"It seems that Mr. Vegeta seems confident about your strength now! Ghost "

With Zeus’s words, the bald man walked out slowly and said to Vegeta, "Mr. Vegeta, we all know that you have mastered the super Saiyan and know your status as a noble king, but my king is telling the truth. Will you like to play with me?"
"No problem!" Vegeta’s face smiled cruelly. "I just want to see what’s going on with you guys who blow the enemy away."
"Then please move the arena!" Ghost with a smile
"Wait, before that, let the unlucky guy feel my strength. I don’t want to be bullied by them." Vegeta pointed to Sun Wu and others.
"Good" ghost face remains the same.
"Ah ah ah ah!" Vegeta’s hands clenched fists and shouted at his body muscles, which swelled up slowly. The body had a golden smell visible to the naked eye, which rose slowly, and then it exploded. His hair instantly turned golden and his long hips gave off momentum, which almost blew away the white clouds on the throne.
"such as? Are you going to fight me with this power? " Vegeta hands arms sneer at a way
"Yes …" Ghost said quietly without frowning. "Well, I’ll show my strongest strength so that Mr. Vegeta can probably bridge the gap between us …"
"beyond the realm of materialization!"
He screamed in the sky, and when the breath spread around him, he suddenly closed his eyes. Hundreds of tons of giant armor were born outside his body, and his head and limbs floated around him.
As soon as the ghost breath broke out, it completely suppressed the three gas fields of Vegeta Super Saiyan. At this moment, he floated in the giant armor and smiled at Vegeta. "This is my transformation … war machine, please enlighten me!"
"… are you kidding? How can there be such a strong spirit … "Sun Wu and his two sons, Vegeta and Torankusu, are shocked. Saiyan usually recognizes the strength of his opponent from the aura. Even the strongest Sun Wu is definitely not an opponent. If you have to compare words, probably the magic man Buou is weaker than the bald man in front of you.
"Hum! I will try to see how strong you are! " Vegeta cold hum took the lead in flying to Yunduanfang Arena.
Ten minutes later …
"I’m sorry … my hands are a little heavy." Ghost squinted and smiled.
Behind him, Vegeta’s broken body lies in the protoss special treatment nutrition warehouse
Zeus also showed a satisfied smile. "As I said, your current strength is not enough to fight against future opponents … Do you want to learn the transformation of Super Saiyan IV with my strength?"
The third volume I have sold my soul to the ghost Zhao Jieyang for … Prepare for war!
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods] Zhao Jieyang seeks … Prepare for war!
Zhao Jieyang seeks … Prepare for war!
Fifteen days after the binary fusion …
A traveler knelt down and said to zhaojie, "My Lord! The dead have destroyed the planet! "
Zhaojie plate sitting on the ground holding the eye closure posture "regardless of them".
A resister knelt down and said to Beyonce in the battle of Super 17, "The big dead have destroyed it!"
Beyonce waved the Super 17 Qigong bomb away and gasped, "Let them go."
A warrior in shining armor knelt down and said to the four Saiyans who were in the super-order, "The great dead have been raging and seem to be looking for an opponent!"
Ghost blocked Sun Wu’s fist and said coldly, "They can’t scamper for a few days. Whatever!"
Sun Wu stopped to jilt to jilt black hair and sweat. "Is this really good? The people of the earth are being slaughtered! "
The ghost breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Don’t forget that we still have the Dragon Ball. If you are not strong enough to defeat them, you will only lose two more lives!"
Vegeta, who was fighting in Sun Wufan next to him, replied, "He’s right. People can live with the Dragon Ball, but if we die, everything will be over!"
"Yeah …" Sun Wu sighed slightly.
In the face of the ravages of the dead on the earth, the other three parties remained silent, as if they knew nothing about the slaughter of the dead. Generally speaking, this can be a bitter experience for the earth and human beings, and cities have been razed to life.
"Mr. Anbeck, all the earth humans have been wiped out except some who have escaped from sight with a little strength!" A snake beauty swam to the front of Six Arms Anbeck and said respectfully
"Really … how’s the dragon ball harvest?" Ann baker will hand half body to one side and asked
"This ….. Mr. Anbeck, although we found the Dragon Ball Detector from the home of Bouma who was killed, it seems that the root of it is broken and it doesn’t show the position of the Dragon Ball."
"Will this happen?" Ann baker was a little surprised.
"Yes, we called you out, not Sun Wu." You smiled.
"Mortal, what’s your plot? I can’t see the hopeful light from your eyes, "said the dark dragon floating in the sky."
You cocked his head and wanted to think "hope? I don’t know what it is, but don’t you want to destroy this planet? Don’t you want to kill Sun Wu and others? Now I’ll give you a chance … "
You reach out to the dark dragon. "Join me and I’ll give you a chance to kill them."
The dark dragon laughed. "I think you’re probably wrong about one thing, right? I appeared to destroy all living things … including you here! "
"alas! I knew you must be the most difficult to control. "You nai sighed.
Behind him, Shahrukh asked coldly, "Shall I kill him?"
You don’t seem to feel the danger of the dark dragon at all. You usually laugh. "Shah Lu, even if you have been transformed a hundred times better than before, I’m afraid you are still no match for this dark dragon!"
"What shall we do?"
You smiled strangely and took out a small mirror from your arms. "I didn’t have this."
"Ha, ha, ha, are you crazy? Trying to destroy me with a mirror? I really don’t know if you are an idiot! " The dark dragon laughed wildly.
You shrugged. "Who knows? Don’t you just try it? "
Then he pointed the crystal mirror in his hand at the dark dragon and immediately emitted a light.
Because I didn’t feel the darkness of energy, the dragon didn’t avoid the idea, but straightened his chest and let the light shine on him
When the light from the mirror fades away, the dark dragon is still intact, and it can’t stop mocking and looking at you.
"What the hell is this thing?" Felisaz beside you can’t help but ask instead.
"Let me explain to you-this thing is called a soul-sucking mirror, which is an artifact, that is, copying an opponent’s soul to the mirror, and the reflection is the same as all the state parts of the external entity."
"So what?" Felisaz strange way
You raised your forehead and sighed, "it’s really a muscle guy in your head. I said it wasn’t obvious enough?" If the dark dragon soul outside the mirror is damaged, the soul inside the mirror will also be damaged, and vice versa. This is the mirror and this mirror comes with its own attack, such as this … "
Then he made a gesture, and suddenly a long knife appeared in the mirror, instantly chopping at the virtual soul of the dark dragon. At the same time, in front of several people, the dark dragon cried and fell to the ground in pain and rolled up.
"damn it! What did you do to me! ?” The dark dragon howled.
You nai way "not explained to you before? So now do you want to be a servant to me? "
"Damn mortals, you can’t dominate the dragon!" The dark dragon roared, and seven dragon balls in the body flew out in all directions instantly, and the whole body turned into a black smoke.
"He ran away!" Sha Lu just wanted to chase but was stopped by you.
"Don’t worry" you sneer at the knife in the mirror and cut it in the dark dragon body again. Indeed, it was almost at the same time from afar. Soon seven dragons with different looks appeared in front of you. The chest was inlaid with a dragon ball and a dragon ball. How could you … "
"Even if you are separated, you are still from the same dragon soul. This mirror is still effective for you … so I ask again, do you want to take refuge in me?"
It’s been a month since time flies and the blink of an eye.
"Old Lord Kaiōshin!" The only woman, Kaiōshin … West Kaiōshin, rushed into the Old Kaiōshin Cabin Avenue. "Those guys who are called dead have already broken into the star I manage. Nothing grows where these guys live. It is estimated that all the creatures on my star will die soon!"