Frost asked anxiously.

Yanweifa Yaner felt a pain in his heart.
She gently put the box in front of the frost and hit it.
There is a piece of jade like Cang Xue in those days. This jade is an adult woman.
This is the source of inferno power.
Liu Shuang was glad to pick up the blood spirit. With him, the nine secluded floors sealed me and bead them.
"Shenjun, he asked me to ask you, are there ten layers to seal me?"
Liu Shuang pondered and shook his head. My Terran power source is arranged in three layers. Princess Cang Xue is my Eldar power source. It is necessary to reshape the law of heaven and earth after the seal.
Listening to the frost, Yan Yan suddenly bowed her head and shed tears.
When she looked up again, she was holding a dark dagger in her hand, and her eyes were purple and touching. "This is the source of strength of the nine deep and remote places, and Yan Weifa is its embodiment."
"The blood moon is dark now, if it weren’t for the skylight cave, the world would be deserted …
Yan Weifa’s soul leans on a stone face in the inferno of the underworld. You knew I would do this.
Lan Duan smiled across the street. "There are some things that must be done, aren’t there?"
Yan Weifa smiled and looked back at the sea of blood. "Can this place go out?"
Blue broken proudly smiled at the oncoming unknown creature and clenched his sword in his hand. "I don’t know about this, but it won’t be fun here."
"Ha-ha, let’s see who kills more!"
There are always some people in this world who bear the blame and do things that everyone can’t understand, shame or forgive.
No one understands that the world always sees the greatness of heroes, but how many people can watch what those criminals who have achieved heroes do?
Have you ever remembered a blue sword song, the Mohist scholar Yan Weifa?
Thirty years is like a dream. I hope to get a white head and never part.
After all, that person is just the most beautiful goddess in my heart.
Maybe many years later, the mainstream frost in the celestial world will commemorate those who died in some way like Ye Lingfeng. If one day, turn over the yellow scroll of history and break the silence for thousands of years, maybe someone will see Yan Er silently staring at the back at the end of that eternal life!
Zhao Ke Mao Hu Ying Wu Gou frost and snow silver saddle shines like a meteor.
Ten steps to kill a man, a thousand miles away, no action, no clothes to hide.
Before taking off his sword and knees, he told Zhu Hai to persuade Hou Ying.
Three cups of turrano and five mountains are dizzy and dizzy, and the mood is neon after ear fever.
Saving Zhao’s golden mallet Handan first shocked the two strong men of Qianqiu, Xianhe Daliangcheng.
Even if you die a chivalrous man, you will be ashamed of Shiying. Who can pavilion the white-headed Xuanjing?
Perhaps only in this way can poetry describe him!
The price of power
Hiding from the mask to the left for an instant, Li Kun followed him with a triumphant smile. Yes, it is not impossible to attack the mask in such a high-speed movement. However, according to Li Kun’s strength, he is really reluctant. In fact, he is not depressed. Li Kun is also very depressed. He wants to find the mask and force Raytheon’s mark. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is definitely not this time. Compared with Li Kun’s understanding for so many years, it is just a matter of understanding. Send the secret code, but this secret code is not complete. But he also knows that he got this incomplete secret code when he wiped out the corpse gate. However, there is no doubt that the ancient skill of refining the soul is wonderful. This incomplete secret code can make the corpse gate famous again in Dafeng Dynasty, and this incomplete ancient skill also makes Li Kun have a congenital deficiency. Today’s achievements are as good as those of talented brothers.
Sure enough, Li Kun fired six evil spirits behind the mask. In fact, two of them went towards the middle of the mask and the other four attacked the mask and dodged the way around, so that the mask could not hide, no matter what. Li Kun was already gathering his soul to prepare for a fatal blow to the mask.
However, just as the mask was hiding to the left and the fierce soul was about to hit the mask’s back, the mask seemed to have eyes behind it, and it was such a buffer that the mask’s escape route suddenly reversed and the mask quickly fled to the right forest.
"ah! Damn it! " Li Kun roared in the face of the sky and gave a non-human cry. The body was black and the gas broke away abruptly. It turned out that Li Kun had just condensed the soul force and was ready to take the mask alive. Without the mask, he actually escaped in reverse. If the condensed soul force does not disperse, it will do harm to the body, so there is no way to follow the footsteps of the mask.
"Don’t let me catch you" roars all my life, but I don’t know whether to threaten my mask or comfort myself.
On the other hand, at this moment, the mask is thankful for a lot of the blow. Although I avoided it skillfully, it was also in the face of people like Li Kun. Although I met several times, the mask probably analyzed Li Kun’s personality and weakness
It’s true that you’re cruel, but you’re also greedy. Who knows where it is? However, as soon as Li Kun heard the word Raytheon’s mark, he forgot everything. He did not hesitate to talk to himself about the ridiculous conditions. If I were to do it directly, I might be confident in my own strength. Of course, the mask is more inclined to Li Kun’s arrogance, but it is this that gives me a chance to escape.
Li Kun’s attack just now seems to be superficial, but he also forgot that unless it is a face-to-face attack, there will be flaws. Although his fierce soul is strange, he can also see clearly the weakness of the mask. Li Kun will never make a real trick in this pursuit war. It is easy to guess Li Kun’s attack means, and the gambling of the mask just now is just betting on Li Kun’s attack direction. It is precisely this mask that escaped.
Sitting on the ground, I was calm, and the solid nine-fold state was not stable. I just moved my blood in World War I, but I also had a new experience in carrying the mask of strength.
You know, since childhood, the mask has been smart and inherited from his father. Maybe his father left some means in front of his brother before! But at the end of the day, my father is still dead, and I can’t help thinking of my father’s face for a year! I was cheated for a year.
Thought of here, a strong hatred rose in the mask heart. For the first time since childhood, the mask has such a strong desire for strength.
"It’s not good to forget this." The mask patted his head and remembered the most important thing. Cang Xue was still at home and blamed the three unlucky ghosts. If they hadn’t foreseen it themselves, Li Kun wouldn’t have come to this damn place. You know, the former Li Kun was wrong about Cang Xue’s hand because he had scruples. He still wanted the Thor mark, but at the moment everyone was torn. He would definitely go back to Cang Xue’s hand.
Read here, fake face, solid feet, and nine-fold strength show that feet are born with wind, which is not for ordinary people.
Suddenly, there was a strong pain in the mask chest, and an unspeakable pain went deep into the bone marrow. "What’s going on?" Did you just get hurt? No, it wasn’t not hit, but how did it happen! Don’t suddenly think of a possible mask to quickly strip off your clothes, and a piece of black iron enters your hand. It really is this thing that is strange. "Why?" At this moment, the black iron of the mask hand seems to be trying to kill him. At this moment, the red is like a burning charcoal, emitting a strong red light, but the heat of the black iron body is not hot. Instead, it is a kind of inexplicable pain that tortures you. The strong pain quickly extends along the mask hand and tries to discard the black iron in your hand, but the black iron is stuck to the mask hand like a vampire.
Crisis mask to mobilize the body spirit force, hoping to make this black iron solid nine-fold force along the limbs and meridians have been integrated into the hand black iron, but when the body spirit force enters the black iron, the pain has not been alleviated, but it has become more and more obvious. At this moment, the original red black iron is even more red and ghostly, which makes people unable to face up to it, and the pain has escalated as if it came from the head.
"ah!" The intense pain made the mask cry, and the veins stood out suddenly on the forehead and the joints of pale hands proved that the mask was enduring inhuman pain at the moment.
Inhumane pain tortures this mask. It’s that the mask is precocious and more determined than ordinary people. But in the end, he is still a child. "No, I can’t stand it!" A painful wail, a mask, a crazy hand pounding on the ground, a heavy hand bleeding, but compared with physical pain, this pain is insignificant.
"Somebody help me" is like someone stabbing him with a needle in his head. The mask keeps shouting and rolling, but how can anyone come to this desolate forest?
No, I’m on my own. No one will help me. I’m on my own.
It is not unreasonable that people often say that it is not unreasonable to see the big from the small, although it is not necessarily good when you are young, but it is unusual to be a teenager. This is an advantage that you rely on your own efforts to gain advantages. You are not born to lose your face for many years. He has perseverance, not to mention that even adults of the same age are a little more difficult, and the masked mind is calmer. At this moment, the masked body is trying to cross its legs. Although the masked body is constantly shaking, it is still trying to stabilize its body. No matter what happens, there will be a solution and a cause. Then there must be a result,
There is nothing wrong with trying to feel the source of this physical pain. Since I was able to make great progress in my skill, there must be a reason why I was so talented that I was blessed with a land of virtue. That’s just a matter of children’s toys. Now that I got something first, I have to bear the price. Maybe some senior experts left these opportunities behind, but at the moment, it seems that I should not be like this. So what is worth spying on myself? By the way, since the source of this pain is hand-shaped iron, where is the painful result? I thought of it here and put on a mask to observe my body with severe pain
2. Strength comes with price
"Here is" when the mask saw clearly the focus of the pain, my heart suddenly became surprised. It turned out that the pain from that stone had gathered on my head.
The solid nine-fold mask doesn’t have the visual ability yet, but this doesn’t prevent it from analyzing and interpreting its own situation. All the pain has converged on its head, which proves that this black iron should be a spiritual force, or that this thing can directly attack people’s spirit or mind. Then when I tried to suppress him with a spiritual force just now, I would suffer more severe pain. It wasn’t that my spiritual force didn’t have the opposite, but my spiritual force played a role. However, for black iron, if there is no scruples and mistakes, this black iron should be a spiritual force that can be transformed into a spiritual attack. But now I don’t know what this kind of power has been put on myself, but in this case, there are still two doubts. First, this piece of black iron is like its own starting amount, and second, what will it be absorbed in its own hands?
Suddenly, I felt as if I had fallen into a huge trap.
"ah!" I don’t know what hand darksteel suddenly increased the mental attack on the mask when I screamed in pain.
"Yes, that’s right!" This attack made the mask feel bad, but at the same time, it also made the mask feel a little enlightened. Xuantie constantly destroyed his spirit, which meant that he could not stand the blow and lost consciousness. Then a strange idea was formed in the mask’s mind. Maybe this terrible idea that Xuantie wanted to seize his consciousness and regain his soul could not be waved away. It was to shape a body that could withstand it. Just now, in the confrontation with Li Kun, it was to let himself live.