But one thing is that those who transport chaos are all born with the ability to be enhanced by the acquired method.

Even one of the four fierce beasts of chaos has only mastered a few chaotic abilities.
From birth to death, the root of chaotic power rises by a little bit.
It is a fable that unnatural people can master chaos.
No one has ever been able to master the power of chaos the day after tomorrow.
And people who try to master chaos often have no good field.
The only lucky exception is the ten great emperors of 15 elements today.
Although he didn’t master chaos, he mastered the law of five elements, from a bottom emperor to a ten-statue one.
However, from ancient times to modern times, only this special case ended in tragedy in other cases.
Now the eternal emperor has once again seen a new case, a case in which the acquired body has mastered the chaotic force!
Chapter 1113 The Great Yuan God
Looked at his left hand PangXia face sad and happy, as if everything had just been in his expectation.
In fact, Pang Xia didn’t know that there would be such a result before reacting just now.
In his opinion, it is very likely that he will be injured or blown out.
What happened just now was mysterious and mysterious, which happened to Pang Xia.
It’s like being forgotten can make Pang Xia remember it in a flash.
Slowly raise his right hand, Pang Xia looked at that palm of his right hand as if there was something worthy of his attention.
And at this time, five colors and five lines of light flashed in Pang Xia’s right palm and kept spinning and dancing.
Move your mind, and the five lights with different colors will collide and turn into a gray airflow in your palm.
With one hand and one grip, the gray airflow was squeezed away directly, and then Pang Xia’s mouth was slightly tilted.
The body is constantly circulating, and the five great source forces are now more and more integrated with the speed of circulation.
Among them, the mark belonging to the original emperor is almost no longer there.
In other words, these five great source forces are now completely owned by Pang Xia.
Moreover, the chaotic force created by the unity of the five elements has made Pang Xia’s strength and realm grow rapidly.
Looking up at the Eternal Emperor, Pang Xia smiled and said, "If I have a ten percent chance to beat you just now.
So now I have a 30% chance to beat you. It’s really wonderful. "
Floating on the ground, the eternal emperor looked at Pang Xia and his eyes narrowed slightly. "Arrogance!
Although there are not many races that can make use of chaos, it is definitely not rare.
Just the chaotic force should make you have such an illusion. It seems that you should know what the emperor is! "
A virtual image of a man in luxurious armor emerged behind the eternal emperor.
Pang Xia looked at the virtual image and found that its appearance was 50% to 60% similar to that of the eternal emperor
Obviously, the virtual image of the eternal emperor must have a lot to do with it
I have to say that Pang Xia’s guess is really correct.
Because the great majestic male virtual image is the law of gravity of the eternal emperor and the great god who unites the great god
It can also be said that the strongest state of a great emperor has the most intuitive power.
The yellow flame of the eternal emperor rose and spread directly to the emperor Yuan Shen behind him.
Blink of an eye, and the Great Yuan God will solidify.
And in the eternal emperor control waved toward PangXia took the past.
Seeing this, Pang Xia quickly retreated his hands, and the five elements of light flow merged in a flash, and the chaotic airflow surged out.
The first time to exert chaotic force, its power far exceeded Pang Xia’s expectation.
Chaotic gas turns into a huge whirlpool, which sends out an amazing pulling force, which is right on the palm of the emperor Yuan Shen.
See the emperor yuan god palm burning yellow flame crashing down in front of PangXia condensed chaotic airflow vortex.
"bang! Boom! "
Violent shocks spread from their relative positions.
The chaotic vortex constantly wears away the yellow flame of the palm of the emperor Yuan Shen.
And the yellow flame of the emperor Yuan Shen’s hand is constantly erupting to tear up the chaotic vortex.
In this way, the eternal emperor and Pang Xia were deadlocked.
However, Pang Xia still has some distance from the emperor level after all.
After a period of stalemate, Pang Xia condensed the chaotic vortex and finally lost to the yellow flame and was torn.
The chaotic airflow instantly forms a layer of protection around Pang Xia.
At the same time, the yellow flame fell on the protective layer formed by chaotic airflow and swallowed Pang Xia instantly.
The yellow flame is stirring everywhere, and the whole cave is constantly shaking, and more cracks are exposed.
Compared with the surface of Lien Chan Temple, it has caused cracks, which obviously has reached the limit.
Pang Xia stretched out his hand and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth on the broken stone stage that had already shown cracks.