So she also took off her cloak and hat.

There was silence in the hall for a few seconds, followed by a swallow of saliva.
Do you remember when zhaojie saw Jeremy, she thought she was a man like herself, but she changed into a beautiful woman because of her professional problems? Zhao Jie thinks so because of the heroic breath of Jeremiah. She is as brave as Joan of Arc, but at the same time, she is beautiful and dumped by people. She can be recognized by zhaojie as beautiful as her own girl. Even Wan Wan Jeremiah zhaojie is slightly inferior to her beauty.
So when Jeremy appeared, everyone was fascinated by her charm.
But soon they all changed from hot belly to cold, because Jeremiah’s eyes were so cold and cold that even she felt that she had been rejected thousands of miles away-it seemed that she had obtained the pseudo-field from Jeremiah. When facing others outside her peers, the girl always had a let the right one in-like look in her eyes, which almost froze people.
Look at the little girl who is stunned from me. "How? Now you know who is not worthy of the name? We women here casually take out a world role, and where are you mediocre people who can compare? "
"You …" After being away from me for a long time, I finally shouted, "Qing Yue didn’t say a word when she saw your sister being bullied like this?"
"Please ~ We are travelers. Is beauty really that important to you?" Next to the sofa, a woman with short red hair, wearing a black trench coat, a pair of tight red trousers and high-waisted black leather boots, walked up to me and said, "Kill them if you don’t like them. You are so stupid, don’t you know?"
"Cut the crap." I grabbed the hair that covered half of Qingyue’s cheek and exposed her face.
These travelers around here can be said to be a feast for the eyes. The appearance of a woman tonight can make the most famous actress on earth (excluding Xifeng/Furong) pale. This time, this face is even more beautiful, and it looks like the most perfect example of the history of human aesthetics. If we say that women are ranked as seventy-two concubines in three palaces and six hospitals, the former girls are all ranked as nine concubines (imperial concubine, noble wife and third wife).
"See? This is the real beauty "giggled away from me. Even in her opinion, there is no woman in this world who is more beautiful and has wild breasts than her sister."
But then she noticed that the little girl left the pie mouth and turned back and said, "Sister …"
"That’s enough," zhaojie turned around and said lightly. "This woman is right. Just kill whoever is unhappy. Is it necessary to perform this kind of beauty pageant as a monkey show?"
It’s not that zhaojie doesn’t spoil Yuan Yifan, but that he is a man after all. If someone has a handsome contest and he happens to be the most handsome of all, I’m afraid this guy will take part in it if he is killed. But the problem is that he is a man and a big man with a Chinese mentality. Let him compete with a group of women. It’s better to kill him.
Yuan Yifan and others think of zhaojie’s unhappiness, and his mouth can stare away from me with a hat and follow zhaojie to the corner.
"Wait a minute. Did my sister say let you go?" The clear moon is full of wild chest sounds. "You can change the name of the team if you want to leave."
"…" zhaojie glanced at her in the cloak and didn’t speak, but still walked straight.
"Ha ha? This kind of look … is it contempt for me? " Clear month corners of the mouth with a laugh wildly for a second, the body has jumped to zhaojie’s side, and the black trench coat raised its slender fingers high and clawed at zhaojie’s head.
"There is no one in this hall who dares to despise me. You will pay the price with your eyes."
"212-style Qin Yue Yin"
Her palm looks so soft, but when she catches Zhao Jie’s head, she becomes like a steel claw. Her bones stand out and her veins soar like a life-threatening lock.
Zhaojie gave her a cold look, and his body jumped back gently, almost perfectly avoiding the blow.
The word "almost" is because four long cracks appeared in his hat after hiding this trick, as if there were four scissors to cut it at the same time.
"Are you?" The war ghost growled, and a big fist in a sand bowl had blown out his strength to the clear moon. It could have easily blown this woman out, but it was unexpected that …
The girl knew that the fighting ghost was very powerful, but she stretched her weak arm and gently put one arm on the fighting ghost arm.
Zhaojie almost foresaw that her arm was shattered by the heavy punch of the war ghost.
But unexpectedly, the ghost boxing actually moved to the side with the clear moon arm. Even the ghost body of Lien Chan has been dragged behind her. This girl seems to be four or two in Tai Chi.
When the girl made this move, at the same time, everyone shouted out a skill name in their hearts.
"Debris wind/ghost step"
War ghost’s body was dragged behind by the clear moon, and the girl’s mouth showed a conspiratorial smile. Then her pale right hand drew a beautiful arc in the lower abdomen and hit the war ghost’s throat. When she crossed the air, her hand was ignited by gas … No, the pale blue flame root came from her hand.
"Hundred-style ghost burning"
"Bad" in the distance, I suddenly exclaimed that a whole body suddenly sprang up and flew to the back of the clear moon, from which the body spun to bring up a strong wind to hit the slender right leg. At the same time, a yellow man in the middle of the fourth sofa also slammed his hands from behind and circled half a circle. When he returned to his chest again, he had taken out a green sniper rifle with a length of two meters in his hand. Just looking at the muzzle of this gun, he knew that the bullet was definitely not as light as a cannon weighing Barrett.
Chapter Directory Chapter 2 A ghost is coming
Text] Chapter II A ghost is coming
The second chapter is a ghost coming
"this is a very abnormal thing."
In Zhao Jie room, he said very seriously
"Four of the Nine Dragons sent people, and one of the Three Gods also sent people from the Abyss. And I also asked Raphael. He told me that these seven-order guys are all crossing the seven-order summit, so the question arises-what brings these guys together?"
"Being able to be sent by one’s own boss is a bit heavy. They must have props in their hands that can get rid of this main line. After all, this main line has been maintained for three months, and how important it is for a passer-by? What’s more, they are all reported to hope that the rising star will grow to the top in three months, but what have they left? "
Jeremy thought for a moment. "You mean you can get something here and these things are what the big shots are determined to win?"
Zhaojie nodded. "I can’t afford to be early. The only explanation I can think of is this."
The little girl frowned and asked, "But how can they predict which main line will produce what?"
"Just because we know things doesn’t mean they can’t have them. Can you imagine that every step we take from entering this world is being monitored by the abyss troops?" Zhaojie shrugged.
"Then what shall we do? Fight with them for this thing or give up at the end? If you intervene in the treasure capture, it may lead to resentment and encirclement of these giants. If you don’t intervene, I am afraid that our final evaluation may not reach 9 points, then you will fail to change your job. "Jeremy is very careful to analyze all these.
"Now, let me think about it for a while. Don’t treat heroes like things. Some of these travelers are clever, but they haven’t found anything after three months of thinking. I may not be able to figure it out … so I decided to go out with Leona tonight."
"Me?" Leona one leng and then nodded.
"Don’t you need us to go with you?" War ghost curious way
"Just now, Zhao Jun invited me. All the travelers are going to act together tonight. You follow them and tell me every word when you come back, no matter what happens."
Although there are bright stars in the night sky, the soft moonlight will also shine on the earth. According to Zhao Jun, tonight can be regarded as one of the few days in which there are no dark clouds to cover the weather.
Indeed, in this moonlit day, Lancheng, Carcy is not as haunted as before. On the contrary, the whole town exudes a very quaint atmosphere. If you find a osmanthus tree at this time, it is also a great thing in life to sit on the moon and drink and enjoy flowers.
However, all the walkers are not in the mood to shoot zhaojie before, and the man named Lingheng takes the lead. All the walkers are ready to prepare the mercenary exchange center to fight against the evil spirits. Obviously, they are going to force their way through the second stage … Many walkers have directly completed the second stage in their mental battles, so there is no need to show them.
Less than half an hour after they played, zhaojie and Leona also stepped out of the building and walked in a certain direction according to the map in their hands.
Although there is no car instead of walking, the area of this small town is not too large, so they quickly arrived at a place.
"The museum …"
"The ghost of the former war is asking for information. Those guys have already searched here. What do we have to come here again?" Always don’t like to ask what Leona suddenly said
"Although I dare not say what they will miss, I still want to find out what the’ ancient moon’ is when I explore it." zhaojie looked up at the front building.
In front of them, a two-story Japanese-style building is emitting a solemn and dignified atmosphere in the moonlight.
Almost like most ancient Japanese-style shrines, the crimson door-shaped’ torii’ stands leisurely not far from the front of this museum. It is said that it is only when you enter the house through torii that you shout for respect for the’ gods’ and enter the shrine. All prayers will be answered. Not far behind torii, a whole stone is carved into a’ clean body’ and a pool for washing hands often symbolizes that you can wash your chest and dirt before you can enter the shrine.
I don’t know if this city is full of thick moss, whether it is "torii" or "clean body", which makes this museum look very old.
Zhaojie and Leona went straight to the wooden door of the museum. Although the door was dilapidated, it still kept a string of white paper tape ropes, which represented the sacred boundary.
Leona disdained to throw this rope aside and said, "If there were such things, the city would not be eroded by evil spirits."
Zhaojie smiled and bent down to pick it up, tried to collect it in his personal warehouse, and then threw it out. "This is really nothing and has no chest at all."
Leona finally knows what zhaojie thinks she can find other travelers, but she can’t find clues. Even if the door is tied with a rope, he is used to having a look at the chest and whether it can be displayed in the mall can be seen.
She kicked the wooden door and pulled two figures out of the museum hall by moonlight.
Lost the door of the museum at the moment, it’s like a monster with a huge mouth and a dark place full of infiltration, and it seems that he will never come out again when he steps into it.
Zhaojie smiled indifferently, and Leona stepped into the hall as if she were not worried about ghosts and evil spirits entrenched here, but from his hands, the decider could see that this man was still cautious.
A woman … even a strong woman’s chest is full of fear of unknown things like ghosts. Although Leona does not hesitate to fight with a huge monster with a knife and cut it to pieces, she can’t help but have some liver tremors in this situation. It was not until zhaojie walked in for a long time that she composed herself and summoned the demon knife to cut the ghost and went in.