Ye Dumped in the hope that Thomas is really good, because the better Thomas is, the more he will pull him into the team, and the strength of the team will also rise by a big margin.

"Come on, who’s afraid of who!" Ye Qing rushed out from the base after typing.
He jumped out of the box behind the box and observed the position of Thomas. As a result, he found that the guy was still in the same position just now, so he confidently flashed out from the left side.
When he flashed out, he took advantage of the opportunity to show his posture. Just after one shot, he found that his body had fallen backwards. The sniper rifle looked at the screen dully and with a long leaf. It was a turn of events. Just now, Thomas was killed by him, and now he is killed by Thomas.
"It’s true that your gun is fast and you must have some ability to keep fighting. Kill four people and I’ll see how many people I’ll lose!" Ye Qing typing to Thomas way
"Well, I also want to see how many kills I can win from professional players!" Thomas kept his arrogance.
Ye Qing moved his posture more flexibly and quickly after he rushed out of the base. His slender fingers were beating fast on the keyboard as if playing the piano. At this time, his posture was running to the extreme, and almost there was a ghosting. Thomas was shocked to see this scene.
"This posture is too weird!" Thomas sighed in his mind that he had never seen such a strange posture that he gave birth to a feeling of aiming at the fact that he really shot Ye with his feeling, and his posture was flexible enough to lock other methods.
At the same time, the leaf leaning method was running at a high altitude and fired several shots very accurately. Thomas was stunned for a moment, which caused him to be pierced by the leaf leaning bullet. He felt very incredible. How could anyone have such a fast posture and there was no way to predict it? He couldn’t hit a shot by feeling.
Thomas rushed out again. This time, he shot at the mirror so as to minimize his exposure to the air. Thomas shot at the head by the other side. In the melee, the gun speed was extremely fast, but the hit rate was as high as 10%. That is to say, he can kill people with less than ten shots. This kind of shot rate is already very scary.
The killing rate of those instantaneous mirrors in the video is 100% false, either plug-in or editing Thomas. This shot of the instantaneous mirror hit Ye Qing’s thigh, of course, not the root of the thigh but the middle of the thigh, which seriously injured Ye Qing.
Ye Qing didn’t expect that he would run his posture to the extreme, and the other party could still hit him. He couldn’t help but admire Thomas’ marksmanship. He didn’t go back to avoid it, but continued to maintain his posture. Thomas briefly flashed behind the bunker, followed by a second shot, which was still an instantaneous mirror.
This shot still failed to hit Ye Qing’s left leg and knee, but the two injuries added up to Ye Qing’s death. Ye Qing was very excited to rush out from the base again. Thomas sniper rifle method was really something. He was very happy to see that Huang Qiusheng was going to send a show.
Thomas retreated to the back of the bunker, wiped a sweat on his forehead and said to himself, "It’s really fucking stressful. It’s the first time I’m so nervous. This guy’s posture is too difficult to deal with. I can rely on the instantaneous mirror to strike many times."
Chapter 461 Extraordinary strength Thomas
Ye Qing and Thomas played very fast because they both fought in the middle of the road and didn’t hide around. Almost all of them met each other and someone died. Soon, they filled 40 people, and Thomas was slightly better.
4 to 37, Thomas won three kills. Ye Ye said to Thomas very respectfully, "You really have some ability to beat me in one-on-one combat, so I am qualified to be called a top sniper."
"Now you? Now you can’t find your opponent in the first district of Sichuan? " Thomas asks.
Ye Qing couldn’t help but smile when he saw his typing, and quickly replied, "No, I dare not say so. Among amateurs, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is even worse. There is also a gun god like K in Sichuan District, but now I can’t be easily defeated. I still have this confidence."
"You are so confident. I said that my strength can compete with the sniper and 7kg!" Thomas is very proud tunnel
"Dude, you are more confident than me. You are sitting on the scene watching the match between Sniper God and 7kg. You really feel that they are powerful. You can only feel me when you play against them. To be honest, you still have a gap with them. It is impossible to compete with them!" Ye Qing is not giving a face tunnel.
Thomas saw the words typed by Ye Qing and immediately became anxious and busy. "Your view is too one-sided. I haven’t played against them yet. Is it too early for you to draw a conclusion?" You and I beat you three times, so you can look down on me? I just let you go again. I won’t let you this time. It’s no problem to win your twenty heads! "
Ye Qing saw Thomas’ anxious eyes and said, "I’m not coming. Well, I admit that you are very good. Are you interested in joining a professional team to play?"
"Of course, I’m interested in wearing a team to play in the highly anticipated game. Is there anything cooler than this? Damn it, you don’t want me to join your team, do you? " Thomas asked.
Ye Qing saw that Thomas was interested, and he quickly said, "It would be better if you could join our team. If you don’t want to, I don’t want to see your own wishes. Our team really needs a sniper now."
Thomas hesitated. "Did your team get any place in this competition?"
"Our team didn’t get any rankings because you are still picky, but we are rarely qualified to participate in this level of competition!" Leaf tilt is very depressed tunnel
"Dude, don’t get excited. I’m just asking. I really want to be a professional player, but I don’t want to join a weak team. The starting point is too low. I don’t know when I can win the championship. If I join a strong team, my ability will add strength to my teammates. I don’t want to win the championship in a long time. Can you understand my mood?" Thomas explained.
"Well, I can understand the situation of our team. It’s not convenient for me to tell you, but there is a great chance to win the championship if you join in. Do you think my strength can help you?" After Ye Qing said these words, he suddenly felt that he was not so demagogic. He was not as cunning as Huang Qiusheng, and Huang Qiusheng had to go out to do such a thing!
"Your strength is not bad. If you talk to me, it is still impossible to win the championship. I don’t want the tide to go down. I still have a real job now," Thomas replied
"Of course there won’t be you and me. Our team is planning to deploy stronger players to make the team a super team. What are you doing now?" Ye Qing asked
"Being an actor … is what you often say! You know I have the advantage of having a foreigner’s face. I often play the role of priest and have lines! Unfortunately, it has never been famous, but I believe that one day, "Thomas replied."
Ye Qing didn’t expect Thomas to be a walk-on. Now many crews need foreigners to act, but there are some communication problems. With a fake foreigner who speaks Chinese so well, there are many things left. So Thomas should still be very popular with those crews who make war movies.
"Since you have such a great job, I won’t delay your future. You’d better continue filming. You should have no future if you play F," said Ye Qing.
This is a typical provocation, but Thomas still eats this set. He immediately said, "What do you mean I have no future in playing F? I still have a future playing F. Am I not as good as a professional now? Tell the truth, am I worse than a professional player? "
"I admit that your strength has surpassed that of ordinary professional players, but it’s too ambitious for you to join a strong team as soon as you debut. Do you think those strong teams will be short of people? Besides, you don’t have access to high-level people of strong teams. "Ye Qing is very impolite to tunnel.
"What you said is also reasonable. Let me think about it again. Although I am very interested in my current job, it seems that the future is far away. I really want to wear a team to play games. I like the feeling of being looked up and I like being noticed."
"Then think about it. Let’s call it a day. Our team members will look for you. Then you can have a good talk with him. Personally, I hope you can be my teammate. It must be very interesting for us to fight side by side, and I can help you become a sniper like jr and make a name for yourself in the world!" Ye Qing will quit the game after typing this line.
Thomas, however, quickly typed a line, "Make the world famous? Dude, I have to admit that you said me! This * * * * I can’t resist it. When will your team come to see me? I have you at any time. Remember to give him my phone number. I will talk to him well. If the conditions are not bad, I think we will become teammates! "
"Although you can’t speak English, I always feel that your way of speaking is still a little westernized! But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you have to keep your mobile phone open every day. Don’t forget to charge it or not. "
"Don’t worry, I’ll wait 24 hours. What does the guy who is going to interview me look like? To tell you the truth, I’m an ugly appearance controller. I can’t accept that I can’t even talk as white as you when I see him. "
"I sent a man to talk to you. You still ask for looks. Are you fucking gay?" Ye Qing is very authentic
"I’m still a woman, but it’s too obscene for a boy to look at Shu. I didn’t talk to him either * * *!"
"He’s average-looking. He’ll talk to you on behalf of the team. What conditions can you ask him for? If he can promise, he will definitely promise you. If he can’t promise, say that our team won’t promise either."
"Okay, okay, I’m not demanding. I won’t make it difficult for him. That’s it, buddy. I’ll go and hit you first. Help yourself!" Thomas typed this line and left the room.
Ye Qing shook his head and felt that Thomas was a bit interesting. He also left the room and dropped the game directly. After closing his notes, he jumped from the bay window. Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu didn’t know when they had entered the room to do something loving.
After sitting on the coffee table in the living room, Ye Qing took a sip of water from his glass, then picked up the remote control and looked at him for a stretch. Then he got up and went to the lamp and reached for the lamp in the living room, which slowly touched into his room.
When he entered the room, he remembered that Big Honey was still asleep in his own bed, and that Big Honey was drunk. He was not a dangerous person. He would never do something to her while Big Honey was drunk. He thought for a moment and felt that it was better for him to sleep on the sofa. If he didn’t ask Big Honey for permission, he would sleep with her directly. It is estimated that Big Honey will rush into the kitchen and grab a kitchen knife to chase him a few blocks the next morning when he wakes up.
When he was about to go out, he heard Dami talking in his sleep or drunk. He was always talking, "Hit him and hit him in the head! He will be left alone soon. If you kill him, we will be champions! "
Ye listened to Da Mi’s dream and wanted the team to win the championship. She was very moved and distressed at the same time. She was really under great pressure. A large part of it was caused by Ye Qing. He went to the bed and bent down to kiss Da Mi’s face. He held Da Mi’s hand in a low tunnel. "Honey, don’t worry about it any more. After a good sleep, all these things will be borne by me. The championship will belong to us sooner or later!"
With that, Ye Qing put the big honey hand in the quilt, and then got up and walked out of the room. There was no drama in which the heroine suddenly grabbed the hero’s hand and shouted, "Don’t go, don’t leave me." Then it happened naturally. The next day, the man opened his eyes and saw that the woman beside him had disappeared. After getting up, he saw two cups of milk on the dining table and the heroine was cooking fried eggs in the kitchen wearing a man’s shirt.
Ye Qing was not disappointed. He knew that it was not yet time for him to lie on the sofa and didn’t think much. He soon fell asleep. If Dong Laoer knew that he was still sleeping alone on the sofa in this situation, it is estimated that he would hate iron to produce.
Dong Laoer’s strategy to deal with women has always been to kill the wrong woman rather than let the beautiful woman go on the bed. What makes sense? Let’s talk about all the consequences first, and then think about them slowly after waking up, while Ye Qing is obviously much more calm.
Chapter 462 Quarrel
The next morning, Ye Qing rolled from the sofa to the ground. When he woke up, he opened his eyes and found that it was already dawn. Now, the team is not well organized, and the daily training is not in a hurry to go to the club. Besides, the boss of the club is still in his bed.
He rubbed his temples, then got up from the ground and took the cup. He first took a glass of water and drank two times, then pushed his door and went in. He saw that Da Mi was still lying in bed sleeping, and a pair of jade legs were exposed together, and her hair was scattered on the pillow.
Ye Qing went to the bed and shook her big honey gently. "Honey got up and it was dawn!" "
Big honey moved and then absently opened her eyes. She touched her head and said, "My head hurts."
Ye Qing knew that this was a symptom after a hangover. He shook his head and said, "You really told you to drink less. If you don’t believe that you are drunk, you know you feel sick. Let me get you a glass of water!"
After that, he went out of the room and brought a glass of water to Dami. Dami took the cup and drank it. Then she leaned against the bedside and straightened her hair. She looked at Ye Qing with blurred eyes and said, "Where am I?"
"You haven’t known where you are after a night’s sleep in my room?" Ye Qing is very authentic
Big honey looked at the room and the situation suddenly shrank into a ball in horror, then pulled it up and looked inside. Only then did she relax her temperament and asked, "You didn’t do anything to me, did you?"
"Then will you sleep with me at night?"
"I’m not sleeping on the sofa!"