Moreover, every word Ding Minjun questioned Ji Xiaofu was like a knife stabbing Yin Liting again and again. If he ever had any expectations, he would be disappointed now. He seemed to have never known Ji Xiaofu thoroughly.

When you hear Yin Liting, Ji Xiaofu is nothing. Ding Minjun has been remembering her engagement to Yin Liting. She is trying to kill her!
Ji Xiaofu is a little flustered. If such a thing goes out, Emei and Jijia will lose all their faces. "Brother Liu, listen to me …"
Yin Liting is not a fool, no matter how soft his heart is. He wants to find the truth and doesn’t want to hear Ji Xiaofu continue to lie to him. "Is sister Ji true?"
Ding Minjun is still here. What if Ji Xiaofu can say no? Even if she denies it, Ding Minjun will expose her again, and there will be no face at all.
Ji Xiaofu with Ding Minjun gherardini eyes bite a tooth to admit that "is but …"
Ji Xiaofu admitted it, and Yin Liting didn’t want to listen to her explanation anymore.
If Ji Xiaofu’s unmarried students are really forced to hide this, they will also compromise with Ding Minjun.
Chapter 31 Chapter 31
Yin Liting didn’t expect that he would meet the girl in black again soon, but also when the girl was surrounded by people. I don’t know if the girl was unlucky. Why is this the case every time?
Yin Liting remembered chivalry first in his heart, and naturally he wanted to help, but he suddenly remembered that the girl in black had ridiculed and refused him at that time, paused with a swordsman, and then said, "Does the girl need to help again?"
Even if Yin Liting had a guess in his heart, he could face the girl with a cold "no", and his eyes, like a cold star, stared his one eye, which really made people slightly nai.
Okay, if he doesn’t help, then he’s gone
Yin Liting is soft and rejected, so naturally he won’t pester him again. What’s worse, he has only been able to smile at others for so many years, but it’s a pity that Ji Xiaofu is his fiancee, otherwise he won’t be in the mood.
Wood Wanqing saw Yin Liting again, and this fellow was malicious. He secretly followed her and wanted to have a hero to save the United States. Naturally, he didn’t give a good face, but who ever thought that this fellow actually watched her being surrounded and planned to leave? This really made people hold their breath.
As a result, the girl with a strong head was cruel again.
On this side, Yin Liting wanted to go, but he couldn’t. Why did he just say, "Do you want help?" That group of people recognized him as Mu Wanqing’s partner, which still allowed him to go?
After nai repelled the enemy, Yin Liting received Mu Wanqing’s cold eyes again. Although he couldn’t see the girl’s black veil, it was so fierce that he had better avoid some girls.
It was the good nature of Yin Liuxia who recognized the cowardice and immediately explained one or two things seriously: "I didn’t do it without authorization, but I was forced to forgive the girl."
After all, can you not fight back when people try to kill you? Girl, I really didn’t mean to help you.
After explaining that Yin Liuxia has left with his horse, can’t he afford to hide?
Mu Wanqing didn’t expect that she would meet such a wonderful work, but she didn’t give Yin Liting a cold look. Yin Liting also wanted to run. Because Yin Liting was not good at words, he wouldn’t get along with his girl, and he was afraid that his blushing and shyness would be seen, which really affected him. The seven chivalrous men of Wudang had brought trouble to other disciples, so it was not good to run.
Mu Wanqing is not a good girl, and her temper is not good. Naturally, she asked people to stay and let people stay. Why? She hasn’t decided yet, but if she is angry with her, she can’t let him leave easily.
Yin Liting stepped back and asked, "Is there anything else for the girl?"
At that time, he stole a glance at Mu Wanqing, with a sword in his hand and blood on his face. He remembered that she had just made a cruel move and suddenly felt uneasy.
"Who let you help me? I told you not to mind your own business, and I will kill you again. "
Hey, I’ve seen an unreasonable girl, but I’ve never seen such a rude and unreasonable girl. These guys have also helped out the problem. If ordinary people listen to it, which one can’t get angry, she will play 300 rounds.
However, Yin Liting has a good temper and is too soft. He is not angry with a girl. Fortunately, he thinks so. Who doesn’t have a quirk? Besides, he doesn’t really want to help her.
So Yin Liting explained to Mu Wanqing, "Girl, don’t worry, I remember that this time it was also the feeling be nasty. That group of people started work with me. I naturally can’t wait for the girl to die, so I walked first."
The words sound just fell and Yin Liting rode away without delay, which is also called Mu Wanqing’s secret surprise.
Mu Wanqing grew up in a valley with her master since childhood. The master told her that there was no good man in the world who told her not to trust others. Her master was a violent man, and Mu Wanqing was naturally not much better. She listened to her master most and didn’t have a good face for any man.
If it weren’t for Yin Liting’s being obedient and lovable, she might have made her sword dead at the moment. Mu Wanqing looked at Yin Liting’s departure direction, took her sword and left.
After riding all the way in Yin Liting, I still have some fears. This girl is really fierce, and she is more arrogant and unreasonable than he can’t speak. It is no wonder that she saw someone besieging her twice. Yin Liting made up his mind to meet this girl again and avoid it.
It’s a pity that the world can’t be satisfactory. In a few days, Yin Liting met another girl.
This time, Yin Liting learned his lesson and walked around the house honestly. The girl said that if he helped again, he would kill him and not get into trouble. It was better to avoid it.
Who would have thought that Yin Liting really got into trouble by avoiding Mu Wanqing?
Mu Wanqing is good at fighting ordinary Wulin people, but he can still run!
It’s a pity that you often walk by the river without wetting your shoes.
Mu Wanqing’s hand was biting, and she didn’t talk to the door. It’s hard to listen. It’s going to be petty. Who can help her? Besides, although she is good at martial arts, she is not a first-class martial arts expert, or she has a lot of opponents.
Mu Wanqing was badly injured and finally broke through. Those people were still chasing after him. It was really difficult. At this end of the road, Mu Wanqing met Yin Liting again.
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
That’s what happened to Yin Liting, but he didn’t know that Mu Wanqing was different from other women.