Then all his efforts will be in vain.

Fortunately, the wings of the evocation butterfly moved
Then take off.
Chu Yun’s eyes lit up, and it felt as sweet as my mother stuffing a piece of candy through the door when she was first in a dark room.
Take back the vortex nine sinai body.
Chu Yun hurriedly behind evocation butterfly.
Shuttle up in the forest
But the direction is to go back.
Don’t … Chu Yun heart rises a guess.
This guess will be confirmed soon.
Chu Yun came to an orphanage and said that the orphanage was just established after Kyubi no Youko’s invasion. It was full of children who had lost their parents.
When Chu Yun saw that evocation butterfly land on a little guy with blond hair and a moustache on both sides.
Chu Yun knew this guy was Naruto Vortex.
Chu Yun was also present at the ceremony of Vortex Naruto becoming a pillar of strength, and soon understood why.
On that day, the life of Vortex Jiusinai will do its best for four generations, and the remaining chakra department of Vortex Jiusinai will be sealed in Naruto through the hexagram seal.
"chakra really has a soul."
Chu Yun had this guess when the skeleton soldiers could change the nature of chakra, and now the whole guess has been confirmed again.
But how to separate chakra from the hexagram seal?
The eye of the dead opens a spiritual thread to link Naruto’s body.
Chu Yun appeared in Naruto’s soul world for a moment.
The eye is an iron prison.
This iron prison is much smaller than the one in Xinjiunai, and it is also somewhat different.
There is also a huge ball in Xinjiunai’s cell with wooden stakes made of spells stuck on it.
Kyubi no Youko was originally fixed on a sphere, and his tail was covered with stakes and tied with chains. It was miserable.
There is a sleeping baby lying outside the iron prison of Ming people.
Inside the iron prison, Kyubi no Youko was lying in a ferocious face.
Chu Yun appeared here at the moment when Kyubi no Youko raised his ears and stared at Chu Yun as they practiced.
In the soul world, Chu Yun’s eyes are the eyes of the dead.
Full of evil spirits, cold and fierce
Even if Kyubi no Youko saw it, he could not help but be attracted by it and attached great importance to it.
"Evil eyes. Who are you?"
Chu Yun spasm I metempsychosis saw Kyubi no Youko when Kyubi no Youko came.
Maybe this guy has a psychological shadow because of carrying soil?
"Good evening, Nine Lamas. Don’t get too excited. I just came for a walk."
"I’m not interested in how I know your name, whether it’s you or Liudao or tsutsuki Hamura."
"I just came to see this cage … your new home. Feel free."
Chu Yun laughed and then looked at this hexagram seal I, and Chu Yun’s dead eyes directly destroyed the soul world of four generations of Huo Ying, thus solving this seal. Obviously, this life can’t be that way.
Where is the chakra seal of Vortex Nine Sinatra?
Chu Yun looked at the seal to find it.
Kyubi no Youko was stunned by the amount of information that Chu Yun said with his mouth.
Then roared, "Don’t be too arrogant! Tell me how you know these things! Otherwise … "
Yo, I’m curious, right? I just want to make you curious, but I just don’t tell you that Chu Yun is smiling and admiring the cage … Hmm … Kyubi no Youko’s new home is watching late-night welfare movies. Please note WeChat WeChat official account ok Shadow Paradise.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Thinking about small objects of death
Kyubi no Youko went crazy, chakra overflowed the cage and slept outside, so Naruto was affected. I don’t know if he had a nightmare or felt the evil chakra when his parents left that day.
Anyway, I just started crying
"Good boy" Chu Yun tried to make his voice amiable.