Hum, it’s impossible to find out! Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately took out a random scroll.

"No, he wants to run away at random!"
But it’s too late. Lin Tianxiao has made a random delivery scroll and disappeared in front of everyone.
Back to the small tower room, Lin Tianxiao found that the blood volume of the dark Woma leader had actually recovered to one billion, which was simply too powerful.
500 million incredibly, 500 million blood volume is another hurdle. How can we avoid the attack by attacking the root method?
In the same way, the blood volume of the dark Woma leader once again dropped to 500 million. Lin Tianxie immediately put away the five *oss and the ghost dragon small four, and his body kept avoiding the rapid attack of the thunder ball, staring at the dark Woma leader intensely, but the thunder ball was too fast. He escaped five and was bombarded by the thunder ball and returned to the resurrection corridor again!
How can we kill this dark Woma leader? Is this dark Woma leader setting traps to trap and kill players?
No, it’s a trap to kill players, but there must be a way to kill the dark woma leader!
Lin Tianxie kept thinking about the battle with the dark Woma leader, and suddenly he had a flash of light and thought of a fact!
The lightning ball was absorbed by the wall of the house!
Yes, that’s it!
Lin Tianxiao was so happy that he finally thought of a solution to this matter. Yes, this is indeed a trap for killing players and also a seal for the dark Woma leader. Because its walls can absorb the attacks of the dark Woma leader, the dark Woma leader can escape from this room!
Once again resurrected, Lin Tianxiao rushed into the small tower again, but after he came in, he didn’t attack, but hid aside and let the five *oss and the ghost dragon brother fight.
Draw out the dragon sword. Lin Tianxiao came to the wall, where there was a protruding stone pillar. Lin Tianxiao immediately split the stone pillar, cut out the dragon sword and tried it just right to put his body inside.
Show a satisfied smile. Lin Tianxiao killed the soul with the dragon sword, and split Lin Tianxiao’s melee. Soon, he killed the blood of the dark Woma leader to 500 million.
Lin Tianxiao immediately withdrew the five *oss and ghost dragon younger brother, and prepared the stone bucket toward the head before taking it out, and immediately put himself in the whole set.
Counting thunder balls and shooting Lin Tianxie, I feel that I am wearing my own stone bucket and pouring into it. There is a powerful force that makes a drumming sound!
Finally, the sound disappeared. Lin Tianxie faded from the stone bucket and looked up at the dark Woma hierarch. Finally, he was no longer furious and gasped. The original set was always flashing in its hands, and Lei Guang disappeared
"Good is now!"
Lin Tian evil growl a immediately summoned the five *oss and ghost dragon small four killed again four hundred and thirty-two billion one hundred million …
After ten minutes of evil, Lin Tianxie and the seven of them killed the blood volume of the dark Woma leader to less than 90 million! What kind of equipment will Lin Tianxiao give the old man after killing him?
However, things went wrong. He unexpectedly saw the dark Woma leader suddenly yelling, "Lei Yun came to the world!"
There was a black Lei Yun in the narrow room immediately, and a huge flash was walking in Lei Yun, and it was about to split up.
Lin Tianxiae held up the dragon sword at this time and also shouted, "Call the dragon Carl!"
Suddenly, a huge six-pointed star appeared at the top of the cave, and the dragon Carl fell to the ground in an instant. Lin Tianxiao shouted, "Kill the dark Woma leader!"
The dragon Carl shot at the same time, and the huge lightning of the thundercloud also fell. He split Lin Tianxie’s head and instantly Lin Tianxie took back the five *oss, but left the ghost dragon small four to follow the stone bucket towards the already smaller ghost dragon small four to take the mouth and also said a word in the ghost dragon small four ear!
Lin Tianxie raised his speed to the extreme, constantly avoiding the thunder attack. Although he wanted to live, it backfired. Finally, after more than ten seconds, Lin Tianxie was split into a pool of coke by a thick thunder!
In an instant, the evil spirits returned to the resurrection corridor, and on the other side of the battlefield, the outcome was beyond his control.
Carl, the dragon in the small tower, roared with a thunder attack and slammed it into the narrow room, which restricted him from turning around. Carl, the dragon, smashed the dark Woma leader with two fists and took away the 50 million blood of the dark Woma leader, so he was hidden behind him by the dark Woma leader.
Ray kept chopping at the dragon Carl, although he was a member, but he also hurt the dragon Carl, and he kept grinning, and he felt the pain in his bone marrow, even if he was a member.
"Hum, you are still a little young to kill me!" The leader of Dark Woma roared that it was obvious that this battle ended with his victory again.
Where do you know that his voice just fell and a thick tail snapped the dark Woma leader and flew to the wall and fell to the ground?
3.92 million
A huge amount of damage floated out of the head of the dark Woma leader. As soon as the dark Woma leader spit out one mouthful blood, he heard the dark Woma leader laugh!
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, finally is not my victory? Even if you are a dragon clan, let me win! "
Dark Woma leader just landed, and the dragon Carl’s body disappeared, but at this moment, a figure quickly rushed to the front of Dark Woma leader …
Chapter 16 Tianshi robe beautiful memories (in)
Two hours later, Lin Tianxiao came out from the resurrection point and just came out, he clicked on the random scroll and quickly rushed to the small tower and crashed into it.
The room was particularly messy, and there was nothing on the ground. The leader of Woma also disappeared, even the ghost dragon Xiaosi disappeared.
"How can this happen? Is Xiao Si also dead!"
"Xiaosi helped me collect the explosive equipment of the Dark Woma leader!"
This is the last sentence that Lin Tianxiao said when he put the stone bucket on the ghost dragon small four to shrink down. His imagination is very beautiful, because the ghost dragon small four can travel freely. After his death, the ghost dragon small four can still stay outside. When the leader of Dark Woma dies, he can help him collect it. In that case, he died six or seven times in vain.