"Four-to-one score! The referee blew the whistle early, but it was three minutes, and it was at the last minute that Sun Yao finally scored his first goal in Manchester City!"

"The first show is perfect! Although the best match should be Zhe Ke or Aguero, Sun Yao is no less glorious than these two! Let us look forward to receiving more glorious moments in Sun Yao! "
The game is over!
Crazy Manchester City swept Tottenham Hotspur 5-1 away to announce who is the favourite to win the Premier League title this season.
Obviously, the goal of Manchester City this season will no longer be to compete for the Champions League qualification, but to die without winning the championship!
The Premier League title is their only goal.
Of course, the Champions League champions are also in their eyes. The Premier League key nàme is strong. Because of the great chance of the Champions League, how much confidence does Manchester City have in participating in the first time?
This game is crazy. Manchester City brought this game, which caused the most topic, but this ball was instantly covered by the score of another game.
Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-0 at home!
This is a score that everyone can’t believe.
Arsenal suffered such a painful defeat and lost to Manchester United, their arch-rival for many years.
The biggest shock to everyone is naturally one thing: crazy Manchester duo.
A 5-1 away game, a 2-0 home game and a 2-0 North London duo were sacrificed by two crazy teams. It seems that the Manchester City Derby is about to become a Premier League Derby!
After three rounds, Manchester United and Manchester City tied for the top spot with points.
The Premier League championship seems to have started from the third round in yjng, where Chelsea, Arsenal and other giants have fallen behind one after another.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five New Champions League
In the fourth round of the Premier League, Manchester United swept Bolton 5-0 and Manchester City beat Wigan Athletic 3-0!
The game has won four consecutive victories, and the battle between the two men in Manchester City has also intensified.
At the same time, the Champions League has finally started.
This is not the first time Sun Yao has participated in the Champions League. After all, he achieved very good results in the Champions League with Villarreal last season, so he is a member of the team with more experience in the Champions League.
Of course, although this team is a new Champions League army, most of the generals are not lacking in Champions League experience.
Like Yaya? Toure also won the championship with Barcelona in those days, and his experience in the Champions League is naturally very rich.
Of course, Balotelli also won the Champions League with Inter Milan once, and Tevez was also one of the heroes when Manchester United made great achievements on a rainy night in Moscow.
This team is not short of famous players!
On September 15th, the Etihad Stadium in Manchester City finally welcomed Naples, a strong Italian team.
Roberto Mancini, who was born in Serie A, naturally knows very well that his opponent Naples is not as famous as Milan duo and Yutus, but it is also a very difficult opponent.
Moreover, Naples was also created by them. moderns and Diego Maradona led the three South American masters. At one time, there was a small World Cup called Serie A, and at that time, the king of the ball was there. Naples was like a giant, and it was still domineering in front of Milan, Holland, the Three Musketeers and Inter Milan and the German Troika.
"But think that no matter what strong teams had to have a trio in those days, the Dutch Three Musketeers, the German Troika and the South American Three Masters ruled Europe before, and Utus was also led by Platini and called the European Three Musketeers. It seems that Manchester City has to form a trio to dominate!" Sun Yao pondered, "But now the tacit understanding of teammates is not particularly good-looking. Take your time!"
Nowadays, the strongmen have shown signs of recovery. Hamsik, cavani, Lavezzi and other outstanding talented players are leading this team to repeat their glory.
Therefore, in the Champions League group stage, this game is also very worth looking forward to.
It is worth looking forward to. The game must be broadcast live.
Because of Sun Yao’s excellent performance in the Champions League last season, Mancini, the second top scorer in the Champions League, certainly has no reason to leave him out of the starting list.
Of course, it’s the left avant-garde or Sun Yao’s responsibility.
On the other side is David Silva Road, and the two waists are Yaya? Toure and De Bari were not included in the squad due to injuries.