The plant force gathered in his hand as big as a basketball, and he swallowed it in one gulp, slowly wrapping these plant reiki in the abdomen, and then extracting the true element from the compressed qi in the abdomen and mixing it with the plant reiki.

Take out the wood while flying fast, and then drop the blood from your eyebrows on the wood to make it contain your own qi and blood breath. At the abdomen, the plant aura and your own true aura are gathered and transported to the wood. Slowly, the wood has changed a little bit, and it has gradually formed a human form. Is it a closer look or is the wood somewhat similar?
This is called sensory illusion!
That is to say, after an object has temperament, it will make people have sensory illusions.
Haikui took out a piece of his old clothes from the bag and put it in his hand. He threw the wooden parcel at the surface and clicked it with a loud noise. It was like the beginning of time. This piece of wood plunged into the planet.
Haikui’s figure flashed towards the star and moved on.
Behind him, there is a little bit less prick. It seems that some of them chased the wood and went to Haikui to quickly cross the planet’s atmosphere and come to the star. In the same way, they took out a piece of wood again. After mixing the essence of blood between the eyebrows and the true qi, they put on their clothes and threw them at the distance of the star and then galloped in the opposite direction!
All the way, he threw himself into his life by taking the wooden head. When Haikui felt a little collapsed, the acupuncture sensation behind him was almost gone, but Haikui didn’t think he could escape this robbery. It was only a matter of time before the pursuers found that those were all wood.
But this method can delay the pace of the people behind, even if he is omnipotent, every second slower than Haikui, it will be a few minutes after dozens of times, and a few hours after hundreds of times, which will be enough for Haikui to escape from a million miles!
Haikui has been crazy about absorbing the stars to supplement his body during his flight. After infancy, monks can absorb them to supplement the consumption of the truth. Some spells can absorb more, such as absorbing the power solution!
A few days later, Haikui stopped grafting. After all, his qi and blood were limited. Although he stepped into the column of cultivating immortals, he was also a flesh and blood, and he had to take a rest and wait for his qi and blood to recover.
Qi and blood can be restored, but the flight can’t stop. Haikui is still flying wildly towards the unknown star. He doesn’t know how much aura he has absorbed. Before the change, it was like the size of a fist, but now it has become a walnut, and the size has shrunk several times!
However, the size of this walnut has changed, and there are seven colors on the surface.
When the true qi gathers in the abdomen to a certain extent, it will form an elixir. Then it must be a golden elixir, but Haikui Tidan has actually changed.
What seven colors? Gold, green, blue, red, yellow, black and white represent the seven colors of yin and yang in Jin Mu!
Have five elements of strength and yin and yang force Dan! If the five elements are normal, they can be integrated into the body with little help. Hai Kui can’t figure out what’s going on. Is it because he made Zhou Lin teach himself three true fairy strategies to integrate and innovate himself, and then compressed the truth a little bit?
I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse!
The gloomy old man of Tianxingbao has reached the extreme. In the past few days, the curse has sometimes gone this way and that way, and finally he found a lot of wood with that little smell, which made him angry. At this time, he has lost his direction and he can believe in the curse, otherwise I am afraid that even the small side will not be touched.
He has chased out a long way, chased out his familiar star domain, and I’m afraid he will enter a strange star domain in a few days, which he doesn’t want to see.
There are too many unknown stars in the vast universe and too many dangers.
Finally, three days later, facing the strange smell in front of him, the old man slowed down. These days, he didn’t even see the small shadow, but he found a lot of wood with his breath. It’s too cunning for him to catch him directly!
Moreover, the little guy is not walking in one direction, but drilling everywhere. Although he is distressed by his brother, he hasn’t been stupid enough to put himself into the vast fairy path. He has just left the starting point, and more than half of them haven’t walked and slowly stopped. If the little guy is still alive and meets me, he will be killed. If he is lucky enough to get into the danger zone and be swallowed up, it will be regarded as God has eyes!
The old man thought of floating in the stars here for a long time and then turned and flew back to stop chasing Haikui!
Chapter 214 Alien planet
Haikui has been flying in a strange star field, and many black holes have strong attraction like sci-fi movies. Many meteorites are sucked into it, but the black holes don’t always absorb for a while after it appears, and then disappear. Haikui suddenly has a feeling that it seems that people control to absorb a certain amount of energy and then close, and when they lack energy, it will absorb again.
Haikui doesn’t know what makes him feel this way, but when he travels in this star, he suddenly feels this way according to his own understanding.
I don’t know which great avatar created this way!
In order to test his idea, he flew to a place close to the black hole and felt a strong pulling force. From the black hole, the pulling force not only absorbed meteorites scattered in the stars, but also the real elements of Haikui body were ready to float to the black hole.
Haikui hurriedly stepped back and bypassed the black hole. He was very surprised.
Moreover, he found an interesting situation. These black holes appear in the lifeless land. If they appear near the planet, they will quickly disappear again, which makes Haikui believe that this is a black hole with a great avatar!
After this discovery, Haikui felt fresher than before, but he didn’t stay in one place to study too much, fearing that people behind him would chase him and fly straight ahead.
A few days later, I couldn’t feel the sense of crisis at all, but Haikui found a problem and lost himself in this star. Go back? Joke, now he can’t even tell the difference between east, west, north and south!
Now he looks at all the stars around and feels the same. He doesn’t know which direction he is flying from after he turns around!
Although the depressed language has escaped from self-recognition, it will be fatal, but this situation is not much better now, is it a stranger!
Haikui slowly flew forward, feeling strange around him. He had been afraid to meet the yogi before searching carefully, but now he wants to meet the yogi. He wants to find out if there is a way back!
It’s no wonder that everyone who travels far away is homesick, and he really wants to go back to his familiar place now.
Now I feel like I’m alone in another world
God suddenly felt a real wave on a planet, and Haikui quickly turned around and went to that planet!
When he was about to approach the planet, a powerful force quickly came towards him. Haikui stopped to explore the gods and was blocked by a very hostile force.
Haikui knew that a yogi was coming.
Sure enough, after a while, the planet flew out and three people didn’t arrive yet. "You came to our planet as a person!" "
Haikui can understand what this is all about. Is the earth language already in the whole Xingpu?
Haikui stood there for a moment and didn’t answer. The three men quickly approached Haikui and stopped at Haikui dozens of feet away. They were three years old and almost as long as the earth. The three men were dressed in gray robes, white robes and black robes. They looked 70 years younger, but their eyes were bright and their bodies were not weaker than those of Yuan’s infancy.
"Are you human?" Among them, the old man in gray robe continued
"Oh, my name is Haikui, and I just want to ask the way when I get lost in this star." Haikui hurriedly replied that these three people are not weaker than themselves, but they are even better. Haikui guessed that three people might not be lower than themselves, and he didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.
"Lost in the stars. Are you kidding?" The black-robed old man looked at Haikui with a gloomy face and deeply doubted that anyone who could ride on the stars would not be weak, and they didn’t act rashly!
"You are not welcome on our planet from here!" The old man in white robe said coldly
Haikui is more depressed than asking for a way. Is there such a big guard? Even asking for a way with a sweeping aunt before you can answer yourself well. Are people on this planet like this?
"Don’t get me wrong, I want to know which direction the earth is!" Haikui hurriedly waved his hand to make a koo gesture!
"Hum, who knows if you cheated to travel in this star and buy a map? Will you get lost?" The old man in white robe said with a cold hum
"The map is this star map? I really didn’t know there was such a thing! " Haikui scratched his head and said
The three men looked at each other and didn’t want to be difficult. Haiquin almost drove away this kind of foreign yogi, even though they didn’t want to fight and get into trouble.
"This map is not valuable. We’ll give you a copy and leave quickly." Then the old man in white robe waved and threw a brown thing.
Haikui took it as a roll of animal skin. He took a look at it and painted a map of the stars.
Hai Kui probes into the divine knowledge and immediately shows his present position in the divine knowledge, but if he goes to find his own planet, he doesn’t know, "Three seniors, I want to ask, if I find my planet?"
"If you drop a drop of blood into this map, it will automatically show the planet where you were born," said the white-robed old man, urging him at the same time. "All right, I’ll give you the map. You should go quickly. Let’s just believe you once. Every monk needs to explore outside the star."
"Thanks a lot." Haikui hurriedly retreated to the three men with a gift of fuels. Although the attitude of the three men was not very good when they first arrived, they finally gave him a map, which greatly helped him and he didn’t want them to misunderstand and then retreated.
Sure enough, there are good people and bad people everywhere, and there are also monks who kill people without saying anything.
Haikui bit his fingertip and dropped a drop of blood after quitting a hundred miles away. On the map, there was a red halo in one place, which was only two feet away from where he is now.
But don’t underestimate this two-foot distance. It is two feet away from the map, but in reality, Haikui has been flying for many days. He can’t remember exactly how many days.
After the gods explored the map, Haikui found a nearby planet with special marks, which made him pay attention, and all the planets in this map had special marks.
After a careful look at it, Haikui inferred from him that these planets must have an alliance, but this planet runs through the whole map and can form a straight line slightly. It won’t be a contact planet among the stars, will it?
He saw a marked planet not far from where he is now, and a marked planet near the earth.
Anyway, he won’t be back to earth for a while. He wants to know what these marked planets are doing and fly directly to the marked planet!
After a while, he was not far from the marked planet, and Haikui found that other monks in this star also flew into this planet!