Li Yunyue should be "yes"

Mrs. Yang’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally endured the slight change. She didn’t say anything, but it was absolutely bad to stare at Li Yunyue.
Old lady Yang coldly stared at Li Yunyue with a hum. "Did Li Shijin persecute Mandarin in yangfu last night? Say it in front of Emperor Li Shi! "
Li Yunyue gave her a look and said, "I taught him a lesson last night!"
"Did you hear that, Emperor?" Mrs. Yang interrupted Li Yunyue before she could finish. "He personally admitted that he was guilty!"
"Mrs. Yang" even Fang Qing, who had been a saw-toothed gourd for a long time, finally endured the light way. "Since the emperor called Xu Er to the merits, he will naturally ask a white question himself! Mrs. Yang can’t even wait for this? So aggressive, is this to force the emperor? In that case, why do you come to the emperor? The old lady is the master herself! "
You!’ Yang Lao-tai’s popularity was so overwhelming that he said, "Right and wrong? Li Yunyue has personally admitted what the rights and wrongs are! Empress points are partial! Emperor, you have to make decisions for the old lady! Huang Wenhua is wronged! "
"That’s enough!" Even Fang Qing and complete drink coldly, "this is the dry Qing Palace, not yangfu! In front of you is the emperor and queen of Zhou Dynasty! What does the old lady want to do again and again? How? Yang Jia wants to hold the emperor and the palace! Why don’t you let your Yang family sit in the golden palace? "
Mrs. Yang’s face turned white and her consciousness was timid. Mrs. Yang’s heart beat like a drum, and her feet were almost soft and weak.
Seeing that Emperor Guangyuan’s face was calm and silent, he didn’t say a word. The old lady Yang was angry, anxious, surprised, angry and sad, and felt greatly wronged. If his daughter was still here, he would not dare to treat his elder wife so piteously …
Mrs. Yang’s heart is getting more and more indignant, and her chest is stuffy. She can’t help but urge to continue to make a scene. She is not completely confused. Seeing that Emperor Guangyuan doesn’t help herself, she dare not expect too much.
Even Fang Qing added, "partial? Xu’s coming to the harem can be partial to him? It is partial to say that it is partial to the old people! It’s not the old lady who acts in the palace. She can accuse the palace of not caring about the old lady this time! "
Yang Lao-tai is so popular that his eyes are black and his breathing is coarse.
Guangyuan emperor gently cough a gentle smile "good good! Speaking of which, we are all relatives. It would be nice to talk about everything! Er, grandma Qing-er’s temperament, honest and frank, is a little straight-talking, but she doesn’t mean any harm. Grandma, sit down! "
At this, Mrs. Yang suddenly shook again. She couldn’t help looking up at Lian Fangqing and wanted to say a few words. She didn’t want to just stare at Lian Fangqing’s unscrupulous eyes. A fiercely in her heart did not dare to say thank you to Emperor Guangyuan again. The daughter-in-law helped her to sit down again.
Emperor Guangyuan still looked sullen and unhappy, even Fang Qing actually wanted her to say something soft to coax the old man. After all, this is the mother princess!
Can see her face immediately decisively dismissed the read 169 chapter 169 storm 19.
Forget it! Just say it yourself! Grandmother is a little confused when she is old, so it’s better for Qing-er to block her, or she might get into more trouble one day …
"Xu son what’s going on? Tell me about it! " Emperor Guangyuan asked Li Yunyue with a dark sigh.
"Is the emperor" Li Yunyue hand slightly bent down to salute should have a thing 1512 brother said.
Emperor Guangyuan’s face was extremely difficult to watch when he heard the fire in his heart! That bastard even dared to play tricks on the little princess who stayed in the county palace!
Leave the county king couple palm beads Weining Hou Shi fiancee queen prospective nephew wife!
On which identity to carry out alone is not easy for anyone to sliver! Besides, she has three identities in one.
Really deserved it!
Even Fang Qing was angry and stared coldly. Her face changed greatly. Mrs. Yang’s mother-in-law sneered slightly.
Even if they are willing to make peace by now, she won’t!
"This, this is impossible! Although Wenhua is fooling around, it’s just a brother’s temper. Which aristocratic children in Beijing don’t come here like this? When you grow up, you will naturally understand! If we say that fighting cocks, walking horses and drinking with people are all there, how could he possibly provoke the little princess of Liujun Wangfu! No way! "
Mrs. Yang always denied Li Yunyue but didn’t speak.
Even Fang sweeping "Mrs Yang asked Yang Wenhua? Is it possible? I’m afraid it’s not Mrs. Yang’s call! If such a thing is not true, how dare Xu Yu tell such a big lie? Is it strange to drink, fight, be used to daring and do other things? Hum, Li Jia’s prospective daughter-in-law dares to punish Xu Er slightly. It’s really cheap for him! "
"It must be a misunderstanding!" Mrs. Yang was shocked to see that her son had been tortured into that miserable state. Where did she and her mother-in-law feel so indignant that they asked him?
Besides, his soul is almost scared to death. Where can he say it?
The two people went into the palace in anger and cried for the emperor to be the master. Where did you expect that there was something hidden behind this?
"Huang Wenhua will never dare to do this!" Mrs. Yang was busy. "By the way, the minister and wife remembered that they had conflicts with each other a while ago. Maybe Wenhua happened to meet the little princess of Liujun Wangfu in the street and made a disagreement, so Li Shi deliberately made things serious!"
"yes! It must be so! " Old lady Yang looked cold and said, "Li Shi therefore decided that the little princess was bullied by Wenhua and used such vicious means to punish Wenhua!"
Lian Fangqing said, "It’s easy to check this matter. It’s the easiest way to confront Wenhua face to face. He may not have the courage to lie!"
Guangyuan emperor nodded is killing me to go to yangfu to purport the old lady Yang hurried way "no! Huang Wenhua’s child was scared out of his mind and launched a high fever. Where is the door now! "
"So I ordered a thorough investigation" Guangyuan emperor light way "after grandma please go back first! I’ll send someone to inform you when I have the fruit! "
Mrs. Yang froze.
She entered the palace today, full of resentment and complaints. If she is willing to get what she wants, that’s all?
She didn’t believe Li Yunyue’s words at all, but decided that her daughter-in-law’s words were the truth.
Take 10,000 steps back and say that even if your grandson really molested the little princess, what about that? Little princess, isn’t that thrilling and nothing happened?
But what about his grandson? But it was so badly rectified by Li Yunyue!
The thought of Sun hanging from that tall tree all night, the white face when he was rescued early, the deep and shallow tie marks in wait for a while’s straight eyes and the red, swollen and purple bruises on his ankles made her heart ache.
That’s cruel! That surname Li Xiao is really cruel!
So thinking of Mrs. Yang’s tears rolled down again with a mournful smile and looked up. "Huang Wenhua, the child, even if he really did something wrong, shouldn’t suffer like that!" Emperor! Didn’t you see that kid looks like he’s half dead now? He hasn’t said a word since he was rescued. His eyes didn’t move and he was hurt all over! Emperor, that’s the old woman’s grandson. The old woman doesn’t want him to ask for justice and make her feel good! "
Mrs. Yang also took out two sad old wives who were crying silently.
Guangyuan emperor listened to the heart and felt a little uncomfortable. He glanced at Lian Fangqing with a slight slant head.
Even Fang Qing’s face is still frosty, and the more she looks at this woman, the more she hates it. Just now she said it, and now it’s happening again! You’re addicted to selling old people, aren’t you?
No matter how credible her words are, even if it is true, Yang Wenhua deserves it! You deserve it!
Is it because the small princess narrowly escaped his Yang Wenhua crime that it never happened?
Her grandson is human, but other people’s daughters are not human?
If the little princess is really hurt by that thing that is worse than a dog, it will be a lifetime thing! I don’t know what will happen if she is so sexual! Where’s Xu ‘er? What will happen?
Two little pains. Will the parents feel better? Is her aunt, these relatives will feel better?
Since he has the intention to harm others, he is not qualified to plead guilty and pretend to be koo!
There are also some people like him. First, a soft pustule was hung all night before it became this dead appearance. Would someone else suffer at most from this?
Hum, you said that my Xu’s son was ruthless, and I also said that your grandson missed!
Still saying "ask for justice?" Ha! What is justice? Is Yang Jiacai fair to her?
Even Fang Qing said to Emperor Guangyuan, "It is better for the emperor to send a physician yangfu first to see what the situation is like!"! If you can say that you can cry, you might as well take people into the palace and say it clearly in person, which will save you trouble later! "
"What does the queen mean?" Old lady Yang sniffed and said, "Does the queen suspect that the old lady is lying?"
Even Fang Qing shallow a smile "Mrs Yang misunderstood! Perhaps the old lady’s heart is wrong, and her consciousness is serious! Besides, maybe it’s much better now. Let the doctor too much go to see if everyone is at ease! "
Emperor Guangyuan also urged, "Grandmother’s theory is like an eye. Getting better early is the most important thing. I’ll order people to cure too much! His grandmother is also at ease when he is well! "
Just then, I got the news and hurried to Yang’m outside to inquire for it.
Guangyuan emperor look a loose big jiu is white, it is good that he came 163 Chapter 163 storm.