Father-in-law Jin took a cold look at the old woman and didn’t good the spirit asked

"How come? Where else in this palace can’t my father-in-law go?"
Liao Shanggong immediately smile apologetically a way
Father-in-law Jin doesn’t know if it’s true that Liao Shanggong waved his hand when he was wrong with each other. "Come on, your flattery is not good for our family. We’re here to tell the emperor who is Tang Luowan?"
Tang Luowan?
Grandpa Jin is actually looking for Tang Luowan?
Liao Shanggong was dazed for a moment, but he still didn’t dare to neglect his old man’s house. He quickly shouted at the hundreds of xiunv, "Tang Luowan came out to take the order!"
Tang Luowan was in the back and hurried out after hearing the call from the front. "I am Tang Luowan."
Aside the palace maid took her to the front of Jin Gonggong and then replied, "Jin Gonggong, this is the xiunv Tang Luowan 64. Chapter 64 Princess bit 3.
Father-in-law Jin took a look at the beauty of Tang Luowan. He has seen a lot, and he is no longer a man. Naturally, there is nothing to appreciate about beauty.
Business is business, and the dust in the hand is raised. "Tang Luowan took the order!"
Take orders?
Tang Luowan was dumbfounded. I didn’t expect Princess Changle to do things so fast. Is she really going to become Princess Zhao?
Gold father-in-law see before Tang Luowan stay there like a fool can’t help but full of anger and anger scolded, "why don’t you get down on your knees?" Who taught you palace rules! "
"My father-in-law calmed down because my daughter crossed the line. Please forgive my father-in-law. My daughter took the order and asked my father-in-law to declare the will."
Tang Luowan knelt on his knees and got a gentle gift, and made a prompt response.
Father-in-law Jin gave her a look. The little girl is a bit flexible.
Well, beauty’s life is ruined
"By the imperial edict, Princess Tang Luowan Xia will be carried into the apricot pear palace when the ritual department finds out that the moon is auspicious, and the summer king will get married!"
Father-in-law Jin’s words surprised everyone.
From the beginning, the girls knew that it was the imperial edict for Tang Luowan, and they were envious and jealous.
But at this moment, everyone gloats.
Xia Wang, however, was grounded in the deep palace, forbidden to be loved by the emperor, and blinded by his eyes. It was a mistake in his life.
The emperor will forget such a loser, but he didn’t expect to give Tang Luowan to Xia Wang at this time. Now, why don’t those xiunv please people?
A single flower alone will be attacked by other flowers.
"oh! Look at people who are beautiful. They are rich. They immediately sealed Princess Xia without even seeing the emperor’s face. "
"That’s right. It’s such a blessing that we sisters don’t flatter each other, right?"
"Xia Wang is very nice. Miss Tang is really blessed!"
They can’t hide their eyebrows and smiles when they finish these words.
Liao Shang palace gave them a cross "palace people do things you all forget? If you talk too much, you will lose your charm. De Fei is waiting for you to leave at the White Tiger Hall! "
Father-in-law Jin made such a scene that Liao Shanggong was really taken aback. This Tang Luowan is an important chess game of rhyme princess, but I didn’t expect that Tang Luowan would become Princess Xia at this time!
Things are simply unexpected.
If the worst mood now is not Liao Shanggong or Yun Deyi, but Tang Luowan.
She thoroughly experienced the feeling of falling from the peak to the bottom today.
Father-in-law Jin looked at the ground lazily, and there was a sneer at Tang Luowan’s mouth. "Miss Tang, you should thank me, and our family has to go back to the emperor to get back to me!"
"Long live the will of my daughter Xie Huang! Long live the will!"
Tang Luowan’s eyes stared straight at the ground, and his brain answered him mechanically like paste.
"Well, there’s nothing wrong with Miss Tang in the palace now. Miss Tang can go back to the house and rest. After the news of does come out, our family will personally go to Tang House to inform such a good news."
Say that finish before Tang Luowan reaction gold father-in-law has turned away.
One second Tang Luowan was short of breath and passed out directly.
"Miss 65 Chapter 65 Reverse Shengyi 1
Moho Biliu both rushed to her and went to the small waiter, who finally carried her out of the palace and sent her back to Tang Fu.
The family got together, and even Tang Jincheng didn’t go back to the princess’s house at night, but went back to the Tang House. Tang Hui will also talk about the shop for a while.
Other people in the Tang Hall have been dismissed.
There are several host families and two maids, Mohe and Biliu, who are staying behind.
Tang Jincheng’s elegant face was staring straight at Mohe and Biliu with a pair of dark eyes that were quiet before the storm. "You have carefully explained what happened today from beginning to end. If I find out which one of you lied, the young master will teach her that life is worse than death!"
Tang Luowan spent many years working hard, and today the chess is in place.
But chess went out, but it fell to someone else’s house, or there was no Xia Wang!
Who is Xia Wang?
His biological mother is a princess who has fallen out of favor, and Xia Wang is blind. If Tang Luowan really marries him, this life is absolutely ruined!
"Gentleman handmaiden said everything. Today, the handmaiden followed the big lady into the palace. After the big lady entered the palace, she kept quiet until Shi said that Princess Changle, King Zhao and Xianwang had all come. The big lady always remembered that the big and small words should attract the attention of King Zhao, so she performed before …"
Tang Hui has been silent since he heard Mohe’s answer, and he is not sure what went wrong.
Tang Jincheng is a Xu person, and if he can’t see it here, he’s a top scholar today!
He couldn’t help sighing when he asked Mohe to tell the story of seeing Zhao Wangdian again until Mohe repeated it again.
"I can’t believe that today’s fruit is actually the cause of my past."