Ye Qing twisted his neck and felt groggy. What he called tunnel "I know what’s the hurry. Just go first. Tell me the address. I’ll do it myself later. Anyway, I’m a substitute. It’s not my turn in the first game. You play hard."

Dong Laoer heard the words and lowered his voice to Ye Qing. "The big boss didn’t see you break into a furious rage when he got up early. He kept asking me where you went, but where did I know? She didn’t believe me. She scolded me early in the morning. You came later and tried to explain it to the big boss yourself …"
"All right, I know, you go first and send the address text message to my mobile phone." Ye Qing said and hung up. He rubbed his temples, got out of bed and knocked on the door, and saw that there was no movement in the living room. He came out and found that Su Yanbing’s door was closed, obviously not getting up yet.
So he ran to the bathroom to wash his face, then went to the balcony to wash Su Yanbing and hang his clothes, then took off his pajamas and folded them on the sofa. After he got dressed, he hit the gate and went to the breakfast shop outside the community to buy breakfast and went back to the building.
The door was not left unlocked. After he went in, he put it on the dining table early, then went to Su Yanbing’s door and knocked on the door. There was no response at all. He knocked twice, and then there came a "Who?"
"It’s my Ye Qing that … I have something to go first. You’ll get up later. Remember to have breakfast. I’ll put it on the table and call me if you have something to do." Ye Qing cut the tunnel through the door to Su Yanbing with some lazy sounds. "Got it …"
Ye Qing turned around and walked out of the gate, then he quickly went downstairs and trotted back to his place. After entering the room, he went straight to the room and threw the keyboard bag to his back. When he was about to leave the room, he suddenly found that his room seemed a little different.
The bed sheets were so flat that almost no wrinkles were folded. They were neatly placed in the east and west of the bedside table. Ye leaned down and looked at the bed with his head on the ground. He found that those smelly socks at the bottom of the bed were missing, which surprised him. "It’s not too late to smoke that fellow with big honey, is it?" Did she lose her old socks? "
He hurried to the balcony and saw that the clothes rack was covered with socks and pants. Damn it! I washed my pants, too! ? Ye Qing was more surprised than surprised. If this is honey-dried, it’s incredible. It’s absolutely impossible for Dong Laoer. That guy is twice as lazy as Ye Qing. Even if he gives him 1 million estimates, he won’t start washing socks and pants.
Arguably, Big Honey is also a darling daughter, and it’s also a matter of making ends meet. It’s a little unreasonable to say that she can wash socks and pants. Ye Qing went back to her room to play in the closet and looked at the clothes neatly stacked inside. It’s time to hang them up. It’s not as messy as before.
Oh, I’ll go! This is cleaner and tidier than cleaning, or let her sleep here often! Leaves in love is very beautiful thinking.
After leaving the door, Ye Qing took a bus according to the address sent by Dong Laoer. In the past half an hour, he arrived at the competition site. The venue was a sports center room, basketball court, and there were many computers and desktop game consoles in the stands. Dozens of spectators were sitting sparsely, many of whom were lovers. They chatted while eating with food.
F project competition has been going on for a long time before I found a bench in the rest area of club I, and then put a box of mineral water on the floor. Dami and coach Zhang are both sitting on the bench. Mr. Wu estimates that he is still enjoying life in the club office. Since the quarrel with Dami, he is not in charge now.
Ye Qing walked over and said hello to the two men. Honey snorted and answered Ye Qing. He was not upset. He sat down beside coach Zhang and asked in a low voice, "What’s the situation?" Coach Zhang shook his head with a serious expression. "It’s not so good. Since you’re here, wait for the half-court."
Leaf leaning smell speech by surprise "isn’t it? This is only the first game. It’s not that unlucky to meet a strong team, is it? Who is the opponent? "
"Mianyang Xingjing!" Coach Zhang worried tunnel
"I haven’t heard of it. Is it a dark horse?" Ye Qing said, looking at the big screen and finding the I club, the two sides have already reached the half-court. In the sixth round, Xing Jing led by four to one. In the sixth round, Xing Jing also occupied the wind. There was only one person left in the I club, but Xing Jing still had four people who didn’t say this round. It must have been lost in suspense.
The map of the game was played by them when they were training, but it was almost vomited by their opponents. Coach Zhang was also a bit embarrassed. He told Ye Qing that the team called Star Race was a semi-professional team sponsored by Internet cafes.
Ye Qing’s smell speech was even more surprising. A semi-professional team beat the I club like a dog. At least the I club is also a professional team and has the strength of a special coach. Even a semi-professional team is like this! His heart is not dark scold a way "dong second this idiot is what to eat! Too embarrassing for me! "
Coach Zhang seemed to see what he was thinking and sighed, "Hey, there is a sniper on the other side who is very powerful. Dong Tiancheng has been suppressed so badly that he can’t give full play to his due strength. This game is not as simple as we thought. It is also very difficult to enter the semi-finals, but first of all, it is the elimination system. If we lose, we will pack up and go home. Although it is not the first time that we have been eliminated in the first round, it is up to you that the team will be disbanded if we fail to reach the goal of big honey!"
Ye Qing yawned and waved his hand. "Don’t rely on me. I really want to sleep now. I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep after playing."
"What did you do last night?" At this time, Dami’s tone was very unhappy. She looked at her with an aggressive expression. She was very unhappy. "After the training, when I was free, where did I go? I shouldn’t report to you?"
"Yes, it’s me, but your state has affected the game, so I have it! I’ll tell you something. Although neither the hs club nor the unyielding Rose S team participated in this competition, they focused on fpl, but a strong team participated! They are the Tiger Brotherhood Sniper Flag Team! So our team is sure to win the championship, so we can try to win the runner-up and several well-known strong teams have not participated. It would be a shame if we don’t get the runner-up, don’t you think? " Big honey looked at Ye Qing is very serious tunnel
"what! ? The Tiger Brothers also participated? What are they doing? Do you want to join in this small competition? " Leaf tilt for this matter some surprise.
"How do I know that I probably want to win one more championship and let the sniper come back early!" Big honey guessed that Ye Qing thought that big honey’s guess was very reasonable. The sniper said that he would come back to play after the Tiger Brothers won three championships, but he didn’t say what kind of championships he would win. Naturally, this kind of small competition champion is also included.
Indeed, this competition was bare-faced, and he insisted on signing up for it. He wanted to win three championships as soon as possible and then bring Master back, which was his wish. However, Jiang Yuhan was unable to get him to sign up, and the players supported him at that time and decided to win the Bashu Game Competition. They were determined to win.
"Depend! Two fists are hard to beat four hands! " Feeling very depressed, he was the last person left in Club I in the sixth round. He tried his best to play around, but he was chased by the other side and finally died in a disorderly gun.
Five-to-one-star competition will once again expand the score advantage. They are well prepared to participate in this competition. They have long planned to act as a dark horse, and they also plan to go straight to the finals in the seventh round. Another wave of rapid offensive in The Infiltrator directly tore up the I club’s defense line at point A and then kept it until the explosion.
At half time, the two sides scored 6-1, and the score gap was too big, which made Yuzryha think of the same big score gap in the Champions League game. It was only after he left the game at half time that the situation was reversed and finally succeeded.
Coach Zhang patted him on the shoulder and said, "It’s up to you at half time! Be sure to win, I believe you can! "
Ye Qing shook his head very naively. "Lao Zhang, you just like to give me a problem. Damn it, I dare not say that I can make a comeback and try my best. Six to one! I really think of me as a god! "
"What are you whining about? Go quickly. This is your chance to either smell death silently or make a blockbuster!" Big honey press a way
"That’s right, the hero will play to save the world! Uh … Wait, who am I going to change? " Ye Qing looked blankly at the two leaders, coach Zhang, and thought, "You go and change ibye."
"Coach, you really have an eye for people. You saw through that guy as soon as he was there. His presence is a burden. It’s best for him!" Ye Qing is very idle. Honey made a kick and shouted, "Get out of here! What nonsense!"
Ye Qing kowtowed to the ground and then walked behind ibye and patted him on the shoulder. ibye looked back and saw that it was Ye Qing. "What are you doing?"
Leaf tilt is very lewdly smiled to say with smile "nothing is to ask you to make way! Please move your ass and stay with me to see how I can save the world! "
Ibye was furious when he heard this, but it was not easy to get angry at this time. Then he packed his equipment and muttered to Ye when he left, "Little people succeed!" Ye Qing’s ears were sharp and he immediately heard him turn around and smiled. "You’re right. It’s better for me to be a villain than for some people to be frustrated."
"Hum!" Ibye snorted angrily and left the field with a smile. Then he greeted his teammates and reached out and clapped Dong Laoer tacitly.
Chapter ninety-one Victory in the first round