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Behind the hidden gold longbow is this bright gold ring, which is also an excellent attribute. This is perfect for barbarians and druids. It can be said that all melee characters need the ring most. You can imagine how popular this ring will be if you steal it with both life and mana.
Tidy up the scattered gold coins and potions, and take out a blue saber. Now that you have killed the tooth skin, it is natural to leave some teeth skin to collect it by yourself. However, the skin of this salamander is really hard. Now Chufei’s strength is chopping at the dead body, and he can see a small mouth. Although the damage of the saber in his own hand is too low, it can also be seen how strong this guy’s defense is. If there is no deformation to help this guy, it will not be so easy to be eliminated.
It is said that the battle just now was really dangerous. With the support of Chu Fei’s vitality skills, the tooth skin and the surrounding small monsters were separated. Then at this time, Chu Fei used the deformation technique. The tooth skin assault technique is much more powerful than the ordinary claw viper. Except for the three mutant skeletons, the ordinary skeleton will be attacked one after another, which can make them broken. Even the clay stone demon can resist it twice. Moreover, this guy with tooth skin is also good at summoning the claw viper. If it is not Chu Fei’s confusion curse, I am afraid it will be cast.
But in the end, this guy died when the metamorphosis was finished. This guy’s life had been worn away by half. At that time, when the tooth skin appeared, it was still full of Penny calling nine sea snakes. At that time, the tooth skin was also badly hurt. Chu Fei immediately chased this guy before his life recovered. Because of Chu Fei’s metamorphosis, the 35-level mage Penny became a sheep and was killed by it. Then it was killed by a small bone because of the metamorphosis. This is tit for tat.
"Hello is Hector? You two make the scroll back to Lugoin now, right, master? I have won the victory. You will return to Lugoin now, and I will go back. "Chu Fei took out the musical note stone, a magical prop, which is quite expensive, but since he knew about it, he immediately equipped himself with two pieces, one for Hector and one for Bilaise.
Gambling with Haigs has already won the victory. The first step for Chufei is to force debts. And since there is Master Penny, who knows if there will be any other masters who can kill Penny? It is absolutely impossible to expose the deformation. Then, if there are many people, I’m afraid I will be in trouble. So he ordered Hemoulong to return to Lugaoin immediately, which is not far from where Haigs stayed. He will certainly find the tooth skin body. If that guy is shameless enough to inform him that the two companions kidnapped Hemoulong, it is also a big trouble. Now let Hemoulong stay away from it.
I still want to find out the situation first. A 30-level mage died in the claw viper temple. This is definitely a big thing. I’m afraid that even the family department of Lanruo will cause a big sensation. Chufei now really wants to take a look at the expression of Haigs. This is the so-called victory secretly pleased.
"ChuFei is you!" The sentence "Envy when an enemy meets" is really suitable here. Haigs’ eyes are bloodshot. He is discussing with seven wizards whether to move on. Penny’s body is hidden in a corner by him. He is not ready to face Penny’s death and go out to react. He pretends that Penny first detected the other seven wizards, and he doesn’t doubt it. But at this time, Chufei actually appeared in front of him and finally recast his psychological defense line, which immediately collapsed.
"It’s a pity that Haigs hasn’t seen you for a few days, but I still want to show you something. Please don’t be too surprised." Chufei looked at Haigs and the other seven wizards and looked puzzled. Haigs’ expression was ferocious and hateful, but the other seven wizards’ expression was cold. Don’t they know that Master Penny died? He quickly glanced at Penny’s body, which had been lying there, but it was gone. Looking at Higgs’ expression base, he also guessed something.
The claw viper’s body is red, the snake’s body is gray, and the whole claw viper temple has teeth and skin, and the body is blue from beginning to end. At this moment, after Chufei takes out the blue snake head from the box, everyone is white. The gambling fight is over, and the winner is naturally Chufei.
Boom, a light sound, Chufei really saw what it means to crush silver teeth. Haigs’ eyes opened wide and his mouth suddenly closed. Two rows of teeth collided with each other with great speed and strength. One of them suddenly disintegrated, and then Haigs spit out one mouthful of blood. Then he shouted, "Kill him quickly or kill him quickly, otherwise it will be too heavy for me or Lanruo. Did you seven hear me and kill him quickly!"
"Haigs Pavilion, please don’t just tell us that only Lord Petunia is qualified to make a decision. Please be careful!" One of the seven wizards, a lady with long blue hair, did not hesitate to interrupt Haigs’ almost roaring speech. A man should not be like this even if he loses!
"By the way, he killed Penny. You must take revenge on Penny and kill him quickly!" Higgs suddenly roared and told the news of Penny’s death.
"Haigs shut up! Although the Duke ordered us to help you, we don’t mind picking you up if you talk nonsense! " Magicians started yelling and their hands lit up with all kinds of lights. Of course, they wouldn’t believe that Master Petunia of Grade 35 was dead when Haigs lost his mind!
"Poor Haigs, a member of the Afar family, has no responsibility at all! It’s my misfortune to take you as my opponent for four days. I’m very tired. Now I’m going back to Lugaoin to take a day off and then I’ll go to your place to receive my No.30 rune. Please be ready. You’d better not try to default. "Chufei sneered and immediately hit the scroll back to the city and entered the blue delivery door. A moment later, it appeared in Lugaoin. It’s delightful to be next to it. Two little girls, Hemolulu, also returned to Lugaoin at the same time.
"Master (adult), congratulations on getting the 30th rune this time." When Hector and Monroe saw Chufei, they first expressed their joy.
"Ha ha, we are rich this time. Let’s go to the best hotel to celebrate the 30th rune. I didn’t expect to have it when I was in the 23rd grade." Chufei is naturally higher.
The third chapter 32 Haigs bewitch
"Kill ChuFei, you know what I mean? Now the best way is to kill ChuFei and use Penny’s death as an excuse." Heggs is now preoccupied with trying to save the decline without knowing that he is going crazy.
"Hercules, say it again and I’ll give you a stimulating massage for three minutes, so that you can even stand up with that thing!" Next to the wizards, Haigs is a fart master Penny, but the youngest in the family has broken through the level 35 super genius. If it weren’t for this guy and his master, he would have been disposed of long ago. Now there is a flash of this guy’s failure and he is unceremoniously thrown at him. Haigs has a convulsion.
"I’m telling the truth!" Haigs was foaming at the mouth and ran to a corner and pulled out a female body. There is no doubt that it was he who hid Penny’s body!
Ah ah ah! Exclaimed from the mouth of these women, even those who changed jobs were, after all, women. After seeing Penny’s body, seven of them came to prepare and then cleaned up. Master Haigs immediately screamed. This really made people believe in the 35-level mage. Less in Lugaoin, it was the absolute strong one. Even in the face of the strongest Duriel nearby, it was absolutely unscathed. Although Haigs kept saying that Penny was dead, they didn’t have this idea in their hearts.
"Did you see that Penny died this time?
The third chapter 33 Hotel War
"If you are an Afar family, I don’t need to say that this kind of thing needs to be confronted by both sides. You wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t say it alone. I’ll go to visit the Afar family when Haigs comes back. This truth is getting more and more argued. If you argue irrationally, you will be guilty." Chufei sneered. I didn’t expect Haigs to really dare to find the door because of this sudden guy. His mental network was shipped again. As a result, it was unexpected that Haigs mental reaction was moving rapidly here.
"What do you mean, do you want to say it or not?" The middle-aged man’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, which seems a little unpleasant. His position is lofty, and few people refute him. Although he has also heard the name of Chufei, his consciousness still produces a kind of young and frivolous idea, which is the habitual idea of the elderly. Otherwise, there will be the term "leaning on the old and selling the old"
"Do you want to know? Then please sit with me and change places!" After ChuFei suggested that middle-aged people switch places, ChuFei ordered Hector and Monroe to say, "You two go there and don’t ask what you want to go there."
Although Hemenglou is puzzled, the two of them are most obedient when they leave the table and walk to the other side, while ChuFei is in the middle-aged man’s oblique rear facing the middle-aged man, looking back and wondering, "Can you please lower your head a little?" It takes a minute. I’m not teasing you. If you want to know part of what you really want, just follow me. "Chufei’s words are sincere. Although there are some puzzling things, this middle-aged man still bowed his head and made up his mind. If Chufei plays, he must teach this arrogant young player a lesson.
Bang, bang, someone came running from the stair surface. From the spirit induction, you can be sure that this is the guy Haigs, but before Haigs appeared, seven wizards suddenly appeared in a place ten meters away. Four bright blue chills and three big fireballs were directly shot out of their hands. The goal was Chufei!
Lazy donkey rolling! From the depths of the soul, the danger signal made Chufei’s body react before consciousness. Lazy snowballing in this past life was curious and learned to flee for life. Immediately, the right leg was pushed out and the left leg was naturally bent. With this force, the whole person directly rolled to the middle-aged man who claimed to be a member of Afar family.
Although ChuFei escaped from the past at a critical moment, these people did not hesitate to show the second round of attack, which was the same as one. Two fireballs directly attacked ChuFei when he fell to the ground, which was a gesture of never giving up without killing ChuFei.
"What are you doing!" Middle-aged man raised his head in amazement and drank a lot. Whoever saw Arihoshi attacking himself in this direction would not be happy. A huge stone statue with a burning flame instantly appeared in front of the middle-aged man. The blue cold was directly dissipated by the flame, but the fireball was inhaled by the stone statue. It was impressively a level 30 necromancer who was able to summon the flame stone demon.
"Duke Lanruo belongs to the traitor Chufei who killed the job-changer. The guy in front of him should hide quickly or he will kill you together!" Haigs finally couldn’t help jumping out. He finally bewitched the seven wizards and was about to kill the thorn in his side. But I didn’t expect such a guy to get in the way. It must be a level 30 necromancer, but the blue power is still feasible in Lugao. Generally, people who change jobs still dare not offend the blue power.
"Sun, your mother!" Chufei got up from the ground and roared out. The white bone staff waved continuously without hesitation. The bone spear was shot directly at one of the wizards. There was this man who claimed to be Afar family as a shield. Chufei of course took the opportunity to retaliate. At the same time, the summoners also appeared in the hotel and went straight to the seven wizards to fight at a touch!
"Stop it! What the hell is going on here! " Being used as a shield by ChuFei, the middle-aged man suddenly roared with a wave of his hand, and all around him fell into darkness, which was a curse. However, this curse was too severe, that is, the spiritual network of Chu enclave was blinded, and so on. There were ten skeleton warriors and six skeleton wizards suddenly appeared in this place, especially those skeleton warriors, whose bones were jagged. This is really amazing. Ten skeleton warriors said that this guy’s skull recovery skill level reached level 26. This guy is really tough!
The seven mages were surrounded by skeleton soldiers, and the mage was afraid to move with a sickle on his neck. Similarly, Chufei also dared not take the opportunity to beat Reservoir Dogs, because the six skeleton mages’ eyes were condensed in his body, and he was stared at coldly by the soul at twenty o’clock.
"Nonsense is nonsense. What the hell is going on here? This happened to me just after I got back from Harrogas!" Middle-aged men are almost angry, but when they hear his words, everyone around them breathes back from Harrogas. Doesn’t this mean that this guy’s skill level is over 50! Chufei didn’t expect this guy to be so tough at level 50. No wonder the tone is so crazy. This guy must be an Afar family elder.
"Ah is Jon grandpa! Grandpa Jon, the guy behind you made a hateful move to sneak attack on Master Penny. He killed Master Penny. Grandpa, please order the skeleton wizards to kill this traitor! " Haigs’ eyes were wide open. I didn’t expect it to be the fourth elder of the Afar family. How did this one suddenly return from Harrogas! However, since he has achieved this level, he certainly won’t cry and admit that he has failed. At this time, he must bite his own reasons!
"A dirty lie, the Afar family commanded Lanruo’s hand to attack my body, which said something about this matter and you, Haigs, why are you so active!" Chu Fei retorted Haigs with a cold hum and then turned to Jon, who shocked the scene with this sudden hand. "How do you want to listen to the accusations of your younger generation?" Chufei has prepared a transfiguration in his hand. Once this old guy favors Haigs or wants to detain himself, he will be turned into a lamb and killed immediately!
"I don’t know exactly what’s going on now, but it’s crazy for you to fight directly here. Naturally, no one will favor the present department to go to the palace inspection office. I will supervise you. Once anyone wants to make any other moves, don’t blame me for using force!" The middle-aged man is not an idiot. There are so many job-changers around here and it’s so noisy. Even if he wants to protect Haigs, he can make it worse. This kind of thing should not be intervened by the Afar family. Let’s leave it to Jayne.
"It’s all right. You just saw that it was the seven Lanruosi hand wizards who attacked me first. It was them who did such despicable things. I just fought back in self-defense. It’s irrevocable. Those skeleton wizards locked me and I promised that I wouldn’t attack you. You just need to control those people." Chufei responded coldly, but he summoned things to pose for battle, especially the ghost wolf and four mutant skeletons.
"All right, you put away your summoning things and I control them personally." A man named Jon Afar family nodded and agreed to Chufei’s incident. He was also a witness. It was obvious that seven wizards suddenly appeared and then immediately attacked. There was something strange about this incident, but it was more doubtful that Lan Ruosi, on the one hand, was a little strange about how Haigs suddenly got entangled with Lan Ruosi!
"Master, we will go with you." Hector and Monroe immediately ran over. The normal attack was too sudden. By the time they reacted, they took out the crossbow and prepared to fight back, the necromancer had taken control of the scene.
"Very well, you two must follow me, otherwise it will be bad if someone attacks you again." Chufei sneered and glared at the seven wizards. The irony in his tone was beyond words. He didn’t expect that Haigs was bold enough to attack himself directly and wanted to humiliate this guy here. It was really dangerous just now if the hotel was not full of job-changers. If it wasn’t for the chance that the Afar family elders talked to themselves, maybe he would really be planted here today!
Good, Higgs. We’re done with this vendetta. I’ll repay you and Lanrose! In the face of ChuFei glared at Haigs, his eyes were left with despair and hatred. Those eyes were like poisonous snakes, but at the moment, where would ChuFei care about him, resent him, and plan to destroy this guy?
The necromancer named Jon controlled Chufei and Haigs and his party to go downstairs, and then walked directly to the palace. After they left, all kinds of information were immediately blown up in the hotel and flowed out.
The third chapter 34 lion’s mouth
In name, it was temporarily supervised, but in fact, the people including He and Monroe Chufei were arranged in a side hall of the palace. Now King Lugoin is Jayhein, and other royal descendants, including Lan Ruosi, are all salivating outside. All the halls Chufei were arranged in such a place.
After all, the palace is a palace. Although it is not very lively because it has not been inhabited for a long time, the decoration and facilities are quite complete. There are blue crystals smaller than broken sapphires embedded in the walls, which not only give off cold air to cool the whole palace, but also produce a sound like waves every once in a while. It is really enjoyable to live in such a room in this desert area.
Wearing a veil and a towel, the maid came in and out from time to time, bringing in fruits, wine and food. It was Chu Feifei who wanted to see a potions. The third requirement was immediately realized. Touching this thick potions gave him a big surprise. This should be the royal family’s hiding. It’s not half as thick as this in the public library outside facing the job-changers. No wonder they all want to develop their own power and re-enter the palace. This life is really enviable.
"Well, relax a little, don’t you see that even leisure poems and dramas have been sent? This says that Jayhein is kind to his master, and I think things will be solved smoothly soon." Chufei is very leisurely * On the deck of the lounge chair, there is a layer of unknown animal fur that smells cool and refreshing. This may be a kind of ice Warcraft fur. This world is also a beast that has mutated due to the invasion of hell, but these beasts are a little stronger than ordinary beasts. It is not necessary for those who change jobs to eliminate Chufei to distinguish what animal fur it is.
Although the two sisters, like Chufei, entered the palace for the first time, they didn’t feel so comfortable as Chufei, and they always seemed cautious. This is normal, but the original is just that ordinary mercenary archers suddenly entered the palace and faced with luxury that they have never seen before. How can they be released immediately? Chufei couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he saw their caution. He spoke in an attempt to ease the mood of the two sisters.
"You sit right there, pick up poems and dramas, watch them if you like, and there are fruits and snacks next to you. You can make yourself at home if you like." In Chu Fei’s command, the two sisters dared to sit on the soft and comfortable sofa and curiously picked up the poems and dramas next to them. These royal specialties have magical images to trigger, so it is amazing to watch small pieces of similar shadow images.
"Master, aren’t you really worried? This time you have offended the Afar family and Lanruo at the same time?" Hector and Monroe carefully tried several novelty feelings and remembered another thing after the past. After all, they were inexperienced. The little girl worked hard since she was a child, but she didn’t see the current situation at all.
"First of all, just because Haigs is a member of the Afar family doesn’t mean the Afar family, and if I simply offend the Afar family or Lan Ruosi, I may be a little afraid, but if I offend both of them at the same time, I won’t be afraid of anything. Just rest assured, I guess we will be let go home soon, and maybe the elders of the Afar family will come and apologize in person!" Chufei confident way
Penny’s death is really because of herself, but the 3.5-second transfiguration is the root that can’t be detected, and absolutely no one in this world would have thought of having this kind of magic. Although Hagers attacked himself for this reason, it would be a white lie for anyone to detect Penny’s death! It just happened that there were also seven wizards in Lanruo’s hand.
Since the hotel war, Chufei has been thinking about almost all the intentions of Haigs, and he has guessed it. I have to admit that Haigs is an ambitious guy who can also throw caution to the wind. He is much taller than his younger brother Preston who knows pure jealousy, but it’s a pity that he failed after all. Later, Lan Ruosi will probably put all the charges on Haigs. After all, this time Lan Ruosi chose to cooperate with Haigs or deal with himself, but now he has lost his wife and lost his troops. This anger will naturally vent on Haigs \
According to the simulation of Chufei, it is probably that Lanruosi will shift all the responsibility from gambling to Haigs, which is of course beneficial to master Petunia’s death to frame Chufei. After all, Haigs has no profit and value, and he doesn’t want to be a big guy. If the Afar family doesn’t come forward, maybe Haigs will continue to go to Chufei in Lugaoyin. Now he knows that Penny is a thirty-five mage and a Lanruosi family. A star rises in Ran Ran, but I’m afraid Lanruosi will have a headache for a long time.
I really want to have a look at Lanruo’s expression now. I’m afraid that guy vomited blood directly! Ha, ha, ha, but what will happen next? Haigs is completely finished this time, but after all, there is still an uncle who has a big position, and his parents are not only war heroes, but also the Afar family was proud in those days. Even if Lan Ruosi holds all the charges on him, the Afar family will probably keep his life. The key is to what extent!
"Lord Fadil Marquis of Chufei is waiting outside the door, whether to invite him in = novel 52 starts = =" A maid asked Chufei at the door that this maid’s dress is really loving. I didn’t expect Jayhein and his interests to be similar, which is much more beautiful than those black scarves.
"Ask him to come in" ChuFei nodded the name although I don’t remember it very clearly, but I also have a little impression, but it must be something to come to myself at this time.
"Lord ChuFei, you are really amazing this time." A middle-aged man came in and was definitely an ordinary man. This guy’s title was actually a marquis! However, after a careful look, I have some impressions of this man, which should be seen. However, this guy was excited and praised Chufei as soon as he entered the door, but he can be sure that he was born.
"I didn’t expect that you have just become a guardian knight and achieved this step. Impey Ni died. Now Lan Ruosi has been relieved by the Presbyterian Church and has been asked to reflect on this matter. It has become the laughing stock of all major families. Since inheriting the duke’s title, Lan Ruosi has been reckless, and now he is finally afraid to be so arrogant. It’s really a way to restrain this excitement." After coming in, this person gushed out his feelings.
"Oh, I see. Then tell me what you came for." Idiots generally don’t just gloat when they encounter this kind of thing. It’s no wonder that Beatrice has been trying to revitalize the family. Her relatives are so happy and get carried away!
"My coming here is also entrusted by people. This morning, the Afar family was stationed in Lugaoin. Two elders came to the family. This has not happened for nearly a hundred years. The Afar family was also present at the coronation of Laneros. This is really an honor!" Seeing this guy want to get excited again, ChuFei is very depressed, and slamming the teacup shows him to get down to business directly.
"Well, the two elders of the Afar family mean that Haigs bewitched Lanruo’s hand to attack you. Can you settle this matter privately? Don’t apply for a decision from the Association of Job Changers. In fact, this time it is mainly to inform you that this matter has been discussed in the family. The conclusion is …" The ordinary middle-aged marquis was interrupted by Chufei before he finished.