For Ziyan, the whole process is simple, just like listening to other people’s stories. There is no danger at all. In fact, she can be famous in the underworld and have great fighting ability with her.

Finally, it is impossible for Qing Ji to dig out any wind and waves. This charming woman with pink Se skin is really ferocious now. Her face is full of blood, and then she feels beautiful. In fact, she has accepted her fate, but she is still struggling to resist because she doesn’t know what else to do except resist.
Looking at the purple Yan face calmly attacked her again and again at a certain moment, she finally gave birth to some regrets.
Before and after the purple Yan fought side by side, she was very purple Yan. How could those people be purple Yan opponents? Throw everything away, don’t talk about combat power and wisdom in combat. It’s simply outrageous! She has always felt that being the enemy of Ziyan is actually a very sad thing, because everyone looks so weak in front of Ziyan’s strength.
But since then, I have become the enemy of Ziyan? This time in the face of purple Yan is no longer someone else but herself …
Before, she felt sad for her opponent, and now it’s her turn. Who came to feel sad for her?
Sad? !
No! Since the moment when she decided to betray Purple Yan after careful consideration, she never thought about sadness.
At that time, she thought that herself, Louis and Xiong were not much weaker than Zi Yan, and it was a piece of cake to kill Zi Yan. After killing Zi Yan, she could get many, many reading opportunities, such as the status of a volume of Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Work … The most important thing was that she sat on the biggest mountain after bringing down Zi Yan, and she was no longer comfortable.
At that time, all she thought about was stepping on the body of Ziyan.
Just before today, she was successful. Even if Zi Yan came back, even if Y and N died, Louis, she still felt that she could kill Zi Yan completely with her existing advantages. Her mentality had already changed unconsciously, and she could look down on Zi Yan from a commanding height.
And her greatest reliance is not on Lan Xuan, but on her real strength.
She is very confident that she can defeat Ziyan alone!
This confidence comes from reading the article "Twelve Volumes of Monty’s Skill", in which the practice of dragon wings and fierce fighting demons are all at a loss, but after initial confusion, she suddenly realized something, and then she will learn it without moving Se, making it the key for her to quickly improve her strength.
It’s the eye of heaven!
One-on-one, she beat ZiYan, but two-on-two she and Lan Xuan lost badly instead …
After all, her cooperation with Lan Xuan is not as tacit as that between Zi Yan and the small celestial body, and she and Lan Xuan didn’t expect that the small celestial body would have such amazing means.
"bang! ! !”
Qing Ji was hit again. Black at the moment almost fainted.
In a daze, watching ZiYan attack again, she suddenly remembered the current events that she just decided to join ZiYan camp many years ago.
At that time, Zi Yan, who had just saved her, sat side by side with her at the top of a mountain and looked at the horizon. "I don’t like men because I look down on their strength. They naturally dominate women in this world, so they should be their vassals … Even the least man in this world will pretend to be the pillar of his family in front of his woman. Everyone thinks this is a man’s world."
Qing Ji looked at Ziyan’s side face with great interest and asked, "Isn’t it?"
Purple Yan didn’t turn to look at Qing Ji, but looked at the distant world and smiled. "I know that from now on, I am stronger than a man I have ever contacted. I don’t know when I formed such a lattice, but I am afraid that this life will not change. I want this world to bind me no longer. I want to stand in my way. Previous people, both men and women, worship at my feet."
Qing Ji, who was struck by lightning, knew for the first time that Zi Yan had such a heart, and at that time she felt ashamed. "Sister’s ambition is so great."
Violet Yan immediately shook his head. "This is not an ambition, but it’s just a matter of heart. But don’t worry, Qing Mei, I will treat one of my own people, especially women with sincerity. You respect me a foot and I respect you less. If I have a good day, I will never let one of my own people suffer."
Purple Yan is a strange promise, but one thing is really important, that is, once you are with Purple Yan, Purple Yan will not be the first to abandon her hand, which means that she is not afraid of being betrayed by Purple Yan.
Qing Ji would have been tempted to continue to seriously look at the purple Yan, waiting for the purple Yan to personally attract it.
And Ziyan did not disappoint her, and soon she said again, "So, Qingmei, are you willing to fight for our own world in this man’s world with your sister?"
Yesterday, Ri’s words are still ringing in my ears, but now they have reached an irreversible step, and what will happen is that she took the lead in rebellion …
Qing Ji heard a soup and felt a huge force enter her cranial cavity through the skull, and she completely lost consciousness.
Purple Yan finally stopped. She shot Qing Ji, but left her body.
Then, without hesitation, she collected the ninety thousand bodies of Qing Ji and fled to the distance together.
During the flight, she directly praised 90,000 "90,000!"
"Hehe" At this time, 90,000 is a little embarrassed. "Where’s Sister Ziyan and my brother?"
"Wait, I’ll call him."
"Hey, how’s it going?" Purple Yan immediately asked Xiao, who was floating in the brain, to ask the soul.
"I still have no idea. Can you help me?"
"All right, you go to the soul mark now and let’s work together."
All this has been finished. Purple Yan is very easy for ninety thousand people to take flying places and put all J and jīng gods in their heads. Isn’t it a piece of cake that she wants to get Xiao Wen’s soul back?
Then a cup of tea passed without success …
A stick of incense has gone, but it hasn’t succeeded yet …
Two hours later, 90,000 people have stopped in a valley with them, and they still haven’t succeeded …
"I’ll go! Can you do it or not? " Xiao asked the first unbearable angry tunnel
"What does this have to do with the old niang? You can’t come back now and depend on me? !” In fact, purple Yan has long been guilty. At this time, she can roar back with folded arms.
Sure enough, Xiao asked. "Didn’t you call me first before I came to help? !”