"Baby, let’s go help dad now and then save my brother together. Do you know where my brother was taken?"

Shen Qiqi asked while holding Jun Xuan and sweeping in the direction of Jun Yang.
"I don’t know," Jun Xuan shook his head, "but I can sense that my brother is not far from us now."
After listening to Jun Xuan’s words, Shen Qiqi gave a "Brother, where are we going to save him?"
"Don’t go to help dad first" Jun Xuan said calmly with Shen Qiqi’s ear "My brother didn’t go to help dad in advance now"
Didn’t ask what Shen Qiqi chose to believe in his own son.
Mother didn’t hesitate to write a letter, which warmed Jun Xuan’s heart. "Mother, don’t worry. My brother told me that he is very safe now, so let’s not worry."
"How do you know?"
Shen Qiqi raises eyebrows
"this is a secret between my brother and me."
Jun Xuan said slyly
Shen Qiqi was laughed at by his appearance, and the original worries in his heart disappeared because of this smile. Chapter 5 can’t believe it.
"Mother dad is in front," said Jun Xuan, pointing to the road ahead.
This road is not the same as when Shen Qiqi came.
But Shen Qiqi is willing to believe him conditionally.
Shen Qiqi, a short road, has seen his own extraordinary place.
A wall that looked plain, he suddenly told Shen Qiqi seriously, "This bet is organic in the wall."
Shen 771 tried to find it really organic.
In this way, Jun Xuan pointed out that Shen Qiqi had a thrilling escape from many machines.
This time, Jun Xuan said to let Shen Qiqi go another way, and Shen Qiqi did it without hesitation.
It wasn’t long before Shen Qiqi heard the fight.
The stone chamber is still the original stone chamber, but the appearance is not the same as when Shen Qiqi left.
At this time, the whole stone room was in a mess and broken walls was everywhere.
And the original arrogant dragon is angry at the moment and is struggling to survive on the ground.
Junyang and thyme Haoran both saw blood, but thyme Haoran was even more embarrassed. His sleeve was gone and his mouth was still bleeding.
Jun Yang’s clothes also looked shabby, but Shen Qiqi didn’t see any scars, and he obviously belonged to the superior side in the battle with Baili Haoran.
Shen Qiqi didn’t breathe a sigh of relief. She carefully protected Jun Xuan from being swept aside and carefully stared at Jun Yang’s figure. She was afraid that he accidentally caught a hundred miles of awe-inspiring way.
Thyme Haoran obviously noticed the arrival of Shen Qiqi, and when he saw her arms, Jun Xuan’s eyes paused, and the whole person became more gloomy.
At this time, he suddenly attacked Junyang Junyang with a step. When Junyang was busy dealing with it, his right hand suddenly rose slightly and aimed at Shen Qiqi and Jun Xuan not far away.
At the same time, "sou" a small arrow in his sleeve flew out, and the arrow flashed blue and cold, which was very poisoned.
At this time, Jun Yang’s fist has reached him, and he hastily dodged one side, and his arrow missed a little.
The original is facing Shen Qiqi’s eyebrows, and the arrow is aimed at Shen Qiqi’s arms because of a small deviation.
"Be careful on July 7th"
Jun Yang noticed the poisonous arrow flying to Shen Qiqi’s mother. He drank a lot and flew towards them at the same time, trying to block the poisonous arrow for them.
Thyme Haoran naturally won’t let him get his wish. His previous step was five fingers into a claw, and at the same time, his sharp nails grew out and grabbed Jun Yang’s shoulder.
Jun Yang’s heart is filled with Shen Qiqi and Jun Xuan’s natural leisure time, so he might as well be caught by Thyme Haoran’s shoulder, and his long sharp nails directly pierced his flesh and blood directly burst out.
Junyang grabbed the shoulder with one hand and a short body with one hand, then pulled forward conveniently and threw thyme Haoran directly in the direction of poison arrow.
He mastered the strength just as the inertia of a hundred miles was still unresponsive, and then he felt that his body was flying in the middle, and then he heard the sound of a sharp weapon piercing the flesh and blood. He shot at Shen Qiqi’s mother, and the poisonous arrow was stabbing himself.
Thyme Haoran suddenly stare big eyes can’t believe it.
It was not until he fell heavily and suffered severe pain that he realized that it was true. Chapter 53 Hundred Li Haoran died.
Poison arrow poison spread quickly, and it accelerated the spread of poison even more with the help of thyme Haoran.
When he fell to the ground, the whole person was already dying, and his eyes were scattered, showing that he had vent and no intake.
At the same time, other things are also changing.
His original black eyes slowly turned into blood-red fangs, and his original black long hair quickly dried up and turned into gray skin, which really looked like an old man hanging down.
He looked at Shen Qiqi’s direction with his eyes pierced, and his throat made a "purring" sound. After a while, he completely expired.
A generation of holy Lord thyme Haoran died his own poison arrow in this way.
Shen Qiqi held Jun Xuan tightly in her arms and wouldn’t let him see this scene.
I didn’t take Jun Xuan from Shen Qiqi’s arms until Thyme Haoran died through Jun Yang.