Fortunately, the in-situ release skill belongs to the controllable type, while the sudden skill belongs to the uncontrollable type. If you make a starting gesture, it will help the player to develop the skill. There is no possibility of self-interruption in the case of making the skill rush forward. For example, if you want to start with a straight sword, the player will be stupid. wait for a while will jump for two meters before stopping.

Although the sudden speed is less than one second, players who are unfamiliar with skills often die because of this less than one second. In fact, on the first day of the game, most players died because they were unfamiliar with basic skills.
The root cause is that all basic weapon skills are hard and sudden skills, and mistakes in distance judgment will also pose great danger.
Wang Yang didn’t know this. He added the one-handed straight sword skill to Gerry, and the second box he chose to block in the skill bar.
Block lv1 shield can resist the impact caused by the attack.
Wang Yang chose this skill not because his deputy was equipped with a shield.
After looking at Wang Yang’s menu, Valley knew that Wang Yang had already filled in the skills and asked, "Which skill do you choose for the second skill? I choose to be strong and paralyzed. "
Wang Yang looked up with a wave in the shield and smiled, "I chose the block in the second case."
"Block? Do you have this skill? " Valley immediately frowned and opened the column of learnable skills and found that there was no block in the basic skills of each weapon.
"How come I don’t have the skill of blocking in my skill bar?"
"Er …" Wang Yang paused and then said, "Is it because I am equipped with a shield?"
"It’s impossible to form a team with me yesterday. There is no blocking skill in the skill bar. He also complained to me that there is no shield-specific skill." Valley shook his head
Wang Yang smell speech is not a face of doubt but listen to the valley big grins "no matter start hunting".
"Okay, I’m a little impatient."
Wang Yang smell speech also no longer want to block things slightly excited and waved a little heavy sword fiery eyes fixed on the manic wild boar body near the unknown danger.
"Don’t worry, but you have to be familiar with the starting position before you can successfully make a one-handed straight sword." Valley laughed.
Wang Yang’s eyes suddenly became a little hot, and it took him half an hour to teach patiently in the valley before he could make a correct hand gesture.
After getting familiar with the starting posture, Wang Yang confidently walked towards the manic boar not far away. Step by step, when he walked two meters away from the manic boar, the manic boar turned his back on him and stared at Wang Yang with a pair of latosolic red eyes.
As if in the real world, Wang Yang’s heart suddenly jumped. I don’t want to see a wild boar staring at a pair of red shoes. At present, his hoofs are stripped on the grass and he rushes towards him.
Fierce and lean, Wang Yang was really startled, and hurriedly put on a one-handed straight sword skill, and the starting posture could not trigger the auxiliary system.
Wang Yang was hit by a wild boar the size of a calf and flew to the grass a few meters away.
It’s not over yet. After Wang Yang crashed into the air, the manic wild boar blew out a stream of white gas in his nostrils, stripped off his hoofs and rushed towards Wang Yang, which fell to the ground.
The valley is ready to cross the wild boar and Wang Yang immediately, but the wild boar doesn’t care what is ahead and wants to rush.
River valley hey hey smiled and there was no fear of this. He posed for a one-handed straight sword and slightly adjusted his hand posture for a moment. When the bronze blade suddenly flashed fluorescence and remained motionless for a second, the river valley suddenly rushed forward and brushed past the wild boar.
Wang Yang happened to get up from the grass and saw a sword mark on the left side of the wild boar, while the hp strip on the right side of the wild boar was half left
The wild boar was more violent after being attacked by the sword, and the white air pressure from its nostrils made the green grass lift its head and turned around and rushed towards the valley, which was several minutes faster than before.
The valley is still in a slightly stiff state one meter away, so the French attacked in advance, but when the hard head of the wild boar was about to hit his lumbar vertebrae, the stiff state disappeared, and he turned around as if he could see the rear, which just happened to avoid the collision of the wild boar.
Manic wild boar didn’t hit the physical limbs, and hurriedly pressed the grass to slow down. It was not an easy task to slide straight for two meters before stopping.
At the moment, the river valley’s expression is more serious. When the manic boar stopped with his back to him, it was another stroke. The one-handed straight sword crossed the distance of two meters and hit the rear thigh of the manic boar with great accuracy.
The basic sword skill has two seconds when the one-handed straight sword cools down.
After the fatal attack on the hindquarters, the blood streaks of the manic boar’s head immediately fell to the critical point. When the huge body froze, it gave a piercing roar, and then it exploded into flying glass fragments and disappeared into a pile of data.
A sweet sound made a purple vegetable box showing 6ep appear in front of a startled Wang Yang.
This is the first time he has gained experience, and it is also the first time he has failed to fight. Only when he has experienced it personally can he understand that fighting is difficult. Now he knows that so many people will die on the first day of sa’s official start.
Fighting for life is extremely cruel. If you are not careful, it can kill the player!
This is the sword world, a world where fighting is dangerous.
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Chapter 12 Different Aspects (Revised)
A: It’s a pity that it’s too much.
Wang Yang was hit hard.