"What? I asked you to sign a few of your own names and then collect them for me. Don’t you want to sign them for me? Who else do you want to sign for? Tell you there is no way to give it to anyone! "

Listen to what is sweet talk. Xia Shuqing heard that he was comfortable. The horse raised his smiling face to please and threw a "of course not for others" and went back to the house to sign it.
Instead, Mo Xiaoyan sat on the sofa and made a face in distress situation in front of the living room, asking her boyfriend to sign a few names to collect them. Of course, everything was to coax Xia Shu to be pure. Ida dreamed of his star as a superstar, and he signed himself handsomely. He also specially practiced fancy signatures and calligraphy for several years.
In Xia Shuqing’s writing, he just writes more correctly than primary school students. Every word is slender and slender. I don’t know if he feels that he doesn’t have the desire to grow taller. If he wants to collect it, he will probably fall in love with his suit and trousers lover Mo Xiaoyan, who will coax people into doing things.
After a while, Ida came out with a few beautiful thin photos of different colors in her hand. "momo, these notes are signed on the spot. How many do you want to choose?"
She didn’t know what the on-site autograph meeting was. Mo Xiaoyan took a light blue photo and turned it over. It turned out that this thin photo was printed by Ada, a film company. The first page of the photo was Ada’s autograph and blessing.
Ida is now popular. In fact, these photos have been fried to sky-high prices on the Internet. However, Mo Xiaoyan usually lets Xia Shuqing pester him with business and play games when there is nothing at all. Note that Ida, a friend, is unaware of these things and knows that Ida is now popular.
If you give these photos to Chen Lian, who loves them, they will be ecstatic. Mo Xiaoyan can foresee this scene. Just pick a few and ask some strange questions.
"Ida, you are so popular now. Why are there any signatures left?"
After asking Mo Xiaoyan, I didn’t think it was appropriate to say this. Doesn’t this mean that Ida’s star is too collapsed? Even the phase can’t be separated.
Is IDA smell speech think nothing is scratching his head embarrassed way
"At that time, I said don’t do the on-site signature. My agent just didn’t listen. At that time, they were still waiting in line, and then somehow they started to make trouble. All the fans were so crazy that we left before …"
"No wonder" Mo Xiaoyan suddenly realized that nodding had already thrown something that had just been put in the wrong place to Java. "Mo Shao" wouldn’t say that he didn’t say something wrong in front of his friends. If he said something wrong or said something wrong, someone would definitely listen to him wrong.
"Chen Lian, Love Love, Mary Three" Mo Xiaoyan picked three colors to flash, thought about it and took another one "Take one for Lao Gong Niu"
Ida looked at one in her hand and simply handed it to Mo Xiaoyan. "Here you are … I brought these out in a hurry yesterday."
Ida paused as if she wanted to say something else, but immediately stopped. Mo Xiaoyan didn’t feel at ease. She felt that it was too difficult for Ida to "escape" and play as a star when she had a vacation.
Mo Xiaoyan looked at his eyes half-closed and didn’t listen to the master bedroom door. He didn’t move. Just find a topic to chat with Ida.
"By the way, how about your company distributing it to your brokers?"
"Oh, good-bye." Ida felt a headache when she heard the agent, and she complained to Mo Xiaoyan.
"Oh, you don’t know that my agent really worries me to death. Usually, he has to take care of everything I do. When filming, it’s strict. How much water to drink and how much food to eat a day are quantified, regardless of whether you are full or not, and whether you like it or not."
Mo Xiaoyan chuckled, "You are a senior broker, right? It seems that your surname is Huang?"
"Yes, it’s Huang’s confession. I really don’t know why someone would call it confession." Ida vomited and sat near Mo Xiaoyan very divinely.
"You don’t know, he’s a 30-year-old man. He’s not married yet. He won’t let us call him Huang Ge, saying that he’s old. Oh, my God, I haven’t called him Huang Shu yet. It’s not bad to call him Huang Ge."
It’s rare for Ida to speak so straight. Mo Xiaoyan cooperated very much and asked, "What do you call him if his name is not Brother Huang?"
In Mo Xiaoyan’s impression, Ada loves to talk so much in front of acquaintances. If she is almost answered in front of strangers, she still suspects that Ada has autism. Later, after a few weeks, she gradually became familiar with it and found that Ada is also quite good at talking.
"Call him by name. Tell him to confess directly. In fact, we call him lying in vain in private." Ida said and burst into laughter. "Lying on the ground for nothing."
Mo Xiaoyan smiled. "He doesn’t take care of you, does he?"
"That’s true, except that he will control me a little during eating, the rest is my good play, and he will help me handle everything."
Ida thinks that "lying in vain" is not bad for him, but the disadvantages are the same, but there are a long list of advantages. Suddenly, I feel that it is not right to laugh at others. I can’t help laughing. Mo Xiaoyan affirmed, "This agent is really good, and if he hadn’t helped me so much, I wouldn’t be so popular."
☆, Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Ready to go.
"Are you? It was a swift horse who met Bole. "Mo Xiaoyan nodded with relief.
Ida also has something in her mouth: "Yes, it’s a good thing I met Bole." That sentence didn’t come out in my heart. Do you think I don’t know that the gold medal agent was specially arranged for me?
"But you escaped after he arranged it?" Mo Xiaoyan can’t figure it out. It is reasonable to say that there is a dedication to the cause. Huang frankly is a cash cow here. If Ida wants to come out to play, he will arrange it properly.
Ida was just thinking that things were sad, and his family didn’t support his choice of career. Fortunately, there was momo.
Smell speech Ada return to absolute being injustice eye Mo Xiaoyan face is full of regret "ah, at that time, I always felt that lying in white was not good for me, only to find that I still can’t live without him as an agent."
"Ha ha ….." Mo Xiao’s words suddenly felt that Ida had also become childish. It was simply that children left home to wander around or felt good at home.
In fact, Mo Xiaoyan secretly sent a message to Bai Lie when she picked up Ida yesterday, just as Huang confessed that she was in a hurry to send people around to find Ida. When she received Mo Xiaoyan’s words, it was like sending charcoal fire in winter.
Huang confessed that he was almost hoarse because he couldn’t find anyone. This time, Mo Xiaoyan also wanted to take the opportunity to persuade Ida to stop always opposing’ Bai Lie’ and become a legitimate red star. How important it is to have a dedicated agent who saved so much trouble.
However, after listening to Ada’s regretful words, Mo Xiaoyan felt that Ada had made a mistake, so there was no need to say anything. In fact, Mo Xiaoyan never thought that there was an important loophole in her conversation with Huang frankly, that is, she felt that Huang frankly was in such a hurry that she must have been looking for a day without finding the result of Ada.
Mo Xiaoyan naturally received Ida yesterday, and she just escaped from Huang Confession. In fact, she didn’t think much about it. If Ida is missing one day, Huang Confession will definitely send someone to find someone privately. After all, the little superstar can’t be Zhang, and he is not in a hurry to be hoarse, right?
But Ada’s little Wang egg has been lost for a whole week for seven days, and there is no information. Huang confesses that his hair is almost white and his voice is hoarse. What is it? Huang confesses that he will become Ada’s agent, and there are some help behind Mo Xiaoyan. Before Mo Xiaoyan, where dare he say that Ada has been lost for seven days and hasn’t found anything yet?
At the same time, Mo Xiaoyan said directly, "Don’t worry, Ida is here." At this time, Huang frankly wiped his forehead and felt greatly relieved. At the same time, he thought it was no wonder that he couldn’t find anyone.
Yu Ida repents at this time. It’s absolutely sincere to see how miserable he was when he escaped from others yesterday.
Mo Xiaoyan recognized that Ida had solved the problem perfectly, but she waited and didn’t see Xia Shuqing coming out of the room. She couldn’t help but get up when she looked at her watch intuitively.
"If you really want to go to the farmhouse, you should leave."
Mo Xiaoyan came into the room to see what the hell Xia Shuqing was doing. Ida also felt a little strange and hesitated. She chose to get close to the master bedroom and lean against the door to see the situation.
An Lan didn’t have much spirit in the room, lying in bed with a handheld device in his hand, playing small games while Xia Shuqing was lying at the original Mo Xiaoyan’s desk, looking at his hands and writing very seriously.