Although Xiahou Ren is a fairy realm, but with the help of the Golden Body Shengpeng and the Thunderstorm God Ape, Xiong Kun can’t say that he disdains Xiahou Ren for the first world war, but he will definitely beat me if he is an enemy. The most important thing is that if you want to learn from me, I will learn from you. It is precisely because of this idea that Xiong Kun doesn’t want to make a move.

But who is Xiahou Ren who regards heaven and earth etiquette!
You don’t fight, do you? Then I won’t leave or settle in, and I’ll be a guest in the air, disgusting you …
In the end, Xiong Fu had to agree to learn from each other.
Xiahou Ren didn’t let the golden body Shengpeng but sent the thunderstorm god ape, which is exactly what Xiong Fu meant, because after all, when Xiong Fu came to Xiahou Ren, he exerted the strength of the thunderstorm god ape department, and he was a bear who tore the sky with colored glaze, but he was not so afraid of thunder.
All the monsters left behind in Liajīngshan Yaomeng’s compound have witnessed this fight for no reason, but the fighting process is really quite j and ng.
At this time, Xiahou Ren’s master thunderstorm ape has been able to exert nearly 90% strength of thunderstorm ape!
The bear was defeated!
In front of so many monster beasts, Xiahou Ren was still very polite, and invited the bear to the golden body, Shengpeng, saying that there was medicine to give each other.
The bear stung him until he vomited blood, but there was no medicine, but there was something that made him very angry.
After Xiong Fu became a human being, he was rough and strong, dressed in light armor and thick chest hair. Xiahou Ren didn’t even give a gift. He pointed directly at the golden lion. "This is a member of the roaring mountain lion. More than half an hour ago, it broke into Huayan Mountain City without authorization and killed many people in our Zhengxian Society."
"Have the matter? !” Xiong Fei finally knows why Xiahou Ren came to see him. With a round eye, he will tear the golden lion alive.
"Before we came, we just wiped out the roaring mountain lion clan." Xiahou Ren added.
"hmm? !” Xiong Fu zheng heavy eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle up and stare at Xiahou Ren.
Xiahou Ren shall be afraid of being defeated and laugh. "It’s just learning from the demon race forward. The bear leader doesn’t have to do this to me."
Bear stings are really extinct, especially when they think about it. Is it too late or stupid to find another game now? Is it necessary for a demon family that has been destroyed to stand out?
"So all right! It’s not a pity that the race is so uncontrolled! " Xiong Guo not the kui a lean quickly way
"The main purpose of my coming here is to tell Xiong’s elder one thing," Xiahou Ren said.
"I’m a supernumerary of Zhengxian Club. I can quit Zhengxian Club at any time. Those rules and regulations of Zhengxian Club can’t restrain me. Just because they won’t hand over to the demon family doesn’t mean that I won’t really push me into a hurry. I’ll just quit Zhengxian Club and make a good fuss in this world."
"Is this meaning?"
"People don’t talk darkly, the Immortal Society, although the demon leagues have been established for months without mutual aggression, has never seriously restrained their hands. Although the famous monster beasts of the demon leagues have never attacked human towns, those minions have been killed in waves. I don’t believe that Xiong’s predecessors will know what the demon leagues are probably secretly doing such a thing."
"My dear Xiahou must have misunderstood …" Se Xiong Fu’s face changed lanes.
Xiahou Ren smiled and raised my hand to stop Xiong Fu from going on. "I don’t care whether it’s misunderstanding or not. I want to tell Xiong Leader that if Liangshan Yaomeng’s sphere of influence and human towns are attacked by monster beasts in three days, I will come to the door again, but I will no longer be a member of the Zhengxian Society. I will represent myself! And when the time comes, I won’t compete with Xiong’s predecessors and I won’t leave my hand. "
"You cheat me demon race? ! !” Xiong Guo momentum surge nu way
Xiahou Ren doesn’t care, "I don’t care if others are elder Xiong and the leader of Liangshan Demon League. I’ll also find elder Xiong then."
This is naked blackmail!
Three days later, if the human town in Liangshan Yaomeng area is attacked, Xiahou Renfu will find Xiong Chi without looking!
If Xiahou Ren can let the Golden Body, Shengpeng and Thunderstorm Apes sneak attack at the same time, who can stop it?
The golden body and the holy Peng were completely silent, and all of them came to bear stings.
Probably no one would have thought that this bear leader, who seems to be having a fierce ideological struggle, had already made a decision, that is, listening to Xiahou Ren.
This is because it has long lost its courage in the first two battles!
The first time it was almost killed and escaped after being seriously injured; The second time he was slightly injured, but it was because he ran away from the chicken …
It is no longer a former bear sting.
What is the strength of one person in front of the general trend of the day?
At that time, it didn’t take part in the Armageddon, but it is said that the guy named Xiao asked a wine demon tactic to directly lead to the death of 70 top fairy kings in their demon race!
In this era, it is most important to keep alive! Maybe you can break through the realm of soaring in your lifetime!
Those damn little bastards like Xiao Shan Zhan Shi are fucking messing with him and holding him back!
It’s the noble demon family. How can the king of the demon family be led by the nose because of those little bastards?
Moments later, the golden body Shengpeng left Liangshan Yaomeng with all the people.
After sending all the people back to Huayan Mountain City, Xiahou Ren turned out to be leaving with the golden lion and did not even bring Xiao Wen.
Xiao asked to see the golden body and Shengpeng go away, and also vaguely guessed what Xiahou Ren would do next.
Gao Tian Jin Shen Sheng Peng is spreading his wings and flying. Xiahou Ren is sitting on his knees beside the Golden Lion. He calmly said, "Then I will take you to a demon league to visit and let you see with your own eyes how the top leaders of those demon families who have high hopes for you react. If they have already put up resistance, how can you fight for a guy who is not qualified to lick your toes?"
Xiahou Ren said that and actually did it. It’s a bit like a mental derangement …
But that’s that he’s different from everyone else in the sky
For a month, Xiahou Ren traveled all over the southern part of Tianlan demon world with the golden lion. Everywhere he went, what happened was similar.
Every time, he pointed to the Golden Lion and told the "predecessors" that it was one of the roaring mountain lions. It rushed into Huayan Mountain City without authorization and killed dozens of us. I just put them out.
Golden lion saw with his own eyes and heard that the top leaders of the major demon leagues were threatening to compromise in Xiahou Ren. They were really afraid that Xiahou Ren, a loner, was fearless in …
And every time it goes to a demon league, it will be pointed at once. The revenge of the typical golden lion has long since vanished.
It’s even out of despair …
It wants to die quickly, don’t put up with this torture, but I don’t know what the Xiahou Ren can do, but it can’t even commit suicide …
And then it lost its natural heart …
It became a monster without heart and a soulless body.
I don’t know how many days passed before Shengpeng finally stopped. Xiahou Ren fell to the ground with the golden lion.
"such as?" For many years, Xiahou Ren spoke to the Golden Lion for the first time.