"Leave him to me. Did he take a nap?" Zhang Ting looked at Princess Hong and asked.

Princess Hong shook her head. "No, this child has been clamoring for you to stay up all the time."
"I just want to sleep for a while. Let me take him to sleep together." Zhang Ting said and yawned again.
She was really sleepy after staying up so long last night, and even after sleeping for an afternoon, she still doesn’t feel enough.
Princess Hong nodded her head when she saw the horse. Please look at Zhang Ting. "Please jump in that line."
Princess Hong put her arms in the arms of her daughter-in-law, who was crying and crying.
Speaking of it, it also made Princess Hong a little angry. This smelly little girl was a very poor picture when she was in her arms just now.
When she put him in Zhang Ting’s mother’s arms, Sun Ma stopped crying. A pair of fat little hands clung to Zhang Ting’s neck.
"This stinky person really hurts him in vain at ordinary times." Princess Hong looked at the sun in distress situation and preached.
Zhang Ting heard she chuckled.
Because she knew that Princess Hong was just saying this.
Off the princess hong Zhang Ting turned to hold the door tightly around her neck and jumped into the room where she slept.
"Well, don’t hold your mother all the time. I’m strangled by you." Zhang Ting gently tugged at the two chubby hands.
As a result, when her hands just touched these two little hands, they grasped her neck more tightly.
See oneself is going to be this son to le can’t pant Zhang Ting ok!!!
"Mother won’t grab your hand and be obedient." Zhang Ting held him and walked to the bed.
Mother and son lay in bed together, jumping and blinking, staring at their mother lying in bed with him with round eyes.
Stared at it for a long time
The little guy made sure that his mother wouldn’t leave him again, and those two chubby hands that grabbed Zhang Ting’s neck slowly loosened.
Chapter 724 Wake up!
As soon as he relaxed, Zhang Ting touched himself, and he just grabbed Bosong with a sigh of relief.
"Niang" will now shout some simple words. If you really want to talk, the little love can’t say it.
Tiaotiao changed his hands and grabbed Zhang Ting’s skirt.
The sound of "Niang" appeared in Zhang Ting’s ear again.
Although it is a short word, it is the most beautiful sound in Zhang Ting’s heart as a mother.
"Niang is good!" Zhang Ting gently coaxed with a little jump.
She knew in her heart that she didn’t show up for a long time, which must have made her feel a little scared.
Thinking of the little guy’s dependence on himself, Zhang Ting bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead. Looking at him, he replied, "Mom is jumping here. Mom won’t leave us here because jumping is mom’s favorite."
I don’t know if the little guy understood her words or what.
It wasn’t long before the little guy called her a few more words of Niang and finally stopped.
After a while
Zhang Ting looked down and saw the little guy sleeping quietly while holding her skirts with a small hand.
"What a cute guy! How can he be so cute? He’s so cute that his mother can’t love him." Zhang Ting bowed his head and kissed the little guy on the forehead.
Smelling the smell of the little guy’s body milk, Zhang Ting gently held them together and continued to sleep.
The mother and son slept until noon (15: 17 in Beijing)
When the mother and son got up, they grinded in the bed for a while before leaving the room.
Princess Hong in the hall is discussing with Prince Hong about going back to Beijing soon.
The couple suddenly heard the outside, and their grandson giggled happily.
"Master, did you hear that it was our family jumping and laughing? The child cried for a long time today and now he finally smiled." Speaking of his baby Princess Sun Hong, she was all smiles.
Even though not long ago, she was unhappy because her baby grandson didn’t want her grandmother, now she hears this little guy laughing innocently and Princess Hong has forgotten all about the past.
Hong Wang Ye’s face is also a happy face.
"I heard it, too. It’s really our family jumping. This little guy seems to be coming to our side."
As soon as Lord Hong’s words fell, his wife, who was just sitting next to him, strode out.
After one leng, Lord Hong’s face showed remorse. Why didn’t he go out to meet their grandson before him?
Zhang Tinggang walked outside the courtyard and saw Princess Hong running out of the hall.
Stop. Zhang Ting said hello to Princess Hong, who came over.
Hong princess a face of don’t care about the hand "well"
Then when people looked at Xiao Tiao’s face, they looked like they were smiling. "Grandma Tiao came to hug you. Come here, grandma."
When Lord Hong came out, he saw his grandson. Finally, he let his wife hug him first.
At ordinary times fine eyes flashed a trace of disappointment.
"Dad" Zhang Ting saw Wang Hong coming slowly and greeted him with a smile.
Prince Hong gently "well" walked up to Princess Hong and Sun Xiaotiao, and first stretched out his hand and grabbed Xiaotiao’s little hand.
Then I looked at Zhang Ting and said, "Xiaoting, I was just discussing with your mother about going to Beijing after Xiaoren came back. Xiaoren should have told you about this."
Zhang Ting gently nodded at him. "Well," xianggong "told me about this matter." Xianggong "said that dad wanted to take Tiaotiao back to Beijing and add Tiaotiao’s name to the Hongjiazong Temple."
Lord Hong nodded. "That’s right. I just discussed with your mother when to start?"
Zhang Tingchao smiled at them. "You two have to decide this matter. My" xianggong "and I listen to my father and mother."
Prince Hong and Princess Hong heard Zhang Ting’s answer, and their faces crossed with a satisfied expression.
Although they are willing to discuss this matter with their daughter-in-law, they still don’t want their daughter-in-law to interfere too much.
Princess Hong asked Zhang Ting that it was better to take Sun Wang with her when she woke up. "The little court heard that Qing Xia said that the Jia family sent a carriage last night, was it that Mrs. Jia was going to have a baby?"
Zhang Ting said, "Yeah, my sister-in-law suddenly launched it last night. Because of the situation and I was a little urgent, michel platini sent someone to pick me up."
"Are you all right?" Princess Hong looked at Zhang Ting with a face of worry and asked.
She has grandchildren now, and she certainly hopes that all the children will come to this world safely.
"I was born. Although the situation was a little urgent, I finally gave birth to the baby safely and gave birth to a big fat baby."
"Great! You’re not happy to have a big fat baby, michel platini!" Princess Hong asked with a smile.
Zhang Ting wanted to see the old man Jia holding the baby and not letting it go. He couldn’t help but smile and gently nodded at Princess Hong. "Isn’t it? I’m so happy that michel platini took the child out and he grabbed it and still refused to let it go?"
Hao said things here.
At this time, Jia Jia has been in the delivery room since he entered the delivery room.
Nearly almost a day later, Liu, who had been sleeping, finally woke up.
"Did you feel uncomfortable when you woke up?" Jia Lin knew that she had been staring at Liu’s face when her eyelids moved.