After being untied by Ye Yu, everyone was saved, panting and staring at Ye Yu with some fear.

After seeing Gabriel and Azazeru arrive, they all realized that men are not enemies, but this does not prevent them from being afraid of Ye Yu.
"Hum! Who knows what tricks you’ve played? Lord Gabriel, it’s been a long time! "
When Fox suddenly saw Gabriel’s figure, he suddenly cried with joy and looked like he knew someone.
"Ha ha, long time no see. Xiao Jiuzhong was still coquetry in your mother’s arms."
"Boo-hoo … Lord Gabriel, my mother was taken away and this bad guy bullied me!"
After seeing Gabriel, Jiuzhong immediately cried and jumped into his arms.
"Don’t worry, Xiao Jiuzhong, we will help you find your mother." Gabriel, a girl crying in her arms, said this, and the expression on the face of the blazing angel’s adult also seemed dignified
"Will it be a disaster group?" Ye Yu picked his eyebrows and said a name.
"It seems that it may be them." Gabriel nodded.
"By the way, what is the identity of this bad guy?"
Looking at Ye Yu and Gabriel very well, the small nine-fold sample is not asked by some curiosity
"He’s the strongest soldier in the history of the underworld. Oh, don’t worry. With this guy here, you can save your mother quickly," Gabriel said comfortingly
"What is a soldier!" Fox left the pie mouth and obviously looked down on Ye Royal, but Gabriel smiled and didn’t care.
"I didn’t do anything to you, did I? I became a bad guy for no reason. Be reasonable."
"Hum, bad guys are bad guys!" Fox said coyly, hiding in Gabriel’s arms and turning away.
"Well, this is not a place to talk. Selafoul is here in hell. Let’s discuss it together."
Azazeru said so, and they nodded their heads and set off together in Gabriel’s lead to a completely different place from the outside world.
Like the street combination in the Jiang Dynasty, ancient houses were built side by side, and strange creatures emerged from doors, windows and passages.
"I didn’t expect to set up a memorial arch in an unpopular place in the Golden Pavilion Temple, and then I turned into another world."
Ye Yu wowed and looked around. All the little monsters were curious to see him because of the human and animal harm. But no one dared to lean over because of the fiery angel Gabriel and the degenerate angel governor Azazeru around him.
It’s a little dark here, and it’s not the same as the outside world, because it’s the birthplace of monsters after all
"Welcome Gabriel’s adult … and Azazeru’s adult." A girl who looks very mature is greeted by a fox demon.
"Lord Leviathan is already waiting for you inside."
So, led by the fox demon, he first passed through the place where houses were built side by side and entered the forest with a small river between them. From this place, he continued to deepen and a huge red archway appeared.
There is a super mansion in front of it, which gives people an ancient and majestic feeling. Wearing it in front of the archway and Seraful are already there!
"Oh, you’re finally here. Oh, I’m so anxious. Ye Yu, did you bully Xiao Jiuzhong?"
Seraph joked in a lovely tone.
"Only … I’m not bullied. I’m a little devil like Lord Fox Fairy, and I can easily control him!"
Be Serra fuer hit home nine heavy immediately blushed up some excuse in a flurry.
"I wish Xiao Jiuzhong was all right. At first, after knowing that even the little princess had been taken away by strange people, the monsters were in turmoil for a long time."
What did I do? I didn’t do anything well!
While Ye Yu upset turned supercilious look.
Walked into the house a line of people sitting in the hall to Ye Yu also find out what happened.
The nine-tailed fox, who is in charge of this monster in Kyoto, left the house a few days ago to talk with the emissary sent by Indra of Sumi Mountain.
However, Miss Sakamoto didn’t feel something strange at the meeting place with the Indra Angel. When the monster launched the investigation, it protected the crow-dog who was accompanied by Miss Sakamoto and seemed to be in a dying state.
On his deathbed, the crow dog told the monsters that Miss Sakamoto had been attacked by someone and was kidnapped.
So the monsters made a thorough search for suspicious people in Kyoto, fearing that mother Jiuzhong would call indiscriminately when she saw Ye Yu, a stranger.
"I said that this time, I asked the three families to help save my mother."
Sit position nine heavy took out the little princess should have momentum so said
"Alas, this kind of thing is easy to happen when all forces want to join hands. Odin came to Loki that time? This time bear the enemy role is a disaster group guys? "
Azazeru pie pie said at Ye Yu once, but this guy directly solved Loki and Fenrir Wolf together.
"There’s nothing surprising about the disaster group. After all, it’s already our old rival. I just don’t know what their purpose is in kidnapping the Kyoto monster commander."
Ye Yu some casually say so immediately let all the people present lost in thought.
Chapter 35 Finding the Target
"This one is …"
While Azazeru Gabriel and Seraph were thinking about Ye Yu’s words, another person spoke at the round table.
Sitting on both sides of Jiuchong are the fox who just led the way and an old man with a long nose who is a yogi.
This old man is the elder of the dog, and he has been in contact with Kyubi no Youko since ancient times. In this Kyoto, he also belongs to the venerable.
At the moment, the three people sitting here represent the angel of heaven, the devil of hell and the degenerate angel, which makes the old man wonder what kind of identity Ye Yu is talking with.
"Him? His name is Ye Yu. He is a freak. You can regard him as a representative."
Azazeru unconcerned smiled to say so and Gabriel and Seraph nodded slightly in agreement. Suddenly, it was to make someone’s face move in the place.
This representative is not as simple as an ordinary representative, but a representative of three families!
"The governor temple devil temple blazing angel temple and the leaf master can think of some way to save the sitting princess? No matter how hard we talk, we are willing to do it. "
The dog elder than sincere said so.
After saying this, I also took out a painting for everyone to see, with a beautiful blonde in witch dress!
"This is Princess Sakamoto."
"Not the kui is a small nine heavy mother? It’s really a rare beauty." Ye Yu narrowed her eyes and gently praised the vigilant eyes of the fox
"It’s certain that those guys who took Princess Sakamoto are still in Kyoto," Azazeru said.
"Oh, yes?" Ye Yu asked Azazeru replied.
"There is no chaos in the whole area of Kyoto. The nine-tailed fox keeps a balance by collecting all kinds of gases flowing in this land. This is a large-scale position in Kyoto. If the nine-tailed fox leaves this land or is killed, Kyoto will change, and even the omen will not happen. That is to say, Princess Sakamoto is still alive and it is very likely that those people will still be kidnapped here."
"To what extent have the members of the Seraph demon investigated?"
"Let them make a detailed investigation, and let members who know Kyoto better act."
Azazeru asked Seraph, and Seraph answered them one by one, but it seems that the other party is hiding very well and has not found any clues until now.
"Maybe … I know where General Sakamoto is."
When Azazeru and Seraph were talking, Ye Yu suddenly looked up and spoke slowly.