Chu Fei closed the magic circle. Just now, he got the information sent by the Association of Job Changers. As Chu Fei expected, the demons of hell were creating demons in the defensive canyon of Long Ta. More precisely, they were liberated from the shackles of the law. Although these demons died and disappeared, they were resurrected, but they had an unbound intelligent body. Their strength also increased a lot.

Hum, you idiots always wake up, and now you’re so nervous when you don’t take it seriously! In fact, Long Ta’s construction and hell have long been known by Mu Chufei, but there is a former higher demon around him who has the title of Marquis of Hell. Although Maru Cosias is now out of hell, he knows all about some movements.
Hell is trying to unlock the seal. The first step is to get ordinary monsters out of the shackles of the law. Although this will weaken the hell in the human world, if you can get a lot of experience, you can naturally further study the method. According to Maru Cosias’s conjecture, first the ordinary monsters are released and then the war is immediately.
Well, let’s figure it out. It should have been speculated six months ago. Now it seems as expected as he speculated, but it’s not a war yet. In the face of those monsters who suddenly gain intelligence and increase their strength, the loss of job-changers’ association has increased, and the job-changers’ association is also afraid that the number of monsters will eventually be too large, which will lead to the danger of Harrogas being hit by people trying to break through Long Ta for the second time. This time, a considerable number of high-end forces in the job-changers’ association have failed.
Long Ta can help a frost dragon to exert its strength by 150%. What’s more, Long Ta has the theory of sending troops. Whether it’s the forces of hell or the dragon, it can always support the paradise to get the boat out of trouble and support it effectively. In the end, the strategy of pulling out the Long Ta failed this time. Now the dragon should know that the frost dragon is dead, but it’s heaven or hell at most. If you don’t show up, you should not have anything.
The plan of hell should be to first untie most monsters and let them attack Harrogas, the stronghold of human beings, to attract all human forces, and then to find a way to release those super-hidden monsters and devil-level demons. For example, Andariel and Duriel should be the three demons of hell next. This plan looks simple, but it should be a long time span. For example, it is difficult enough for these ordinary little monsters to get them out of the bondage of laws, otherwise hell will not ask the dragons to build Long Ta to defend there.
"What’s the matter? Is there any trouble? " The two-headed magic wolf paced out of the void. Recently, it tried to communicate and practice with the frost dragon in terms of energy. After all, Maru Cosias is also a higher demon with double cultivation of ice and fire. After all, the magic wolf growled and played in the two special opposing attributes of ice and fire to exert the greatest damage. This is very welcome to Chu Fei. Although the two-headed magic wolf got some inspiration from the frost dragon, the frost dragon benefited a lot. The ability to master the elements of this world has further improved.
"The association of job-changers is not going to let me go on like this. It gave me three months to rest and then I will be inspected. After all, there are not many holy wings among job-changers and many of them have died recently." Chu flew back and replied, "This time, the association of job-changers is completely afraid of hell. It is always necessary to dispatch job-changers with strong action ability to clear up the hell as much as possible. The specific actions will not be known until I return to Harrogas."
"It’s interesting that this time it’s really fun. The dragons didn’t participate in the first two times. This time it can be said that it’s a real three-world war." Malu Cosias was silent for a long time and suddenly sighed.
That’s right, this time it’s really the Three Realms War, and Chu Fei’s heart is also heavy. He stayed from the frozen plateau for about three months and then came to the Crystal Channel. It’s been five months, and the level has risen from 52 to 60 unconsciously. Although this speed is amazing, Chu Fei is still not satisfied. After 50, every level is a great progress, and the strength is steadily rising, but it takes at least 70 to be sure to save himself in this chaotic war of the Three Realms.
Squeeze another body double, and strive for another three-level promotion in the remaining three months, and then collect the experience value. In addition to the frost dragon, body double doesn’t have to let them rise. After leaving here, it is necessary to transfer the dragon soul curse in the spiritual world to body double. If only we could ambush a dragon with this dragon soul curse.
Get up and curse the dragon soul. In Chufei’s spirit, Chufei will operate the spirit to suppress this curse. I didn’t expect to pay much attention to the operation of the spirit at ordinary times, but later I found that the spirit turned far more handy and the growth rate increased a little. This is the so-called pressure and motivation, right
Chu Fei’s progress is remarkable. At the same time, Maru Cosias and the demon Elizabeth have made great progress. Although they are not as obvious as themselves, the foundation of these two demons is very strong, and their strength is not growing fast. However, they are still higher than themselves in the realm. He feels less about himself and has to reach level 70 before he can raise his strength to a realm.
"What are you talking about? I have found the way to the glaciers, and then we can understand the more powerful monsters, but it is not a crystal channel. Compared with just now, I found nine twilight souls. Once I enter their ambush, I will immediately form a network of nine flashes. If you don’t have my support, I’m afraid you will be supported by the law. "Elizabeth describes the monsters in the glaciers.
Chu Fei knows how many powerful monsters there are in the glacier path without the explanation of the magic spirit, such as the undead strongest monster with a sword mummy, There are a lot of ice-scarers and Styx banshees and twilight souls. These monsters are generally more than 30% stronger than the monsters in the crystal channel, but this is also the case. When there are three months left, Chu Fei decided to maximize his experience. The experience value of these monsters is 50% or 60% more than that of the surface. These benefits are enough to make him see danger, and the frost dragon has just risen to a higher level. Now, the physical and freezing attacks have increased a lot, and even if the two-headed magic wolves help the dead, the frozen gas effect can cause enough damage. There is nothing to be afraid of.
"There are still three months before we return to Harrogas. In these three months, both of you will help me. With your experience, the upgrade speed will be three points faster than the reward. I will share my tips on projection with you. What do you think?" Chu Feisi took an examination for a while and decided to set his own conditions. If the two-headed magic wolf Maru Cosias and the magic spirit Elizabeth change jobs, the physical help will not only speed up the killing of monsters, but also reduce the danger and reduce the experience value. Since they are allowed to contribute, it is natural to pay enough to project the special ability of this ancient sweeping three realms hybrid. Chu Fei should study it enough.
"Ha ha, should I thank the world for its turmoil? I didn’t expect you to be willing to exchange projection skills. No problem. From the sky, I will let you see what the most powerful physical fighting capacity in the world is. Even if the twilight soul attacks monsters remotely, it’s a piece of cake." Marquis Maru Cosias of Hell is retelling to the magic spirit next to it. Suddenly, I heard that Chu flew out of the condition and couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
Projection is not very difficult for the once higher demon, and the trouble is to balance the spirit and soul. It seems that it is not very troublesome, but he knows that if he ponders it for decades, with Chufei’s guidance, he can easily master it, which is very effective for strength recovery.
"The know-how of projection seems that you are really in a hurry, but it is a good thing for me. I will try my best to help you upgrade in the past three months. But even though I have learned the know-how of projection, I am not strong enough now. If I can absorb some dragon souls or Lord demon souls like that, I won’t learn good things but I can’t transport them." Elizabeth, the demon spirit, said slowly with her eyes rolling.
"Well, if we have a chance to go out in three months, we’ll try to get those guys, whether they are angels, demons or dragons. I’m really fed up with eating this fucking world." Chufei secretly gnashed his teeth.
"Ha ha Chu Fei, you finally came in vain. How can we make rapid progress without devouring enough weight? We should have self-protection power before the three fiends get rid of themselves." The magic spirit ha ha laughed. She had long wanted to confuse Chu Fei, but he was too cautious before. Now the situation has finally stimulated this guy. The three of them actually belong to almost all special individuals who are free from the original class. If there is no strength, they will be crushed first.
The fourth volume Chapter 40 Gold skull transformation
All around, the ice-inlaid shield at the bottom of the bones floated around Chufei. He reached out and knocked and listened, making a muffled sound and smiling. This new skill was named Ice Bone Shield.
Chu Fei, the frost dragon, made up his mind to train this thug well, and he absorbed sapphire, and the double-headed demon wolf of the Marquis of Hell practiced with it in a linked way. In this glacier path, Chu Fei even acted as a miner. When Elizabeth, the demon spirit, detected the blue crystal Chu Fei, she tried to dig it out and then gave the frost dragon real experience. Chu Fei also gave up the experience gained by the frost dragon in killing monsters.
This kind of training method soon paid off. The Frost Dragon realized the ability of freezing armor similar to that of the mage at level 40, and then every night, Chu Fei had to have spiritual contact with it to guide it to further improve this skill. When the Frost Dragon successfully rose to level 42, he finally completed this skill, and Chu Fei was excited to name the Frost Bone Shield.
Chu Fei’s frost dragon is the world of Warcraft frost dragon and the ultimate arm of the undead. In this world, it is a frost dragon, not a frost dragon composed of keel and dead frozen air. This is really awkward, but it does not prevent this skill from being excellent.
The ability of the ice bone shield is very strong. First, the blessing state of the ice bone shield can be increased by 3% when the skill is displayed; The second point is the physical damage absorption effect. After all, the frost dragon is the undead white bone, and the ability of these white bones to absorb melee damage is limited to 3 points. The third is the reflection ability. In the face of long-range attack, the appearance of the ice bone shield has a certain chance of crystallization. At this time, the current probability of reflection damage is 15%, while when it cannot be launched, it is to block and launch ice bombs to fight back against long-range monsters.
This ice bone shield combines the advantages of white bone armor, ice armor and ice armor, which is a very excellent skill. Unfortunately, this skill can not be increased with the high level, which means that life skills need to evolve continuously to improve the skill effect, but it is already very good. With this skill, the Frost Dragon is stronger and can also bless this skill to fight behind others. Chu Fei intends to let the Frost Dragon bless this to the mutant skeletons, which can greatly improve their defense ability.
"It’s a tough guy. I have to admit that you have cultivated these little guys with the ability to surprise the devil. It’s not that there have been no bone dragons before this world, but at most, they have some curse skills to fight. * It’s just a physical attack. I didn’t expect you to have such a strong element. The cold force makes the keel have stronger physical damage. This is even if I didn’t expect it to evolve. This is a skeleton dragon. It’s really terrible. "At this time, Maru Cosias has been helping the frost dragon to practice in Chufei’s persecution. To be precise, this skill has also contributed to his success. However, he does not call the frost dragon but the frost dragon. He always thinks that Chufei is vanity.
Hum, hum, haha, where do you know that this is the most powerful undead ultimate unit in another world? Even Arthas needs to call it devoutly. Chufei’s condescension in his heart should actually be called Frost Bone Dragon according to this world view. After all, it is only seven meters long now, and the world’s powerful dragon has a huge body of 40 meters, and the strongest can change even more dramatically.
"Forget the Frost Bone Dragon, just Frost Bone Dragon. It is also said that it is not a dragon. It has been out for eleven months, and one month is a year. The supplies are almost exhausted. My necromancer’s equipment is almost exhausted, and it is time to return." Chufei looked to the side, and the image of a very sloppy man emerged in the crystal crystal.
The equipment needs to be repaired, the clothes need to be changed, and this beard looks very powerful, but it feels uncomfortable. This beard should also be shaved off. Since the dragon blood bath, this height has suddenly shot up by more than ten centimeters, and it looks more and more slender. It is better to gain some weight next.
"By the way, Xiao Jin, you come here." Chufei suddenly noticed the body lying behind him in front of the mirror organizer’s clothes. This is an elite hell banshee and fortunately this guy is still a mutant monster. If it is an elite leader, it is nothing.
The variation of the little skeleton gold has also gone through three times. Its power is not obvious. It is a very simple increase effect. It can extract a part of the strength of the original boarding monster body and give it to the newly occupied monster. Now the variation of the little skeleton gold is a variation monster that Sakaram sings and can make the lightning and hydra sea snakes. But after all, it is a monster of Kurast or not comparable to this hell banshee.
Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the variation of the skull gold, which makes the hell banshee’s body uncomfortable. Chufei directly stretched out his hand and pulled out the golden skull from the singer of Sakaram. Then Sakaram sang the corpse and immediately fell to the ground and took out a sword to cut the hell banshee’s land. Now the variation of the skull gold can easily control the new body.