Wind dance turned to look at the past when Zhang Xue also saw the wind dance.

"Good sister" Zhang Xue’s eyes wandered and he took the initiative to dance with the wind and shouted.
Zhang Xue clearly knows that she dances far better than NO FENG フウカ in Lingyun’s eyes.
And before meeting the bride, she danced on the right side of Lingyun and on the left, which shows that Lingyun wants to dance big.
After all, this is an era of respecting the left and respecting the right, and the wind dances on the left side of Lingyun. Although I didn’t say it at that time, I saw that everyone knew their status.
You need Lingyun to help Zhang Xue. She can’t let Zhang Xue compete for her position in Lingyun’s heart. She is willing to let the wind dance rank ahead of her.
Zhang Xue doesn’t know the true age of Fengwu. It seems that they are about the same age. This elder sister is very true.
The main reason is that the relationship between the two people was very good before, and they almost became girlfriends, and they almost might be bound to Jin Lan.
Moreover, Zhang Xue doesn’t have the concept of monogamy in his mind, so he doesn’t have the shame of recognizing himself as a mistress.
But two women and horses are going to sleep with the same man, which makes Zhang Xue feel very strange.
Zhang Xuexin is also not ready for this.
In other Zhang Xue’s mind, I don’t think it’s a problem. Getting used to polygamy is much better than wind dancing.
Zhang Xueji, who has a unified woman’s thinking and thinks that her husband is a day, will not object to Lingyun’s things. Lingyun is whatever he says.
In Zhang Xue’s view, she must be in the same room as Feng Wu. Lingyun arranged for her to accept it.
After that "elder sister" shouted out, Zhang Xue felt no embarrassment.
When I heard Zhang Xue calling her sister’s head, there was still some confusion. Zhang Xue replied, "Good sister."
Fengwu feels a little unnatural, but she doesn’t answer as if she hates Zhang Xue, and she doesn’t know what to say except this sister Fengwu.
Zhang Xue seemed to see the wind dance and said, "Lingyun … What happened to my husband?"
At this time, Zhang Xue also finished lifting his skull, which is no longer in the corner.
Two girls as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade got up and walked beside Lingyun.
Actually, Zhang Xue knew Lingyun was drunk without asking.
It’s alcohol when Lingyun comes into the room. She asked yes. It’s too embarrassing to change the subject and dance in the wind.
Together, the two girls put their hands on the table and Lingyun helped them back in the chair.
Looking at Lingyun and closing her eyes, both girls know that Lingyun must be unable to wake up tonight.
The original wind dance also hoped that Lingyun would get drunk and not wake up, but now the wind dance hopes that Lingyun will be awake.
It’s weird and embarrassing to have her and Zhang Xue in the room. Before talking, I had a lot to say to Zhang Xue. Now I can’t say a word to Zhang Xue, and I don’t know what I should say.
Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I remembered knocking at the door outside. Zhang Xue’s personal servant Tweety shouted at the door, "Miss, I brought ginger soup to my children."
It is Xu Fu and others who let people wake up the wine and ginger soup after leaving the horse. How can they watch Lingyun get drunk and not wake up?
Outside the door, except to send ginger Tang Cuier, Chui Fu Zhang Tong and others are all smiling one by one.
In particular, Zhang Tong has quietly told Xu Fu several people to wait for Lingyun.
Yu Chui Fu Li Hai several people are reserved is nodded without his own ideas.
When the door opened, Zhang Tongyin disappeared, and several people hid at the door without letting Zhang Xue see it.
Zhang Xue took the ginger soup from Tweety and the door opened again.
With ginger soup Zhang Xue spoon bite by bite to lingyun.
Because Lingyun was asleep, he drank slowly and flowed out while feeding into his mouth.
A bowl of ginger soup took less than half an hour for Lingyun Department to drink.
Zhang Xue took a few mouthfuls and a few mouthfuls for a change of wind and dance.
There is such a thing to do, even if I don’t know what to talk about with Zhang Xue, I feel much better than before.
Chapter 196 Can’t put it on.
After being filled with a bowl of ginger soup, Lingyun finally opened his eyes.
With his eyes open, Lingyun felt very dizzy, and then two beautiful faces appeared in front of him.
It’s fuzzy. Lingyun still feels beautiful.
"It’s strange how the wind dance has become two heads." Lingyun thought that he wanted to stretch out his hand and touch it to see which face was real, but he felt a pain in his head and fell asleep when he lifted his hand to half Lingyun.
This time, I really pretended that the blurred face finally became clear before Lingyun lifted his hand. Lingyun saw the two faces in front of him, one was dancing in the wind and the other was Zhang Xue.
Lingyun heart dark scold chui fook is not already told him how to send yourself to the wind dance room Zhang Xue also appeared here.
Lingyun didn’t tell others that Feng Wu and Zhang Xue were not in the same room.
Whether Huang Pusong or other people in the state animal husbandry house are arranged according to one room.
Moreover, Lingyun also marries two women at the same time. Many people think that Lingyun likes to sleep with three people.
Men think that the maids in Lingyun’s romantic mansion always blush here and feel that Lingyun is not serious.
According to their ideas and learning from predecessors’ practices, they all arrange a room.