Du Lingxiao once again abandoned the interests of the team and chose to satisfy his own self-interest. He kept fighting Ye Qing without arranging tactics and even forgot to watch the score no matter how other players played.

He has gone crazy, and the whole person has a gun in his head. He repeats this line over and over again. He doesn’t know how many times he was blown by Ye Xie. He remembers that he blew Ye Xie’s head ten times and didn’t blow his head several times.
Du Lingxiao didn’t regain his sanity until after the second map game. He saw a score, and the team lost dozens of points. He killed Ye Qing once, and Ye Qing killed him more than 30 times. The total number of people killed by Ye Qing exceeded 50, ranking first. From the data, both sides also made a high judgment.
Du Lingxiao was really angry this time. He sighed that he boasted that his genius eyes were higher than the top, but he was not a leaf-leaning opponent. When they first met, they were evenly matched, and they were able to faintly occupy a little wind. But now the gap is so big that he has never given up training. Why do people grow up so fast?
How did he know that his team has been training in secret since fdl retired, and I Club has been playing all kinds of games constantly. It is definitely faster to improve its strength than training and it can accumulate a lot of experience.
The Big Dipper Palace has lost two maps in a row, but Du Lingxiao still didn’t give up. He didn’t want the other side to sweep the score three times. It was a shame to win a map anyway. He didn’t find that he had unconsciously admitted that Club I was better than them. He even gave up one of his goals. He thought he must win the game, but now it is enough to win a map.
Ye Qing doesn’t want to let the other side win the third map. He doesn’t want to play the fourth map. Since the Big Dipper Palace is no longer their opponent, there is no need for them to drag their feet.
Chapter 132 Win the championship
The third map, Club I and the Big Dipper Palace fought fiercely. The Big Dipper Palace was desperate to win a map, and Du Lingxiao’s hand was so fierce that he felt that his condition was getting better and better, and he was more and more excited.
Ye Qing didn’t want to play the fourth game, telling the players that they must take this map, and he himself constantly changed tactics to curb the momentum of the other side, and the two sides fought fiercely.
The audience also enjoyed watching the first two maps. The game was a bit boring. It has always been the dominant place of the I club. The audience was very calm and didn’t get excited. On the third map, because the two sides played very fiercely, the audience was also excited. Every headshot will cause them to cheer and get their warm applause.
Du Ling, with all his strength, no longer struggled whether he could defeat Ye Qing. He aimed at the rest of the people and caused great trouble to the I club. Of course, Ye Qing was also unambiguous. He also beat the other four stars in the Big Dipper Palace quite badly, including the sniper Tianxuan Star.
A few times, I was shot in the head by Ye Qing remotely. It is also my heart and my heart to shoot Ye Qing. Once I hear the ak gun, I will consciously dodge.
The two sides fought hard until the last few rounds, and in the end, Club I still narrowly beat the opponent, thus sweeping the Big Dipper Palace with a total score of three to win the game.
At the end of the game, Du Lingxiao took off his headphones and lay prone on the table. He was depressed to the extreme, and the other four stars were so depressed that they even forgot to get up and congratulate their opponents.
Ye Qing doesn’t care that the other party didn’t come to congratulate him. He knows Du Lingxiao very well. Now he has always been the strongest gunner, but he lost so badly today. His heart must be unbearable. Now Du Lingxiao must be hit hard. I don’t know if I can regain my confidence.
If he can’t re-establish his self-confidence, he will never be able to become a Ye Ye opponent again. If he can face up to his own problems, he can grow up rapidly and really become a gunner who can compete with Ye Ye Ye in the near future.
Ye Qing certainly hopes that Du Lingxiao can regain his self-confidence so that he will not be lonely in the future. It is actually a good thing to have such an opponent, which can motivate him to make continuous progress and make him dare not relax for a moment.
Ye Qing has nothing to worry about after winning this game. The other two opponents in the semi-final are no strangers. Ye Qing is confident that he can beat them. After entering the finals, there is naturally no suspense. Winning this championship should be assured.
Although the ag team is still so powerful, the I club has defeated them. They have experience in this field and will not be afraid of each other psychologically.
At lunch, loli called Ye Qing and said that Liu Jingli had been removed and she had no burden. She expressed her feelings for Ye Qing.
Ye Qing remembered what loli said last night. She was psychologically burdened. She didn’t dare to say more to her, so she hung up. Although they were still good friends, Ye Qing had decided to have less contact with loli. On the one hand, Da Mi and Su Yanbing misunderstood each other, and on the other hand, she was worried that she could not control her emotions. After all, loli was too beautiful and her figure was quite hot and charming. Men could hardly resist it.
After lunch, the team members all wandered around and rested, waiting for the afternoon game. Ye Qing took Pearl Krabs to talk on the stairs in a building. Generally, there are several stairs in this building, and no one will come to take them. The floor is too high, and taking them is exhausting.
Pearl Krabs Ye Qing wants to tell her something secret, and she is still full of expectations. Who knows that Ye Qing can’t wait to press her against the wall as soon as she enters the stairs? This is a typical wallop.
Pearl Krabs hurriedly pushed Ye Qing to push her heart pounding. She glanced at Ye Qing with bitterness. "How can you be here if you are too courageous …"
"There won’t be anyone here who has nothing to do to take the stairs is not idle tired? Come and kiss another one, "Ye Qing said and put his mouth together. He went to Pearl Krabs and quickly reached out and covered his mouth." You are too hungry, aren’t you without a girlfriend? "
"It is rare for us to be together. I want to stay with you all the time now." Ye Qing is very serious and tunnel.
Pearl Krabs said very politely, "So you won’t play the game?"
"I want to stay with you all the time except the game. I feel I can’t live without you at all!" Ye Qing explained
"Why do you feel like a child? Don’t we meet every day? We were together during the game. Ye Qing, I don’t like this. This sneaking feeling is very bad." Pearl Krabs frowned.
Ye Qing nai took a step back. "Well, I didn’t consider your feelings. It was my fault. Let’s go out first."
He took Pearl Krabs’s hand and walked out of the stairs together, then out of the building.
Outside the building, Ye Qing hugged Pearl Krabs’s shoulder and said sincerely, "Pearl Krabs, I have decided that after winning the championship, I will lead the team to play a large-scale event, and then I will leave the nb team and play for three years at most, and then I will retire and play around with you for a fairy day."
Pearl Krabs nodded his head and looked forward to the future life very much. Now they have no money to worry about. Ye Qing has enough money to buy a house and a car. When they earn money in the future, they will travel. The big honey and Su Yanbing restaurants have also made a lot of money, and the restaurant also has Pearl Krabs shares. They can also get a lot of money. What worries will there be when they live together?
Ye Qing has always been enthusiastic about F since his debut, but now he feels a little tired. He has reached a height that many people can’t reach. What he lacks now is honor. He also yearns for life after retirement. Can life be better with three beautiful women? He consider himself that luckiest man in the world.
In the afternoon match, Ye Qing relaxed his marksmanship quite a bit, but he continued to maintain the level of reporting. The rate of head shots was amazing. His personal performances kept winning the audience’s hands. It was because of him that others were hard to be seen by the audience. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on his posture. Sometimes, after he was killed by local people, the audience simply didn’t care to watch the game for a new round.
Although it was not easy for club I to win this game, the process was thrilling. The other team even won a map, which led them to play the fourth map. However, Ye Qing was very relaxed and had no sense of urgency because he had a well-thought-out plan. Now his marksmanship is enough to support his confidence.
In the end, Club I won the semi-final with a score of 3-1 in the afternoon, and it has already won two games in a row to enter the finals. There is no doubt that Imperial Palace of the Big Dipper can watch Club I go to the finals as soon as it passes by.
The next afternoon, the I club still braved the wind and waves to win the game in one fell swoop, so that it successfully reached the finals with three victories, and their opponents in the finals were two wins and one loss. The Big Dipper Palace was able to compete for the third place, but it was already quite a good result. After all, the Big Dipper Palace was not famous before it was a new debut team. If it won the third place, it could be said to be a big black horse.
The championship battle is a focus battle, which attracts a lot of audience. nb team members are also watching this game. Jiang Yuhan wants to see Ye Qing lead a weak team to win the championship. This time, their team didn’t participate in the competition. If I club can’t win the championship, it will be a wave. They have created opportunities, and the ag team is cheap in vain.
Ye Qing also knows that Jiang Yuhan’s kindness can never live up to this kindness. He must win the championship and play against the ag team. He is not too worried. After all, he was afraid of evenak’s marksmanship before he had the experience of defeating his opponent. He felt that the other party was too powerful. He once dominated the main road and led the team to win the fpl three consecutive championships. He was definitely a strange machine gunner.
Now he has no fear of even, and he has respect. even is still strong, but he is sure to win the opponent.
Even gradually lost the heart to win the championship during the fight with Ye Qing. He knew that Ye Qing was getting stronger and stronger now, and he had surpassed himself. Even the top five gun gods, K, admitted to being ashamed.
After the first few games, both Tian Feng and Chao Nan of Club I have been trained, and their strength has also improved, especially towards the south. He is really talented and more courageous than Thomas. His sniper rifle is getting bigger and bigger, and he often kills important people of the other side at the key moment. even Even Even EVEN has been killed several times by him.
Ye Qing is also very pleased that the two main players will grow up soon, so the team will have a future.
Although Club I was confident to win this game, it was not so easy to win. The ag team tried their best to defend the honor. The two teams didn’t win until the fifth map. Club I still won the total score of the game in the outbreak of Ye Qing, defeating the ag team by three to two and winning the ga championship.
Chapter 1329 Ready to meet Pearl Krabs’s parents
Club I beat many strong teams with the ga championship in one fell swoop. Ye Qing’s personal prestige was still a point. After receiving the prize, he refused to be interviewed by the game media and left the competition venue with the players in a low-key manner and then returned to the hotel.
He told the team members to rest in the hotel and stop wandering around. Besides, there is nothing to visit high-rise buildings in Shenzhen, a metropolis. You can see either reinforced concrete roads or traffic sidewalks, or people. Apart from shopping malls, it is really boring to visit other places. They have also been to the seaside.
Ye Qing decided to fly back to Chengdu the next day, and he would also lead the team to continue training. There were still some problems in this competition, and the team had many shortcomings that needed to be made up by training.
Moreover, he has been away from the team for a long time, and he wants to maximize the strength of the players in this limited time, so that the strength of the team will not drop too much after he leaves the team, but he doesn’t know that once he leaves the team, his soul strength will not drop too much, but his self-confidence will drop seriously.
The self-confidence of the players is not based on their own strength, but on their trust and dependence on Ye Qing. They think that if Ye Qing is in the team, the team will be invincible. They don’t need to worry about failure, but once Ye Qing is not in the team, each of them will face the challenge alone. Do they still have that belief of winning?
After losing to the I club, the big dipper imperial concubine suffered a serious blow to her self-confidence, especially Du Lingxiao lost her temper, which led to her abnormal performance in the third place competition and was defeated by her opponent without even getting the third place.
In fact, it doesn’t make any difference for the big dipper palace to lose the game, because it can’t win the first place and the third place. The most important thing is that they want to beat Club I and stop Club I from winning the championship. Since this has not been done, the rest is meaningless.
On the same day, they flew back to Chengdu directly with full expectations and disappointment. After returning, Du Lingxiao will be scolded by Li Zhihao, but unexpectedly, Li Zhihao did not scold them, but comforted them very gently. He also said that the post-team should not target the I club, but how to train the goal or win the championship.
Li Zhihao is also resistant to Ye Qing now. He simply gave up the idea of dealing with Ye Qing, and he spent seven million to buy a team. He can’t keep it for nothing. He has to continue training and continue to play in professional competitions. It is also good for Li Tuan to make a name for himself.
Li Zhihao’s investment in the team will not be ignored as before. He is not interested in F. The main reason for buying the team is to deal with Ye Qing. Now that he can’t deal with Ye Qing, the team is of little value. He handed over the operation of the team to his assistant, but focused on his own staff, Li Tuan, who is his foothold.
I club won the championship news. Ye Qing has made a phone call to inform Honey Honey that the team is in a very good mood. Now it is getting stronger and stronger. Being able to win the ga contest is an affirmation of the team’s strength.
She can’t help but think back to the time when she just invested in this team. At that time, Club I was still very weak. The biggest goal was to be able to enter the second round in a professional competition and not to be eliminated from the championship in the first round.
Later, the team’s strength gradually increased, and they still dared not set their goals too far. It was good to ask the team to enter the strong team. If they reached the semi-final, they would have overfulfilled Ye Qing. At that time, there was no such strong circle as now, and there were still many machine gunners to suppress him.
The development of the team is probably beyond the imagination of the original boss. At that time, the team was faced with the dissolution of the boss, who was poor and struggling to support it. Now the team is not only strong, but also made a lot of money. It has already changed. The original boss is also quite pleased that he is still receiving salary from the club, so he feels at ease and often creates people.
Big honey was in such a good mood that she was very excited to announce in the lobby of the restaurant that the diners who were present today had to pay her personal bill. Suddenly, Su Yanbing thanked Su Yanbing for hearing the noise outside and hurriedly ran out of the office and asked Big Honey what had happened.
Big honey honestly told Su Yanbing Su Yanbing that she was dumbfounded. There are dozens of tables in this lobby alone. According to the fact that one table consumes 200 yuan, it has lost nearly 10,000 yuan. Some tables can’t run away if they still consume thousands of dollars.
"What do you have to make a mistake? Didn’t we work in vain this night? " Su Yanbing is very puzzled tunnel
Big honey smiled and said, "If I don’t have the money, I’ll figure it out. Tell me what I’m happy about and want everyone to be happy with me."
"What’s so happy?" Su Yanbing asked curiously.
"Ye Qing, they won the championship, and it is a champion with great weight." Big honey is very sincere