Yan, and she was no longer comfortable.
At that time, all she thought about was stepping on the body of Ziyan.
Just before today, she was successful. Even if Zi Yan came back, even if Y and N died, Louis, she still felt that she could kill Zi Yan completely with her existing advantages. Her mentality had already changed unconsciously, and she could look down on Zi Yan from a commanding height.
And her greatest reliance is not on Lan Xuan, but on her real strength.
She is very confident that she can defeat Ziyan alone!
This confidence comes from reading the article "Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Skill", in which the practice of dragon wings and fierce fighting demons are all at a loss, but after initial confusion, she suddenly realized something, and then she will learn it without moving Se, making it the key for her to quickly improve her strength.
It’s the eye of heaven!
One-on-one, she beat ZiYan, but two-on-two she and Lan Xuan lost badly instead …
After all, her cooperation with Lan Xuan is not as tacit as that between Zi Yan and the small celestial body, and she and Lan Xuan didn’t expect that the small celestial body would have such amazing means.
"bang! ! !”
Qing Ji was hit again. Black at the moment almost fainted.
In a daze, watching ZiYan attack again, she suddenly remembered the current events that she just decided to join ZiYan camp many years ago.
At that time, Zi Yan, who had just saved her, sat side by side with her at the top of a mountain and looked at the horizon. "I don’t like men because I look down on their strength. They naturally dominate women in this world, so they should be their vassals … Even the least man in this world will pretend to be the pillar of his family in front of his woman. Everyone thinks this is a man’s world."
Qing Ji looked at Ziyan’s side face with great interest and asked, "Isn’t it?"
Purple Yan didn’t turn to look at Qing Ji, but looked at the distant world and smiled. "I know that from now on, I am stronger than a man I have ever contacted. I don’t know when I formed such a lattice, but I am afraid that this life will not change. I want this world to bind me no longer. I want to stand in my way. Previous people, both men and women, worship at my feet."
Qing Ji, who was struck by lightning, knew for the first time that Zi Yan had such a heart, and at that time she felt ashamed. "Sister’s ambition is so great."
Violet Yan immediately shook his head. "This is not an ambition, but it’s just a matter of heart. But don’t worry, Qing Mei, I will treat one of my own people, especially women with sincerity. You respect me a foot and I respect you less. If I have a good day, I will never let one of my own people suffer."
Purple Yan is a strange promise, but one thing is really important, that is, once you are with Purple Yan, Purple Yan will not be the first to abandon her hand, which means that she is not afraid of being betrayed by Purple Yan.
Qing Ji would have been tempted to continue to seriously look at the purple Yan, waiting for the purple Yan to personally attract it.
And Ziyan did not disappoint her, and soon she said again, "So, Qingmei, are you willing to fight for our own world in this man’s world with your sister?"
Yesterday, Ri’s words are still ringing in my ears, but now they have reached an irreversible step, and what will happen is that she took the lead in rebellion …
Qing Ji heard a soup and felt a huge force enter her cranial cavity through the skull, and she completely lost consciousness.
Purple Yan finally stopped. She shot Qing Ji, but left her body.
Then, without hesitation, she collected the ninety thousand bodies of Qing Ji and fled to the distance together.
During the flight, she directly praised 90,000 "90,000!"
"Hehe" At this time, 90,000 is a little embarrassed. "Where’s Sister Ziyan and my brother?"
"Wait, I’ll call him."
"Hey, how’s it going?" Purple Yan immediately asked Xiao, who was floating in the brain, to ask the soul.
"I still have no idea. Can you help me?"
"All right, you go to the soul mark now and let’s work together."
All this has been finished. Purple Yan is very easy for ninety thousand people to take flying places and put all J and jīng gods in their heads. Isn’t it a piece of cake that she wants to get Xiao Wen’s soul back?
Then a cup of tea passed without success …
A stick of incense has gone, but it hasn’t succeeded yet …
Two hours later, 90,000 people have stopped in a valley with them, and they still haven’t succeeded …
"I’ll go! Can you do it or not? " Xiao asked the first unbearable angry tunnel
"What does this have to do with the old niang? You can’t come back now and depend on me? !” In fact, purple Yan has long been guilty. At this time, she can roar back with folded arms.
Sure enough, Xiao asked. "Didn’t you call me first before I came to help? !”

"I wipe! Robbery! " Sure enough, there is no shortage of robbery anywhere, but Li She is also unambiguous. Hurry and observe the attributes of this group of mountain thieves, the most powerful of which belongs to Korea. Others are wannabe, who is worth six or seven points.

Ming Ming Han sa
Small boss of professional shanzhai.
Force 1
Intelligence 4
This Korean sprinkling is also very arrogant with a meteor hammer in hand. Looking at Li She said, "Hand over the money and food and you can go. By the way, the two wolves and the wild boar also left the dog." This Korean sprinkling actually wanted to eat the big black, which angered Li Zhuang. Since the death of Fobo, it has left a big black to accompany himself. This Korean sprinkling actually wanted to eat the big black.
Dragons have scales, and they will be angry when touched!
Li Zhuang shot the wild boar with a treasure bow and three arrows in a row into the group of mountain thieves. The roots of the mountain thieves were targeted and died without even reacting. Han Sa was so scared that he quickly hid in the crowd and dared not show his face. Other mountain thieves also retreated.
Han Sa waited for a while, but nothing happened, so he walked out of the crowd and took a look. It was a great surprise and shouted, "He doesn’t have an arrow. Come on!"
Originally, there were three arrows just shot out in Li Zhuang’s quiver. At this time, as well as of course, Li Zhuang is not afraid of this group of mountain thieves. He is afraid that this group of mountain thieves will hurt Li She and dare not leave Li She’s side. At this time, the mountain thieves rushed over. Li Zhuang waved his bow and guarded Li She’s surroundings, but it would not kill the mountain thieves.
Li involved in Li Zhuang’s protection was unscathed, but he also knew that going to Li Zhuang in this way would definitely fail to see that the situation was very wrong. Li Zhuang roared, "Brother, let me handle it. I can handle it myself."
Li Zhuang turned his head and saw Li She’s confident eyes. He hesitated for a moment and said, "That’s a good little brother, be careful yourself!" So instead of taking care of Li, he rushed into the group of mountain thieves and waved the bow wildly as a stick. If the tiger mountain thief blocked it, he would be hurt and die. Mountain thieves avoided its edge
On the other hand, Li She is very difficult to resist. Now Li She is miserable. Just now, Li Zhuang hunted together. Although Li Zhuang killed her, Li She also scored 1 point. The experience value has just risen by two levels. At this time, it is already a strong little man with a force value of 5. However, Li She is still not enough to see everywhere in front of this group of fierce (relatively more than Li She) mountain thieves.
At this time, a mountain thief desperately stabbed Li She with a long sword, but Li She used the wolf corpse in her hand as a shield to resist this inferior long sword. How can she pierce and explain the wolf skin? At that time, the gas mountain thief’s nose and mouth smoked more crazily and attacked Li She.
Li Shegang is just fine, but the back is really unbearable. Either this wolf is a little heavy, and Li Shegang’s shoulders are getting sore. The mountain thief finally found a chance to look ferocious and stabbed Li Shegang in the abdomen. Li Shegang is not the wolf in his hand. If he is stabbed, it is definitely a hole and he will definitely die.
Moreover, the death cost of the village head involved in Li is very serious, which means that the village where Li is located will drop a grade, for example, the intermediate village will become a lower-level village, but the Tianmen village involved in Li is a lower-level village. What will happen?
Then there will be a result that the village will be delisted!
Li She can’t afford this price. All her hopes lie in this village. If the village name is real, Li She doesn’t know if she will jump off a building.
Li She seems to have seen herself down and out after the village was removed from the list, and the robber’s executioner’s face became more and more ferocious. Suddenly, the robber’s ferocious face solidified, and the pupil in his eyes slowly slackened and looked at his chest and fell to the ground and died.
It turns out that although Li Zhuang entered the group of mountain thieves, he always paid attention to the danger of Li’s involvement. Seeing that Li was in crisis, he was hurt by two swords and one knife. He pulled up the previously dead mountain thief and finally rescued Li.
Li She was sitting on the ground panting at this time, which was both tiring and frightening. Just when Li She felt that God would not let Han Sa, the small leader of Li She’s wishful cottage, wave a meteor hammer to kill himself, Li Zhuang’s hands and arrows failed to save him. Seeing that the barbed hammer was about to smash Li She, Li She also gave up her resistance and sat down to die.
However, Li She didn’t feel pain, but heard Han Sa, the small leader of the cottage, whine.
"Let go, you wild dog!" Actually, Li She has always had a grudge, and Da Hei saved Li She’s life by biting Han Sa and screaming angrily, "I’ll kill you!" Swing a hammer at the big black
"Big black!" In times of crisis, Li’s potential body seems to be full of strength. Throw away the wolf’s corpse in his hand, pick up the sword of the mountain thief who just died, and poke it at Korea.
Roaring skill was successfully launched. The small leader of the cottage, Han Sa, experienced a brief dizziness, which made Han Sa lose or have an opportunity. Li She’s sword pierced Han Sa’s heart and saved the crisis. The big black Han Sa’s blood was sprayed on Li She’s face like money. This feeling is too real. Looking at Han Sa’s unwilling resentment eyes when he fell to the ground, Li She felt deep fear from her heart.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully killed Han Sa, the leader of the cottage, and gained 3 experience points. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You are the first player to kill boss, and you will be rewarded with a drawing of the special building "Shennong Ancestral Temple", including one force plus one intelligence plus one hope and one experience.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You hope that the attribute has been unlocked, please check! "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully upgraded to level 6 and got 1 point to allocate points freely. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You successfully upgraded to level 7 and got 1 point to allocate points freely. "
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You have successfully upgraded to get 1 point for free allocation of points. "
"ah! The leader is dead, run! " "Run!"
A group of mountain thieves have long been killed by Li Zhuang. At this time, seven people have run away.
"Little brother, are you all right?" Li Zhuang didn’t go after the mountain thief, but ran to Li She’s side and asked that his back and arm were still bleeding. This was just to save Li She and was injured.
At this time, wait for a while sat on the ground and didn’t reply. Li never killed anyone. This game felt too real. When Han Sa died, his eyes had been in Li’s heart for a long time.
Big black ran around Li She seemed very anxious and whined, and then licked Li She’s back.
Li she looked at the big black and her eyes suddenly became firm. Isn’t this the world I want? What am I afraid of? What am I afraid of? Thinking about it, I stood up and held my head high and said, "I can’t let my heart get hurt a little!" "

Unless it is the same ten emperors, the root method will break through here.

What’s more, is it true that the Great Emperor will be subjected to extreme repression if outsiders enter here?
That’s why I’m suppressed here, because my father helped me get rid of it. "
Listen to Xuanjin Shenlong, Pang Xia looked at this piece thoughtfully.
Then he turned to look at Xuanjin Shenlong and said, "I can help you play these chains."
But there’s one thing you can’t do with me and the natives of this world.
Then you must help us deal with the eternal emperor. If we lose in the end, you can leave here at once.
Of course, if you don’t work hard, it is absolutely impossible.
If you can sign a contract with me in the name of Pangu the Great, then I will let you out now.
But if you don’t agree, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll leave here now
Want to come with four kinds of great source power, I can get rid of your entanglement and get away from here. "
Listen to Pang Xia’s words, Xuanjin Shenlong’s expression is dignified.
Pang Xia’s offer is really harsh, but Xuanjin Shenlong knows that he has no choice.
Once the world is broken and fallen by the eternal emperor, he doesn’t know how long he will be trapped here.
But if you promise Pang Xia to face the danger of the eternal emperor, Xuanjin Shenlong doesn’t want to face it
But after all, do you want to choose one of them to face the mysterious golden dragon or choose to help Pang Xia against the eternal emperor
Yu said to pretend to promise to go out before going back on our word.
Since the name of Pangu Emperor is to be witnessed, the mysterious golden dragon is still in the world created by Pangu Emperor.
Then it is impossible to go back on our word. We should have a slight idea of going back on our word.
It will be immediately suppressed again by the power left by Pangu the Great in the world.
And I’m afraid there will never be the possibility of turning over.
Thinking of this, Xuanjin Shenlong is better than regretting that he had nothing to do to provoke Pangu the Great.
But also a woman who casually broke into the world of Pangu the Great and suppressed herself for thousands of years.
Sighed again XuanJin dragon looked at PangXia nodded and said, "I agreed to what you said.
It’s no problem to witness our deal by the name of Pangu Emperor, but you can’t let me die on purpose.
If you let me die on purpose, then I might as well stay here, even if I don’t go out, it’s better than death. "
Hear XuanJin dragon say so Bai Pangxia nodded immediately.
Then he said, "I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die.
Later, when signing the contract, I will add a clause asking you to die on purpose. You can leave at once!
I want to sign a contract in the name of Pangu the Great, and its fairness is not emphasized with you. "
Nodded Xuanjin Shenlong and said, "So let’s conclude a contract."
Since XuanJin Shenlong promised Pang Xia, he held out his hand and the surging black data quickly turned into a piece of Dan Jin Juan!
Then Pang Xia raised his finger and there was a trace of white data flow.
Then Pang Xia’s finger painted in the Dan Jin Juan and concluded a witness contract for the name of Pangu the Great.
See just now PangXia concluded Dan Jin Juan technique XuanJin dragon pupil shrinks slightly.
Because he knows very well how difficult it is to move the great source power as easily as just now.
And how powerful it would be to be able to do so. No one speaks more than he who is the source of the Zulong Emperor.
Chapter 17 From the Temple of War
Xuanjin Shenlong guided himself a little bit of source data and injected it into the contract.
Suddenly Xuan Jin Shenlong felt as if there were a pair of eyes watching him.
And those eyes seem to be able to see through themselves, even the thoughts in my heart will be seen through.
Take a deep breath, Xuanjin Shenlong, and ignore that feeling.
Looking at Pang Xiaxuan’s golden god Longkou, he said, "I wonder if I should be chained?"
Pang Xia nodded with a smile and said, "Of course, since you promised, you will do it, won’t you?"
Pang Xia’s voice falls, and four kinds of emperor source data flow at his fingertips.
Then Pang Xia’s right index finger went straight to the central connection point of Xuanjin Shenlong’s heart chain.
At this time, Xuanjin Shenlong felt a more dangerous qi activity, which made his hair stand on end.
However, Xuanjin Shenlong still forced patience to wait for Pangxia to get his own body chain.
Pang Xia’s right index finger points at the connection point of Xuanjin Shenlong’s chest chain and then quickly stops.
I heard the sound of "click" and the chain of Xuanjin Shenlong broke and fell to the ground.
Looking at the chain Xuanjin Shenlong that fell on his side, it seems that I can’t believe it. It’s a bit stunned
Seeing this, Pang Xia raised his eyebrows and said, "Why can’t you believe that these chains are so simple?"

At this time, he was at least 30 feet away from the ground, but soon the footsteps of Donglai continued because he felt that there was a mysterious and familiar voice calling him to go back to his world. "If you are willing to wait for me, when I walk through the end of the world, it will be my return time …"

Chapter one hundred and thirteen End
Chapter one hundred and thirteen End
Seven years later
Two figures appeared in the wind and sand.
"Old postscript, are you here?"
"Aren’t you here, Ling?"
These two men are Xu Ling and postscript Feng Han.
Xu Ling sighed, "I didn’t expect this place to be our gathering place."
L ‘envoi Feng Han sneered. "Zhong Shao is now an emperor, but it’s no longer the case that Zhong Shao forgot such a day. It seems that it’s really a matter of state."
Xu Ling didn’t answer but looked at the distant cliff.
At this time, there is a graceful figure in white and barefoot on the cliff of Canyon Mountain.
"She’s here, too."
Xu Ling’s eyes are a little blurred, sighing and remembering.
Postscript Feng Han said, "She didn’t come here, but she has always been here, but others didn’t find it. But the most bitter thing is not her, but the woman who has been waiting here with her children."
"ShangXiuXun ah …"
Xu Ling seems very sentimental today.
Just then Wan slowly flew to Lin Shangxiu-xun’s side.
A pretty little girl saw the bearer and realized that she had never known a horse and woke up to her mother.
Shang Xiuxun rubbed her daughters’ beautiful hair and said, "Sisi, this is your aunt."
"Hey, good!"
Make Sisi respectfully give a gift.
Wan Wan seems to make Sisi see the figure of a sad person, and her inability to speak will make Sisi hold her arms and her mind full of thoughts.
At this time, the sandstorm has long stopped, and I don’t know when it will sweep again.
When a sandstorm passed, Shang Xiuxun, Ling Sisi and Wan Wan suddenly had another person around them, a person they were worried about.
ShangXiuXun body if touch suddenly turned into the eye nature is the familiar figure.
Wan Wan was unusually calm and asked coldly, "Are you finally willing to come back?"
Let Donglai slowly walk out of the sandstorm without any dust, but his eyes are full of sadness. Looking at Shang Xiuxun and Wan Wan’s gaunt beauty, Donglai did not hesitate to open his arms and embrace them together.
At this moment, Shang Xiuxun and Wan Wan feel that it is worthwhile to wait for these seven years.

"Four-to-one score! The referee blew the whistle early, but it was three minutes, and it was at the last minute that Sun Yao finally scored his first goal in Manchester City!"

"The first show is perfect! Although the best match should be Zhe Ke or Aguero, Sun Yao is no less glorious than these two! Let us look forward to receiving more glorious moments in Sun Yao! "
The game is over!
Crazy Manchester City swept Tottenham Hotspur 5-1 away to announce who is the favourite to win the Premier League title this season.
Obviously, the goal of Manchester City this season will no longer be to compete for the Champions League qualification, but to die without winning the championship!
The Premier League title is their only goal.
Of course, the Champions League champions are also in their eyes. The Premier League key nàme is strong. Because of the great chance of the Champions League, how much confidence does Manchester City have in participating in the first time?
This game is crazy. Manchester City brought this game, which caused the most topic, but this ball was instantly covered by the score of another game.
Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-0 at home!
This is a score that everyone can’t believe.
Arsenal suffered such a painful defeat and lost to Manchester United, their arch-rival for many years.
The biggest shock to everyone is naturally one thing: crazy Manchester duo.
A 5-1 away game, a 2-0 home game and a 2-0 North London duo were sacrificed by two crazy teams. It seems that the Manchester City Derby is about to become a Premier League Derby!
After three rounds, Manchester United and Manchester City tied for the top spot with points.
The Premier League championship seems to have started from the third round in yjng, where Chelsea, Arsenal and other giants have fallen behind one after another.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five New Champions League
In the fourth round of the Premier League, Manchester United swept Bolton 5-0 and Manchester City beat Wigan Athletic 3-0!
The game has won four consecutive victories, and the battle between the two men in Manchester City has also intensified.
At the same time, the Champions League has finally started.
This is not the first time Sun Yao has participated in the Champions League. After all, he achieved very good results in the Champions League with Villarreal last season, so he is a member of the team with more experience in the Champions League.
Of course, although this team is a new Champions League army, most of the generals are not lacking in Champions League experience.
Like Yaya? Toure also won the championship with Barcelona in those days, and his experience in the Champions League is naturally very rich.
Of course, Balotelli also won the Champions League with Inter Milan once, and Tevez was also one of the heroes when Manchester United made great achievements on a rainy night in Moscow.
This team is not short of famous players!
On September 15th, the Etihad Stadium in Manchester City finally welcomed Naples, a strong Italian team.
Roberto Mancini, who was born in Serie A, naturally knows very well that his opponent Naples is not as famous as Milan duo and Yutus, but it is also a very difficult opponent.
Moreover, Naples was also created by them. moderns and Diego Maradona led the three South American masters. At one time, there was a small World Cup called Serie A, and at that time, the king of the ball was there. Naples was like a giant, and it was still domineering in front of Milan, Holland, the Three Musketeers and Inter Milan and the German Troika.
"But think that no matter what strong teams had to have a trio in those days, the Dutch Three Musketeers, the German Troika and the South American Three Masters ruled Europe before, and Utus was also led by Platini and called the European Three Musketeers. It seems that Manchester City has to form a trio to dominate!" Sun Yao pondered, "But now the tacit understanding of teammates is not particularly good-looking. Take your time!"
Nowadays, the strongmen have shown signs of recovery. Hamsik, cavani, Lavezzi and other outstanding talented players are leading this team to repeat their glory.
Therefore, in the Champions League group stage, this game is also very worth looking forward to.
It is worth looking forward to. The game must be broadcast live.
Because of Sun Yao’s excellent performance in the Champions League last season, Mancini, the second top scorer in the Champions League, certainly has no reason to leave him out of the starting list.
Of course, it’s the left avant-garde or Sun Yao’s responsibility.
On the other side is David Silva Road, and the two waists are Yaya? Toure and De Bari were not included in the squad due to injuries.

Yi Yu smiled slightly. "You won’t kill Zhi Xian. You have no reason to kill her. You can live to this day and say that you are a clever woman. You will never do such a larger foe." Then Yi Yu looked at the dove and kite proudly. "And you can’t kill me!"

When the dove and kite heard Yi Yu’s words, they said, "I have no reason! You killed my apprentice. What’s wrong with me killing your apprentice? ! I can’t kill you little bastard! It’s not that bitch Zhu Ai and Miao Yi. You’ve already become my sword ghost! "
Yi Yu gave a way "no, no, no! You have three apprentices. I killed one, but I have two left. If you kill me, you need to kill your other two apprentices, so that you and I have no apprentices. This is only fair. I will give you two choices. I wonder if Ms. Hattori will listen? "
In fact, the dove and kite also had difficulties in their hearts and had to come, otherwise who would like to make enemies with Emei Qingcheng Mountain at the same time! Now she has something to say when she hears Yi Yu. "If you want to say it, just say it. Anyway, you have no chance."
Yi Yu laughed. "Beauty, I’ll give you two choices. One is to let Zhi Xian fight with you now, and I’ll go with you if you win me."
Hatoyama is obviously not satisfied with this option. "What about the other one?"
Yi Yu laughed. "The other is that you go back with Zhi Xian and wait like a wealthy family. When it comes to the day when naked education overturns, it is better for you and your two adopted daughters and disciples to leave a life-saving amulet." Here, Yi Yu’s eyes are full of looks, but it turns out that the dove and kite are shocked.
The dove and kite turned stiff and just said, "You!" The word was interrupted by Yi Yu. I don’t know where Yi Yu took out a purple flame and threw it to Qi Lingyun. "Elder sister, you take this ten thousand-year-old Wen Yu and Joan Ying and Qing Yunjie back to Ningbi Cliff to treat the British male and female pool. I believe that there will be no danger if there is a combination of purple and blue. I will be here with the great beauty of dove and kite to talk about the conversation. You are here. She is a little embarrassed."
Although JiLingYun didn’t want to leave, she looked at Yi Yu’s firm expression of eyes. In the end, she chose to go away from looking at three swords. Yi Yu took a long breath and returned to look at the dove and kite and smiled.
The dove and kite also looked at Yi Yudao. "Go ahead and beat them away. Do you have anything confidential to tell me?"
See Yi Yu smiled slightly. "I heard it earlier, dove and kite. Today, among evil spirits, you have the best insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the cat, which is why you can avoid the disaster three hundred years ago and live to this day, but you also said just now that sometimes wisdom will appear so weak in the face of absolute strength gap."
Dove kite some moving at Yi Yudao "you?
Yi Yu laughed. "I didn’t want to say anything, but now the cat has changed, but the weather number is still not there. Don’t tell me what you are. You are a naked leader. You can’t become a king with a horse divination. Magic teaching is magic teaching."
Although I still want to refute it, I suddenly feel that I have no strength to argue with him after listening to Yi Yu’s nondescript metaphor of dove and kite.
Yi Yu connect a way "don’t rely on a few more fix every old devil is your magic teaching luck from the prosperous! This time, the rebirth of the magic religion is only due to the fact that the fate is too great and the cannon fodder is not enough, which gives you some hope. Those cunning guys believe in beauty. You know better than me. Don’t miss your life and death because of their exciting words, even if you live for hundreds of years. But what about your two adopted daughters? Jin Shuyin is a young man, and you are.
Let them be buried with you? "
"You! Don’t be alarmist here! " The dove kite seems to have realized everything in her heart. She refused to give up and remained stubborn in the face of Yi Yu.
Yi Yu sighed, "In fact, you yourself know very well that you lied to yourself. Now those hidden old demons have come back one after another, but they have driven you here as a woman?" And … you have betrayed them just now! "
Dove kite learns a surprised way "you! What did you say? I don’t understand! "
Yi Yu looked at the dove and kite and laughed. "What do those old demons want you to do? You’re not being molested by me, are you? Although you didn’t admit it just now, you must have come to stop Lingyun from returning to Emei Mountain to treat Yu Yingnan. "
Seeing that Yi Yu saw through the dove kite was a burst of frustration and didn’t refute it.
Yi Yu connected, "But you are also white. If you really intercepted the ten thousand-year-old Wenyu, it would be a trivial matter to prevent the Emei Sect from treating Yu Yingnan and offending the Emei Sect. But if you really broke the number of three English clouds, it would be an act of God! From this, all the causes and consequences and all the crimes will fall to you and your naked church. You only used our past hatred words to be directed at me, but they hinted that I let Lingyun go. It seems that the beauty of the dove and kite is on the side of the magic church, and you are quite bullied! "
Yi Yu Yin Yin smiled. "If those old demons who forced you to come know that you are so slacking … Hehe."
"ah!" Upon hearing what Yi Yu said, the dove and kite couldn’t help exclaiming in horror. Looking at Yi Yu, it was obvious that those old demons in Yi Yu’s mouth had a great deterrent to her.
See dove kite so reaction Yi Yu also some curious heart way "what people forced this dove kite? How can you scare this religious leader like this? " But this is not the time to explore the reasons.
Seeing that the dove and kite were frightened, they gradually calmed down and looked at Yi Yudao. "What do you think?"
Yi Yu smilingly said, "I don’t want to go back to my apprentice. In fact, you and I both know that you are not so pretentious to lie to me. You will return Zhi Xian to me, right? And you should also want something from me on this trip. "
When I heard Yi Yu’s words, the dove and kite really panicked. Yi Yu didn’t let her guess directly. "It’s not surprising that the situation of the magic road has changed greatly with those hidden old demons coming out of the mountain."
See the dove kite didn’t refute Yi Yu continued, "But today, although the cat was in chaos, it’s not hard for you to see the general trend. If there are no other forces to adapt to the sudden emergence of days and have the opportunity to participate in the final game, there are also two factions, Emei and Qingcheng Mountain, but the Emei faction is strong and decent. How can it be self-stigmatized and you teach naked?" So in the end, you chose the Qingcheng School, and you tried your best to catch Zhi Xian, presumably because you wanted to talk to me about some conditions through her! Therefore, you will never dare to touch a hair on Zhi Xian. "
The dove kite looked at Yi Yu with a bitter smile. "What you said is not far away! Blame the old god and the old demon for deceiving others too much! I also have to. "
Yi Yu is also surprised when he listens to the title of the old god and the old demon. Needless to say, the old god is the father of Deng Yinyue of Kunlun Mountain, the elder of the magic religion, and the status of the old demon is also extremely respectful of the five ghost kings Shang Heyang, the leader of the eastern magic religion. It is this Lao brother "Oh? Are these two bullying you again? "
When the dove and kite heard this, they actually cried with sadness. Of course, this also has some theatrical elements, but it can make the leader cry in front of others. Presumably, the dove and kite were really bullied. After crying for a long time, the dove and kite said, "They …" It seemed a little hard to say, but looked at Yi Yu and had some doubts. The dove and kite gritted her teeth and said, "They are all spying on me for hundreds of years!"
"oh? This is the meaning? I don’t understand. Are they trying to … rape you? This pair of old people is really old! But that’s why you’re willing to turn your back on the demons Are they really long and so unbearable? " Yi Yu is sympathetic and somewhat ironic.
At the sight of Yi Yu’s banter, the dove and kite obviously didn’t believe in the secret tunnel. "This time, if we can’t join the Qingcheng Mountain camp again, even the whole naked religion will be destroyed, and Yi Yu, the little bastard, is by no means able to keep the secret. If we don’t succeed today, we will soon enter those old demons’ ears …" Thought of this, the dove and kite gritted her teeth and said, "What I said just now is true. This should start with the practice of my naked religion. Do you know that I teach male and female monks to dress dissolutely
Back to the one hundred and forty naked
Jade hearing this dove kite ask this also some curious way "oh? Then you should dress like this when you are naked? "
Now that the dove and kite have made up their minds, they will no longer hesitate to say, "I taught the practice of Nine Demons’ Yin Harmony naked, which was very mysterious by the Mohist in the pre-Qin Dynasty, but because this book was incomplete, it was not corrected and revised by the grandfathers and grandfathers for two generations, and it became such a power now."
Yi Yu heard and laughed. "I can’t believe that the magic you taught naked is still authentic in the pre-Qin period! Rare! Go on. "
The dove and kite nodded and answered, "But the revised Nine Demons and Yin Combination has great defects, although its power is not diminished. However, if you practice this skill, the human body’s yin and fire will converge, and it is difficult to dredge. You can’t wear more clothes because of your anxiety, and you must draw lines on your body and suppress them, otherwise you will die of burning Yuan Shen in a few years."
Yi Yu was also surprised to hear it, followed by a sigh tunnel. "I didn’t expect that this day everyone spit on naked teaching and there was such a secret thing!" Added, "I didn’t expect you to be so secretive. It seems that I was wrong about you when I heard that the naked Christians were lewd."
When the dove and kite heard it, they also said angrily, "I taught the Yin fire generated by Nine Demons and Yin Harmony naked to be extremely overbearing. When you see these tattoos, it is a way to suppress the Yin fire. However, my brother who has this tattoo is still perfect and comes to the slut to say!"
"Oh?" Yi Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard what the dove and kite said, but they passed away in a flash. "But this has something to do with those two old demons trying to take your Yuan Yin?"
Upon hearing this, the dove and kite turned red and said, "The Yin fire that I have suppressed for hundreds of years in practicing the Nine Magic Yin Harmony has already condensed into evil people who are skilled in practicing mining and tonifying techniques, which is of great benefit …"
I heard the dove and kite say that Yi Yu was here and asked, "Since you practice magic and cause yin fire to burn us, isn’t it a win-win plan for them to pick up your body yin fire and you will be so disgusted?"
When the dove and kite heard this, their faces turned red and became angry. In view of the situation, they forced people not to listen to her. "You! How can you talk like that? ! I … How can you know about this mining supplement if you repair the authentic door? " This dove and kite is easy to repair, and it’s an authentic door. It’s not white. What is mining and mending?
Yi Yu did Sarah laugh in her heart. "Whether it’s the Zazie or the Heaven from the Qingluo Palace is not a door book, but the magical skills of two emperors and military strategists have been misinterpreted by later generations and classified into Taoism, which has changed beyond recognition." Although Yi Yu thinks so in her heart, she doesn’t understand. "In this case, please ask Taoist friends of doves and kites to teach me."
The dove and kite was even more ashamed to hear Yi Yu say this, but on second thought, "Although I smell this little wonderful color, this Qingcheng Gate is an authentic Xuanmen. I guess he can’t be serious. Besides, even this little bastard doesn’t care about fairy tales. Are those fairies who are with him crazy?" But the dove and kite didn’t know Yi Yu, but they didn’t fear these, and they had already broken their original bodies.
The dove kite said, "Me! Hey! Now even if I don’t tell you, you won’t believe me, but if I elaborate on it, you must promise me to keep the naked religion. "
Yi Yu shook her head and said, "That’s impossible. I can’t promise you that there are still masters and granduncles in Qingcheng Mountain. At this time, I can’t make decisions. If you don’t want to let Zhi Xian leave as much as possible, I will never stop it."
You!’ This dove kite is really helpless, but just then Yi Yu answered, "But … although the whole nakedness taught me that I can’t be the Lord, if I had you and your two adopted daughters and disciples’ lives, I would …"
As soon as the dove and kite heard it, her heart was dying, and her eyes lit up and she said, "OK! As long as you can save the lives of Ginger and Silver. "
Yi Yu sneered and shouted, "Then say it quickly!"
The dove and kite were startled by Yi Yu’s sudden fire, but she didn’t lose her color. She said obediently, "All the yin fires produced after our practice are suppressed by an array. Although it is annoying from time to time, it is also very important, but if the suppression array is broken once it is adopted, it will be completely destroyed. It will be difficult to suppress the yin fires in the future. If we want to gather in volume, we must adopt such furnace pots again!"
"and!" Here, the dove and kite blushed again. "And the strength of the old god and the old demon finally reached a secret agreement to share our mentoring. If they really treat my wife and concubines, maybe I will be resigned, but Kim and Silver are still young …" Here, the dove and kite is crying again, but this time it is very sad and not like acting.
After crying for a long time, the dove and kite were in a folded color. "Although our mentoring is a weak woman, can’t they ruin it like this?" So I just … "Say, look up at Yi Yu miserably.
Yi Yu see laughed ".
I want to throw myself into the wing of Qingcheng Mountain and watch those untimely people die tragically. "
Dove kite is also face a change just sad weak color a face of perseverance vicious way "good! I just want to watch those naturally old demons die one by one. Now that you know that I am in such an ignorant situation, will you treat me like this? "
Yi Yu hearing is took two slap laughed "good! Very good! But if I take you, I won’t be here, but I’ll see what value you have, wouldn’t you say so? "
The dove kite was stunned when she heard Yi Yu’s words. Of course, she knew who Dirt was, and just the day before yesterday, when she was robbing Zhi Xian, the dove kite had once done a few tricks with Dirt. She knew that the beautiful little girl was better than her. Now, when Yi Yu called this name, how could the dove kite not be surprised!
"Luo Luo! The host is really bad. People have been here for a long time, but you will try your best to remember that people are angry at this time with women. You don’t even know that these people want to die! " With the voice, I saw a pretty girl dressed in purple, so I jumped into Yi Yu’s arms lightly by appearing in Yi Yu and the dove kite.
At the sight of this, the dove and kite were stunned and looked at the dirty tunnel with some horror. "This woman has been deeply repaired for a long time, but I didn’t feel it at all! This repair … "
Yi Yu and the dirty mind have their own induction, so Yi Yu felt that the dirty had come before Qi Lingyun and them left, but it was not time to summon him to show up.
Yi Yu gently stroked her ass with dirt, but it was knocked out by dirt. "Hum! You bad guys think about these bad things as soon as they see others. "
Yi Yu unexpectedly climbed the dirt ass again and talked to attract dirt’s attention. Yi Yu laughed. "Dirty baby, what do you think we should do with this great beauty of dove and kite?"
Scale to Yi Yu a wrinkly nose and looked at the dove kite cold hum a "if you want to scale said this bitch die! She not only kidnapped Zhixian, but also trapped the dirt in her broken array for an hour! "
Hearing this, the dove and kite were surprised again. "Did my nine-turn hexagram array actually trap them for an hour? ! No wonder it came so soon! "
However, I listened to Dirt and said, "But just now, her words have been heard …" Speaking of this, the latter words were not said, but telepathy gave it to Yi Yu. "The owner of the little pervert must be reluctant to give up such a good stove. It’s really rare to think that she is also a woman who can keep Yin Qi!"
Yi Yu gently scraped her nose and smiled. "You are really a bug in my heart. How can you know what I think?"

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “