It was already half past twelve when I got home after lunch.

The three of them muddled along like this as usual.
"The Lindbergh brothers are the three of them?" Bear looked into the unit building Tianyu three people asked.
"Brother Lin Baige, Bear, said it was two men and one woman, and all three of them were men," explained Ding Nai.
"Two of them are the guys who cheated me that day! At noon, the woman usually eats at home at this time. They should all be in the room. Even if there is one more person, our side will not be afraid of them, "Lindbergh said with a cigarette.
"Then go!" Bear said, moving his hands and making a crisp sound.
Lindbergh is to flick the cigarette at hand, and the cigarette butt falls to the ground and splashes the stars and Mars, which eventually fades away.
Tinker bell nodded his head and stepped out first.
second floor[British English]; third floor[American English]
"Bang bang ~" Three gentle knocking at the door
Two whew then sitting in Tianyu room watching Tianyu receiving heard knocking at the door and went out.
"Who is it?" Two whew came to the door and said
"The property management company has come to check a pipeline," cried the outside.
Because there is no cat’s eye in this door, I want to know the situation outside the door by answering
Two whew also didn’t want to anything else immediately open the door.
"Check what pipes?" Two whew opened the door and asked
Bear smiled with malicious intent and replied, "Check your remaining life pipeline."
With that, Bear pushed the door open, and his bones were not strong. He saw that he wanted to push the door, but he stumbled.
"You? !” Two whew just said two words when he was horrified to see a figure jump out of behind the two men and run towards two whew belly is a big foot.
Erxiu felt like a squashed balloon, and she wanted to release the contents. Her stomach churned at noon and the food rushed to her throat before it was digested.
"poof!" Spit it out in one mouthful
Tianyu and ruoyun heard two wheezes shouting outside and rushed out at the same time.
"Lindbergh? !” Tianyu looked at lindbergh that some thin face lost call way
"We … meet again. You won’t forget what I said when you sent me to the police station that day, will you?" Lindbergh looked at the moment lying prone vomiting more than two whew sneer at a way
Then Tianyu glanced at Erxiu and cried, "Erxiu, are you all right?"
"Still’ two whew’? Really think of yourself as a’ break’? " Say that finish lindbergh and a feet chuai to two wheeze shoulder kick him to the ground directly.
"Grass mud horse!" Tianyu jumped at once.
At this moment, Bear and Dingdang have entered the house and sealed the door. Seeing Tianyu’s one-meter head, they rushed towards their side, and Bear went away like a tease.
Tianyu saw that the bear was kind but didn’t flinch. He raised his fist and hit the bear in the chest.
Bear sneered at Tianyu’s fist with his left hand, and his right hand also picked up a fist and returned it to Tianyu’s chest.
Tianyu’s heart trembled sideways to avoid being caught by the bear’s right hand and suddenly being dragged forward by the bear. Tianyu’s whole body fell forward, and the bear’s right hand grabbed Tianyu’s collar and his hands actually picked up a meter of Tianyu.
"Hey!" As soon as it hits the ground
Tianyu got a standard over-the-shoulder fall from the bear …
Fortunately, my head didn’t hurt my brain with my back behind my back, but my bones were falling apart, and my back ached and my head buzzed.
"fuck!" Two whew suddenly got up and shouted a.
After the whole house looked at two whew, even Tianyu wandered around with a head and looked sideways.
Then I heard Erxiu shout, "Break out, my little universe!"
Chapter 1 Despair
"Two whew, I’ll leave it to you to defend the earth!" A man wearing a spiritual body with the word "Wu" written on it said so.
Erxiu nodded and looked at the three people in front and shouted, "Artificial man 14, 15 and 16 die!"
"…" Sweat hung from their foreheads and the room was as silent as death.
"I went to … no two whew fantasy again at this time? This seems to be in "Dragon Ball". Although I haven’t seen much animation, the villain in the class still vaguely remembers it at that time. "Lying on the ground, Tianyu was immediately stunned by the sudden symptoms of Erxiu."
"Snow ~" Bear heard Erxiu shouting so he turned to look over and couldn’t help laughing.
At this moment, Ding Dong stared at Erxiu’s grim expression and laughed and said, "Children have watched too many cartoons."
Lindbergh is smiled and shook his head and took a step forward to give two whew a blood lesson.
At this moment, two wheezes, hands and wrists, hands touching each other, like holding chrysanthemums, leap out and call out, "Ha Miha Miha ~"
Tianyu looked at Erxiu, and at this moment, there was a kind of unspeakable field, as if he was really quiet, but his hair was pricked and his hair was blown up. I don’t know what mode it was …
Two whew, his eyebrows are cold, his eyes seem to be on the other side of the world, and he seems to be shaking in front of the gas storage, but now he is as cool as a cucumber.
"It won’t … two whew possessed by terrifying? Since I can be reborn and my life has to be guaranteed by the underworld, is it possible for the underworld to come out and give me a hand? " Tianyu earnestly hopes to say
Just when everyone had different expressions, Erxiu suddenly came out at the door of the room and had a binge drinking.
"Slingshot man is here!" If the cloud cried, he raised his hand, raised his toy slingshot, and took out alpine hard candy from his pocket to draw the bow.
Tianyu at this time there is an extreme impulse to hit his head on the ground. "What’s the matter with me? Two whews have secondary symptoms, so if the cloud is crazy, why do you follow two whews?" Now I’m not filming, but I really met a robber! "
If Yungang had just finished, he fired a "stone" and flew towards Jingle.
"Dong ~" hit the forehead.
Jingle against the bell head eyes staring at if cloud left hand rubbed his forehead from time to time.
Although that toy slingshot can’t hurt people, it can still cause some pain to each other.