What is a sixteen-year-old child?

The teacher looked at the stars all over the sky and whispered softly, "The stars were as bright as this when you were held out that year."
"I remember," Cui Xuan said in a low voice, "The seven-night heart month fox and the tail fire tiger in Qinglong …"
Without the enchanting sound, without lifting the robe and revealing the white thighs.
She is calm, which is the most nostalgic thing in his memory.
He asked, "Where is this?"
"Wild Prison" When he heard the teacher speak softly, he fell into a dream that had been violated for a long time. "Stay here and watch the stars with me after Xiao Xuan."
Xichun town
In the evening, the afterglow of the sunset fell on the town from the other side of the mountain.
The team leader, Hodge, looked at his watch. It was five minutes to five.
He raised his horn. "The train to Hualingyuan is about to start. Please bring your belongings to the entrance of the train and prepare to check in."
The town is small, and his megaphone can be heard even on the other side of town.
After hearing this, the freshmen quickly shouldered their big bags and small rolls and ran towards the train.
Twilight yellowed the whole sky.
There is a mushroom-headed girl who is particularly special in the crowd of many people.
She didn’t wrap a pot of withered flowers at the end of the line.
Peach and peach scattered a pile of exhausted branches on the roof of high-rise building.
She made a snap of her left hand and an invisibility symbol appeared to hide her body perfectly in the sunset glow.
She jumped straight from the tall building with peach on her back and landed lightly to the girl at the end of the line.
Soul-splitting can separate another body.
Differentiating into a body with physical and mental strength can just avoid the strength test of Hualing Institute.
Taotao entered the masked doppelganger, and she overlapped.
There was a rumble in the sky
Fuguiyuan hovered in the sky, and when he heard this, he fell in fear on Yuan Tiantou’s small paw and hooked his hair, looking warily at the sound.
Most of the spiritual masters who can come to China to study in Lingyuan are from a noble family or a well-off family.
Although there is a spiritual vein, it is rare to really see evil spirits.
So when they saw the strange "train" coming slowly from the distant track, they were all pale with fear.
"This … what is this?"
It’s not a train, but a gray monster.
There are two black holes in the eyes covered with hard scales.
The thing stopped in orbit, and Hody touched its scales.
In a flash, the scales suddenly opened to reveal the blood-red cavity inside, which was that they were going to take the carriage on this trip.
"The last virtual dragon in the world," explained the student, who looked behind him and screamed in surprise. "Fifteen years ago, it was gouged out of its eyes and half dirty by the dark spirit master, and it was taken in by the Hualing Academy. It will take you to the other body and shuttle you into Hualing Academy."
The students were only half frightened when they thought of entering a huge body. They still felt Mao Mao in their hearts.
Hody looked at them one by one and could not help but shake his head and sigh. "Now the spiritual division is not as good as the generation."
Two hundred students entered the virtual dragon body one by one.
Either the fear is not gone or the flesh-and-blood car is full of disgust.
Everyone in the horse is coming in. Hody is about to turn the door when he notices the girl holding a withered flower at the end of the line.
Her white face has no superfluous expression except calmness.
Chapter 156 Chapter 156
Grow up in the competition
The virtual dragon body doesn’t have the same seats as ordinary trains, but it can barely hold 200 people in a hole with blood in it.
The walls are dark red dragon meat, and its dirty parts have been dug up by the dark spiritual master, and there are many ribs hanging from it.
However, because the noodles have been dry for a long time in the past, although there is no blood smell, it is really uncomfortable to stay inside.
Without seats, freshmen either squat or
Don’t dare to close to the virtual dragon body, curious and afraid to look at the dragon body structure.
Virtual dragon scales and it slowly moved along the car track.
Dragon, it’s the first time they’ve seen such a special train, and it’s the first time they’ve taken it. It’s not novel and scary
After a long silent observation, a new student took out his nameplate and asked Hodge, "Mr. Huo, when I registered at noon, the student union assigned me to the Setaria College. The name of this college sounds strange. Can you give us a science degree?"
Hody’s eyes have been following the girl holding the flowerpot. Among a group of young people who have never seen any world surprises, she is really calm and conspicuous. Among a group of freshmen with a lot of luggage, she has a little too little.
Hearing the students calling themselves, Hody turned his eyes and smiled, "Of course."
He is young, friendly and handsome. When he smiles, he shows white teeth, which makes the girls look at him more.
Hody gently explained that "Hualing College is divided into four major colleges, namely Acorus calamus College, Dahlia College, Little Daisy College and Setaria College".
A new student caught the key word "at present?"
Huo Di smiled. "The name of the flower is stipulated by the principal, but the names of each school are not, but taken by the chief students of each school. For example, Acorus calamus College knows that Acorus calamus is the wind’s favorite flower. He is the best student of Acorus calamus College. The name of the school belongs to him."
"Is there such a rule?"
I heard for the first time that students can name our college, and after the freshmen fantasize that they can become the chief of the college, they can’t help cheering up.
"Does the chief of the Setaria College like Setaria?" A freshman looked at his nameplate and asked inexplicably, "Is it too ugly?"
"Of course not," Hodge smiled. "Before the winter break, the name of the Setaria College was actually pansy. They were forced to change their name to Setaria because they lost badly in the hunting contest before the holiday."
"What is the hunting game? Teacher Huo, please tell us something carefully. "
Hody took the water handed by the freshmen and unscrewed it and took a sip. "Before you know what the hunting game is, you should know that Hualing College is divided into four hospitals. Although the name of the hospital will change constantly according to the chief replacement of the college, the knowledge taught and students in each hospital are almost the same."
"At present, Setaria College has the largest number of students, with a total of 56 students. The chief of the college is a teacher named Xushan Erzhu Lingshi College. The main professors of Lingshi Sanfu and Mantra Printing College are attribute Lingshi, and most of you should belong to Setaria College."
The freshmen nodded, and more than half of them were students of Setaria College.
"Little Daisy College has a total of one student, and the chief of the college is a two-strain psychic college named Su Wanwan. Students all take the psychic route, mostly attribute psychics, but there are also some attribute psychics, such as Mu Xiu Yu Lin Bang Xiao Yuetu, in this college."