It is very enthusiastic and fully shows the importance that the club attaches to this German genius.

After a brief greeting, Lotito and Gotze sat in front of two contracts respectively.
Several people in the house witnessed Gezer signing the contract.
Then the two sides exchange contracts and sign their own names.
This completes the whole signing.
There is no penalty for an annual salary of 2.2 million euros for five years. Unless it can impress Lazio, no one can take Gotze away from the Olympic Stadium before his contract expires.
Signing the name is always better than letting the photographers on the official website take photos among the two.
After the photo was taken, Chang Sheng shook hands with Gotze. "Now I’m not worried about others taking you away from me, Mario. I can finally have a good sleep," he said half jokingly.
Gezer said excitedly, "I feel that my dream has come true, boss!" This is that b birthday present I have ever receive! "
"Work hard, Mario. I promise you will remember this day after you retire because it is strange!" Changsheng patted Gotze on the shoulder. "It’s like the story won’t happen once in the Bernabeu."
That’s what Gezer likes. With constant success, he will make great progress in his career and achieve enough.
Why else would he move to Lazio?
The post-procedure is that Gotze deals with two official website journalists.
While Chang Sheng and his father walked out of the chairman’s office door.
Gezer’s father thanked Chang Sheng again. "You did what you said, Mr. Chang. When you called me, I once woke you up. Mario was just sixteen years old. You signed a contract with him, but you promised me that even if I didn’t sign the contract, Mario would improve … I saw it in my eyes. Mr. Chang, I am glad that Mario made a correct decision."
Being praised so naked by the other party, even if you are always fresh, you can’t stand it.
He scratched his head.
"I was also eager to love … fortunately, I didn’t let you down."
"I will entrust Mario to you completely. During Mr. Chang’s two seasons in Lazio, I often saw Mario smiling. I know he is very happy here. I hope you can let him continue to mind no matter what happens …"
Changsheng agreed to come.
It’s natural that every player in Lazio will be happy.
To make them happy is actually very simple, that is, winning, winning, winning and winning.
Not winning football is no fun, let alone making people feel happy physically and mentally.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Lazio development shackles
The next day, Lazio’s official website announced that the club had signed a professional contract with Gotze.
In an interview with the official website, Chang Sheng was like this. This signing.
"For Lazio, this is the first big signing this summer. I am very happy that we can sign a professional contract with Gotze …"
In an exclusive interview with the official website, Gotze also said that signing a contract with the club would make his dream come true.
It’s always one time. Hello, I’m good, everyone is good to sign the contract.
However, the news came as a bolt from the blue for those clubs that have always coveted Gotze.
Former Gotze didn’t sign a professional contract with Lazio club, although Gotze said that he came to Lazio for Changsheng, and he was very good with Changsheng and could not leave Lazio.
But those clubs just don’t believe that they claim to have insight into people’s hearts and know human nature. Just because they speak well now doesn’t mean that they will be good later. When they are newly married, they will divorce after three months.
Therefore, they expected that Gotze would definitely break up with the club for one reason or another after speaking well now.
Especially after he performs well, the better he performs, the less likely he will eventually stay at Lazio.
They firmly believe that Gotze was fooled by the constant victory when he was young.