"Talk, of course." Zhang Haonai looked at this ya and blocked his idea of pretending to be B. But then again, Zhang Hao is also looking forward to Chen Yi’s explanation of some theoretical knowledge today.

Now, sk is like a hungry man in the desert. Theoretical knowledge seems to be that sweet spring water can moisten sk when it is dry.
The two sides simply hit it off, feeling that this match should not be too good.
Chen Yi paused to get down to business and said, "Well, let’s talk about our physical computing ability. Playing sports is actually five humans playing five roles in front of the brain. People who play roles are human."
"It is very important for human practical competition to issue scientific and technological capabilities for human players themselves."
"Because the competitive game is that the human brain controls the exercise and then exercises the role to fight."
Erhong couldn’t help interrupting "What do you mean by that?"
"What do you mean? When we play competitive games, it is very important that our brains are lucky. As I said before, there is no difference between the gold players and the top professional players. We seem to have a big difference."
"The first thing is to prepare for the reaction. Everyone has been through it. Many of them have played S, so they must have heard the old saying that no matter how fast the marksmanship is, it is faster than the preview."
Hearing this sentence, Gao Chengfeng seemed to feel something, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes. At the beginning, he dreamed of playing professional S, but in the end he failed, and S was lonely very quickly.
"In those days, there was a wonderful killing video in which the fox relied on a wave of soldiers’ residual blood to kill crocodiles. At the beginning, the explanation was so rubbish that I forgot who it was, but he actually said that it was quick to respond. I was really drunk."
Zhang Hao knew the story, but he didn’t puncture Chen Yi. Let him continue to tell it.
"In fact, this player has always remembered two things from the moment he chose the fox. The first is that everyone knows his passive level without looking at it."
"The second is that it is easy to know all the nearby units, numbers, positions and States that can be sucked by yourself at all times and then do this anti-killing action."
"Oh" Zhang Hao slightly one leng seems to be upgraded this time, and it seems to be higher and looks very high-end.
So the five sk people listened quietly, and they found that they liked listening to Chen Yi’s stories more and more.
"In League of Legends, it’s more important to deal with the details. Take Anne as an example of a hero who looks very simple."
"Golden Section Annie, they called the bear back when rq lit it."
"Or maybe it’s right-clicking the opponent and then fighting the conflict, which makes the bear hit less. I always feel that it takes a very high skill to get to the person."
"And the real Annie is such a set of R-dizzy R-control bears hitting aa, then go right ahead, wq lights A, and pull the screen behind the enemy at this time."
"R controls the bear to walk behind the enemy for a while. When the enemy wakes up, he returns to Anne’s body, just as Anne A takes the second right to go forward, and walks according to Anne’s ordinary attack D table."
"The final result is that the bear took more pictures of Anne A, and the bear burned the injury for more than a few seconds. The enemy died because one more yellow stick could not drop it."
"You see, even Annie can explode so many other so-called heroes."
I heard Chen Yi’s words, Zhang Haoyu, because he remembered one thing, yes, it was the scene at Caida Zhang Hao Jess vs Tang Qinling Anne.
Almost exactly as Chen Yi said, it is simply the first perspective of Tang Qinling.
Chen Yi’s analysis of Anne is so thorough and the mode of operation is exactly the same as that of Tang Qinling. Zhang Hao is also drunk. I don’t know if Tang Qinling is widely known or if they all belong to a plane guy.
But it is undeniable that Chen Yi said that it is very reasonable. Annie needs so many details and needs to complete it in an instant. After all, the opportunity is fleeting.
It can be seen that the details of League of Legends are indeed very important, and Chen Yi is not teaching them. If you play Annie, you can just give an example, so much is just the tip of the iceberg.
"Then let me ask you, what is the biggest difference between gold and diamonds when playing?"
"Fuck ability" is the first to say.
"rhythm control" Cai Liangyan said.
"It should be a grasp of the situation," Zhang Hao said uncertainly.
Chen Yi smiled. "I have emphasized many times that the ability to exercise is the same, but there is a big gap between energy consumption and brain transport."
"And when we achieve the same exercise, we eat too much and even don’t have time to look at the small map, right? And diamond exercises not only look at the small map at any time, but also can easily think about how to plot against the enemy."
"The king and the top king, the master can complete the harassment at the same time in a radical single hero while replenishing troops on the line. At the same time, he can not only plot against the enemy, but also be able to observe the double residual blood on the opposite road, and push the line to prepare for returning to the city and then plan a double kill around the eye position."
"It’s not difficult to think about it, but in practice, you will find that even if you have ten Einstein brains, you may be able to look at the small map without thinking about it, and it will be a piece of waste paper."
"This" erhong is a little speechless, but it sounds like a very powerful feeling. At the same time, Chen Yi’s mouth that once the line is aligned, he doesn’t look at the small map is a true portrayal of him.
"So how do they achieve it? Is the brain powerful?" Erhong asked curiously.
Chen Yi shook his head. "It’s not that it’s difficult for us to change the brain hardware, but we can change the thinking software relatively well."
"For example, those who spend two rounds of diamonds, they all let their bodies record conditioned reflex by limiting exercise. Your gold and silver recruitment is the basic work, but it is only conditioned reflex for them."
"So you may not even see the small map when you realize the exercise, but for them, the exercise doesn’t need to think much."
"And those who are the first in the five countries are even stronger in their professional teams, so that even psychological warfare on the line is a conditioned reflex."
"However, there are similar tricks in it, just like Annie’s detailed introduction, and the other party can use up the whole brain to realize just doing exercises and looking at the small map."
"And even if a person is mentally retarded, he can realize Zhuge Liang’s general stratagem by reading this strategy and spending 112 yuan after the meeting. This is called the gap between science and technology, that is, the cheat."
"What you said is very reasonable, and we are right." The sk style expresses the worship of Chen Yi.
It is this ya that refreshes its position in their hearts once again. Every time I tell such a tall theory, sk wonders where this ya came from. She doesn’t look like an ordinary person.
If you don’t understand, I’m afraid you have returned to senior analysts from abroad. It’s professional and domineering
But the fact that Chen Yi is made in China has no traces of transformation, which makes everyone feel unscientific.
"Fortunately, don’t worship me too much. In fact, the meaning of data division and team analyst is to help you improve your grades as much as possible. That’s all."
"Actually, I’m doing this to help you turn basic exercises into conditioned reflex, just like everyone can actually regard recruiting as conditioned reflex now, but those who have just contacted the league players are very powerful, right? This is the gap."
"Imagine that they are in a hurry to make up for the soldiers. Where else can they consider dealing with you?"
"It’s like now, once you are on the lpl level team, you will be in a hurry and make a basic response, but you will have no energy to care about higher-level things."
Hearing Chen Yi’s words, Zhang Hao and others are completely stunned. This is true and a true portrayal.
When the Tauren team met a strong team, it was like this. There was no extra energy to think about how to deal with the enemy. There was no other ability except basic reaction.
When "Chen Yi was mixed up with you", Sa sk thought about Chen Yi’s thigh, which was a hug.
Is it a little professional?
Chapter 333 Male commentary small mind
It’s another week in the blink of an eye. At this moment, sk is in the fourth place. Theoretically, it is possible to compete for the championship seat, and now sk is playing more and more professionally.
If you have to change your shape, it’s only a matter of time. sk progress is visible.
Chen Yi’s new knowledge made Shi Sa sk feel the theoretical importance and let them know that this is actually not a game.
"hit a crystal"
With a victory, Zhang Hao and Cai Liangyan took off their headphones and looked at the screen comfortably. They were very satisfied.
Zhang Hao had to sigh with emotion, "There are still reliable people who can be divided in double rows together."
"Ah, in fact, it’s just bad luck. If you hit your position more, you’ll go and climb quickly. It’s not a problem to be in gold all the time." Cai Liangyan and Zhang Hao said.