Singing and dancing, frowning at the same time, this dress is not for this kind of person.

"It’s time for the big lady to get ready to meet the Taidian".
"well! Go! " Yan frivolous stood up and left without nostalgia.
The young accountant showed disappointment, and the older accountant reached out and gave him an explosion. Can Miss Shen be a Chinese cabbage like them in Xiang Xiao?
When it is close to noon, the fragrance building used to prepare for lunch, and it is busy at the moment.
Everyone in Shenyang has gathered at the gatehouse at this time, and everyone is nervous and ready. Different firms are in charge, but they are all looking forward to the leader of Taidian.
Yan frivolous late.
"I have seen the big lady!"
"I have seen big sister!"
They saw a pink Yan frivolous all is one leng Yan frivolous since back to the Shenfu has always been a simple outfit, a little thin powder as it is today, it’s amazing to dress up like this.
Seeing everyone’s reaction, singing and dancing proudly smiled. I think Taidian will also fold their big lady. If Shenyang can get Taidian to bless that big lady, it won’t be so hard!
"hmm!" Yan frivolous gently replied, "Have you seen the temple carriage?"
"There is no big lady yet!" Cai Zhong leaned down and answered.
Waiting is a worrying thing, and a sense of expectation rises inexplicably in Yan frivolous heart.
Just after noon, the concierge reported that a carriage was coming 100 meters away when the dust was flying.
Coming! Yan frivolous heart a fiercely heart beating fast.
Cai Zhong ordered people to hit the gate of Shenfu, and a line of people filed out, and there were sequences on both sides to get ready for it.
Silence and Yan frivolous team at the front.
Silent at the moment, the palms are sweaty, and the property is finally here. I have to wake up these days.
Horseshoe gallops from far to near, and a carriage slowly stops in front of Shenfu!
A little eunuch came from the front carriage and screamed "Taidian is here!"
"Welcome to Taidian!" A line of people bowed their heads and knelt down!
A pair of golden dragon boots appeared in front of Yan frivolous, and Zhu Yinqi personally helped Yan frivolous "stand up!"
The four eyes are opposite, and both of them are stunned for a moment. The difference is that Zhu Yinqi’s eyes are amazing. She seems to be more beautiful after seeing her for a few days. She is a little thinner, while Yan’s frivolous eyes are surprised. Zhu Yinqi’s body is clean and she doesn’t smell marijuana!
They will see each firm’s steward facing the north when they interact with each other. It seems that this great grandfather and Miss Shenyang are very rich.
Yan frivolous first came to her senses. She gently earned Zhu Yinqi’s hand a little gift "Xie Taidian!"
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes flashed and he didn’t say much. Then he glanced at them and knelt down and said, "Stand up!"
"Thank you, Taidian!" They thanked him and got up.
"The grass people in Taidian have ordered people to prepare a luncheon. Why don’t you ask Taidian to move to the fragrant floor first?" Silent carefully before asking for instructions.
Tai Dian personally helped Yan’s frivolous behavior. He saw it in his eyes, but this time he learned his lesson and stopped thinking about clinging to it. It was hard to get it back, and he didn’t want to lose it again.
Zhu Yinqi glanced at the accompanying father-in-law and said, "Taidian starts driving!"
Gao Sheng hurried to lead the way, silence and Yan frivolous accompanied too much about others and followed too closely.
When we entered the gate of Shenfu, there was a page carrying a big sedan chair on the splash bridge to meet us.
"TaiDian sedan chair, please!" Silence lifted the car curtain in person.
Zhu Yinqi stopped and frowned. Although Mo Li had sent someone to spy on Shen Fu, he learned that Shen Fu occupied a large area and that it still had a sedan chair, which made Zhu Yinqi slightly unhappy. No emperor would be happy to see such a rich and extravagant family in an ordinary family.
"This ….." Silence hesitated. "The Great Hall is some distance from here to the fragrance building."
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes are slightly cold, "Gong said that he wants to walk."
Yan frivolous feel this dialogue deja vu, she just entered Shenfu that day, and so on. She can probably understand Zhu Yinqi’s mood. "Father, let the bearers return!" Taidian please! "
In a word, Yan frivolous Zhu Yinqi was satisfied with others and was dumbfounded. When he walked from the gate of Shenfu to the fragrance building, he got less tea! What can I do to let them be pampered, gentlemen and ladies? But Tai Dian doesn’t even take a sedan chair. Who dares to ask for a step out?
Several stewards of the firm secretly complained about what they did to welcome Taidian so actively, which is a good thing that they didn’t show up in front of Taidian at the end, not to mention that it would take half a day to walk.
A line of people walked along the mall in a mighty way, looking like a long dragon from a distance, and there were many people brought by Grandpa alone.
Zhu Yinqi’s expression was cold and silent all the way, and his heart was seven uneasy.
Yan frivolous occasionally take a look at Zhu Yinqi’s cold side face. At this moment, Zhu Yinqi is completely different from Zhu Yinqi she has seen before. In the impression of Yan frivolous, Zhu Yinqi is gentle and polite. At this moment, Zhu Yinqi’s expression is completely different.
A group of people walked slowly and leisurely for about a wick of incense before they arrived at the fragrance building Taidian. A group of people were greeted on the third floor, and others arranged the first floor and the second floor respectively.
When I arrived at the star-picking hall on the third floor of the fragrance building, Yan was frivolous and ready to give in and stay silent. At this time, Zhu Yinqi finally said, "Miss Shen, stay and let everyone else go!"