He took a table bitterly, and he was very unwilling to let her practice hard for so long, ak, but there were still a few chances to shoot Ye Qing. These guns didn’t hit Ye Qing, but Ye Qing shot three rounds, and she blew her head off.

Ye Qing taught her how to control ak like a gun, but Ye Qing didn’t teach her how to practice posture so flexibly as he did, and he didn’t teach her how to combine posture with marksmanship. It wasn’t that Ye Qing didn’t want to teach her or that Ye Qing wanted to have reservations, but he left the I club before he came to teach Nalan.
If Nalan has been in the I club, Ye Qing will definitely teach her what she knows and train her as her successor.
After Ye Qing killed Nalan, he became even more reckless. He shot and killed another machine gunner directly, and Pearl Krabs also killed his opponent Thomas. Both shots were shot because Ye Qing was shaking in front. He was afraid of accidentally injuring his own people. He was more cautious.
Chengdu competitive sniper gourd also flashed out twice, but failed to kill Ye Qing, who was as flexible as a loach. Finally, he fell into a lone battle and was surrounded by Pearl Krabs and Ye Qing from both sides. Thomas also pressed him. He had to switch to sand eagle and fight Ye Qing with them in close combat.
Ye Qing felt hot at this time, and the gourd was desperate in front of him. ak was swallowed up by his crazy roar. At point A, three people were not dead, and the I club attacked four people to defend the package, and the whole battle process was quite short for a few seconds.
Pearl Krabs quickly rushed to the side of package 4 and squatted down to unpack the package. Ye Qing directly loosened the mouse. The enemy was completely annihilated. He didn’t need to cover Pearl Krabs, but he could take the opportunity to rest. When Pearl Krabs heard the four tones gradually rushing up, he thought it should be dismantled.
Xiang Fei, the captain of Chengdu Athletic Team, looked nervous and kept saying, "Boom! Explosion! "
He didn’t want to lose the first round. He wanted to defeat his opponent’s self-confidence at half-time and get the match point as soon as possible at half-time. He couldn’t help but be excited at the thought of what Nalan said to him. He had to win the game to win the beauty.
He has coveted the beautiful Nalan for a long time and always wanted to get her, but Nalan has always been so cold that people are afraid to get close to him, but he has never given up because he thinks that one day he will keep the clouds and see the moon.
Today, Nalan finally got loose. Maybe former Nalan thought he was not strong enough to test him. Today’s game is the final test. If he can win the game himself, Nalan is him.
"Blast! Quick explosion! " Xiang Fei has been saying silently that Pearl Krabs’s unpacking progress will be completed soon, and her heart is also a little uneasy because four packets of sound have been urgent to the extreme, just like a balloon that is about to explode.
Two English missionsuess suddenly appeared on the screen! Four bags disappeared, and Pearl Krabs breathed a sigh of relief and finally arrived. It was estimated that it exploded four and a half seconds later.
Xiang Fei sighed gloomily when he saw English on the screen. He almost 4 didn’t explode. He quickly turned his head and looked at Nalan. Although the face was still so beautiful, it made people feel that it was not warm at all.
He knew that Nalan must be disappointed, and the unfavorable situation would affect morale. If he could not get the score back in the second round, the direction of the game would be a little bad. Nalan would probably be even more disappointed with him, and he might not even want to say more words to him later.
Just as he was thinking, Nalan suddenly turned his head and said, "Don’t lose heart. We still have plenty of chances to win the game just now. Set up tactics quickly and don’t give the other side too much time to prepare!"
"good!" Xiang Fei immediately ignited his fighting spirit. In the second round, his tactics were to take the middle sniper to cover the gunner and rush over quickly, and then go directly to point B. The sniper occupied the high point of the platform on the base of the defender and occupied the two points of the deterrent ab.
Nalan has no objection to this tactic. In the last round, Ye Ye arranged two machine gunners to defend at the package point, and three people were arranged at the point B, including snipers. It seems that there is no defense in the middle.
It will be a good opportunity for Chengdu Athletic if Ye Qing continues to put the middle road in this round, but Nalan thinks that Ye Qing will definitely change the defensive tactics in this round, and the middle road may be occupied by snipers because Ye Qing is not a static person.
Although there may be snipers in the middle of the road, Nalan thinks that they can quickly rush over to control the middle of the road by relying on the number advantage. Then, when the ambush is over, the other reinforcements will come and die as much as possible. When the time comes, the snipers can occupy the high point and cover from a distance.
Ye Qing did arrange a sniper in the middle of the road this round. Thomas aimed at the long road in the middle mirror at this time. Ye Qing’s defense contracted tighter this time. ab two defenders were not at the package point but at the edge of the package point, which means that both sides were very close to the middle.
This is not because Ye Qing guessed that the other side would attack the middle road. He originally thought that if point A was attacked, people in the middle road and point B would be able to support quickly, and after point B was attacked, people in the middle road and point A would also be able to support quickly, shortening the distance and making reinforcements faster.
This tactic of his just restrained the tactic of Chengdu Athletic wanting to break into the middle. As soon as Thomas saw the other person, he immediately informed Ye Qing, and instead of recklessly fighting with the other party, he first flashed back to the back of the bunker.
Ye Qing and others have quickly moved towards the middle road from both sides. At this time, Chengdu athletes have rushed to the center of the middle road. Ye Qing flashed out with three machine gunners. They want to stand in front and create opportunities for Thomas to find a gap to kill each other.
He and others didn’t expect that there would be so many people in the middle of the other road. As soon as a firefight broke up, Xiang Fei frowned and shouted in regret. "How did they get in the middle of the road and guessed our attack route?" There is no reason! "
He bit his lip and flashed out and fired two shots, then quickly retreated. There were shortcuts on both sides of the middle road to avoid each other’s bullets. When she flashed out, she saw Ye Qing’s posture in the middle road was very active. If she hadn’t flashed fast, she would have been almost shot in the head by Ye Qing just now.
The plan to attack the middle road has failed, and it is obviously not possible to fight with the other side recklessly. Since it is impossible, there will be a change in tactics. Nalan said sternly, "The soldiers will go to ab in two ways to split them up!"
Chapter 665 To fly
Xiang Fei was not annoyed that Nalan had taken the command. Anyway, it was the most important thing to win the game. According to Nalan’s instructions, they quickly divided into two groups and headed for ab at two o’clock.
Ye Qing saw the other side for a long time and didn’t respond. He immediately guessed that the other side must have backed down. At this time, he must have invaded two virtual blasting points. He immediately divided himself into two ways to stop the other side.
The two sides met at two blasting points and immediately fought fiercely. Nalan didn’t expect Ye Qing to react so quickly. She could have easily occupied a blasting point. Who knew that they had just entered the blasting point and had arrived in Renye Fang.
This encounter competition is the strength of both sides. There is no tactic to assist Ye Qing to hand in hand with Nalan again. This time, Ye Qing is sharper, and Nalan will burst into a head without giving her a chance.
On both sides of the battle, I club took the wind, and finally attacked ab. Both of them were destroyed. I club won the second point at a small cost. She gnashed her teeth at the screen and squeezed her fist tightly. She was really angry, but she lost to Ye Qing.
What she can’t accept most is that she has been practicing hard for so long and day and night. She fainted in the Internet cafe and almost got into it, but she still couldn’t beat Ye Qing, who didn’t even have a chance to shoot a gun. Ye Qing shot her in the head.
What? Didn’t you say that diligence can make up for it? Besides, I’m not such a clumsy person. I’m so diligent, but what still can’t beat him? Nalan’s frustration in his heart is self-evident. When you practice for a long time and can beat your opponent, you will be confident. However, when you really fight with your opponent, you will find that there is still a big gap with them, and people will feel depressed.
Ye Qing is more serious when facing Nalan than ever before. Nalan used to be a master, and he can never lose to her. Otherwise, what else can he face? Moreover, he wants to teach Nalan a truth, that is, to respect the teacher and respect himself. As long as he is her master, a generation will be her master and he will always be qualified to be her master unless she can defeat him, but this is impossible!
After losing two rounds in a row, Xiang Fei’s face became a little ugly. If he lost the game, Nalan would never belong to him. He was unwilling that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If he missed it, he would never have Nalan’s character. He would never give him a second chance. He once fantasized about holding Nalan’s charming body in his arms and watching this dream come true today, but they were two points behind their opponents.
"Why don’t you command this round and we will cooperate with you!" Xiang Fei turned his head to Nalandao. He really couldn’t think of any good tactics to break the other side’s defense, and he occasionally suggested that he would be enlightened. He thought Nalandao might have a better way to command.
The game theory is who command to be able to win to go, a fly to the results, LanBai a fly is very disdain tunnel "really! What can I expect from you without such ability? Can you be a man and make women feel that you can rely on him? "
Xiang Fei’s face was burning when he heard this, and he was embarrassed to the extreme. He snorted and then said, "Don’t distract yourself from attacking point B this round. Bring point B as soon as possible. I hope you don’t drag your feet!"
The players all seem to be at a loss. I don’t know if I should listen to Nalan Xiangfei. "Listen to her. Anyone who drags his feet will be scolded!"
Chengdu athletes rushed to point A in a mighty way. There was no tactic at all, but Nalan made arrangements according to her own judgment. She felt that Ye Qing should defend point A and point B in the middle of the road this round, and the defense force might be relatively weak. There might be a person who defended symbolically at point B.
Ye Qing knew that Nalan knew something about himself, and he wouldn’t fight as Nalan thought. He abandoned his inertial thinking and did the opposite. This round, he left a man at point A to observe the enemy’s situation on the platform, and the rest of the people were in the middle and point B.
Chengdu athletes rushed into point B and met with the enemy’s tenacious resistance. They had to disperse to bunkers and fight a war of attrition with each other. So the support in the middle of the road immediately reached point B and reached four defensive forces in a flash, including Ye Qing.
He bit his lip and panicked. They played this way to break through the defense line of the other side. When the other side’s reinforcements arrived, they would definitely launch a counterattack. By then, they would be even more unable to resist the Chengdu Athletic team. In his view, others are unreliable. She can cause enough trouble to the enemy.
Xiang Fei, this guy, always feels arrogant at ordinary times, but in today’s game, he was crushed like a dead dog by the other side. He was absolutely disappointed with Xiang Fei, and it was weak to compare him with Ye Qing.
Xiang Fei is also worried at this time, and quickly breaking through the other side’s defense means that he may be outflanked by the other side’s reinforcements. At this time, if he does not retreat, there will be a storm! He is still somewhat bloody and knows that he can’t hesitate at this time, so he immediately shouted, "I’m not afraid to die and attack with the old!"
When the players heard that Nima was not afraid of death in the real battlefield, everyone except Nalan rushed out with Xiang Fei, including the sniper who tried to stop Xiang Fei in Nalan but didn’t speak. Xiang Fei had rushed to the front and was blown off by Ye Qing.
"Idiot!" He dark scolded 1 in my mind, this item is really can’t help dou each other have a good position, formed a crossfire, this guy was reckless to rush forward his stupid even with the players to die.
At this time, Dema and Huihuang are in each other’s barrage, just like the grass is shaky in the wind and rain. At any time, the sniper gourd may be knocked down and killed by the other sniper. He feels very helpless. If he doesn’t rush out to support, Dema and Huihuang will be killed, and she will be left alone.
She was forced to rush out again and again, and then the earth shouted to Dema and Huihuang, "Come back, I’ll cover you!" "
Dema and Huihuang fought and retreated Nalan. Her sharp ak47 kept shooting at each other’s people who came out from behind the bunker, one of whom was directly shot by her. During the process of returning, Dema and Huihuang’s blood volume kept decreasing, and finally Dema was consumed by the other party.
Brilliant took the opportunity to retreat and Nalan shouted "Go to point A!" The two quickly retreated and soon disappeared.
Ye Qing’s face revealed a smile. "Pearl Krabs, you and the second child go to point A to support Zhao Xiayang. Thomas and I will stay at point B. There are only two of them left. We just need to stick to it!"
"good!" Pearl Krabs promised to rush toward point A with Dong Laoer. Zhao Xiayang stayed at point A as soon as Ye Qing did. He was always calm and he was dying. Now that Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer are here, he thinks that point A must be in case of losing each other, one will die, one will come, two will die and one pair will die.
Nalan and Huihuang moved to the outside of point A, but she watched it very calmly for a while. More than a minute later, she expected Ye Qing to send someone to point A for protection, and there were four people defending the first point B, and the other person did not appear, so it must be at point A.
According to this calculation, Nalan thinks that the other side has arranged three less people at point A, but the other side doesn’t know from which direction she will attack. The other three people should be one person defending one direction. In this case, they need to kill the gunners defending their direction as soon as possible, and then the same number will compete with the other two gunners, so that they have a good chance of getting point A.
After making up his mind, he and Brilliant rushed in directly. They rushed in from the middle door of point A and were responsible for defense. This direction was Zhao Xiayang. He saw two people rushing in on the first floor of the military command post. He immediately shot and informed Pearl Krabs and Dong Laoer.
He calmly ordered two shots in a row. Zhao Xiayang obviously underestimated the strength of the other side. They even won two rounds. Zhao Xiayang naturally didn’t take his opponent seriously, and he felt that his marksmanship was also very good. There was no reason to fight against the other machine gunner. He didn’t flash behind the bunker, but showed himself to fight with the other side.
He shot him with the second shot. At this time, Dong Laoer and Pearl Krabs both appeared on the edge of the platform. He and Brilliant rushed directly into the first floor of the military command post to avoid being hit by the other side.
Zhao Xiayang took off his headphones and was very depressed. He cut his hair and said, "Mom’s egg is too careless to expect to be shot in the head."