"Oh?" The night is like a stranger squinting!

Haitang continues to pretend to be pitiful. "This woman loves the palace master. She has been with the palace master all the time, so she regards the genus as a thorn in her side. While she is a person, she is right in this palace! Fortunately, she was trapped by the machine when she found it! "
ZhuGeYue clutching his whole body wound smile see tooth out of sight!
What a good acting Haitang! It’s really a set of performances, and you can definitely win an Oscar!
Now her move is obviously a slap in the face …
Zhuge Yue couldn’t help worrying about watching the night like a stranger. She was a little scared of Haitang. After all, she had been with him for many years before she met him for more than a few months, and she brazenly refused him. Would he believe Haitang?
Night such as stranger nodded "so that’s it …"
Zhuge Yue lowered her eyes and she was completely disappointed …
"Haitang, you can go …" The night is like a stranger.
Haitang looked up at the night and smiled so sweetly. "Are you saying that you want to go back to Xiaoyao Mountain with you?"
Night is like a stranger shaking his head. "Nature is not a seat. It means that you can leave Xiaoyao Palace …"
Haitang got a fright and hugged the night like a stranger’s thigh. "The palace Lord asks you not to be so wrong … Haitang knows it’s wrong …"
The night is like a stranger, so I don’t move, so I have no expression on my face …
Zhuge Yue didn’t see him until this time. Although he has been with him for so many years, he is still so cruel and uncompromising!
Haitang is crying and making noise, but the night is like a stranger, but there is still no response after all!
Haitang eyes flashing suddenly remembered that he had another killer …
She conjured magic at her fingertips and then a line suddenly appeared in the middle!
"Free and unfettered … Haitang you saved the seat today and promised you that you would meet a requirement in the future. Chapter 35 I understand the moon.
"Free and unfettered order … Haitang, you saved your seat today and promised that you will meet one of your requirements in the future!"
The night is like a stranger looking at this line, and the eyes are slightly flashing, but the line is still cold and tight!
"Haitang Xiaoyao Order is to save your life in a critical moment, but are you really ready to cash it out?"
Haitangyi nodded his head and his face was already covered with tears. "I am satisfied to be able to stay with the palace master!"
The night is like a stranger’s eyes, and there is a bit of entanglement. Although this Haitang has been bad for Zhuge Yue many times, Xiaoyao makes him have to keep his word!
"You can keep her!" Zhuge Yue’s voice just fell at night, and she looked at her in surprise and suddenly smiled. "Are you willing to plead for her?"
Zhuge Yue silently lowered his eyes, "Because I know the feeling of being suddenly abandoned by someone who has been with me silently for a long time!"
Haitang gave her a surprised look …
The night is like a stranger’s eyes flashing, suddenly remembering that her heart suddenly softened when she told him all the stories …
He will mend her bit by bit when she is hurt!
"Well, in that case, I’ll sell you one …" So it makes Haitang grateful to Geyue and fulfill his promise!
Haitang low head don’t know what to think.
Whether she repents or not is another story!
Night is like a stranger, with a wave of his sleeve, Haitang automatically leaves the palace at the bottom of the lake, leaving Zhuge Yue and night like a stranger in the eye!
Two people just stalemate who didn’t move …
Night is like a stranger, but it is the first to surrender. "Moon, if you don’t want to come, I’m willing to walk over …"
Zhuge Yue stared at him. How did she feel that this sentence came so microsecond? It didn’t seem to mean it!
The night came to her like a stranger, and suddenly her arm stretched out and hugged her so tightly that she could breathe, but she didn’t resist the hug!
Because she misses his breath, he hugs his lips, and his lips are so upset that they have been gently pressed …
Just so gently attached to her lips, no further action …
His eyes seem to be asking for her, and his heart is itchy. Since he is still not sure about her mind, she should act as a witness!
She gingerly stuck out her tongue and entered his mouth!
His whole body was like being struck by lightning, and his eyes were ecstatic. He stared at her for a long time and forgot to react. Then he quickly pestered her tongue and kissed her …
This kiss seems to have passed for as long as a century, and it seems to be fixed here.
She hooked his neck and he held her waist. Both of them were motionless. Beauty was like a painting! What a statement!
For a long time, he let her deep eyes fall on her face. Zhuge Yue’s face has turned red. She lowered her head and didn’t want him to see it!
"The night is like a stranger. Listen to me. I’ll say it again. You’ve taken ninety-nine steps. I must walk to your side myself in this last step!"