"Quick blunt past! Can be a target here. "

"Yes, those guards have already launched a charge. Follow them quickly."
After two rounds of arrows and rain, players died, at least thousands, and the white light of death simply couldn’t stop like a fireworks show.
The maple crystal shield is still strong after resisting the second wave of arrows and rain, but the color of a blue crystal in the glove is darker than that of the glove, and the crystal shield will disappear when the gem turns dark completely.
"It seems that we have to find a way to get some rechargeable advanced crystals." Looking at the gloves, the crystal can recover at a turtle speed, and the maple is slightly depressed.
But at this time, after two arrows and rain, Feng has sneaked to the side of the bandit troops. Here, he will definitely not be baptized by the arrows and rain.
The players who are still alive have followed the guards to the front of the bandit troops, but just as the players are sharpening their knives and preparing for revenge, the front troops of the bandit troops suddenly split into two sides, and then a bandit cavalry unit rushed out of it with a scream of horses and entered the player group like a sickle of death.
"soldier! Soldiers go to the top! "
"Run, run, run, this can’t be played!"
"Don’t panic don’t panic! Cut the horse’s foot! Poof … "
After the bandit troops cavalry entered the player group, it was simply a tiger in the flock. At this moment, the shortcomings of the player army were exposed, but the root of the organization was a random fight. If the soldiers could form a formation to block the front and the swordsmen and archers output again, they would not be beaten so badly.
But none of the players present are stupid in front. Is it possible to die and sacrifice yourself for others to pick up cheap? If a player can do this, he is not a player.
Sneaking aside, Feng couldn’t even take a bite when he saw this battle. He came with the idea of easily getting rewards, but it’s only been a few minutes, and he’s almost half dead! And there are still many players who have withdrawn their jokes. They are here to see if there is any cheap money to make. Now they don’t even know what the reward is, so they have to give their lives to do it. The death penalty is very heavy.
However, although the players’ army was beaten to pieces, the guards of Mitte City were still very fierce. They kept the shield soldiers in front and the marines in the back, and they kept killing the bandits like a bulldozer, which saved a little scene.
But Feng doesn’t intend to join this bulldozer. He has seen many players who are following the guards to steal some badges, killed by bandit cavalry or shot through by archers. If you want to emerge in this battlefield, there will be no more security.
So Feng stopped to think about it. Now, in the business of killing bandit troops and getting badges, the risks and benefits are out of proportion, and he will have to wait until a better opportunity.
Just as Feng was thinking about where to look for opportunities, a scream suddenly sounded around him, and then he saw a man lying on the ground with several sharp arrows in his chest.
Stealth is seen through!
What happened to Feng instantly? A series of "surprises" made him forget the tracking technique. Some colleagues passed by and didn’t find them, but those bandit archers found them and came to a round of shooting.
It seems that I didn’t get caught because of my high level of going forward.’ Feng silently thought that he was almost in the same position as this dead stalker now. He died but he didn’t die, so there was a reason for the high and low level of stealth.
Knowing that there were dangers everywhere, Feng Qi started tracking and found that there were quite a few colleagues around him, but they were afraid to go on after seeing one dead, and they all stopped in the same place and hesitated.
Feng took a breath after hiding in a tree and made a decision to sneak into Sandel town!
He believes that the elite of the bandit troops have definitely come out, so now they are still in Sandel town, and they are bound to be scum, but no matter whether they are elites or scum, they will have a medal. This kind of situation is of course to pick a soft persimmon and maybe even trigger something after entering the city. It is better than staying outside in this dangerous battlefield.
After the tracking technique determined the position of several bandit archers in the distance, Feng spared them and carefully touched them toward Sandel Town. Before the operation, it was found that these archers were Feng’s greatest advantage over other stalkers, whether they were hiding behind rocks in the grass or trees, they could not hide from Feng’s perception.
Finally, after two changes of breath, Feng finally approached Sandel town, and he bypassed countless archers. One of them seemed to have sensed that Feng had looked towards him, so that Feng did not dare to move. Finally, it was thrilling to hide in the past.
There was a burning flame at the entrance of Sandel town, but it didn’t stop the imported maple. After observing that there was no ambush nearby, it sneaked into the town.
The scene in the town is almost the same as that in Feng’s imagination. There are some old, weak, sick and disabled bandit troops, and many injured bandit troops are continuously sent in.
However, there are not these wounded soldiers in the town, and many strong bandit troops are going door to door to catch one by one and throw them into the town center square, laughing and discussing today’s harvest with each other.
"Come and help! There is a hard point here! "
Just when Feng was thinking about what he could do, he suddenly heard a sad cry for help not far away, so Feng turned to look and saw a wonderful scene.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty Smoke
Feng, who can beat girls, has seen a lot in the military camp, but it is the first time he has seen such a cruel girl!
Not far away, in the encirclement of the bandit troops stood a female player named Qingyan, who had exquisite short hair and wore a chain armor. A machete in her hand was covered with blood, and five bandit troops were lying quietly next to her.
After hearing for help, five bandit troops immediately rushed to Qingyan, only to see Qingyan rush directly to one of them without defending. He waved a machete and cut it at his bandit’s frightened broadsword to block it, but as soon as he blocked Qingyan’s left knee, he was severely kicked by Qingyan, and suddenly lost his balance and fell forward, but before landing, he was already headed by Qingyan Machete owl.
At this time, another robber had come behind Qingyan and raised his broadsword. Just as he was about to cut it, he saw Qingyan’s right elbow severely hit his abdomen, causing the robber to bend over. At this time, Qingyan simply turned around and cut off the robber’s head with a machete in his hand, and then Qingyan grabbed the head and smashed it to the left. After stopping his footsteps, she immediately turned and rushed towards the other two robbers.