Two people stared at the dull Xia Xi from initial surprise to shyness. It took a long time to whisper, "Are you an idiot … how can I marry two?"

"Ha ha, that kind of thing doesn’t matter first, and then ask you, will you marry me?"
"Um … um …"
The scourge song looked at the dragon flying in the sky for a long time, and when his eyes were dry, he just took back his head and looked at his sister around him with a sigh-whoever he liked was not good, but he didn’t see it.
"Little deer …" The scourge song gently shouted.
"What?" Being pulled back by the scourge song, the deer Meimei was a little flustered.
"This is for you …" The scourge song went to the deer beauty salon with a paragraph with a detailed address about the floor.
A rough sweep of the deer Meimei was surprised. "This …"
"He gave …" The scourge song naozui toward one side.
Nie Shuang’s good buddy Yang Daozheng hugged his sister and laughed over there. He noticed that the eyes of brother and sister were suddenly white, smiled and pointed to the mouth to answer.
American medical institutions
After a physical examination in the white lab, the girl is holding her mobile phone and smiling all the time. She is Lolo.
It’s not easy to think about mobile phones here. I can take a look at it every day. This time, the girl saw a different message at the same time.
To lolo
Not much to say, come back quickly and marry me with Xia Xi! Marry you, Nie Shuang
Smiling at the corners of the mouth, the girl carefully kept the information back in the box and turned to go for the final treatment, so the horse could go back and meet him …
Soaring in the sky, Nie Shuang looked calmly at the vast continent, but his heart was rippling-
Who can see their own story? However, after all, I am myself, and everything I have done is not to show others, but to make myself more exciting in the next second.
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It never rains but it pours
Xiao Long nationality of Longling blood vessels
Tell a happy experience of an otaku who made two mistakes in the game world but became a hero.
Don’t be a magician! -King Arthur Chufei
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The first volume Spirit Summoner
Chapter 1 I’m dying? [The number of words in chapter 397 was last updated at 1319 15:18:4]
At present, the parking lot is filled with a strong smell of gasoline. Several incandescent lamps are turbid and poorly contacted due to years of disrepair. There is light here, but it still can’t cover the inside, making this place gloomy even during the day.