"I think everyone wants to try to hit pleasure in a game. Do you want to play an auxiliary profession and watch others play hard or do it yourself? Besides … Uncle really speaks out that everyone plays games. Of course, they want to be handsome and beautiful. The professional looks like a middle-aged man, and they are not liked. "Tianyu expressed his views.

"Ahem" Sitting in front of Tianyu, Dragon Butler suddenly coughed two times to indicate that he was an uncle …
If Yunyang smiled like a light, "I didn’t think about uncle’s appearance when I first chose a career."
"Yeah, but few people, few people, few advantages and few weapons are cheap, which is not like swordsmen and gunmen. Their weapons are better and they can’t even buy game coins, which is expensive to death." Erxiu said.
"Yes, there are only unpopular occupations and popular occupations. Although the occupations are similar, the essence is still related to the player’s own level." Tianyu went on to say
"There is no garbage occupation. Are there garbage players?" Two whew copied a network language replied.
Tianyu nodded and said, "Every profession has its own loyal players. Even if some professions will be strengthened into bug occupations in the future, some professions may be weakened into waterway occupations, but those professional players who can persist in loving themselves deserve our respect and will not give up."
"Silly bear, you know, it seems that many seem to be more than two wheezes." If Yun listens to Tianyu, he laughs.
"Silly bear, he played Korea, but he didn’t play now." Two whew answered for Tianyu.
"ah? This game and Korea ….. "If cloud surprised.
"Well, there’s still a day …" At this time, it’s not clear whether there is beauty in Tianyu, but there is definitely beauty in the future, and I heard that it happened later because the workshop in China is too strong.
"It turns out that dnf has such a big influence." If Yunyuan dnf is playing in China, I didn’t expect it to be abroad.
"Well, it’s just an agent. The update bases are all introduced from Korea … Business opportunities in the game are foreseeable," Tianyu answered seriously.
If the cloud nodded again.
Dragonfly all the way is to occasionally take a look at the corners of the mouth of the young master driving. "Young master laughs more than before. I don’t know if those two little guys can change the fate of the young master after getting home and driving."
After about 5 minutes, the black car drove into the villa area and stopped in front of a magnificent mansion.
"Master ~ Young Master is back!" A middle-aged woman looked at the iron gate and several people came from the car in a hurry to open the iron gate and then ran to the house and shouted
Chapter 19 Children play house
"Liuyi is still so careless …" If the words sound like a cloud, listening to the woman shouting in the room, shallow laughs.
Later, another person parked the black car in the garage, and the dragonfly took Ruoyun and three people walked towards the mansion.
Tianyu and Erxiu looked around at the lawn and were surprised that it was winter and there were green grass, and they didn’t know which kind of grass they were.
Two big solid wooden doors have been quietly opened on the ladder.
The glittering crystal chandelier in the room hangs upside down on the first floor ceiling like a multilayer cake. Looking into the room, a marble table comes into view, and there are several big sofas at the table. In the middle of the sofa, a middle-aged man is sitting.
The middle-aged man is wearing a black tank top sweater with a cigar in his right hand at the moment, and inside it is a warm coat with a white shirt, so what brand Tianyu can’t see clearly without glasses.
He is sitting there quietly, with a chubby face and round eyes. He looks a little old, but it makes people feel radiant. At the moment, wait for a while is staring at them.
"Dad, I’m back," Ruoyun said with his head down.
Master Yan took a puff at the cigar and spat out a sigh, but the cigar ash was a little long, but he didn’t move. He took another puff and spit it out gently, making his surroundings filled with tobacco smell.
I heard that Ruoyun said such a sentence and put the cigarette butt in a crystal ashtray next to a delicate wooden matchbox. He slowly looked up and said, "Aaron took the young master floor first."
"Dad, I know I’m wrong." If the cloud looks at the words, the master implores.
Master said stared his one eye and glanced at nearby Liuyi Liuyi almost shuddered and immediately walked to Ruoyun to hold the trail. "Young, let’s take a shower first and change clothes. You see that your clothes are so dirty."
Liuyi grew up looking at Ruoyun and her sex was strong-willed. What she said was also "presumptuous".
If the cloud is used to it, then I see Liuyi winking at myself and my father is not a good face. This time, I am in some trouble.
Tianyu and Erxiu saw this scene and knew that Dad was educating his son, but they didn’t reprimand him. Are they going to be under house arrest?
Master Yan glanced at Dragon Butler again and frowned when he saw that his arm was injured, but said nothing.
Dragonfly see master looked at his side immediately turned to look at if the cloud to see him a face of stubborn also gave him a wink.
If Yunnai knew that there would be no good fruit to eat if she were deadlocked here again, she turned to Tianyu and Erxiu and said, "I’ll come to you after taking a shower first."
Say that finish if the cloud is low head standing on the spiral ladder ran to the second floor.
Dragon housekeeper came to master Yan and bowed their heads and whispered a few words behind him, then looked at the two teenagers who had just entered the door with master Yan.
Master Yan pointed to the mobile phone on the table, and Dragon Butler knowingly picked up three mobile phones, two of which were Tianyu and Erxiu Yu Ruoyun. He gave it to Liuyi Liuyi, who took it to block Master Yan’s eyes with dragonfly flying and nodded slightly at the moment before running quickly to the floor to catch up with Yan Ruoyun ().
"You have things over there," said the master, pointing to one side of the sofa and the two main cabinets were cold and said.
Tianyu and Erxiu just took the dragonfly and handed it to the mobile phone, but they didn’t react. How could their mobile phone be in their hands? When they heard the master say so, they expected to go.
"I grass! This is the kidnapper’s nest? " Tianyu saw two main computer cases in front of a big vase, and a little further on the sofa, he found three bound men with white cloth in their mouths, and beside them were several thugs in black and gloves.
Because this pile of people stayed in the room without saying anything and in the corner of this big room, Tianyu and Erxiu didn’t dare to look around, but for the location of the two of them, it was really not easy to find something there.
"That a few people look familiar ….." Tianyu wondered.
Yu Erxiu’s eyes are nearsighted for 500 degrees, and his eyes are blurred until all around are golden.
"Take your things to leave," said the master without saying superfluous words, so coldly.
Tianyu and two whew heart in a surprised tianyu thought "it’s marching orders? How do you say that your children’s best friends come to his house to play, even if they don’t entertain them with fruit food, they won’t have to be thrown out before they are seated? Besides, if I’m not a cloud enemy or benefactor in a sense … How can this middle-aged man let me leave with Erxiu without saying anything? "
"That … Ruoyun’s dad, we are good friends of Ruoyun. Just now Ruoyun also said that he would come to see us." Tianyu straightened up and tried to control his tone and said with a smile.
"If cloud his dad …" Said master mouth again this call jokingly looked at Li Tianyu.