Dong Fengling’s happy look gradually gained some meaning.

Of course, the actual performance is still the second time. Dong Yong’s inspiration interest is what to express behind these performances. Hehe, nine out of ten are for people who want to see it. Who said that ancient women never let go? Isn’t this straightforward?
The imperial concubine is just the opposite. This kind of thing has been experienced too much. She knows what everyone is good at. Chapter 44 is just like this.
And many times, the performance has always been the same, and it won’t change anything.
I don’t think there’s anything to see if I look at nature a few times.
After drinking a mouthful of tea, Guifei chuckled, "Do you really think it looks good?"
Dong Yuling picked his eyebrows. "Don’t you think that all your daughters and daughters are quite exquisite?"
Dong Yuling gestured with his forehead that a Chinese painting actually winked at a distant male guest from time to time. Is it really attentive?
The imperial concubine looked at it for a while and finally knew what Dong Yuling meant. She could not help laughing, "You are the most exquisite one."
So a look at the imperial concubine really feels interesting, especially some intentionality, and you can see more after seeing it.
For example, whose family is interested in combining with whose family is a bit tricky, and so on.
At that time, the imperial concubine didn’t feel that she was more interested in chatting.
Any imperial concubine who thinks that Queen Shu will naturally be unhappy becomes interested when she sees Jade Imperial concubine and Dong Wei whispering. She suddenly gets listless and gets up to watch the performances in the field, so she wants to stop and stop being an eyesore.
However, on so many occasions, the queen dare not call someone to come. It is because she inexplicably let people go, and she really embarrassed herself and suffered several complaints for no reason.
When I tried to hang hatred on Dong Yuling, the queen tried to reduce her hatred value by other means. Naturally, she asked people to invite her, and the effect was really good.
At the moment, everyone cares about the performance, including the elders, and they don’t want their daughters to give up a performance opportunity. Naturally, they don’t remember the sudden call of the queen. If they can get the ideal son-in-law, they will thank the queen for arranging it.
The imperial concubine and Dong Yuling naturally saw this, but we can’t stop the male guests from coming!
It is said that the queen still has a lot of means, that is, she often digs holes for herself before filling them, and I don’t know why she can play so happily alone.
"Sister Guifei and Shi Fei are very interested. What do you think of the performance of many daughters?" The queen endured and endured, but in the end she didn’t hold back her cynicism, but she had to be dignified.
Dong Yuling looked at the queen’s head and said something to this woman.
She called the imperial concubine three times, which is just the kind of jade imperial concubine, which simply shows her identity and makes me fair.
Then there is the imperial concubine, and naturally she is also dissatisfied and wants to dig a hole.
Now there’s another sentence: imperial concubine, sister, hehe, did you bring relatives and friends? How does this mood change?
Or the imperial concubine is the most calm. No matter how the queen’s address changes, she ignores it and takes it too seriously. That’s bitter for herself.
"Nature is good or Empress has a good eye. Knowing that everyone has a good talent, you should show it to everyone and see if it can’t be buried." The imperial concubine smiled and took the Queen into the ditch with an excuse.
Although the queen ordered the imperial concubine, it can be said that she came to the imperial concubine to answer the phone quickly, but she woke up again and pricked up her ears. Who is messing with everyone today?
Dong Fengling sniggered. This queen has been fighting and losing many times, and the Vietnam War has become more and more brave!
Even if she doesn’t care, why does she always poke it out and get caught?
Dong Fengling and Yu Guifei are all looking at it with enthusiasm. Where do you pay attention to the queen? Who will stab her if she doesn’t talk? It happened that I always jumped out to brush my feelings.
The queen’s face is stiff. Dong Fengling is more interested in watching her secretly grind her teeth. I guess I can’t wait to pull her out and behead her!
This queen is really worthy of the fact that some representatives of Secondary Two are not small!
"Where is it that every daughter’s family has grown up to be big? It’s not surprising that some talents are big. What about the princess? Palace is quite curious. I don’t know what surprises Shi Fei has made Qin Ruwang look so differently? " The queen’s spearhead was directed at Dong Yuling, which also attracted many people’s attention.
To be honest, they also want to know what is worthy of special attention in this world besides medical skills.
Smell speech Dong Fengling smiled from the bottom of my heart and waited for her? Is this the queen’s purpose today?
"Empress absurdly praised Lingxin where what talent? I don’t know in the world. Why don’t you ask the Empress for Lingxin? It’s better to understand the spirit. "Dong Yuling is not afraid of losing face. Anyway, her status as a peasant woman has been said to be no further.
Now if she broke any talent, wouldn’t she hit everyone in the face?
For the time being, Dong Yuling doesn’t want to pull the hatred situation like that. This is the queen’s proposal, so she must not do what the queen wants. Otherwise, will this time be over twice?
However, the second half of the sentence is wonderful. Others want to laugh but dare not. The queen’s face changes and looks very good.
Everyone never thought that Dong Fengling would say so, so calm, so … it’s not tangible.
It’s not somebody else’s topic to say that Dong Yong Ling is shameless, and they say that they are calm and don’t even have the slightest emotion, which makes them vomit? If you talk too much, it’s like they’re too ashamed to peep into the privacy of the world.
I want to say that being a princess is not reserved at all, but people have not said anything about answering the queen’s question seriously, okay?
Besides, aren’t these all recognized by everyone? That’s what it’s like to recognize her as a peasant girl …