Less than a few hours after we woke up, an awakened person came to us, because we didn’t know anything when we were in a coma.

And the awakened ones know that there are awakened ones here when they refresh here.
As we can see, these developments np and the first awakened ones don’t know that everything will be arranged closely during this period, as if they were afraid of any other troubles.
Of course, it is also possible that we don’t think so, but it probably feels like it.
The tables, chairs and hard seats were restored one by one, and people stopped talking. Their eyes became white and they went back to their seats in an orderly way.
In our eyes, it’s like zombies are being controlled by people, even if we do the position and someone else does it directly.
We have to give way and watch all this happen.
The zombie dogs, the big brown bear and our equipment have all been put away, because the whole world seems to be quiet.
We were there holding Lin Weiwei root, not long after the fight.
In a moment, "Boom!" The world has returned to its original appearance. Yes, it has returned to its original appearance and has been refreshed.
Joking, talking, jokes, and some noise.
It was refreshed back in a short time.
It seems that none of this has happened just now, and they will still go to their place of travel. Nothing has changed, but everything has changed.
At this moment, we saw the Ministry and knew what was going on. Otherwise, it was absolutely unbelievable, and the more Nai sighed, "It really is a unified game. If you don’t become an awakened person, you won’t know that you are controlled or np."
Most of the other women are shocked by this idea.
At this time, some workers came over and said, "The train is crowded, please find a seat quickly until it needs a little more."
I don’t know anything. I’m still that person. A real person.
We also nodded, and first found some empty places to sit together.
Zhu Yeqing also said, "The world is crazy. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe there would be such a track."
I said with a smile, "Don’t think about it. Let’s think about it now. Lin Weiwei has become our partner. There are already five people. There is also a crying girl. I don’t know her name. It’s hard to find it, but I can find it when I get back to school. But let’s meet here and meet these two awakened people. I feel that there is a problem that won’t end so easily. At least two hands are dead. The guild will send people to investigate. There must be a preparation."
Zhu Yeqing and Ning Xi repeatedly nodded and said, "Yes, so you mean the car will be found from here now."
This train has been away from Tang Cheng for some time, and it is moving forward. We will not die if we jump.
But the system has to be refreshed. We suddenly left
And let’s come. I think there must be something else. It’s definitely not the rescue of Ning Xi and the interception of Lin Weiwei. Otherwise, it’s not arranged like this.
I said, "Let’s try to do less things that are different from ordinary people, because even if they come to us, they are ordinary people, and even if the killer has a chance to escape, it is easy to reveal it now."
That’s very reasonable. They didn’t refute it. They just showed up after the refresh. No one knows we did it.
And I said, "We have finished the novice assistant and officially become a player. I got a hint when I fainted. That’s it. There should be some rewards and some other certification classes. Let’s check and check before we reach our destination. Make sure that even if something is strong first, we will not be afraid to go to the trouble to find the door."
If there is nothing to do when you arrive, just say that I think too much, then go back the same way and take the train back to Tang Cheng, and get rid of this matter completely without exposure.
They all went to check and started the system.
And I have a little indication here, and it seems to have been sent out long ago
"Player Zeng Xiaofan has successfully completed the novice deputy, and the official player can freely participate in the deputy and will be selected by the system to participate in the distribution deputy.
The overall score is recognized as’ Bronze Five-Star Warrior’, and the bronze level is limited.
Give away 5 points to destroy the corpse spirit and get 30% points. Official players can wear two epic equipment.
Give a formal player gift package outside. "
It’s fairly simple. There’s nothing special. It’s just that a full player can join other official pairs.
I don’t know what bronze five-star warrior is.
The original virtual score, I am a bronze Samsung, and what does this bronze five-star represent? I don’t care about other things. Let’s ask this question first, "What is the level of bronze five-star?"
Tong said, "In the system, players are evaluated in four grades: bronze, silver, gold and holy warriors."
Each level is divided into five-star bronze, one star goes to the bronze five-star, and after going to the silver one star, it lists the five-star holy warriors who reach the gold.
You will also get different restrictions. For example, a silver star warrior can form a guild and start a guild.
Yu is temporarily with the player when he is going high. "
very simple
It’s the rating that calms down your ability. My ability is bronze. I can form a guild at a high level with five stars, which is quite attractive.
Then I looked at other things to see what else could be. Now I can integrate this into a formal player, and the function is also needed to be well understood in case it is not needed.
Chapter 39 Another article
I said to him first, "Take out my physique and see if there is any change."
I got more than 15,000 points at second profit and rose to B+.I don’t know if there are any gains or benefits when I get to the official player.
System immediately listed out.
Physique b+
Physical strength b+
Minjie b+
Remote means
Close attack means high wind jumping, fatal blow, flashing blade.
Weapon tangdao
If the base has not changed, just say that I have risen too much, and the reward root will not increase much, but it was said at that time.
My promotion as a novice assistant will be suppressed.
At this moment, I am an official player, which should be stronger. It is good to hit those two senior awakens just now, saying that there is still appreciation.
Is it facing? It is my second epic equipment.
This is a good thing.
And my seven-star tangdao is actually a seven-star treasure knife dedicated by Cao Cao to Dong Zhuo, which is unexpected and really good, but my ability is low and I can’t play it out.
What to wear for another dress is really a problem. You can wear one more dress if you attend one more pair.
You can wear two now.
Lingbao boots and Guo Yi armor are all very good.