Fortunately, Yang Guo soon returned to normal.

Yang Guo has always been a die-hard person. He believes that he will never give up no matter what, just as he believes that Guo Fu is the one in his heart. Even if Guo Fu throws cold water on him, he will still not give up.
After a short period of depression, the plan will continue. It is necessary to change the law. It depends on Wan Yanping’s cooperation. Yang Guo suddenly thought of a new strategy/
Generally speaking, Wan Yanping is similar to Guo Fu in that they are all very stubborn. Since she is determined to help Yang Guo, she will let him do everything according to Yang Guo’s arrangement.
Guo Fu went to the rice road alone and met Yeluqi. He casually asked him if he wanted to go together, but Yeluqi chose Guo Fu after dinner.
If there is an opportunity for you to stay with the right person, you should seize it anyway, right?
Guo Fu is naturally happy to have someone to accompany him, forgetting the strange feeling that just flashed in his heart, and Yeluqi is also happy to watch him.
Yeluqi people are very thoughtful and considerate, and they are like a spring breeze. They are obedient to her and pampered. This is how Guo Fu feels about him
In fact, Guo Fu has always wanted such a husband.
If such a person really appeared in front of her, how could she not be moved?
Maybe at the moment, the girl’s heart is budding.
Yeluzi is very sensitive to the fact that Guo Fu seems to be closer to him, which is a good thing for him. He looks more handsome with a smile.
However, the smile stopped abruptly when they went out.
Because Yan Yanping came to me and said that there were some important things to talk to Yeluqi, Guo Fu never doubted that he believed that people were worse. There was no problem with Yan Yanping’s reason.
Guo Fu smiled and asked Yeluqi to deal with his affairs, while he turned to the Wu brothers and played with Yelvyan.
Yeluqi Yan Yanping’s so-called important thing is that they hate each other in their former country, but they never expected to wait until it turned out to be a girl’s confession.
Yang Guo is always so eloquent that he reawakened Wan Yanping’s mind and told her not to leave a trace of regret in her life.
If you say something, you won’t feel regret for life.
Because of Yang Guo’s pleading and her own unwillingness, she really didn’t want to regret it for life, so she chose to tell Yeluzi what she wanted.
Yeluqi still has a good impression on Yan Yanping, otherwise he wouldn’t have paid much attention to her. However, all this affection stems from his pity and sympathy for her, not from the love between men and women.
Yeluzi is still very clear about this.
Sure enough, Wan Yanping was rejected, but she didn’t feel lost, but felt a worry.
On this side, Ye Lvqi’s problem of Yan Hong Ping was solved, and on the other side, Guo Fu successfully found Ye Lvyan. To be precise, it seems that Ye Lvyan has something to look for her.
Chapter 45 Chapter 45
Yeluqi knows that Guo Fu misunderstood, but it is not easy to clarify this matter. After all, it also involves Yan Yanping. He can pretend to be casual about it during Guo Fu’s conversation.
Moreover, Yan Hong Ping’s meaning is also very clear. She is about to leave Xiangyang, so Yeluqi knows fairly well. It’s time to tell Guo Fu.
"Miss Guo Yan Hong came to say goodbye to me a few days ago, saying that she was leaving Xiangyang. I was also wondering whether it was time to leave my sister who was running around in Dasong but never found a suitable place to stay.
In fact, I also think Xiangyang is a good place, and the people here are very good. "
Yeluqi didn’t finish his words, but he said that Yan Yanping, the scorer, was leaving, but they were not the same person, which meant that their roots were not what Guo Fu thought.
He also said that he wanted to stay in Xiangyang. Although Guo Fu didn’t recognize her as a nice person in his words, it didn’t affect her desire to let him stay.
"Yelv eldest brother, since you think it’s good here, you can stay with Yaner! It’s good to have us here to take care of everyone, isn’t it? "
The same enthusiasm to retain such words Guo Fu also said to Wan Yanping, but listening to Yeluqi’s ears is to be elated, because he thinks that the person he left behind is his heart.
This side of things is not due to Yeluqi’s reaction. It was Yang Guo who was cheating in the dark. He asked Yelvyan to explain to Guo Fu that he had made an own goal.
Yelvyan originally heard Yang Guo say where she knew the truth, so it’s easy to find Guo Fu and explain it clearly.
"Sister Fu, I’m sorry, I put my foot in my mouth. You don’t want to tell others that Sister Ping has nothing, and she is leaving soon.
It was the first time I heard Brother Yang say this. I was so happy that I didn’t come to ask my brother clearly, so I came to tell you. Don’t be angry! "
Guo Fu is not a narrow-minded. How can she blame Ye Luyan? It was after such a time that Guo Fu found out that she didn’t seem to care so much about Yeluzi
But even so, this does not prevent Guo Fu from going to Yang Guo to find out about it.
Yang Guo knew it would come out, but he didn’t expect it to be so soon and Guo Fu would come to ask him so soon.
"Brother Yang Yan Hong Girl Brother Yelu has nothing to do. How can you talk to Yan Er like that?"
In fact, Guo Fu didn’t blame Yang Guo, which means that she remembered Ye Luyan’s saying that she was afraid of breaking two people’s names, so she came to wake Yang Guo up specially, hoping that he wouldn’t be so excited and would say the hexagrams.
Of course, Guo Fu is not the kind of person who meddles, but because some people are involved in this incident, she will come to tell Yang Guo specially.
Who knows that Guo Fu didn’t say it’s a good thing that she said that Yang Guo felt that she had been stabbed in the lung tube.
In Yang Guo’s view, Guo Fu’s point is Yeluzi to question him.
How long have they only known each other? She’ll be fine. Did he question him?
"Oh, there is no smoke without fire, Fu Mei. When I said it, Ye Luyan believed it without even asking. That’s what she thought." Yang Guo sneered. "That’s nothing?"
Guo Fu really didn’t think of this. It seems that Yang Guo has a point.
"Even so, people don’t admit that you are not good at talking nonsense!"
Yang Guo got said, "Fu Mei, you’re worried, aren’t you?"
Guo Fu seems to have been poked in the secret heart and immediately retorted, "I’m not in a hurry. Besides, Brother Yelv, what if I read it?"
I never thought that Guo Fu would admit that Yang Guo felt that he was so angry at the moment.
Yang Guo’s tone is not good. "What if you look at it? You can’t marry him anyway!"
Guo Fu was annoyed and curious, "Why can’t I marry?"
"If you marry him, who will marry me?"
Yang Guo looked at Guo Fu’s delicate and charming as a rose and Yan Xin blurted out immediately.
Guo Fu didn’t react for a moment and repeated, "Who will marry you?"
"Naturally, you are going to marry me!" Yang Guo immediately then says
Guo Fu stare big eyes looking at Yang Guo red cheeks ashamed and annoyed also stretched out his hand and pushed the Yang Guo "Yang Guo who want to marry you! Dad said before that I wouldn’t care if you didn’t promise me! "
The words sound just fell and Guo Fu stamped his foot and people ran away and disappeared, leaving Yang Guo where he was, full of Guo Fu just talking.
In fact, at first glance, this is really like what Yang Guo heard when he was thrown cold water several times, but it seems that it is not the same thing when he ponders it again.
Clever as Yang Guo, his brain won’t turn around when he meets Guo Fu, but he just won’t give up on her!
Guo Fu said that he was just looking for Yang Guo to talk casually. Who ever wanted to talk about marriage in such a hurry? Besides, Yang Guo is really not thick-skinned. He can say that.
However, Guo Fu’s cheeks are burning and his heart is pounding. He is both proud and happy, and there are still many people at a loss.