The actual cross-country is very clear. The longer Uzumaki Kushina stays in suspended animation, even if the four generations of Huoying can well protect Uzumaki Kushina from suspended animation, Uzumaki Kushina’s physical function is also delayed and gradually decreased with suspended animation. The abnormal physical condition of Uzumaki Kushina people with whirlpool is even better.

If Uzumaki Kushina is an ordinary Nara clan like before cross-country, it is estimated that Uzumaki Kushina will become an ordinary person even if he faked his death for so long, let alone practice chakra, so it is impossible to run faster. In order to avoid unexpected situations, it is necessary to leave the war water country and go to the fourth generation of Huoying to prepare for the resurrection of Uzumaki Kushina.
The second point is that the reason why cross-country is in a hurry to leave the water country is that the duration of the war is simply as long as the French imagination.
It is true that Terumi Mei’s strategy is very good, encroaching on the territory of the water country and occupying a country’s language a little bit. When Terumi Mei’s strategy is successful, it is equivalent to the whole country’s enemy with less and less war materials in the village. Terumi Mei’s "revolutionary army" may invade the village without bloodshed.
Because it was only half a year ago, Mr. Ban’s control of Shui Ying’s loss of position has been reduced to freezing point
Those ninjas who followed Banye or Shui Ying Wuren Village already had a rebellious mind, but the "revolutionary army" still didn’t have enough advantages. Banye was still able to suppress these "blood fog" periods by virtue of Shui Ying’s majesty, and it was already turned into a killing machine.
However, Terumi Mei’s strategy is good, but is it possible to slowly encroach on the territory of the water country in a short time?
Don’t say no, just say a little!
If cross-country is to lead Ninja troops from other countries to capture the territory of the water country, it would be nice for him to manage the war. Fighting a town is a town and solving a city is a city. There is no need to think too much, but now leading the "revolutionary army", what cross-country needs to do is to start managing the people’s livelihood in the captured town after getting rid of the enemy, so that residents inside can live a stable life.
Moreover, war consumes materials to support those civilians who have just left the war, and it needs more materials.
If the cross-country is really quick in half a year, the whole water country will be solved.
If it weren’t for so many things that need to be considered, it would slowly encroach on the territory of the water country.
It is also because of this that it will take several years for the Terumi Mei strategy to be completed perfectly.
And how can cross-country drag in the water country for a whole few years?
That way, if we don’t talk about the resurrection of Uzumaki Kushina, we will say that the rest of the things that cross-country has to deal with may not be completed
The third point, the most dangerous thing in cross-country feeling is the study of Ban Ye.
If cross-country really drags on in the water country for a whole few years, how far can the research of Banye go?
Is it possible to develop a new black technology?
Is it possible?
Master ban has been resurrected in the realm of forbearance?
It is said that cross-country is really ready to leave Shuiguo muddy water for a while, first assassinate Banye to control Shui Ying, then take Kimimaro away from Wuren Village, first resurrect Uzumaki Kushina, and then prepare to take a long-term view of the rest of the things. As a result, when Terumi Mei is still thinking about staying cross-country and trying to persuade cross-country that there is no need to be radical and want to assassinate Shui Ying, he finds that cross-country determination has been set, Terumi Mei said with a deep breath.
"Shadow Master, it seems that you have really decided?"
"Well, it’s really decided."
Cross-country nodded and smiled. "Besides, after the assassination of Shuiying, we may not have a chance to meet again. Terumi Mei hopes that when we meet again, you will already be Wuren Village. Shui Ying can justify the rule of Wuren. There is no need to be like this."
"Well, I also hope to meet you as Shui Ying when we meet next time, and"
"Recruit you!"
Terumi Mei smiled at the cross-country and made a joke. Then he suddenly remembered one thing and turned to the cross-country road. "By the way, Master Shadow, since you want to assassinate Shui Ying, there is someone you must meet. Speaking of which, when I first met that guy, I didn’t expect that guy was so down and out in the water country that he needed to meet some assassinations of civilians to make a living."
"Shadow Master, since you are so powerful, can you guess who this down-and-out guy is?"
Listening to Terumi Mei’s questioning, cross-country consciousness is ready to shake his head
But I suddenly recalled that the future fate of Hakuto’s original works coincided with the fact that I was going to assassinate Shui Ying. Cross-country is to gently pick my eyebrows and ask.
"You said down and out guy"
"Is it that ghost people will never cut again?"
Chapter 63 Assassination of Shui Ying
Is it possible for a strong ninja to be down and out?
Anyway, I haven’t seen it before cross-country, but now I have.
In Terumi Mei, I arranged to ask about the assassination of Shui Ying again. For the first time, I said that what the ghost people saw when they met again was the two images in the original book of Huo Ying.
Wearing rags, my eyes are full of fatigue and skinny, just like I just got out of the desert!
Cross-country, it’s hard to imagine that ninjas can mix so badly.
What’s worse, a powerful ninja like this needs a few robberies to get rich. Is it really necessary to make himself so depressed that even ordinary people have to take the pitiful reward for revenge?
However, cross-country people don’t know that they will always be a man of integrity if they don’t cut again.
Take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others
No matter whether it’s in the water country or in the original book of Naruto, it’s a ninja principle. Otherwise, it’s like the original book of Naruto. Kado is the boss who wants to occupy the country of Poland. Isn’t it a piece of cake to stop cutting the famous black businessmen in the world and try to solve Kado’s guy?
However, in the original works of Huo Ying, we still adhere to our own principles.
Even if Cardo has been offended many times, he will not kill his employer if he doesn’t cut it again. He is willing to help Cardo become a vicious dog.
This shows that what is going on in the water country if you don’t cut it again?
To tell the truth, I heard that the reason for not being cut off from the world is a little admirable, but it is impossible to make cross-country so "moral integrity"
It’s always okay to rob some businessmen and thieves, right?
It can be said that except for the desert in the windy country, it is said that cross-country can be very good if it is thrown there.
But at this moment, if we don’t cut off the cross-country for the first time, it’s just a surprise. If we don’t cut off the poverty, we will directly get to the point and ask, "Do you know why I came to you?"
Don’t cut a cold smile and said, "Now I feel that most people want to buy Shui Ying intelligence, like me who can assassinate Shui Ying guys who want to believe it? Apart from Shui Ying’s information in my hand, Terumi Mei, if I am willing to join your "revolutionary army", will you believe me? "
"if you join our" revolutionary army ",I am naturally willing."