"Residual magic type" in the heart thundered a Han Chen figure suddenly jumped into the hands of the royal magic silver gun grip is mixed with a kind of crazy fierce LeiLi suddenly stabbed at the desire.

Bang …
Your gun and axe collided and tinkled with energy ripples, which also made them suddenly retreat.
"This is the royal magic seven type? Sure enough, it’s very severe. "Quickly stabilize yourself and look at the black boy Mushan’s eyebrows, but it is slowly stretching for a moment.
"But you obviously haven’t practiced at home yet, otherwise there won’t be such a little power." Smile, Mu Shan’s mouth is a sneer, and the axe in his hand explodes suddenly, but a virtual shadow of it is thrown at Han Chen again.
"Phantom chop" is a light drink from Mushankou, and soon it rings with a buzz. It is also the last illusory axe that appeared from the axe body, and it is also opposing to form a surprising fluctuation. From that axe, the illusory axe is roaring out and suddenly chopping away at Han Chen.
Feel the dangerous smell of unreal axe Han Chen’s face hasn’t changed, but suddenly a strange feeling rises in his heart. The royal magic silver gun disappears in his hands.
"Shout" to see that some terrible energy axe to his crazy split to Han Chen is drink a burst of energy fluctuations between the eyebrows quickly spread to soon small inflammation illusory shape is also a milli sign.
"Four-ring hunting life division is very good, but I can’t resist it." Looking at Xiaoyan’s appearance, Mushan was surprised at first, but then some scoffed. It didn’t seem to put Xiaoyan in the eye, and the speed of the illusory axe didn’t slow down.
"Purple deep and remote shenhuo" saw Mushan’s somewhat underestimating appearance. Han Chen also sneered at a burst of purple flame when it was running wildly. It was also abrupt that it appeared from his fingertips and immediately turned into a one-foot flame energy ball in his hand.
In the hands of purple flame energy ball condensed successfully Han Chen’s face also emerged with a malicious color. When the purple flame energy ball was thrown in the hands, the direction was impressively small inflammation there.
Purple flame energy ball to sell immediately is a purple flame mans wrapped small inflammation unreal shape.
"Roar" low beast roared out a small inflammation and wrapped it in a purple flame. Thick and scary soul coercion rose slowly, and then waves of soul fluctuations burst out from the mouth of the small inflammation beast, which was slammed into the illusory axe.
Booming …
The illusory axe soul fluctuates violently and collides together, and soon an energy explodes. At last, it turns into thick visible energy waves and spreads continuously.
The spread of energy waves is also suspected that the waves have reached the onlookers around them. At this time, after they came into contact with this sudden energy ripple, they all turned pale. What’s more, they couldn’t stand the impact of this energy, but they passed out with a mouthful of blood.
"Competitive power" felt the energy’s aftermath, and his face was also shocked. He didn’t expect Han Chen to be able to confront this Mushan without any substantial damage.
"This this how is it possible that this small can fight against the government and has not been hurt? Is this a small evil? " See the tower that two staggered and moving figure seven sea master face is also filled with a strange look.
"I underestimated you. I didn’t expect your strange moves to emerge in endlessly. Now I’m really reluctant to kill you. How about you take refuge in our Mufu and forget our grievances from now on?" Before looking at the black boy MuShan eyes dew thoughtfully look in the heart is shocked than it is no wonder that this small can kill crazy uncle even himself almost beaten before this small.
"Dream" shrugged his shoulders. His eyes swept over the wrapped purple flame, and the inflammation was immediately moved to the Mushan. He shrugged his shoulders and seemed not to catch a cold for the former.
"Then you can go to hell." When Han Chen heard this, his face was completely gloomy, but the corners of his mouth were a sneer, and the black gold tomahawk in his hand was suddenly disappeared.
"Huh?" See mushan this weird performance Han Chen is also some scratching their heads, but at this time his heart is abrupt rise up a little uneasy feeling.
"Bad Han Chen brothers are in danger. This Mushan is not good at making black gold tomahawk. His worst is melee combat. Now this guy has given up his weapon. It seems that he is not going to play." Seeing Mushan’s move, his iron double-edged face is also completely gloomy. Looking at it without trace, he is also a little anxious in his heart.
"In that case, let’s have a hand-to-hand combat." Han Chen slowly breathed a sigh of relief. No matter if he kept fighting the precious weapon, Han Chen would really be a little overwhelmed
"Small ten strokes, I will kill you. Remember that you are not dead in my hands. You are dead in your own hands." Smiled indifferently, Mushan was calm at this time, looking at Han Chen’s face like a worm.
"Then you give it a try." Han Chen smiled coldly and his mind moved slightly, and inflammation also flashed on his shoulder.
Ps recommended brother didn’t eat meat big "ghost handsome pagoda Chapter one hundred and fifty-four All is fair in war.
"Small now let me kill you this so-called genius in the cradle. Ten strokes don’t kill you. I’ve been doing this Mufu mansion for so many years in vain." The corners of my mouth flashed with a gloomy Mushan light drink, and the whole body was instantly bulging and exploding, and the energy fluctuations kept spreading.
Seeing that Mushan is so strong, Han Chen’s face is also a bit weird. When he suddenly drinks his whole body, his toes explode and the ground is like a shell.
Slim figure turned into a black arc Han Chen’s figure instantly appeared in front of Mushan, and his right fist suddenly leaned out of the earth and smashed a boulder. The gas strength mixed with the harsh sonic boom was the appearance of Mushan’s chest.
"The moves are ok, but the strength is a little poor." Seeing Han Chen’s offensive Mushan face is also a bit ridiculous. When the right palm is like a flash, it is to resist the blow of Han Chen.