The third volume I have sold my soul to the ghost zhaojie Zeus … conspiracy exhibition.
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods] zhaojie Zeus … conspiracy exhibition
Zhaojie Zeus … Conspiracy Exhibition
"Call yourself a protoss?" Ordinary cabin old Kaiōshin barely open your eyes curious way
"They were also created by Gaia, but they sludge Gaia’s forced absorption of human beliefs on the planet, which led to Gaia’s gradual fall."
Old Kaiōshin’s chrysanthemum-like face wrinkled slightly. "If it’s like what you said, then this race is really too much to even let go of his mother … but I don’t think they can dominate Sun Wu. Although that guy is simple, the people around him are not stupid!"
Old Kaiōshin didn’t believe in himself, and zhaojie was not in a hurry. Instead, he asked, "Old Kaiōshin, what is my strength in your eyes?"
"You?" Old Kaiōshin looked at zhaojie’s eyes and flashed a light. "Your strength has been firmly in the position of the first legion in the universe, but I am afraid it is not as good as those who have almost realized the super three Saiyans."
Zhaojie smiled indifferently. "Thank you, old Kaiōshin. Why don’t you call a soldier to fight with me?"
"You said before that you came from another plane earth?" Also love to laugh obesity west king suddenly mouth way
"That’s right"
"Well, why don’t you let me have a sparerib meal with you?"
Next to the tall East Boundary King, looking at the slightly active body, zhaojie is king of the North Boundary. "Hey, do you think this earth has a small strength?"
"Since you are from the earth, you must not be weaker than ribs-rice, right?"
East boundary king hey hey say with smile "I think he is far less than ribs-rice! Although ribs-rice can’t beat the magic man Buou, it was even against Sun Wu that year! "
North Kaiō’s small eyes are going round and round. "So what about the East King?"
East boundary king frank way "no problem! What do you say I bet on ribs and rice to win! "
"Just bet on 100,000 king coins!"
When communicating with North Kaiō, zhaojie made himself more eloquent. He once showed some strength, which gave North Kaiō a certain confidence, so he chose to gamble with the East King.
Soon they came to a circular field of warfare. The whole field of warfare was made of special materials and could withstand strong bombardment. Kaiōshin and others stopped quietly in the viewing room.
The center of the warfare field is 1×1, and the delicate and emaciated zhaojie and the green skin ribs-rice are far away from each other.
The ribs-rice is tall and full of green skin and muscles. Wearing a white robe, it looks imposing. Before fighting, he looks puzzled and looks at Zhao Jiedao. "Are you sure you want to fight with me, young lady?" I’m not used to receiving force in combat. "
Zhaojie laughed. "No problem, even though you are the most powerful. If I can’t beat you, you will definitely give up."
The ribs-rice nodded at once. "In that case, here I am!"
Said the body in zhaojie pupil instantaneous disappear again has been less than one meter apart from zhaojie blow out!
He only lost three components of this punch. This man’s theory of human kindness, zhaojie, can never easily exert a powerful force on a’ woman’ no matter how he says it.
Zhaojie responded that a vine more than one meter thick had stood in front of two people.
"oh! ?” A kind of boundary king and Kaiōshin expressed surprise at the same time. A second ago, they had not seen this tentacle plant that looked like an octopus!
Ghost vine crashing broken green juice sputtering ribs-rice fist didn’t stop and continued to rush to zhaojie.
But before his fist reached zhaojie, his forehead was held back by an orange pistol.
Floating bomb!
Zhao Jie pulled the trigger and the ribs-rice head immediately leaned back like a sledgehammer wheel, and at the same time, the body flew in!