Tian Yang’s fame is not necessarily the highest, but it must be a prominent player. If you want this list, you must get the common recognition of Tian NPC. That is to say, the list can only be made after the evaluation of the Great God. Of course, the highest player can also be listed, but the previous one must reach the "Xuanzihao", and there must be no one on the list in the early stage.

This list of Chitan Dan’s names is so dazzling and enviable.
The "class list" has a high status and the fastest player list. Chi Tandan is now a rich man but still has no ranking. The highest status in this list is "Tianmensheng"; This is the identity of Confucianism, which is divided into schoolchildren, students, tribute students, Tianmensheng, officials, cabinet elders and royal families with different surnames.
The gate valve is a general name for the noble family, the rich family, the royal family with different surnames, the gate, the gang and so on. The highest goal of agriculture is to be a noble worker, the highest goal is a gang, and the highest goal of business is to be a rich family. Because there are other categories in agriculture, industry and commerce, such as ranks, the ultimate goal is to put the doorway in the doorway, and the ultimate goal is to be a Buddhist monk.
Players who have won the chivalrous title in the list of good and evil can list their means of doing things, killing players at random, looting NPC property, etc., and are listed as chivalrous heroes, weeding out the strong and helping the weak. At this time, no player on the list has won the chivalrous title.
The number of forces participating in the campaign list determines the ranking of the list.
The more times you kill the wild monster BOSS and the first deputy BOSS, the higher the ranking; Because the deputy BOSS is a fixed place, this is not disputed, but the wild monster BOSS is not fixed. After they wander around and are killed, this wild monster BOSS will not appear in the cruising list, also known as the guerrilla killing list.
Chitantan once killed BOSS of Liuying Lake for the first time, but there was no list or announcement. At that time, he was still wondering whether Shen Mi people later appeared and laughed at him, saying that if the list was announced, wouldn’t it tell the staff of the game company that you had a secret? It’s thoughtless that Chitantan was full of cold sweat after listening!
The ranking standard of influential players in the list of influential young Xia is revised. Here, influential players do not refer to influential players, but include some foreign players who enter this influential territory. For example, Chitantan belongs to Luzhou power. If Chitantan is highly cultivated in the later Zhou Dynasty, his name will appear in the list of "Young Xia of Power".
This list of powerful young Xia allows powerful players to know which tough foreign players have entered and take precautions. Now Chi Tandan has just been promoted to "C", but he can’t find his name on the front page, and he is not worried that someone will find him trouble.
From the beginning of the game, the "Tianbuwu" competition was held, and the last week of each month was the minimum time for the finalists to need a "T" repair; As the game hasn’t reached the last week, there is no one on this list. Naturally, Tandan has also signed up to participate in the finals. The opponent of this competition is random. If the player is free, he will show up and ask if he will enter the competition.
If you agree, you will be sent to the ring to fight your opponent; There are no rules in the competition to take medicine and replenish blood, and all kinds of props can be played as they want. If there are some tricks, players will play for a long time because both sides have blood-replenishing props, but Chitantan has been instructed by Shen Mi, and some of them have learned that the other side will not even have a chance to replenish blood in a short time.
The list is refreshed from time to time, and every Sunday, the top 1 in each list receives various lottery prizes; At the same time, there will be some game activities to invite the top 1 players in each list to participate, but some lists are empty or few people, and they all fail after the activities are held.
As the name suggests, the challenge competition is to watch this kind of competition in a platform where everyone is fighting; However, the number of players signing up for the competition is too large, and the previous knockout rounds were held in the ring; Chitan Dan is the last round of the Tianbuwu Challenge. There are three rounds in total. I don’t have time to sign up for the first round so that I can be a spectator.
Every round of the ring match is uncertain because there are players who are free or not, and the number of rounds played by the players is different; However, only players who hit the same round will play the game, regardless of the regional map. Players can participate in the group match after three rounds, followed by Wan Qiang, Qianqiang, Baiqiang, semi-finals and finals.
With the light flashing, Chitantan appeared in the first dozens of rounds of the ring, and there was no difference between one thing and another; Because the opponent didn’t appear, Chitan Dan was restricted from acting, and the whole person was stupid in the same place. This setting is to prevent the first player from laying some malicious tricks in the ring and let the later players suffer big losses.
Opponents appear
The battle began.
The opponent’s grief and indignation inexplicably withdrew from the ring, and Chi Tandan talked about withdrawing from the ring; Chi Tandan, who trained in Shen Mi, has now learned a variety of combat skills, which allows him to beat those players who don’t know the skills for the time being in a very short time.
I remember that I was beaten by the strong players in the late Jin Dynasty outside the Liuying Lake, and I wanted to go to the latter Jin Dynasty to find revenge, but Shen Mi told him that it was abusive to fight with his current skill mastery and lack of resources. Chitan Dan felt that there was something going on after listening to it, and the secret people didn’t say that they wouldn’t tell him, but that they could tell Chitan something when it was not time to wait for a while.
Some of Chitantan’s "timing" is not white, such as calculating Shen Mi’s repeated remarks that it was not the right time and refused to answer many questions, which made Chitantan feel sad at last.
When I quit the ring, I jumped out of a slot machine to show that Chitantan has successfully completed three rounds of challenges, and now I can draw lots for the "group competition". Nowadays, the number of registered players of this game is over 10 million, and the number of online players is over one million. There must be millions of Chitantan who have achieved the "B" course. The math is not so good. How many players will there be after the final three rounds?
However, the game is divided into seven groups: "Heaven, Earth, Mystery, A, B, C and D". It is not clear for the time being how many players in each group can enter the Wan Qiang tournament. Then there are 1 in the top 1000, 1 in the top 100, 6 in the semi-finals and 3 in the finals.
When the slot machine brushes Chitan Dan "stops", he is assigned to the "Day Group", which is a kind-hearted grin. Then I heard a rush of footsteps. Because of the war, too many enemies were everywhere, and I was most afraid of the impact of a large number of troops. At the first time, I evaded to the side of the road to find a way out.
The official road is located in the "Tongcheng" of the post-Zhou Dynasty. Tongcheng is an agricultural city. When it comes to agricultural cities, it needs a city attribute. It is a city with attributes, namely, there is usually no characteristic city, commerce and agriculture. This is a city with characteristics, and the city has great development potential in agriculture, commerce, politics and culture. The fortress is full of men, which is a good place to recruit.
Most of the natural farmers in the agricultural city ran from Chitantan’s left hand, and all the players’ hoes, poles, dustpans, buckets and other things rushed past Chitantan. Chitan Dan was curious and took out a broom from his belt and followed the team.
After running for about ten minutes, I continued running from the official road to the east. At this time, there was a big pond in the east. At this time, a group of thousands of players were blocking the ditch of the pond. Chi Tandan followed the group of players, and there were also thousands of people. Before running in front, the players shouted, "Damn, block our ditch and want us to collect particles?"
"The trough agreed that the two sides should be together. Why did you block the canal of our city?" The player shouted when the canal was blocked.
"If you don’t have too much water, we will block it."
"Say a ball and hit him."
So the two sides scuffled together, and some players fell into the pond and some players fell into the mud pile, and the scene was extremely chaotic; Chitan Dan was at a loss with a broom, and suddenly a brick flew towards him. He shouted, throw away the broom, take out the "weeding pole", sweep away the thrown brick, and then rushed to the place where people were carrying the pole to continue squatting at the theatre.
There is no competition for water sources, caravans and resources; When Chi Tandan was in Chuzhou, Luzhou, he also led villagers in Chijia village to compete with nearby villages for water and fields. Because every village has a player born, the battle base in every village is between two players. If one player loses, the other wins.
When more than 2,000 players were beaten to death, more players joined the fray. About 20 minutes later, the troops from both cities dispatched to separate the two players. Then several officials began to yell at each other, and the two players followed behind their respective city officials, and the scene of the two armies was quite funny.
Every player is a valuable asset of the city, because the player is the main force in the battle. Without the player, the city will be at a disadvantage when it is attacked, just like the human brain. Therefore, the castellans are extremely protective of players who are loyal to them, and they will be injured by other cities. The castellans will send troops to safeguard the interests of city players at any time.
It is precisely because the city owners always maintain that the loyalty of players to the city will be higher and higher, and the interests of both sides will be tied together to form a virtuous circle of the whole game; The two castellans of Tongcheng Zhicheng obviously belong to the same camp, otherwise the army will not maintain order but directly join the war circle.
Officials from both sides were wrangling when a plum blossom dart suddenly flew from Tongcheng, knowing that the city official was not a martial man and was directly hit in the throat by the plum blossom dart. The official couldn’t believe it and fell to the ground with his neck covered. As a wartime official, his ability to cope with emergencies is very strong. Before the official fell to the ground, officials from both sides quickly ran to their own camps.
"Your plum blossom dart makes it really smooth. Hey, hey, are you addicted to war peddlers in Sao years?" Shen Mi’s voice reappeared after a few hours.
Chi Tandan didn’t answer. He threw the plum blossom dart at the soldiers of both sides, and then he was not allowed to return to Tongcheng immediately. After he ran into the city, he went to the government office and entered the words "water source, war". Soon there was a war.
"Dirty trade in war, the great war peddler and bloody villain Chi Tandan once again found the opportunity of war. He took advantage of the chaos to kill the officials of Zhicheng and provoked the anger of both sides’ armies to successfully detonate the feud between the two sides in Hehuatang Reservoir. But this is a conflict, not a war. The great war peddler and bloody villain Chi Tandan decided to make a deal with the late Zhou Lord Guo Wei, and this nasty deal will go down in history. "
"Before the conflict, seven Tongcheng officials were assassinated successfully, and then they went to the Black Bear Forest to meet Guo Wei. They sent troops to Tongcheng when Tongcheng troops were exhausted. Note that Guo Wei has sent 20,000 players and 10,000 troops to participate in this campaign."